I Saw My Sister Stripping And It Turned Me On – Chapter 3 Of 10

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Chapter 3

What happened last night?

I try to go over everything I can remember. I went to the strip club with some friends. Had a couple of private dances, one from my sister, that ended up really weird. A sister that I hadn’t seen in almost a year, after she stormed out of our very religious parents house. We then came back to Geo’s place, where I rode with Dixie and Amber. They convinced me to have a few drinks, and smoke some weed… Then everything gets really fuzzy. I vaguely recall some dancing, and then waking up with three naked women…

What the hell happened last night? I wonder again.

“I’m waiting.” I hear Amber yell from down the hallway. I suddenly remember the look in Amber’s eyes as she’d walked away from me, and quickly find the bathroom. I could still taste my morning breath, and I dug around for an available toothbrush, and luckily found one still in the wrapper. I brushed my teeth as thoroughly as I could, then began looking for Amber’s room.

I finally find her in the second to last room, and my jaw about hits the floor as I walk in. She is lying on her side, wearing a see-through negligee, and fishnet stalkings. Her red hair flowed down aver her shoulders, and a small smile played on her face. I could just make out her nipple piercings under her top. If ever there was a more alluring woman, I had never seen her.

“Umm, hi!” I curse myself for my shyness. As far as I can remember, I am still a virgin… At least, I think I am.

Amber laughs lightly, but somehow I can’t take offense at it. “Suddenly shy again?”

“I hope I’m not being to rude, but… Umm… What happened last night?”

“What…? You don’t remember?” She searches my face, and must be able to sense I am telling the truth. “Wow, and I thought I had made a bigger impression on you.” She frowns slightly, but the frown turns into a sly grin only a moment later. “Come, sit by me, and I will show you.”

I awkwardly walk over to her bed, and sit where she indicated. The movement causes me to realize that I have a raging boner, that isn’t missed by either of us. Amber just smiles bigger, as she wraps her arms around me from behind, and begins to nibble on my neck. She works her way up to my ears, then whispers, “Geo and Dixie are out shopping right now. Will they ever be surprised when they get back. Until then, we have the place to ourselves.” She finishes with a nip at my earlobe.

She grabs my hand, and places it on her slender thigh. Her fishnet stalkings rub under my hand as I begin to move it up and down her leg. I feel oddly exposed, with Amber behind me. Her hand lightly touches my chin, and gently turns my to face her. Our lips meet in a slow tender kiss that somehow seems at odds with how I felt she normally is.

Our tongues mingle, and I snake my arm around her, and pull her into my lap. “Mmm, you’re strong,” she murmurs when she takes a breath. I rather doubt this, as she is so light, but my mind is distracted as she goes back to kissing me. Her arms wind around my neck, and her kisses become more passionate, more urgent. I allow my right hand to drop down her back, and begin caressing her behind. She moans softly in my throat, then breaks the kiss. “Let’s get you out of these clothes.” Without waiting for me to agree, she begins tugging at my shirt, and I gladly oblige. Just as I get it off, she is already pulling at my pants. I then begin to undress her, her stalkings looking like nothing more than wound up thread on the floor. Her negligee soon follows, and I am staring at a vision from my most erotic dreams. Her small, pierced breasts, pail flat stomach, a small patch of red pubic hair, and I can already see that her pussy is wet.

“Yum, somehow that looks even bigger this morning.” I realize that she was looking at me just as much as I was admiring her. I look down at my fully inflated cock, and can only smile at the compliment. She licks her lips hungrily, staring at my member, then looks up at me, saying “Lay back, cutie. I want to taste that meat.”

I happily oblige, a groan as I feel her soft red lips touch the tip of my penis. This must be what heaven feels like, I think, as her mouth surrounds my cock, and I can feel her tongue swirling around the head. Feeling like I owe her at least a little for the pleasure she is giving me, I ask her to bring her body around, so that I can return the favor.

