I Told Him to Kiss My Ass Pt. 02

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My wife did take me shopping for a new “sexy-wife wardrobe”. I now owned two dozen different style and color panties. I have a few leotards that have thong bottoms. I am to wear one when doing chores at Big Mike’s. I also have a broad assortment of women’s clothing I wear when Big Mike tells me.

Big Mike introduced me to the love of cock, his cock to be specific. Wearing panties and other items of feminine attire when I’m with him makes perfect sense to me. Big Mike is a man, all man. “Real men do not suck cocks, johnnie,” he explained to me as Cindy and I slobbered over his big cock. “You are a little cock sucker, a panty wearing homo and I think it only appropriate that as one of the wives to my cock, you dress sexy for date nights.”

I couldn’t agree more. Although I am uncomfortable wearing stirrup pants and blouses and mini-skirts and hose when visiting my husband and Big Mike, only because he sometimes insists we got out in public. But in the end, it’s worth the humiliating stares I get holding his and Cindy’s hands when we walk through a mall or enter a restaurant. It’s worth it because I get to participate.

To watch he and my wife fuck is to be awe struck. There’s no love making, no tenderness, and not much fore-play unless you count Big Mike sitting there getting his cock sucked by Cindy and me as fore-play. It is raw, impassionate, pure fornication driven by animalistic lust. Cin needs what he has and Big Mike wants what she can provide; a cock hungry place to empty his balls… and a sissy husband to clean up the cum.

Although it’s been 6 months since I first delivered Cindy to Big Mike, I will never forget that first time I was permitted to witness their coupling. I almost wept with joy watching Big Mike take my wife places I never could. The many orgasms she had made me understand her instinctual need for a big cock.

Watching them also helped me to understand my role, my place in life. I determined that it was necessary for me to serve Big Mike and hopefully one day. I might be able to have him appreciate me for what I have to offer.

There comes a time in a person’s life where a chain of events and destiny join forces to course correct the direction of one’s life. Sucking Big Mike was that course correction for me.

Some might have had their egos bruised and battered when surrendering his wife to another; one more intelligent, well endowed, and with an innate understanding of others. Big Mike understood me. I was fortunate that destiny had led me to him. He may be crude and brash but there can be no denying Big Mike’s intuition. He knew instinctively what I was, what I was capable of, and what talents lay undiscovered within me.

Big Mike shaped me, molded me you could say, into the cock sucking faggot he calls me. With his guidance and insistence I flourished, I grew, I gained confidence as the effeminate cock sucker I was meant to be.

Did I have a latent desire to become a cock sucker. I don’t think so. Was I born to suck cocks? Maybe. Maybe not. The thought of kneeling in front of a large man and taking his penis in my mouth never occurred to me; not before Big Mike fed me that first taste of what life could be like for me. It wasn’t so much that he fucked my face, he didn’t. I worked for that first load of sperm. Big Mike sat like a king on his throne accepting the worship of a loyal subject and in that moment I knew who I was.

Nothing mattered more to me than pleasing Big Mike.

I knew I had succeeded in gaining Big Mike’s trust when he allowed me to lay under the rutting pair and lick his balls until he filled my wife’s cunt with his spunk. And he further included me when I was allowed to clean them both after their marathon fuck sessions.

It was a surprise to Big Mike, Cindy, and even myself when after observing another amazing fuck session I pledged to them both that I would abstain from having anything other than oral sex with my wife. They were happy to see I had so quickly accepted my inferiority and desire to pleasure a real man such is Big Mike.

Both Cindy and Big Mike have cultivated the submissive in me. I have blossomed into what Big Mike calls the perfect sissy.

But Big Mike has more than Cindy and I to help him empty his balls. He is also fucking Doris who is married to Harry, the guy I saw fleeing Big Mike’s that fateful day when I learned who and what I really am. And like me, Harry is also wedded to Big Mike’s cock.

At first there was some jealousy over which one of us, Harry or me would take Big Mike’s cock in our mouth. The same went for Doris and Cindy. Both women did their best to be Big Mike’s favorite slut. But the more I was around Harry, Mecidiyeköy Escort the more he and I became close. And it was obvious that our rivalries pleased Big Mike.

