I Told Him to Kiss My Ass

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I could almost hear the ominous music from The Wizard of Oz as I stormed up the street to Big Mike’s. You know the music of which I write; where the old woman who has taken Todo and rides off on her bicycle. I was feeling that evil this afternoon.

Mike, or Big Mike as he likes to be called has been telling people, even in front of me that I’m gay, or I’m a homo, or I’m a cock sucker. He even said it to my wife who told me she was wondering if he might not be right.

Well, he can kiss my ass and I’ll tell him so.

It’s time for me to sort this out with him and have Mike stop those ridiculous rumors.

He’s called big Mike for a reason. He’s a large man. Older too. Where I’m 25, Big Mike is 51. Where I’m only 5′ 5″ tall, Big Mike is 6′ 3″ tall. I weigh 133, Big Mike tips the scales at a robust 220.

I’m reasonably certain that there are other things for which he is called Big Mike. I’ve heard people say he has a horse cock.

Cindy had been telling me this stuff while we sat out back on the patio having our morning coffee. “He’s hit on me a couple times, johnnie. He did ask me why I married a homo though and how I must be very horny.”

That he had tried to seduce my wife came as no surprise. Cindy is the whole package. Taller than me, she’s 5′ 9″ bare foot. Her heels have her towering over me. A cute face and a figure that would have been way out of my league had I not made a very good living.

I have heard that Big Mike has slept with a number of the neighborhood women who have told my wife that his cock is irresistibly large. Those rumors may well be true as there have been wives of some of the neighborhood men seen entering Big Mike’s house when the husband is at work or playing golf and I’ve been told that a husband or two have snuck off to visit Big Mike as well.

I wasn’t sure, nor did I care about what was going around; who is fucking who. I just wanted him to stop referring to me as a cock sucker. Today I would confront him and come-what-may, he’s gonna stop calling me those names.

I was trembling when I rang the doorbell. I wasn’t sure if I was scared or if it was adrenalin coursing through my body.

“johnnie. What a surprise. I was just talking about you.” Mike had opened the door wearing his bathrobe and slippers.

“That’s why I’m here Mike. I want to talk to you about just that very thing.”

“Uh, yeah. Okay. Look, give me a minute to take care of something. I’ll be right back. Hold on,” he said closing the door.

I stood there for a few minutes guessing that Big Mike’s house was probably a big mess and he was straightening it out before inviting me in.

I smirked because I keep a very clean and tidy house. Yes, I have job and no my wife doesn’t work. She doesn’t have to. We’d hired a cleaning lady but Cindy wasn’t happy with her and fired her after a month. I then took it upon myself to do the chores; dusting, vacuuming the carpets, mopping the tile floors, and seeing to the bathrooms and laundry.

I mean, what good is having a beautiful wife if you can’t spoil her?

I heard some rustling going on inside Mike’s house behind the closed door. I thought I also heard someone other than Mike talking. Then it got quiet and a few seconds later Big Mike opened the door and asked me in.

I looked around and saw that Mike’s house was indeed clean and neat. Someone rushed past the window outside. I took a quick peak. Harry, one of the neighborhood husbands ran by. He was shirtless and bare foot; carrying both shoes and shirt as he hurried away.

I thought that a bit unusual but said nothing.

“Sorry about that johnnie. What can I do for you lad?”

I had to work up the courage that had momentarily escaped me before I could unload.

“Speak up son. I haven’t got all day.”

“Listen Mike,” I began. “I’ve heard the things you’ve been saying about me and it needs to stop and I mean right now.”

“What things would that be?”

“Well, I have heard from several different people that you’ve said I’m gay.”

“So what’s your point? Tell Big Mike what has your panties in a twist?”

“Um, I would like it if you’d, wait, what? I don’t wear panties.”

“Damn shame johnnie. I bet you’d look good in some.”

I was stunned by what I’d just heard and knocked completely off my game.

“Please Mike. Let’s agree that I don’t wear women’s underthings…”



You don’t wear panties yet, I said. You should though. I mean look at you johnnie. You’re very cute. You have a sexy ass most women would love to have. I’ve seen those shapely legs too.”

“Darn it Mike…”

“Big Mike,” he interrupted me.

I took a deep breath in exasperation. “Okay. Big Mike. All this talk about me being gay has to stop and stop now.”

He gave me an appraising look but said nothing.

“I mean it Mike, er Big Mike.”

He was looking at me with a strange look on his face. I saw him reach in the pocket of his robe and it appeared to me that he was playing with his cock.