As quick as that, I have her pussy smothering my mouth. A vague memory guides me as I begin to lick her lips, sucking gently, then swirling my tongue up to her clit ring. She moans around my cock adding extra sensations, and I begin to flick the piercing with the tip of my tongue. It only takes a few seconds of this before she starts bucking and screaming, “Oh, gawd, yes! Keep that up. Lick it just like you did last night! Oh, fuck, I’m about to… To… CUM!” Suddenly my mouth was filled with fluid that tasted great. This woman was a squirter! She kept twitching on top of me, her hand having a kung-fu grip on my cock, for a few moments, then spun around. “I want that beast in me, NOW!” Again, without waiting for an answer, she reached back, positioned my cock, and slam herself back on it, impaling herself in one motion. The action must have triggered another orgasm, as she sat there motionless on me, except for her pussy milking my cock, and her eyes fluttering.

Recovery, she growled with an animalistic lust, and bit her bottom lip as she began to slowly rock back and forth on top of me. I Placed my hands on her hips, and slowly began to move her faster and faster. She began grunting every time she thrust back and I thrust up. I could tell that she was getting close again, so I threw one arm behind her and pulled her chest down to my waiting mouth. I locked her left nipple ring between my teeth, and began to play with it like a dog with a chew toy, tugging back and forth. With one arm behind her back, and the other on her ass, I began to drive into her from below with abandon.

My ears began to ring as she screamed incoherently to another orgasm. She went limp in my arms, and I release her tit from my mouth. I roll us onto our sides, and notice that her eyes are closed, and she is breathing heavily. It only takes me a moment to come to the conclusion that she has passed out.

Feeling foolish, I start to pull out from her, when I feel a hand on my ass, and I see that she has recovered. “Where do you think you are going?” I try to stutter a reply about her being passed out, but she effectively silences me with a kiss. “By the feel of things,” she wiggles her ass, “You haven’t cum yet.” She thinks for a couple moments, then a huge smile makes her eyes sparkle. “I have never cum like that, so often. I think you deserve a special treat.” In her usual style, she jumps out of bed, before I can say anything, and pulls a couple somethings from her nightstand. A vibrator and lube.

Suddenly having nightmares about what she intends, I start backing away, only to be stopped by her light touch on my arm. “Relax, this is for me.”

She hands me the lubricant, and gets up on all fours. “Now make sure you put plenty of that on my asshole, and that wonderful cock of yours.” She reaches between her legs and puts the vibrator gaziantep eskort bayan in her pussy, moaning as she slides it in and out. My cock had gone somewhat flaccid at the thought of what she might intend, but watching her now, it is brought back to full attention, even hurting a little at how hard it gets.

I quickly apply some lube to my cock, then put some on two of my fingers, and begin to rub her asshole. She moans again as I do this, and I slip first one, then two fingers into her. I am only able to make it to the first knuckles, so I pull them out, and add more lube. Now I can work both fingers in, and soon I am pumping her ass with my fingers. “Ok, I think I should be good. Take it slow, just in case.”

I jumped onto my knees behind her, and she giggled at my enthusiasm. Placing the tip of my throbbing cock as the entrance to her sphincter, and slowly pressed forward. Only to end up sliding up her butt crack. I aimed again, and this time forced my cock down a little, and was rewarded with the feeling of her bung hole slipping around the head of my dick.

“Oh, gawd, that’s big. Hold it right there, as I get used to it.” I held as still as I could, and after a moment, she began to slowly rock back and forth. Every time she moved back she took a little more of me deeper into her nether region. The feeling of her sphincter as it slowly slid up and down my cock was indescribable. She switched on the vibrator, and the sensations increased tenfold as her ass clamped down on me, and I felt the sliding vibrations through her rectum. “Okay, you should be good now. Fuck me, and fuck me hard.”

I started pumping, still taking it slow, afraid of hurting her. I also knew I wasn’t going to last long. I couldn’t figure out how I had lasted even this long.

