I Spy Part 5. Bart’s perfect fantasy

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The turn of events had bart flabbergasted. Bart Simpson had what could only be described as the perfect fantasy.

“Come on bart!” Marge said.

Marge leaned down to bart’s dick and started sucking his stiff prick rapidly into her mouth. Bart’s hand reached around Marge’s head pulling her tighter against his body. Marge rocked her head back and forth using her mouth and chin to massage bart’s hard dick deeply. Bart watched intently.”Come on in bart” quipped lisa..

Bart started planting kisses all over marge’s soft ass cheeks. Bart moved from the top of her crack towards the small of her back. He must have brushed a ticklish spot as it made her body squirmed to get away from his tongue. Sliding his hand underneath her he pushed up between her legs his thumb finding her wet hole. Bart reamed the entrance gently and with his thumb penetrating her ass slightly as his index finger penetrated marge’s slit and raked over her clit. As Marge’s body jumped bart jammed his thumb completely into her wet pussy grinding as much of his hand as possible between her lips and deep into marge’s hole. Marge’s legs splayed she humped down to capture bart’s hand deep into her cunt. Bart thrust his hand harder against her driving his thumb and part of his hand up into her body. Bart’s index finger mashed her clit. he rubbed his hand back and forth over the engorged clit. Marge grunted as bart hammered her with his fingers. Bart nipped Marge’s ass holding her flesh between his teeth biting gently. Bart thrust his thumb in and out of her wet hole. Marge’s body dropped down each time he withdrew trying to keep his thumb deep in her body. Each time he thrust upwards she grunted out her breath. Breathing was becoming ragged. As bart pulled his hand out of marge’s crotch She groaned a groan of displeasure She wanted more.
Bart ran in to the bedroom and and jumped on Marge and homer’s bed. Positioning himself so his cock was ready and waited for Marge Seconds passed but Marge came over to the bed quickly. Without hesitating she dived for his cock her lips wrapping around it’s head her tongue licking all sides quickly. Bart pushed her body down to her back pulling her lower body toward his head.

Bart rose straddling her face. He reached for his cock guiding it between marges lips. His hips arched he drove several inches into marge’s mouth and throat. Marge reached to pull him deeper bart leaned down quickly propping himself on his elbows above her body, Bart’s hands where sliding under her ass his palms wrapping themselves around her cheeks. Bart lifted marge’s cunt to his waiting mouth he dived in quickly sucking her clit into his hungry mouth stretching it tugging it from her body. Bart’s tongue mashed it forcing it hard against the inside of his mouth, he raked over her clit fast forcing it back and forth in his mouth. Marge’s hips leaped upwards to his face buried between her lips her clit against his chin. Bart licked out touching her hole. Marge’s hips froze in mid air waiting for bart to fuck her with his tongue. Bart tilted marge’s hips opening her legs slightly his tongue reached into her hole reaming the opening. Bart thrust his tongue quickly in and out of her pussy each time trying to drive it deeper.

Marge pulled bart hard against her mouth forcing more of his cock down her throat. Bart thrashed her pussy driving his chin against her clit and his tongue furiously licking out marge’s hole and along her slit and nipping on her clit as he sucked it back into his mouth. Marge’s hips arched high thrusting against bart’s face. Freezing in high thrust marge’s body started little quick humps against his face. A groan erupted from her from deep inside her body. Marge’s body dropped lying flat on the bed. With renewed vigor she drove all of bart’s cock down her throat sucking hard on his shaft. Her face bounced on him taking all retreating and driving all down her throat again. Bart reached for her clit using his finger tip to flick her clit back and forth blowing cool air over it as he played. Marge’s body convulsed under bart’s touch.

Bart rolled off of marge finding lisa lying beside them with two fingers buried in her own cunt. Lisa was still horny her eyes wide open her legs spread wide driving her hand quickly over her clit and into her cunt as well. Bart pushed her up the bed and moved to her pussy. Lisa inhaled sharply holding her breath. With marge still holding bart deep down her throat he sucked lisa’s clit into his mouth. Bart bit down on it holding it firmly between his teeth. Lisa’s hands pulled bart tighter into her cunt humping his face on her pussy. Bart sucked her little man into his mouth flicking his tongue over her sensitive bud. Lisa’s leg wrapped around the back of his head holding bart firmly buried in her cunt. Turning his head from side to side quickly he stretched, licked, sucked lisa’s clit hard. Within seconds gaziantep rus escort lisa reached her own orgasm. Bart drove two fingers into her sopping wet cunt.
“Fuck!” grunted lisa as bart hammered her wet cunt. Bart stroked hard for a few minutes then slowed his pace to allow her body to absorb her orgasm to slow down with his. Lisa’s Breathing returned to normal as bart quit thrusting but leaving his fingers deep in her cunt momentarily.

