I Teach My Wife: Part 2

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After forcibly taking my wife’s anal virginity that morning, Linda was exhausted during our daily on board activities. I planned on taking it pretty easy on her for most of the day, letting her regain her strength before I had my way with her again tonight.

At about 2 in the afternoon, Linda decided it was prime time to sun herself on the deck. I watched her change into a sensible bathing suit, which was as revealing as she liked to be, and I struggled to restrain myself. Linda was still strikingly beautiful, and that isn’t just a husband’s biased view, and as much as I was reveling in dominantly fucking my wife, seeing her now I wanted desperately to show her passion and love.

My resolve broke and I couldn’t contain myself. I moved to Linda and threw my arms around her just as she got her suit comfortably in place.

“Tom,” she smiled at me. I didn’t speak, rushing in to kiss her deeply instead. She was a little startled but soon began to join my tongue in passion. I peeled her suit down as we kissed, exposing her pale, creamy skin that drove me wild. I broke the kiss but continued to take her in, kissing and nibbling down her as I finally got her naked again.

I leaned back and gazed at her beauty, her full chest, shapely but fit form, and her smooth skin. She smiled at me sweetly and I think by now she had fully accepted my ultimatum from last night. I stood and spun her, wrapping my arms around her torso and diving in to bite and kiss her neck from behind. She pressed her luscious ass into my growing hard-on, and my hands explored her chest, stomach, and soft pubic skin.
“Oh, Tom, baby, take me baby,” Linda breathed into my ear as I squeezed her breasts firmly. I hurriedly complied, pushing her to bend at the waist and put her hands on the bed. Linda did readily and even surprised me a little when she spread her stance, arched her hips, and used two fingers to naughtily spread her yummy looking pussy lips. This kind of display, believe it or not, was Linda being dirtier than I’d ever seen her before, and I fantasized for a moment that I had awoken a slutty side of her that had been hidden and dormant for all these years.

I rushed my cock out of my shorts and pushed the head up against her opening. It was moist and warm and it quivered at my touch. Linda moaned and to my surprise reached her hand back through her legs to grab my shaft and guide me in.

“Fuck, Tom, fuck me with that big cock!” I’d never heard Linda like that before, but I liked it! Linda’s pussy was delightfully tight and I responded to her by rocking my hips forward hard and pulling her ass to me, stuffing my cock against the velvety walls of her vagina. Linda’s legs collapsed and she was now on the bed on her knees and elbows, her heavenly ass arched at me. I began to lovingly stroke my cock in and out of her pussy, firm but not violent, and Linda was rocked with pleasure. Her pussy quaked and her body trembled and she came faster than I’d thought possible, clamping down on my cock and actually uttering the word ‘cunt’ for the first time in her life.

When she relaxed her vice grip, I resumed my strong pumps. As I did I took the opportunity to enjoy a sex and seldom seen angle of my lovely wife, on her knees getting fucked like a whore. Her full tits swung with each slam of my hips, and her supple ass begged for attention. Lust had overcome me, and I once again found myself wanting to dominantly own my wife. I reached forward and grabbed a bundle of her dark hair and pulled back. Linda screamed as her head flew up, her back arched, and her pussy opened to new depths and that were quickly stuffed with cock.

I slammed hard down into her, her warmth and quivering muscles urging me to orgasm. As my cum boiled I grabbed Linda with both hands by her shoulders and slammed my cock into her harder than I ever had before. My arms strained and I pulled her back with all my strength, and my cock landed deeper in her than I ever thought possible. Delirious with passion, I howled an animalistic cry that I never knew I was capable of as my cock erupted into her sweet depths. My cock pumped with a ferocity I’d never known, it felt as though my balls were purging a lifetime of pent up seed into Linda’s hungry cunt, and indeed I came longer and harder than I thought possible. Linda begged for more, her hand had snuck up and was squeezing my balls hard, just to the edge of too hard, trying to milk every milligram of cum from me.