Like me, Harry had also committed himself to oral sex only with his wife. Like me, he had pledged his loyalty to Big Mike.

The first time Harry and I “got together” was a night that Big Mike sent for the four of us.

I had by then grown my hair extremely long and was wearing touches of make-up with Cindy’s assistance in the proper application.

My wife held my hand as we walked the couple blocks to Big Mike’s. “You look beautiful,” she assured me. The transparent white harem pants billowed in the night breeze. The black bikini panties I was wearing contrasted with my pale skin. My top was a delicate purple vest with pink piping on the edges. It had no buttons so that my bare tummy showed but it did cover my nipples. Big Mike had my wife embroider on the back, “Beta Cuck”, which she did in pink cursive. On my feet I had on my pink silk slippers and on my left ankle was Big Mike’s gift to me. A sterling silver ankle bracelet with “cock sucker” spelled out in the links. I wear it with pride that Big Mike thought so highly of me as to present me with my most treasured piece of jewelry.

My hair was pulled back into a pony tail and Cin teased me saying I looked like Barbara Eden, that woman who played “I Dream of Jeanie”.

Cindy was wearing a very short skirt, no panties as Big Mike forbade his women to wear. Her top was a sheer red blouse and no bra. Again, Big Mike had decided that his women should be unrestrained. The stiletto heels she wore had her towering over me and I’m sure we looked like a mother holding her daughter’s hand as we made our way to Big Mike’s.

I was fixing drinks and snacks when Doris and Harry arrived. I knew they were coming, Big Mike told me that it was time for me to share my gifts, to blossom like the flower I am and share pollen with others like me. I had no idea what he meant but I had learned never to question Big Mike.

When Harry joined me in the kitchen, we shared our feelings about exposing our lives to others. Like me, Harry was dressed as a wife to Big Mike’s cock. The pink hot pants and crop top T-shirt he wore gave him an innocent appearance. His hair was well coiffed into a cute page boy style. The dark eye liner and mascara he wore gave him a sort of Goth and vulnerable look at the same time. His plump full lips were decidedly kissable and he confided in me that he had lip enhancement treatments.

By the time we returned to Big Mike and our wives, the three of them were naked.

Our wives hung on either side of Big Mike on the love seat. Both had their hands on his cock.

“Ladies,” Big Mike said quieting the room. “Don’t you think it’s rude that my cock’s wives haven’t shown it the proper respect?”

By now it was routine. I went and knelt in front of Big Mike. Taking his cock in my hand, I heard the women giggle as I spoke directly to my cock husband. “Hello husband of mine,” I began. “It’s so very nice to see you again.” Then I kissed and licked the broad head.

Rising, I watched as Harry took my place and greeted his cock husband like I did.

Satisfied, Big Mike went back to kissing Doris and Cindy as he toyed with their breasts.

“What should we have our cock suckers do to entertain us,?” Big Mike asked the women.

“I want to see them suck each other,” Doris spoke up first.

“Oh, that gonna happen,” Big Mike chuckled. “But first, is there anything else you want them to do?”

“Dance together,” Cin cheered. “I want to see those two homos slow dance. Something sensual, sexy, like that.”

Harry selected a CD and hit the play button. As Dinah Washington began to sing “What a Difference a Day Makes”, he came to me. “In for a penny, in for a pound,” I thought as I let him pull me close.

Harry was an excellent dancer and I soon became comfortable as he led me around the living room in graceful steps. He held one of my hands with his other hand on my waist. My free hand was around his neck.

Someone dimmed the lights and the hand Harry had on my waist slid down to cup my bottom. “Nice,” he whispered. “Very nice.”

My dick grew hard hearing Harry tell me he liked my bottom. It had been 6 long months since I last felt the intimate hands of another caress me. I hadn’t realized how much I missed it until now. I let Harry’s hand go and wrapped mine around his waist and pulled him close to me.

I could feel his growing dick against my tummy. It excited me to know he shared the same desires I had.

I felt his hand reach under the waist Escort Bayan bands of my harem pants and panties. I sighed, enjoying the feeling of his warm hand on my bare bottom. “That’s nice,” I smiled up to him.

