I Submit to My Wife and Real Men Ch. 03

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Big Tits

I was probably more sexually aroused than I had ever been driving to Desiree’s house. She was obviously beautiful, but her husband … he was just my type: built and smooth. I was more than a little curious about his cock too. I like them big. Something about a well endowed man really made me feel submissive and small.

I was lost in those thoughts as I made the rest of the way to her house. I had a raging erection when I got there, so I had to wait a minute until I calmed down. After my cock got down to half mast, I walked up the sidewalk and knocked on the door. Desiree answered. She had on a lavendar negligee that just barely covered her round ass, and it hit her thighs at just the right spot.

She invited me in, touched my side, and kissed my cheek. I let my hand graze her ass a bit as I left her embrace. She playfully gave me a look that said, “Be good.”

Desiree had a glass of wine in her hand, so she offered me some too. I took her up on her offer, and we sat at her kitchen table talking for a few minutes about nothing in particular. I made no real attempt to hide my glances at her legs. She knew I found her attractive, so I figured there would be no harm.

After catching me looking a few times, she locked eyes with me and seductively said, “Well, my husband Joe is waiting for us in the bedroom. Are you ready?”

I could barely speak, but I managed to whisper, “Yes. Let’s go. Right now.”

“Hmmmm,” she replied. “Very enthusiastic.”

She stood, holding my gaze the whole time, and reached for my hand. I stood too, and she led me down the hallway to their bedroom, swinging her hips ever so slightly the whole way. This was a woman who knew what men liked.

As we crossed the threshold to the room, I spotted him, naked, and I was mesmerized. Both of his arms were strapped to he wall, while he was in a standing position. I guess she wanted to make sure that he didn’t change his mind and that I would have some fun at the same time. He had a perfect body. Broad chest, strong arms, and thighs. And best of all…his cock. It was long, maybe 9 inches, and just a little thicker than mine.

She turned to me and must have sensed my desire for him. Without saying a word, she started undressing me, piece by piece until I was standing there naked. She led me over to him so that we were standing side by side, but not quite touching. She dropped to her knees and slowly took her husband’s cock in her mouth, all the while locking eyes with me. She looked so beautiful with his length in her mouth.

I knew I could not touch her, but I needed human touch. I shifted a bit so that my thigh was touching his. He didn’t pull away, so I took my hand and ran it up his stomach to his chest. A small moan escaped his lips.

With that little bit of encouragement, I started running both hands all over his chest and down to his hips. He began writing with all of the attention being paid to his cock and kilis escort his body. I wanted to pleasure him even more, so I softly licked his nipples while Desiree continued her slow, steady motion on his dick.

We carried on like this for a few minutes. Massaging his soft but firm muscles made my cock rise, something that he definitely noticed. Despite being sexually submissive, I needed some release too, so I began rocking my hard-on against his hip as I gazed into Desiree’s eyes. They lit up with approval as she continued to swirl her lips around the sensitive tip of his dick.

At that point, I was completely overcome by lust, so I grabbed his face and kissed him. He kissed back a little, perhaps not expecting that kissing would be part of the night. Since I had a captive audience, so to speak, I kissed him again, this time slowly and passionately. He responded with a long wet kiss. It wasn’t long before he slipped his tongue into my mouth. It was so slick, and I just melted into him with pleasure.

We were in the middle of this kiss when I heard Desiree say, “Well, look at you two. I think I’d like to watch for a while.”

So she got up, still dressed in her negligee, and sat on the bed. I kept kissing Joe, and I started rubbing his cock, using his wife’s spit as lubricant. I was in a trance, and so was he. The stroking only lasted a minute or so before I was on my knees. I grabbed the base of his cock and slipped the head over my wet lips. I could taste the salty pre-cum. I didn’t waste any time and took as much of him into my mouth as I could.

I felt like such a slut sucking this stud’s cock in front of his wife. I kept a tight suction while I was slithering my tongue up and down his shaft. It was only a few seconds longer and I could feel his cock get harder and his balls start to rise. I took him out of me just long enough to look up at him and beg, “Please cum in me. Cum in my mouth.”

I took him back inside me, and he began pulsing his seed into me. The first eruption of cum was enormous. The sheer amount took me by surprise, but I just swallowed it. He was moaning as he jettisoned more of his cum into my mouth for me to swallow. It was so good, and I grabbed onto his ass so I could pull him deeper into my mouth. I wanted him to understand that I was here for his pleasure.

His cock was spent, but he still wanted me. I could see it in his eyes. I stood up, and looked over my shoulder, but noticed Desiree was gone now. I looked back at Joe, and said, “I think we’re alone now. Let me get you out of these straps.”

After loosening him, he walked over to the bed and laid down on his back. I just gazed at his magnificent body. His cock was still big, even after he emptied himself into my mouth. I crawled over him for a kiss while grinding my dick against his. He was forcefully kissing me, and it was everything I could have asked for.