We collapsed together on the bed, my stiff cock still stuffed inside her now sloppy pussy, and laid there panting and swearing. Eventually my cock softened and I slid out, a sizable pool of sloppy sex had formed on the bed beneath Linda’s pussy. Linda was drifting off to sleep, and I kissed her and told her to relax, I was going to take a walk.

Dressed, I left the room quietly and began to wander. For awhile I thought about nothing, just enjoying the relaxed cruise atmosphere, until I casually walked past the dining room. Here I suddenly thought about last night, about our dinner mates Mark and Tara, and about my swinger fantasies. I also remembered that I had mentally promised myself that I would approach them, for better or worse, because if on the off chance they were thinking the same as I was I didn’t want to waste another minute.

I found Mark and Tara’s room and gave the door a quick rap. After a long pause it opened wide and I was struck by a dynamite vision of Tara. She stood before me in a loosely secured bathrobe and she smiled devilishly at me. Her robe was barely tied and her enormous tits were barely covered. I could see, I tried not to look too much but I couldn’t help myself, the outside edges of two large, brown areola on each mound along with a veritable cavern of delectable cleavage.

“Oh, hi Tom, what’s up?” she asked. Her short blond hair was disheveled and she stared at me with obvious desire as she spoke. I had been nervous about knocking on the door, I almost chickened out, but the sight of Tara had strengthened my resolve.

“Well, I was hoping to talk to you and Mark about something,” I said, letting my eyes drop to her mountainous chest and no longer making an attempt to hide it.

“C’mon in and sit down,” she said. I did, passing close to her luscious body, and as I drifted past I smelled the distinct scent of cum on her breath. I took a seat on the tiny cabin couch.

“Where’s Mark?” I asked.

“Oh, he went to some golf activity thing, I was just going to take a shower while he was gone.”

“I can come back later, when you‘re both around…”

“Nonsense,” Tara cut me off and took a seat on the couch next to me. She crossed her legs and her robe slid apart, revealing her smooth and mouth watering skin. She was essentially naked from the waist down, only her crossed leg obstructing my view of anything x-rated. “I can speak for Mark, what’s up?”

“I…” oh shit, I hadn’t thought this far ahead! I had been so wrapped up in whether or not I should approach Mark and Tara, that I hadn’t really Escort considered what I should say! “Would you two like to come by and have some drinks this evening?” That was the best I could think of.

Tara was on to me, she gave me a knowing look and chuckled. “You could have asked us that at dinner, Tom. Why are you really here?” As she asked she slid her left hand along her body lightly, her fingers gently tugged at her robe but her eyes stayed on me.

“We just…. Well, I just…” I stammered, my nerves were breaking. Tara laughed a little.

“Tom, I know what you want.”


“Mark and I are thinking the same thing.” As she said this she slid her robe back slowly, exposing one of her massive tits. She had the largest areola I’d ever seen, the width of a softball, with a tiny hard nipple in the middle. Her legs uncrossed and I saw the top of her shaved mound.

I was speechless. My dreams were coming true and I didn’t even know how to handle it.

“I need you to say it, Tom. Tell me what’s on your mind.”

My cock had sprung to life and I was certain I could’ve had Tara right then, but I wanted to save it for tonight. I stood up, obviously readjusting my bulge, and smiled at Tara.

“Just join us for drinks tonight. Oh, and Linda doesn’t know anything about this yet, so we three will have to convince her nicely.” I winked at Tara and made for the door. She just smiled and pinched her little nipple before pulling the robe back and saying she’d see us at dinner.

When I returned to our cabin Linda was showering and I joined her. We relaxed for the afternoon and the anticipation of tonight’s activities made the day drag on endlessly. When it came time for dinner I was nearly shaking with excitement, but I knew I couldn’t rush things too much. I wanted Linda to ease into it, and to let a considerable amount of alcohol soak in, to make sure everything went smoothly.

Dinner was pleasant and Mark and Tara were very good at playing it cool, acting like nothing was up their sleeves, and it made me wonder if they hadn’t done this before. We made it through three bottles of wine during dinner and Linda was noticeably tipsy. The four of us hit it off very well, which was obviously very important, and Linda and Tara both expressed the desire to spend the rest of the evening together.