“I said, fuck me HARD!” Amber’s demand brought me back to reality, and taking her request, began thrusting as hard as I could. Sweat began to bead on my back, and we were both moaning and grunting like a pair of wild animals. My hands were on her hips to steady myself, and provide something to grab as I repeatedly pounded into this petite redhead. She collapsed forward onto her pillows, and began moving the vibrator with enough force, I was afraid she was going to start a fire. For that matter, there was a fire burning in my balls, and I screamed, “I’m c-c-c-cumming!” as I shot my load deep into her bowels. This must have trigger another orgasm in her, as he ass clamped down hard on my cock, and even pulled me with her as she fell to her side and began twitching. Her convulsions felt great on my now overly sensitive cock, causing me to twitch also, which only prolonged her own orgasm.

Finally, her asshole loosened its grip, and nearly spit me out.

“Now that is one of the hottest things I think I have ever seen!” a voice says, and I look up to see Geo and Dixie standing in the doorway. Geo’s hand is under her white skirt, panties pulled to the side, and is furiously fingering herself. Dixie’s hand is down her shorts, and by the glazed look in her eyes, and movements of her arm, she is doing the same thing.

Suddenly embarrassed, I quickly grab one of Amber’s blankets to cover myself. “Geo! Dixie! I’m so sorry! I didn’t hear you come back!”

“Of course you didn’t, little brother! You two were making enough noise to wake the dead, three counties over.” Geo smiled at me wickedly, before continuing. “Hurry and put that monster cock away. Ron needs your help bringing in stuff.”

I was shocked to hear my sister talk like this. Sure, she was a stripper, and drank and did drugs, but after the puritanical raising of our parents, I was really surprised that she would talk to her little brother like that. I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised, considering I had just seen her masturbating in front of me.

I quickly got dressed (trying to cover myself as both Geo and Dixie watched), and was surprised to hear Amber snoring on the bed. That last orgasm must have been a doozey!

I followed Dixie outside (vivid lewd thoughts of licking her pussy, and fucking her going my mind), and met Ron… Dixie’s boyfriend.

“Glad you’re here,” he greeted me with a firm handshake. He stood a little taller than me, was built like a brick shithouse. He had a military cut to his brown, almost black, hair. “I couldn’t move this stuff on my own. I understand you’re Geo’s little brother?”

“Umm, yea,” I reply lamely. This guy was intimidating.

I soon found out that what the two women had purchased were a futon bedroom set, and bedding. The bedding didn’t seem like the girly stuff I had seen in the room I’d woken up in, or Amber’s room, So I assumed it was for their fourth bedroom. I figured Ron was moving in, the lucky bastard.

I was a little disconcerted to find Dixie constantly shadowing us, never giving me and Ron a moment alone. Not that I wanted to be alone with the man, but the way she seemed so nervous, had me wondering. At one point, Geo came outside and pulled Dixie aside to talk to her. They both pointed at me and started giggling. My face must have gone red.

“Women! Never can figure them out,” Ron said right next to me. I was startled, not realizing he was there. We were carrying in the last of the stuff, and as soon as we were inside, he turned and stopped me. “Spill the beans. Why is my girlfriend acting so odd?”

“I-I dunno,” I stutter. “I don’t remember very much from last night.” I told him honestly, and seeing the doubt in his eyes, I decided to embellish the truth. “I just remember having a few drinks, then woke up in bed with Amber this morning.” I think for a second, before asking, “She doesn’t have a boyfriend, does she?”

Ron guffawed, before answering. “By the sounds of things when we pulled up, your it!”

Ron and I began setting up the spare bedroom, when Ron made an odd comment. “You’re a braver man than me.” I could only assume he meant sleeping with Amber, and began to get angry.

“So, what do you think?” My sister and the other two women came into the room, distracting me.

“Think about what?” I ask, thoroughly confused.

“About your new room, cutie,” Amber replies with her now familiar affectation for me.

“My new…” I trail off as what Ron said now makes a different kind of sense. “But I can’t live here. I live at home!” I regret the foolish words as soon as they are out of my mouth.

“You don’t want to live here?” Geo asks, hurt evident in her liquid eyes. “How could I as your responsible older sister, possibly allow you to go back to that religious monastery, our parents created?”