Harry turned us and then bent me over sideways in a graceful dip. Bringing me back up, he used my pony tail to guide my face to his. “It’s been too long johnnie. Please understand,” he said bringing his lips to mine.

I nearly swooned as we kissed. And when Harry forced his tongue in my mouth, I accepted it, sucking gently. “You’re wonderful,” Harry said breaking our kiss.

Having become familiar with handling Big Mike’s cock I didn’t hesitate to touch Harry down there. I moved my hand around between us and took hold of his dick. He had a very nice dick; you could almost call it a cock. “You’re not too bad yourself,” I smiled squeezing him. “This wasn’t enough for Doris,?” I asked.

“She needed a real man. When she started to see Big Mike, I knew I’d never get to fuck her again.”

“Just like me,” I squealed in delight. “He was calling me names like homo and cock sucker. When I confronted him, I found myself becoming his cock sucker.”

“I hear you’re good sucking cock johnnie. I hope so. I can’t wait to have you on your knees, sucking mine.”

“Me too,” I gushed and pulled his face to kiss again.

I kissed my way down his neck and under his top. I gently bit each nipple and sucked them hard.

“That feels so nice baby,” Harry said as he pushed my head down further.

I knelt down and kissed his dick through his hot pants, my hands running up the back of his thighs to hold his bottom.

Harry held my face tight against his dick and allowed me to tease him through the material. Becoming impatient, I unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down. The pretty lacey thong held his package beautifully. By the time I’d finished using my mouth to trace the outline of his dick, between Harry and I, his panty was soaked in front.

“Ahem, homos. Aren’t you forgetting something,?” Big Mike interrupted us.

I stopping kissing Harry’s dick and turned to see what he wanted. “Both of you are married to my cock, right? So don’t you think you should ask permission before you start cheating on him? I mean. there are certain protocols that must be adhered to.”

I left Harry and crawled over to Big Mike. The women gave me room and speaking once again directly to my cock husband I asked, “May I suck Harry’s dick sir?”

More giggling from the women as Big Mike demonstrated his dominance over me and Harry. “You may, but next time you had better ask permission before beginning.”

I waited while Harry sought permission to stick his dick in my mouth which was granted with the same warning Big Mike gave me.

I went back to nibbling and licking Harry’s dick through his panty and then pulled it down, eager to get to the real thing.

Harry was nearly twice as big as my puny penis. I took his stiff 5 inches of dick in my hand appreciating the beauty of his pink dick, the flared head, the pre-cum sparkling in a dewy drop. I rubbed it over my face while looking up at him. Harry smiled down at me then took his dick in his hand and pressed it to my lips. I opened my mouth and made sweet tender love to my new friend’s dick. I lapped his balls, I stabbed his bottom with my tongue. I left no place on his privates unloved that night.

I was near feverish when I finally took him back in my mouth and deep throated him before bobbing up and down, fucking my own face with his nice dick.

When Harry came, it was an enormous amount. Thick, tangy sperm coated my tongue and the insides of my grateful mouth. Harry fed me with more sperm than I expected and some ran out the sides of my mouth before I could swallow his gift to me.

Harry used his softening dick to wipe up the spilled cum and fed it to me. I nursed his dick until he’d had enough and pushed me off. “Damn, johnnie. You do know your way around a dick.”

Big Mike chuckled, pleased at us two homos he’d created. “Told you bitches you were married to faggots. Was I right or was I right?”

Sometimes real men can be so uncouth.

Big Mike sent Harry and I home so he could have some alone time with our wives. “You homos go straight home, alone. Be here tomorrow ready to work.”

Harry and I walked out after saying good night to our cock husband. Just after the door closed behind us, Harry apologized for not getting me off. “Don’t fret none sir. I’ll take care of this erection when I get home,” I smiled.

“You’re just too sweet johnnie.” Then he gently kissed me good night, patted my bottom, whispered that he istanbul Escort wanted to fuck me, and left me standing there stunned.