“Damn son,” he said with a lecherous illegal bahis grin. “You have a pretty mouth. Nice full lips, so soft looking.”

Who would not have been taken aback?

“Listen Big Mike. I came here to confront you about those things you’ve been saying about me. I want it to stop immediately.”

“No can do, sweet boy. You’re a homo. Born to suck cocks. You haven’t taken your eyes off my hand that’s holding my cock because you want to touch it yourself.”

Oh God. He’s right. I’d been starring at him playing with himself. I tried to bullshit my way through that. “No I wasn’t.”

“Let’s sit down and talk about this johnnie. He sat in a recliner and I across from him on the love seat.

We talked about what made him think I was gay and he did his best to convince me that I was. He said he’d bet me $500.00 that my dick was no more than 5″ hard. I wondered how he could possibly know that.

“No bet. I wouldn’t want to take your money.”

“Uh huh,” he said not believing me.

I saw his legs slowly part, his robe opening, his big cock emerging. His eyes followed where mine went and he shot me a shit eating grin. “Like that baby? Like what you see?”

“No. And I’m not looking at your cock.”


He was right. I had never seen one so big and it was still soft.

“Ha! You just licked your lips. You want this don’t you? Come on baby. All you have to do is ask Big Mike nicely if you can suck his cock. I’ll let you.”

“I don’t do that Big Mike. I’m no cock sucker and you can kiss my ass.”

“Yeah. You’ve said that already but you can’t stop looking at it can you?”

I turned my head struggling for something to say.

“Tell you what. Let’s you and me make a deal. Go home. Put those pink panties your wife wore on your wedding day. You know the ones. The ones that are semi-transparent.”

“I know which ones you’re talking about.”

“Good. Go put them on and come back here. If your little dick isn’t hard then I’ll believe you aren’t a fucking homo.”

“You’re on,” I said without thinking too much about it.

I stood and walked to the door. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Those panties are in her second to the left lingerie drawer, in case you didn’t know.”

“Got it.” And I scampered home determined to prove Big Mike wrong.

“What’s going on johnnie?”

“Nothing Cin,” I panted out of breath from rushing home. “Just proving to Big Mike that he’s wrong. That’s all.”

“What are you going to do?”

I almost blurted it out but caught myself at the last moment. “Never mind that, dear. I’m going to change and go back over to his house. I won’t be long.”

“Ah ha. There they are, Right where Big Mike said they’d be,” I said to myself. A second later I wondered, “How the hell did he know?”

I skinned out of my bicycle riding pants and pulled my tightie whities off. Holding the panty open, I stepped into them unaware that I was stepping into a new life.

I had to admit that they did feel comfortable, smooth and soft. My balls felt at home in the soft nylon and it hugged my bottom just so. I did notice that while these panties were hip-high on Cindy, the waist band was up near my belly button. “A little too big,” I thought to myself.

I pulled my bike riding pants back on and retied my Keds. “Back in a few Cin,” I hollered as I left.

“This will prove it to him,” I was thinking as I confidently strutted up the block. “Once he sees my dick in these panties, he’ll know.”

But then it hit me. The thought of him seeing me in panties gave me a sudden rush. I could feel my body respond in the worst way. I thought of everything I could to try to get rid of my growing erection.

I knocked on the door and Big Mike, still in his robe ushered me inside. “Got em on?”

“No,” I lied. “I didn’t want to wear panties for you.”

He smirked. “You’re a God damned liar baby. I can see your panty line plus they’re hanging out over the back of your stretch pants like a fucking parachute. Did you wear those spandex pants for Big Mike?”

I blushed in abject embarrassment which caused my dick to shrink.

“Okay. You got me. I have them on.”

“Show me. Let’s you and I finish this little wager.”

I sat down and untied my sneakers. I left my footies on and stood up. I could feel my boner coming back as I pulled down my spandex riding pants. I hesitated. Stripping for Big Mike and showing him I was wearing the panties he told me to wear was making me aroused for some reason.

“What’s the matter johnnie. Little dick getting hard?”

I went to pull them back up but Mike stopped me. Grabbing the waist band, he pulled my pants down to my knees revealing my boner in the pink panties.

He stepped back with a huge grin. “I knew it. Now get those stretch pants all the way off.”

I didn’t think. Robotically, I pulled my pants all the way off and laid them down on the floor by my sneakers.

“This proves nothing,” I said without conviction.