Mark and Tara were pros, I was convinced, because as we got up and made our way to the rear deck to enjoy some fruity drinks and the Caribbean sunset, I watched as Tara playfully touched and caressed Linda. Their hands met multiple times, fingers twining together for only a moment, with each laugh or giggle I saw Tara’s hand placed gently on Linda’s lower back and I watched it fall and settled just on the top of Linda’s round ass before Tara finished laughing and removed it. None of this seemed to phase Linda, and in fact she too playfully brushed and squeezed Tara’s arms or hands, though I don’t think she was flirting on purpose.

I pulled Mark aside and asked him what the plan was, because I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Be patient, buddy, this is a process. Tara knows what she’s doing,” he winked at me and laughed. “Just play along and keep it casual, she’ll come ‘round. Oh, and we’re going to take you to a club after the sun goes down. It’s a cool place, and I think that’s when we’ll see the fireworks fly.”

“Which club?” I asked. I had looked through the ship’s map and seen a couple of bars and dance clubs, which weren’t exactly Linda’s cup of tea.

“You’ve never heard of it,” Mark said with a sly smile. Before I could probe further the girls dragged us to the deck bar and we were enveloped in bubbly conversation. At one point, lounging in deck chairs as a miraculously orange and gold sunset lit the water on fire, the conversation turned explicit. We were all telling funny stories and entertaining each other, and Tara told a story about a trip she and Mark had taken to Hawaii. Tara crafted the story perfectly, managing to convey a steamy sex adventure with her husband without using crass language or lurid details.

The climax of the story was Tara revealing that there was a young, beautiful couple staying in the same resort and through some plot twists that would be unbelievable if we weren’t half-drunk, both couples wound up sneaking off to have wild marital fun in the same remote island location, and a wholly unbelievable but fantastic sounding four-way swinging episode followed. Tara didn’t give any naughty details, only to say that the two couples “had more fun than you can imagine!” and that it was the best vacation of their adult lives. Linda was enraptured and, being forward only because of the alcohol, eagerly asked Tara to explain. Linda’s face went red and she sat back sheepishly when she realized she had blurted out a desire to have Tara describe an orgy.

Tara, always one step ahead, placed a playful hand on Linda’s bare knee, slipping it about an inch up her skirt ever-tastefully, and said “honey, it was beyond words.” Linda’s eyes flared at Tara’s soft touch and I knew that a thought had flew quickly through Linda’s mind, she probably dismissed it mere milliseconds after it arrived, but for a moment she had thought exactly what I’d been thinking for two days.

Mark smiled and averted any awkwardness by suggesting that we move to a club he and Tara really wanted to show us. They led us down to the lowest decks, crew quarters, and I asked where we were going. We navigated a maze of hallways and finally stopped at a dark and heavy-looking door with a sign warning in many languages that the area was dangerous and off-limits to passengers. Mark took a moment to explain.

“This is a family-friendly cruise, wholesome and all that, but the cruiseline knows that some people like some more… entertainment. So this club isn’t exactly advertised, and it wouldn’t go over very well the public if they knew about it, but if you’ve ever wondered how these cruise ships make so much money, look no further.” I was still confused and I could see Linda was too, though Tara had a wide smile on her face.

Mark gave the door a single knock and a peep-hole no bigger than a baseball slid open. Mark smiled and produced a large wad of cash. I looked on in amazement as Mark put the money, all hundreds, through the hole and some figure beyond snatched it.

“Jesus, that had to be a few grand!” I said.

Mark smiled, “you can get us tomorrow.”

The door creaked open and we were ushered into a dimly lit hallway. I recognized the man behind the door, it was our room steward, but he said nothing and motioned for us to follow him. The dark hallway twisted some more and went down one more flight of stairs until we reached another heavy door. At this point I could hear music, obviously the thumping beat of hip-hop or dance, through the door. Our steward gave a succession of knocks on the door and we could hear it being unlocked from inside. Linda and I were both speechless when it opened.