I mean I was giddy as a school girl with her first crush. I almost skipped all the way home. That Harry found me attractive excited me to my core. I can’t explain it any better than to say I was smitten. I did masturbate that night. Twice if that matters to you. Both times I was thinking how nice it felt when Harry reached into my pants and panties to hold my bare bottom.

It was 7:00 AM when I pulled up my black leotard. Fortunately, Big Mike allowed me to pull some gym shorts over them so my bare bottom wouldn’t get me arrested for indecent exposure when walking to his house. I chose the color that went with my pink sneakers and off I went hoping to see Harry there.

I wasn’t disappointed. Harry was there in his leotard too. Even though my heart skipped a beat when I first saw him, I kept my cool. “Good morning Harry.”

He smiled when he turned and saw me. “johnnie. How are you?”

“Good, thanks. I peeled off my shorts and purposely bent over to get the hose, making sure Harry was watching.

This was new and exciting for me. Harry and I usually alternated weekends performing our chores for Big Mike by ourselves. Now I had my new friend to help and I could “strut my stuff” so to speak and hoped that would make him want me more.

From the wolf whistle I heard, I knew he liked what he saw. “You’re such a flirt johnnie,” he laughed.

Harry’s leotard showed his best asset. The outline of his dick reminded me of how nice it was to have it in my mouth. But rather than day dream about pleasing my new cock husband-in-law I turned to the tasks at hand.

We washed Big Mike’s car and pickup truck and waxed both vehicles before we tended to his flower beds. Now you may think it unmanly for Big Mike to have flowers in his yard but nothing could be further from the truth. Big Mike didn’t really care too much about his flowers but said it gave us cock wives something constructive to do. So we weeded and watered like good attendants.

Just as we were about to mow the yard, I looked to see both our wives drinking coffee and watching us through the window. They were talking but we had no idea what they were gabbing about. I can say that both had a satisfied expression on their faces.

Big Mike joined them and putting his arm around both, he twirled his finger in a motion to let me know to stop sky larking and get back to work.

Big Mike had two push mowers, the kind that the exposed blades turned by manpower or in our case, sissy power. He said he was lessening his carbon footprint but I figured it was his way of keeping his cock wives in shape.

Harry and I were sweaty when we finally finished our chores. I told Harry that it was nice to have his help. It took less than half the time. He agreed with me.

We chatted briefly as we waited for Big Mike to come out and inspect our work.

We greeted our cock husband as we should have and watched Big Mike walk the yard and check his vehicles.

He was satisfied and told us to go home and wash up. “Big Mike,” Harry said. “May I ask you something please sir?”

“Go on cock sucker. What’s on your mind this morning.?”

Harry looked at me shyly then back at Big Mike. “Sir, I want to fuck johnnie, I mean if that’s okay with you.”

I blushed and my heart skipped a beat. Big Mike smiled. “You earned it cock sucker. If the other cock sucker doesn’t mind, then you two faggots can fuck each other for all I care.”

Big Mike turned to leave then stopped and turned back to us. “Since you’re gonna be breaking his sissy pussy in, we might as well make it an event. johnnie, you wear your prettiest outfit for your friend. Come back here and be here no later than 4:30. We three will be ready for drinks and dinner by then.”

“Yes sir, Big Mike,” Harry and I said as one.

“No grab assing until I say. You sissies got that?”

“Yes sir,” we said in unison once again.

I was happy that my wife was home and helping me get ready for my big moment. “Now don’t you go falling in love with Harry just because he pops your cherry.”

“Why would you think that?”

“Every girl wants to fall in love with the guy who took her virginity. Every girl.”

“Maybe Cin, but I’m not a girl remember?”

I saw her face in the mirror when she raised her eye brows and smirked. “Um hmm. Sure.”

I had no idea that I could look so pretty. I mean I’d pass as a woman, at least my face would. Cindy’s application of make-up was nearly professional. A base coat, coloring, lip liner and lip stick. The way she did my eyes, plucking my eye brows, somehow extending my eye lashes, hell, I’d hit on me.

“All ready, Cin said admiring her work. “Now let’s see, what to wear?”

I would love to have you readers suggest johnnie’s attire for the big event for Part 3. Your emails and comments are most welcomed.

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