“Panties suit you johnnie although they looked illegal bahis siteleri better on your wife. I think you should consider buying some that fit you better.

I couldn’t believe Cindy would fuck this crude man. But he knew where she kept her panties and knew she wore these particular panties on our wedding. The image of Big Mike fucking my wife in our bedroom made my dick throb.

“Big Mike opened his robe. He cock was nearly fully erect. I couldn’t help but admire the majestic beauty of his big member. It dawned on me that there was no way Cin could have resisted the temptation to have that big cock in her.

Big Mike’s voice was quieter, more subdued. “You have the same expression your wife had when she first saw it. She wanted to suck it too baby. Go on johnnie. Ask me politely if you can suck it just like Cindy did.”

The shock of learning that Big Mike had been with my wife stunned me. “Bull shit, Big Mike. No way did my wonderful wife do that. She doesn’t do oral sex with me so I know you’re lying.”

He broke into a wolfish grin, “She told me that. Said she didn’t suck little dicks but missed sucking big cocks.”

He approached me slowly, his big cock growing to an impossible 9 “, standing tall, proud, and so very manly.

“Let me ask you this johnnie. How did I know where you could find her panties?”

I backed away from his approach but never stopped looking at his cock.

“How did I know, johnnie,” he repeated his question.

“I don’t know. Maybe you snuck into our bedroom when we had the neighbors over last Christmas eve.”

“Okay. That’s one way to look at it. You’re wrong of course but it could have happened like that. Only it didn’t.”

I backed away more until I found myself sitting in Big Mike’s recliner.

“Tell me then, how did I know she wore them when you got married?”

He stepped closer. My eyes were transfixed on that cock he was holding. The room was quiet.

I looked up at Big Mike. He was standing less than a foot in front of me.

“Think about that johnnie. She told me. Your wife told me that when she wore those same panties when we fucked. That’s right baby. I told her that if she wanted my cock, she’d have to wear her wedding panties for me.”

I heard him. And even though I didn’t verbally respond, my dick was doing all my talking.

“I thought her wearing her wedding panties would be appropriate because she was going to marry my cock… just like you are.”

“Oh, look at you. Your little boner likes it that Big Mike stuffed his big cock in your eager whore wife.”

His cock was now only an inch or two from my face. “So big. So beautiful,” I was thinking.

Big Mike was becoming more seductive in the way he spoke to me, “And just like her, you wore the same wedding panties for me when you came over to suck my cock. My cock, johnnie. The cock that your wife and so many others just can’t resist. All you have to do now is ask me politely to suck it. I know you can do that. Your wife did.”

My mouth was watering. I licked my lips but said nothing.

Very quietly and very irresistible, Big Mike poured on his charm, “You wore her pretty panties for me baby. The panties she wore marrying you and she wore when she married my cock. My big cock, johnnie, and now you’re wearing them to marry my cock too. Aren’t you baby. Go on johnnie. Ask Big Mike to let you marry his cock.”

I saw his cock nearing my mouth. I closed my eyes. Then I felt the big, soft, spongy head gently caress my lips. “Ask johnnie. Say please Big Mike, let me marry your cock which is so much larger than my own little wee wee. Let me marry it like my wife did.”

I felt his cock rubbing all over my face. His pre-cum left moist trails on my cheeks, across my closed eyes, on my forehead. I was losing my will power to resist him.

My pulse was racing. My heart pounding.

When his cock, once again touched my lips, I was unable to stop myself from pursing my lips and kissing it.

Pulling his cock away but still temptingly near Big Mike continued he seduction of me. “Oh yeah, baby. That’s nice. That’s a start. All you have left to do is to ask for permission.”

I couldn’t ask. I just couldn’t. Even if I was about to surrender to him, the words just wouldn’t come.

Big Mike sensed my weakening resolve. Taking my hand he pulled it under his balls, making me hold them. “Feel my big balls baby. Feel em moving, making sweet cum for your little tummy. You want to kiss them, don’t you? You want to take my balls in your pretty mouth and make love to them. Tell me johnnie.”

He brought his cock back to my face. I stuck my tongue out wanting to taste him. “That’s a good boy, johnnie. Join your wife. Marry my cock like she did. Both of you can be my bitches in your wedding panties.”

“Oh God Big Mike please,” I groaned.

“Go on johnnie,” he said rubbing my cheeks with that beautiful phallus I wanted to take in my mouth and please.