Inside we saw Escort Bayan what could only be described as a strip club, but it was the most impressive strip club I’d ever seen (not that I’d seen many, but the few I had always seemed dirty). The place was cozy, with comfortable looking booths lining the walls and each booth’s table was a small stage complete with a pole and enough room for explicit dancing. There was also a dance floor in the center that was not meant for performances but for interactive dancing.

There were about ten passengers dancing on the dance floor, clinging tight to each other and unabashedly groping their partners, and among the passengers we saw a handful of strippers dancing along with them, joining couples or just grabbing people and grinding. A few booths were occupied but there were still a handful vacant, and at each occupied booth a solo dancer performed for the seated guests. Suddenly I realized what I was seeing and I nearly fainted: these weren’t ordinary strippers, these were the cast and crew of the ship! First I noticed, on the dance floor grinding against some middle aged man, the voluptuous singer from the jazz show last night. I recognized a few of the others, too, including a waitress from the dining room and a housekeeper from the deck below ours. I had noticed how the female help on the ship was almost entirely young and beautiful and now I was starting to understand why.
Another striking thing about this club was that it was, by the very nature of the cruise industry, exotic. Because the assembled crew of the ship is a mish-mosh of nationalities, the dancers were not only beautiful but foreign. I noticed Asian women from multiple countries, a dynamite Latina with a round and swinging ass that was hypnotizing, and a young Russian girl with bright pale skin and the silkiest looking blonde pussy hair I’d ever seen.

Mark and Tara led us in and a handsome young man directed us to a corner booth that was plenty separate from the rest of the show. The music highlighted the atmosphere perfectly; it was loud enough to dance to but also somehow managed to remain in the background enough that conversations were comfortable.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Vladimir and if there is anything you require this evening, please do not hesitate to ask.” Tara and Linda sat in the recess of the curved booth, Mark and I on the outsides next to our respective wives. Tara slipped in very close to Linda and Mark and I squeezed up close to our wives, so the four of us were quite cozy even though there was plenty of room.

We ordered a round of drinks and after Vlad handed them out he spoke again. “So, if you are interested I have a few girls who are available for private entertainment tonight. I also have a fine selection of gentlemen if you’d care for them, as well.”

Mark spoke up. “Why don’t we see the ladies, please, and we’ll take whichever one she chooses,” he pointed to Linda, who blushed and tried to object but Vlad was off before she said a word. When he returned he was followed by three women, each dressed in some kind of skimpy, tight dress. The first was a red headed girl who introduced herself as Sveta from Belorussia. Sveta had perky tits and was very skinny, and she had a lovely smile along with a bubbly personality. The second girl was Renee, a lovely French girl who I recognized as a Guest Services desk attendant. She was beautiful, a face that could be in magazines, and she had long hair that was impossibly dark and smooth. She was also thin but the tight dress showed off a trim physique. The final girl was African, from Cameroon, and introduced herself as ‘Julie’ though I got the impression that was her Anglicized name. She was blacker than black, the darkest skin I’d ever seen, and she had a unique body. She looked strong and feminine at the same time, she was tall and muscular, not like a body builder but she looked solid nonetheless. She had large, heaving breasts that stretched the tiny dress to its limits, and she had thick but not fat legs that led up to what looked to be a dynamite round ass. She spoke confidently and looked at each of us with intensity.

We ogled each woman for a minute, my cock rising steadily, and Linda made her decision. We all loved her choice.

Vladimir led Sveta and Renee away and Julie sauntered up to the table. “Please,” she said to us, her thickly accented words dripping with sexuality, “enjoy yourselves.”

Julie drifted over to Mark and asked him to unzip the back of her dress. After he did she climbed onto the table and began to slowly sway with the music. We were all entranced by her, Linda included, and I noticed Tara had taken the opportunity to melt against my wife. Tara and Linda each had an arm around the other, and Tara’s large breasts were pressed up firmly against the side of Linda’s. I saw Tara’s other hand, placed high on Linda’s thigh, gently stroking up and down.