Bart reached over and pushed marge’s mouth off his cock. Bart was ready to explode but he wanted to fuck his mother. He wanted his cock buried deep in her body and to feel her cunt flex to hold him. Bart lay on his back his rigid cock reaching up in the air. Marge was now Straddling bart she reached to guide his cock into her ready cunt. Bart’s cock penetrated her quickly and with each thrust marge ground more of his cock into her pussy. Placing her feet flat on the bed beside his hips then she lifted her body upwards then jammed all his cock deep into her pussy with each down stroke. Marge repeated this movement pulling up high, then slamming her body back down on him. She leaned forward her hands on his thighs and started bouncing hard up and down on bart’s shaft. Bart slapped her ass stinging her. She groaned loudly. Bart watched as marge’s ass lift off him, bart watched as her cunt lips stretch down his cock to hold him. As she drove down bart pulled on her hips grinding their bodies together filling her with his cock. Lisa moved Crawling over bart’s legs she lowered her body down on bart forcing his legs flat on the bed. She licked her way up quickly finding Marge’s wet clit exposed She dived into her cunt. Marge went off like a firecracker.

“Oh fuck!” screamed marge her hands reached to lisa. Bart thrust hard, fast, driving his cock in and out of her cunt. Lisa sucked hard on her clit flicking it back and forth with her tongue their bodies melded together. They all became lost in their lust for each other. Bart focused on cumming driving his cock into her body, driving deep, hard. Marge was now sandwiched between lisa and bart and was screaming for them to pound her and to make her cum. Bart twisted her nipples pulling hard to grind her body down on his cock. Lisa’s hands were on her hips, pulling her tight against her mouth flicking, sucking, biting her clit while bart’s cock drove deep. Marge’s body tensed as she exploded into orgasm twitching rapidly marge grunted deeply. lisa assaulted her clit as bart continued to drill his rigid cock into her cunt. Within seconds Marge pushed lisa away from her sensitive clit. She lay moaning on bart’s chest as he thrust in and out of her body. Her hands went to her crotch her fingers massaging her own clit. Her eyes closed she thrashed herself on bart her fingers raking over her clit in small circles.

Lisa was now lowering her wet slit to marge’s mouth. Juices glistened in her slit. Marge’s head arched upwards her lips grabbing lisa’s clit and started sucking it into her mouth. Lisa groaned as she lowered her hips down against marge’s face. Bart continued to drive his cock in and out of marge as she ate lisa in front of bart.

Bart’s balls exploded and he started grunting loudly thrusting spasmodically into marge’s cunt. He drove his cock deep into his mother as his cock expanded and erupted showering the walls of her pussy with sticky liquid. Bart stopped moving feeling nothing but the spasms of orgasm shooting his cum into his Morther’s cunt. Marge continued to lick lisa’s cunt. Lisa reached a point of spasms in her pussy and raised herself up off marge’s face. Her hand gently massaged her mound her finger tips sliding between her slit teasing her hole. Bart rolled marge off him pulling his flaccid cock out of her cunt. Marge drooped over his leg sticky with their mixed fluids.

Homer had enjoyed watching them all and some how they swapped places. He helped lisa up and knelt in front of her and licked her pussy. “looks good” Said their mother. “That feels nice.” said lisa as she laid squirming on the bed. Bart smiled because he knew how much his sister lisa liked cunnilingus as they had been doing it ever since their first time together.

“Yes.” Their mother smiled broadly.

“So what about you two.” Their father asked. Lisa and bart looked at each other “We’ve done things and had fun and messed around.” Said bart.

“What with each other?” Their mother pretended not to know. “Yes.” lisa glared at marge and waited for homer to get angry.

“Don’t be angry with them marge dear. I’ve known for ages i thought it was best just to let them grow out of it.” Their father said. Lisa and bart were surprised by their father’s statement. “How long have you known?” Their mother sounded shocked.