I looked up at him. There was no expression of contempt. No look of triumph. None of that. canlı bahis siteleri Just an look of impatient expectancy. Big Mike looked down on me as if my asking was fait a complete. He knew he had won me over and all that was left was for me to say the words he wanted to hear.

My head buzzed; my thoughts were only of Big Mike’s cock. My pride dissolved like an ice cube in a microwave oven. Still holding his balls, the words Big Mike wanted to hear gushed forth from me in a mewling plea, “Please Big Mike, let me suck your big cock. Let me marry it like my wife did.”

“Are you proposing to my cock baby? If so, speak to it, not me.”

I felt foolish but I did as I was told. Taking his cock in my free hand I asked quietly and solemnly, “Please marry me.”

Big Mike was pleased. He took me off the recliner and sat. He had me kneel in front of him. “The classic cock sucker’s position johnnie. On your knees.”

I wasted no time gobbling his cock. I ran my mouth up and down the hot shaft feeling spiritually connected to it. I then went to his balls, attending to them, nuzzling, kissing, licking. The musky, masculine aroma emanating from his crotch filled my senses, made me feel inadequate, inferior, and hungry to please the big man.

“I must say baby, you suck cock better than your wife. I knew those sexy lips of yours would feel nice.”

I went back to sucking Big Mike’s cock getting perverse pleasure knowing that my wife had been where I was now. That we both wore the same panty when we married Big Mike’s cock.

I felt nasty, degraded, and so fucking sexy.

I slurped and sucked and gagged trying to swallow the whole damned thing. Pulling off to catch my breath I looked at Big Mike to see his reaction.

I was shocked to see he had pulled his phone from the pocket in his robe and was filming me worshipping his cock.

“No Big Mike. Please don’t.”

“Got to boy. Need to be able to show this to the cops if you lie and tell them I forced you. Now there’s something you need to do.”

I waited almost dreading what he was about to expect from me.

“Hold my cock to your face johnnie. Look at the camera. I want you to tell me that you are now wedded to my cock before giving it a nice big kiss.”

“Please Big Mike, don’t make me do that. If it gets out, well, I don’t know what would happen.”

“It’s insurance johnnie. Do the words “Till death do us part” mean anything to you?”

I nodded. “It’s what Cindy and I said when we got married.”

“That’s right. And now when you’re married to my cock, that will make you my cock sucker until death do us part.”

I understood immediately what he expected. I said the words to the camera but Big Mike insisted we do several takes before he was satisfied with my sincerity. Every take was stored on his phone.

Once I had stated my full name, phone number, and address, Big Mike was pleased. “Now you may ask me if you can marry my cock.”

Degraded, dejected, humiliated, and unbelievably aroused I asked Mike for his permission to marry his cock.

He asked the questions a father of the bride might ask his daughter’s suitor. Things like how will I support his cock, will I be faithful to it, shit like that. Once he was satisfied that I had debased and humbled myself for his video, he told me I could propose to his cock. “Say it like you mean it too.”

I held his cock in both my hands and said very quietly, “Make me the happiest man on earth and marry me.”

“Nope. You have to ask the other way. You have to ask my cock if you can marry it, not it marrying you.”

Looking directly at the object of my wanton lust, I asked very sincerely, Can I marry you?”

“Good boy. I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may go back to sucking your new husband.”

I sucked him with urgency hoping to get the hell out of there quickly.

“Swallow it all cock sucker. Better not waste a precious drop.”

Big Mike did not have to tell me that. I wanted what his balls had in them. I worked for it. I’d earned every precious drop.

His cum was not at all what I was expecting. Salty though not too much. It had an underlying, nearly tart sweetness that made eating his sperm very pleasant.

My leaving quickly was not to be. Although I had pleasured Big Mike, he wanted more. He had me pull my panties aside to show my little dick and then had me nibble and kiss the large head of his cock as I masturbated while he captured it all on video.

There was more humiliation to follow as he lay down his rules.

“First thing johnnie, from now on you will come to me when you’re summoned.”

“You will wear panties when you come to suck your husband.”

“You will always greet my cock as “husband” as in I am happy to see you, my husband. And I don’t give a fuck who might be here and see you groveling like a sissy cock sucker.”

“You may be tasked with introducing others to your new husband and convincing them to marry my cock as well.”

“Your wife must know that she comes second after my cock to you. That said, when you get home, you will tell her of my cock, that it is your new husband.”

“You will bring your wife to me in one week so I can fuck her again. You are not to have sex with her during this waiting period and you will tell her why.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32