Julie was out of her dress and teasing us, obscuring our view of her mountainous tits her arm, when I looked around the room. To my surprise, things had changed some since we first entered. Some people still danced on the dance floor, but passionate groping had led to public nudity and the beginnings of lurid sex. The jazz singer was on her knees and was lovingly lapping at the ball sack of the middle aged man, his cock was glistening and had certainly been made wet by her mouth. The dancer at the nearest booth I could see was sitting on the table and had her legs spread wide to her audience, and I saw each patron had a hand sliding up her legs and exploring her naked pussy. I began to wonder if there was going to be more to Julie’s act than just dancing.

I was right. Julie had lost her dress and the mouth watering thong that disappeared between her delicious looking ass cheeks, and had now singled out Linda for attention. She was on all fours and was crawling slowly towards my wife, and Linda was clearly drowning in lust. Mark was the first to touch Julie, I saw his hand caress and squeeze her tits and then ass as she crawled by. When Julie reached Linda they were face to face, nearly touching, and I saw Julie whisper something I couldn’t hear. A moment later, Julie sat up slightly and squeezed her tits together, taking both large nipples in her fingers and pinching them towards Linda. Linda responded by leaning down and taking a nipple in her mouth, sucking furiously, and licking the African’s massive tits.

My cock was throbbing as I watched my wife with another woman for the first time. Tara joined her by clamping her lips down on Julie’s other nipple, and Mark and I reveled in watching our wives suck hungrily on two beautiful tits.

Julie sat back and the wives released. Immediately Tara locked Linda in a passionate kiss and I knew we were off and running. Tara’s hands started working over Linda, squeezing her tits and caressing her legs. Mark had pulled Julie to him and was now himself indulging in her heavenly mounds. I could sit still no longer, Bayan Escort so I joined Tara and began to hungrily take in my wife.

Linda’s blouse was open in no time and she alternated between kissing Tara and I. Whichever one wasn’t kissing her bent down and sucked hard on her tits, and Linda was rocking with pleasure. I took advantage of the situation by letting my hand wander over and take in fantastic touches of Tara’s body. Tara responded by rubbing my cock roughly through my pants as she sucked on Linda’s tits. When Linda saw this she looked at me with sudden surprise.

“We’re going to fuck them, baby, Mark and Tara,” I said to her.

“No, I don’t…” she started, trying to form an objection as Tara bit gently on her nipples.

“It wasn’t a question, Linda,” I said and I looked at her firmly, not with any malice, but with determined eyes that reminded Linda who was in charge. After a long minute she nodded slowly and sunk back, enjoying the pleasure Tara was administering.

I heard Mark thank Julie for the performance but tell her that it was just going to be the four of us this evening. Julie smiled and said maybe another night then, and squeezed Mark’s bulge firmly before dismounting and bidding us good evening.

Tara said something to Linda and them smiled at both of us. Mark sat back, knowing what was coming I suppose, and our wives slid off seat and under the table. There was some unseen shuffling below and then I felt a hand take firm grasp of my cock. I looked down and knew without a doubt it was Tara’s hand, so when Mark began to moan with pleasure I knew my wife was giving it to him.

Tara wanted my cock, she had made it pretty clear by now, and she freed it from its prison in no time. It stood proudly before her and I heard her swear softly before I felt my cock being devoured by warmth. Tara’s mouth was magnificent, she was a more experienced and eager sucker than Linda, and she dove onto my cock with a passion I’d never felt.

I reached below the table and grabbed two handfuls of her soft blonde hair. I held her strong, my hips bucking with her, and I felt her throat open eagerly and bottom lip hit my balls. I hoped Linda was giving Mark pleasure, because I knew she wasn’t this good at blowjobs, but he was breathing heavy and urging her on, so I knew if nothing else she was trying.

If Tara kept up sucking me much longer I knew I would explode, but I didn’t want this to stop here. “Mark, can I fuck your wife?” I asked over the music.

“Only if I can fuck yours,” he said, his eyes never coming up from watching Linda suck.