He broke our kiss to tell me kıbrıs escort that Desiree had left lube for us in the night stand. I went over there, opened the bottle, and put a generous amount on my fingers. I laid down next to him where we resumed our kissing. This time, however, I began sliding my lubed finger around his tight asshole, slowly inching my way inward up to my knuckle. He was moaning as I did this, so I figured Desiree had fingered him before.

I asked him if he was ready for my cock. He begged, “Yes. Put it in me. Fuck me.”

So I covered my length with lube and positioned myself between his legs. He spread them open so that I could access him more easily. I slowly started massaging his hole with my cock for a few minutes. As I french kissed him, he pleaded for me to enter him. So I slowly pushed in, bit by bit. I would allow him to get used to my size, and then push forward again until I was buried inside him up to my balls.

At that point I stopped, looked into his eyes, and said, “I’m inside you now.”

He was wild with desire, and replied, “Just make slow love to me. Make me yours and fill me with your cum. “

So I slowly started rocking myself in and out while kissing him and licking his nipples. We would get lost in each others eyes as we were fucking. He began to buck up towards me after he got used to my size. I took his signal and started increasing my rhythm. He slid his hands down to my ass to pull me deeper. Something about that move, which was really similar to my wife wrapping her legs around me, set off my orgasm.

My cock swelled and unleashed a torrent of cum inside him along with the most powerful orgasm I have ever had in my life. I just kept thrusting away at him until my cock had been emptied. I softly kissed him as my dick slowly softened inside of him.

I grabbed his face, looked in his eyes, and told him, “That was perfect.”

He replied, “I know. I’ve lusted after men’s cocks before, but this…” His voice just trailed off.

I pulled out of him and we just laid there side by side dreamily kissing and talking for a while. My hands lightly wandered over his body as we kissed.

My hand brushed his dick, and I noticed he was hardening a little again. I was torn because I had to leave to go home to my wife, but I wanted to stay.

I told him, “I have to go.”

He said, “Please stay and let me take you.”

I could not say no, so I didn’t. I looked in his eyes, and said, “You make me weak. Use my body for your pleasure. I want to carry your cum inside of me.”

Without uttering another word, he reached for the lube and rubbed it into my ass. I laid on my side, and he got behind me and slowly rocked his length down the crack of my ass.

He asked, “Do you want it?”

I whispered, “Please. I want you inside me. Please make love to my body. Fill me with your seed. I’m begging. Please.”

He then began kırıkkale escort his slow, soft, and sensuous journey inside me beginning with slow, purposeful thrusts that became longer and stronger as I got used to his size. It felt so good being filled up with him. I reached down between my thighs and fondled his balls as he rocked himself in and out.

As he did this, he reached around and began fondling my cock. That sent a wave of erotic lust over me, again. I whimpered, “You’re so big! Please cum in me! Cum in me!”

He answered, “You’re so tight! I can’t hold back any longer!”

I replied, “Don’t hold yourself back. Fill me!”

I could feel his body tense up behind me and his hand moved to my throat. He moaned in my ear, and then he whispered, “I’m cumming.” And with that I felt the first flow of warmth inside me. I instantly felt myself getting slicker from him.

He slowed down as he softened, and he whispered in my ear, “You’re incredible.”

I oped my eyes, and I saw that Desiree was back in the room sitting in a chair near the bed. Her legs were spread just a little, and I could just barely see her pussy underneath her negligee. She was sitting there with her mouth open looking half aroused, half shocked.

I looked at her and said, “We have to keep doing this.”

Then I turned around and kissed her husband. He slid his tongue into my mouth in full view of her. We could not get enough of each other’s bodies, but I had to go.

I got dressed and entered my number into his phone.

Desiree walked me to the door. As I was leaving I told her, “Joe came in me twice, and I left my load in him too.” Her mouth just hung open.

“I think you’ve helped open a door for him.” I continued, “I’ve never had such intense sex in my life.”

As I drove home, my mind was just swimming with the raw emotion of what I had just done.

When I got home, I found my wife still reading in bed. We talked a bit, and she said, “You seem…different. What’s up?” She had a twinkle in her eye, but still I hesitated.

She smirked a little, and said, “It’s OK. Desiree texted me a little while ago.” And that’s when I let it all spill out.

“I just had the most amazing sex with her husband, Joe.” I revealed.

“Well, why don’t you crawl into bed here with me and tell me about it,” she said.

And so I did. We kissed and fondled each other as I told her all about making love to Joe. When I got it all out, she explained that she thought it was good for me to take this sexual journey. She told me that it had been good for her soul to get sexual bliss from other men that I could not give her. It was only right for me to see what making love to men could do for me. She was right, and I think we reached a new level of closeness as we made these admissions in our marital bed.

After we finished talking, she slowly kissed me and stroked my cock until I came on my own stomach. As I lay there spent and glowing, she gathered my cum with her hands and fed it back to me. I happily swallowed it in front of her, and she kissed my cheek.

She then rolled over and nuzzled her ass against me as we spooned and drifted off to sleep.

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