“12 months. The summer before last on our last family holiday, we went into town leaving bart and lisa in the cabin. I returned to the cabin to ask them to join us for lunch and was inside looking for them and saw messing around by the pool. They didn’t hear or see me I watched them suck and lick each other then walked quietly away then rang the doorbell pretending I’d forgotten my key.”

Marge groaned softly pulling her arms up under her head. She looked satisfied and ready for more. lisa dropped beside her, her hand gently caressing her back. Bart too reached over to gently caress her back.

“You watched your own son and daughter messing around with each other?” Exclaimed marge.
“Yes. You know how much I like watching. I’ve watched you with other men marge and seeing lisa and bart messing around was very exciting.”

“Oh!” Their mother said.
A sense of relief came over lisa and bart.
“I also saw them the other night in lisa’s room on my way back from the toilet I heard them. Lisa’s door wasn’t closed properly and I watched.”
“You’ve both kept the same secret from each other. Mum’s known about us for a long time she has this annoying habit of finding us in bed together.” lisa laughed nervously. “From now on we should be more open with each other.” Their father said.
“All right. I have a confession. Your son bart touched my backside this morning and I enjoyed it.” Said Marge.
“lisa says you enjoyed my finger tips going between your bum cheeks.” bart smiled at his mother.

“So bart who has the better cock?” His father said while still playing with himself. Bart smiled because he did not need to play with his penis like his father to make it erect. Marge stared at his erect dick. Homer moved closer to his son bart and they compared sizes only to discover that they were identical in size and shape.

“Homer i think we should both perform a test on their backsides?” Said bart. “Good idea son. You start with your sister lisa and I’ll start with your mum.”Lisa bent forward over the bed and offered her backside to her brother bart. Putting both hands on it he felt its smooth round shape and as he had done before he slipped the tips of his fingers between her bum cheeks. Homer did the same to their mother marge smoothing both hands over her backside and then slipping his fingers between her ass cheeks. Both lisa and bart watched breathlessly as their mother moved her feet apart and their father moved forward and pushed his penis between her legs.

“That feels nice.” Homer said.
They watched as homer fucked their mother and copying them bart guided his penis between his sister’s lisa’s legs and started fucking her.

Lisa lay back on the bed with her mother kissing her on the lips not the kiss that she usually got from her mother but a wet lover’s kisses. Moving down to her daughter’s breasts Marge sucked hard on her nipples while bart moved behind his sister and easing his penis between her legs bart pushed it deep into her pussy. homer touched marge’s legs which she moved apart allowing him to slip his cock between the hot gooey folds of her pussy. Marge squealed with delight as homer’s hardness entered her impaling her squirming sex with his huge cock. Marge bucked her hips to meet his thrusts hunching her cunt up at Homer’s pounding cock with ever-increasing urgency. Homer fucked in and out of marge’s tight clenched pussy the fact that they were being watched intently by Lisa and bart was an incredible turn-on. It must have been effecting marge in a similar fashion, he thought because her cunt felt different somehow wetter even tighter. Homer’s cock felt like it was made just to fit her pussy as it caressed every vein as it slipped in and out of her tight cunt.

The thought made homer turn and stare at his pretty daughter Lisa kneeling beside them being fucked by her brother bart.

Lisa moaned in pleasure as bart’s cock sank into her little cunt to his balls. Bart’s cock began sliding in and out of her. It felt so good to have her brother fucking her slippery hole,.bart fucked her slowly at first trying to restrain himself in lisa’s incredibly tight cunt. Lisa’s body glistened with sweat and with her ass high offering her cunt to her brother bart. Bart was straining not to shoot too soon. “Ram that cock up her cunt and fuck her!” homer said. “Make her cum all over that big cock bart. She wants you to fill her with cum don’t you lisa”

“Ooooh yes homer! Fuck me bart please fuck me!” lisa begged.

“Okay lisa you asked for it. Hang on!” grunted bart.

Bart pumped faster his cock throbbing and straining it felt like his cock was ready to explode in and out of lisa’s soft flesh her cunt it was extremely tight yet well lubricated. It made squishing slippery noises and the way lisa moved her ass made bart slow down for a moment as he did not want to come yet.

Cum in me bart!” lisa moaned. “Fill me with cum! Fuck me! Fuck me bart dont stop! Fuck me!”

Lisa hunched her cunt up at bart trying to get more of his cock in side of her tight wet cunt.