“Deal,” I said. Tara gave me one final deep plunge before releasing and crawling out from beneath the table. We stood up and kissed deeply, and I saw Mark and Linda do much the same. I caught a glimpse of Mark’s package and knew Linda would have some fun. Mark’s cock was a bit shorter than mine but noticeably thicker, and mine isn’t thin, and Linda would be stretched like never before.

Mark spun Linda around and roughly bent her over the table. She looked at me with some hesitation, but I smiled and nodded confidently. Mark pulled up her skirt and dropped her panties, and Linda spread for him like a little slut. I saw her slick pussy for a moment before Mark quickly jammed his cock in. Linda moaned and resisted some, his girth catching her by surprise, before he landed balls deep and she screamed with pleasure.

Tara climbed onto the table next to Linda and laid on her back. She lifted her legs and quickly had her pussy free and ready. I freed her tits and dove onto them, the tip of my cock planting against her clit as I did. She shook and cried, and I rubbed and pushed her clit with my cock until I felt her juices flow. Tara’s soft blonde hair around her pussy that was now soaking wet, as was my cock, and I slid it down her slit and plunged into her cunt.

Tara held the edge of the table with both hands to keep herself firmly in place, and I squeezed both of her gorgeous tits as I fucked hard into her. Both women were delirious with pleasure; Linda was feeling her pussy stretched wider than she was used to, while Tara was experiencing a cock at depths Mark couldn’t reach. Mark and I hammered away, driven by intense lust, and soon both our wives were crying our names. Tara came first, my cock bouncing repeated off her g-spot, and soon my balls were dripping from her flooding juices.

Linda was beside herself. Her torso lay flat on the table and she was so wracked with pleasure she couldn’t stop herself from drooling. I soon remembered how I’d fantasized earlier about this moment and I knew I had to take advantage of it.

I leaned forward and kissed Tara, whispering a request in her ear. She nodded eagerly and I carefully exited her hot pussy. She slid off the table and I climbed up, kneeling in front of Linda’s face and pointing my glistening cock at her. I grabbed her by the hair and lifted her face, Mark was fucking her so good that her jaw was slack and her tongue hung out, and I assertively thrust my cock into her drooling mouth. Linda gagged when it hit her throat and her tongue lashed along it, not even intentionally but it still felt amazing.

“Can you taste my cum honey?” Tara asked wickedly. Linda just moaned and gagged as I held my pussy-soaked cock against her throat. Mark’s pumping had slowed and Linda tried to focus on accommodating me, but just as she eased open Tara fulfilled my request. Linda’s throat and mouth clamped hard, just shy of biting, when Tara’s two fingers bored into her clenching asshole. Mark roared with pleasure as Tara’s fingers worked him from within, and Linda moaned and cried as Tara stretched her still inexperienced ass.

Mark and I developed a rhythm and we began to fuck Linda at both ends. All three of us thrust at the same time, filling Linda to the max, and then easing off. Each time we thrust her eyes bulged and I felt her throat tighten. I knew her ass and pussy clenched too, and the three of us urged and cried for Linda to fuck us.

Finally Mark bottomed out and held himself deep with Linda. “Ah, I’m gonna cum in your wife’s pussy! Ahhhhh..” Mark rocked and cum pumped from him. Tara watched closely and moaned with lust. Suddenly, Linda’s entire body twitched and convulsed and Mark screamed hard as her pussy clamped down on his spewing cock in an intense orgasm of her own.

The fulfillment of my fantasy was making me dizzy and I could hold no longer. I arched up and fired, cumming thunderously into Linda’s twitching throat. She choked and gagged as I erupted and thick strands of cum poured from her lips and pooled on the table. I was lost in ecstasy and came for what felt like years. Linda failed to swallow any of it, and when I finally pulled free her face crashed down and splashed in a pool of cum and saliva.

Mark and Tara cuddled on the seat and I slumped on the table, satisfied beyond belief. Linda was motionless, nearly passed out, cum bubbling up around her mouth with each breath, and thick wads of Mark’s sperm running down her legs.

I had to carry Linda back to our room that night., but all four of us agreed before parting that we were going to have a fun week ahead of us.

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