Bart stopped sliding his cock in and out of lisa’s pussy to start sliding his fingers in her ass. Lisa was moaning and grunting in displeasure and then screaming in pleasure about how stuffed she felt as she was pushing back so hard it was all bart could do to keep his balance. All of a sudden Lisa exploded into a huge orgasm and clamped her ass so tight onto bart’s fingers that it almost hurt.

I want your ass lisa bart whispered.

“Oh God” lisa responded. “If it hurts too much you will have to quit” she finished. Marge jumped up and disappeared into the bathroom.Bart pushed forward the head of his cock finding little room to penetrate. Grabbing his cock bart spread lisa’s cheeks apart gently. Finding her tight hole he slid his cock down between her slit coating his cock with her wetness from her wet cunt. Bart slid his cock back to lisa ass entrance. he nudged his big cock against her hole. Reaching to her hips he pulled forward gently. Bart rocked his hips forward side to side and pulled forward again. Lisa arched her hips high grunting as he pulled her body back against me. He could feel the resistance of her ass, her ass did not want to open itself to bart. So bart pulled harder and lisa pushed back arching hard.

Bart’s cock popped through the tight ring of lisa’s arse. Air rushed out of lisa as she pulled her face into the blankets. Lisa screamed, grunted then went silent. Bart held his position, God he wanted to force his cock in to thrust his cock deep and grind himself hard into lisa’s body but he held off these desires. Marge returned and began to massage bart’s cock. She had gotten a lubricant for such situations and Fully coated his exposed cock, Bart withdrew for an instant as marge coated the head of his cock. She reached quickly gathering more from the tube and ran her hand down lisa’s crack, coating her asshole as well.

“Now baby drive your cock into her ass” marge whispered. “Slowly!” she finished. Bart’s hips lurched forward and the head of his cock jumped into lisa’s ass quickly penetrating her tight ring. He started with little thrusts and lisa started bucking under his cock. Together they drove more into her body penetrating, withdrawing and thrusting forward again. Bart’s cock disappeared into lisa’s ass. Each time he thrust forward lisa would scream into the blankets on the bed. Each time he started to withdraw she would drive her hips back to hold bart in her ass.

Within a couple of minutes bart was completely buried in lisa’s ass. He ground his hips against her ass cheeks his balls ached!

Marge was stroking lisa’s hair talking softly into her ear. She turned to bart and said “Ok baby fuck her hard!” commanded Marge.

Bart did not hesitate for even a second. He pulled back and thrust forward with a vengeance that he did not know he had in himself. Bart wanted no needed to hammer lisa’s ass. He wanted to make her scream at the top of her lungs! Bart needed to hear lisa scream for him to fuck her harder! so he thrust and slapped his flesh against her flesh and ground his hips hard driving every inch he could of his cock into lisa’s sweet ass. Closing his eyes bart’s chin dropped to his chest and he began to powerfully thrusting in and out of her body. Bart hammered lisa and she had to propped herself up.

“Fuck me bart! Fuck me!” lisa screamed over and over. Bart thrust forward again he couldn’t breathe. Bart’s cock was doing all his thinking for him. He pulled hard on her hip bones propelling himself forward driving his cock deep inside his sister lisa. Bart’s cock expanded his balls readied themselves for the moment he had waited for Seconds passed.

“Oh shit!” bart breathed through clenched teeth. he felt his balls tighten. “I’m cumming lisa!” he screamed. Bart thrust deep grinding his hips hard against lisa’s soft body. He pulled hard on her hips driving his balls deep in lisa’s ass. Spurt after spurt of cum ejected from bart’s rigid cock. Holding his body still bart could feel himself contract and jettison cum from his cock. Lisa collapsed on the bed and bart fell on top of her not wanting his cock to come out of her ass. Bart grounded his hips firmly against lisa’s ass. She purred and bart just grunted.

“Oh fuck bart! Oh fuck bart!” she breathed over and over. He nibbled on her shoulders. He could not even talk. Marge caressed their shoulders. Bart’s balls and cock were drained and his cock began to deflate. Bart ground against lisa again not wanting his cock to plop out of her ass. It did not take long as her body tensed and pushed bart’s flaccid cock out. Kissing lisa’s shoulders he leaned left and fell on the bed. So Bart had came first shooting his cum deep inside lisa. He moved over to marge and kissed her on the lips and with all the attention she was getting from homer marge came next moaning loudly.

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