Responsible? I wonder, remembering how my sister had gotten an underage kid drunk, and used drugs last night. I keep my mouth shut though, and look to Amber. If I moved in here, I would be closer to this sexy redhead, but who knows what would even happen. Perhaps what had happened a little bit ago was only a fluke, and would never happen again. I would also be under my sister’s thumb. I had no idea what that might be like.

On the other hand, my eyes were open now to a whole new world, that I had never suspected existed while living with my parents.

There was just one problem…

“I can’t afford to pay rent. I don’t have a job.” My head droops as I realize just how much I really want to move in.

“We got you covered there,” Amber pipes in, grabbing my arm, and giving me a quick peck on the cheek. “Ron here is one of the bouncers at our club. He can get you hired there.”

“But I’m not strong or big enough to be a bouncer.” I protest.

“Maybe not as big, yet, but that can be worked on. I saw how you moved that furniture around, and you are stronger than you look.” Ron told me.

Four sets of eyes stared at me, and I knew my decision had already been made. “I’ll do it!” I said, a huge grin splitting my face.

Amber gave me a big hug, and planted a passionate kiss on my lips. Even my sister gave me more than a strictly sisterly kiss. Dixie only shook my hand, but she gave me a wink that I was glad Ron couldn’t see. Ron shook my hand also, and informed me that I started work tomorrow night, but to spend tonight getting moved in.

“This calls for drinks!” My sister yells, and disappears into the kitchen. She returns shortly with drinks on a tray. “Ron, this one is yours, non-alcoholic since you have to work tonight, John, this one is yours. There is a little less alcohol. Hopefully you will remember tonight,” she adds the last part with a wink and a smile.

Amber had to work too which was dissappointing.

I called my parents to let them know I was moving out, and they yelled and screamed, but in the end, all I had to do was hang up. I was 18, and graduated from Highschool. There was nothing they could do.

Something odd started to happen though, while I was on the phone. I started to get hard. Not only that, but achingly hard.

Amber must have noticed, because as soon as I hung up, she took me to the shower, where we fuck again. This time I was prepared for when she had her orgasm, and supported her till she recovered. Even after I left my load circling the drain, I was still hard. What was going on?

Amber gave me a kiss as she left for work with Ron.

I couldn’t hide the hard on under the towel, as I stepped out of the bathroom, and my sister saw it. She only smirked and winked, before I made it to my new room.

My clothes were gone.

I frantically began searching for them in the still cluttered room, even losing my towel in the process.

“Very nice, bum, little brother. Are you trying to find your virginity?”

I spun around, my throbbing cock leading the way, to face my sister. I tried to hide it, but it was no use. “I can’t find my clothes!”

“Of course not. I threw them in the washer. You’ve been wearing them for two days now, and they needed some cleaning. Tomorrow we will get you some new clothes, and after a few days when our parents calm down, we will get your clothes from home.”

“Well, what am I supposed to wear in the meantime?” I demand angrily.

“The towel works, or you can wear what you have on now. I don’t mind either way.”

Something in her tone made me feel really defiant. “Oh, yeah?” I ask, arching an eyebrow, and removing my hands from my crotch. Was it my imagination, or did my sister have an hungry look in her eyes?

“I see Amber didn’t seem to take care of that in the shower. Would you like some more help?”

My jaw dropped for a moment. Was my sister propositioning me? Why wasn’t I as surprised as I thought I should be? My defiance was still strong, though, so I simply answered, “I doubt you could do any better.”

“Oh, yeah?” Before I knew quite what was happening, my sister was kneeling in front of me, my cock slurping in her mouth. At first I was too shocked to do anything, and by the time my wits were returning, I was feeling too good to stop her. She was going at it with real enthusiasm, and soon I had my hand on the back of her head, fucking her mouth. I probably would have cum pretty quick if I hadn’t already blown my wad twice today.

“Hey, you two,” shouted Dixie from the door. “You started without me!”

Before I knew what was happening, Dixie was naked and on her knees, helping my sister give me one helluva blowjob.

Geo pulled back, and removed her clothes. She stepped up to me, and gave me a kiss that was absolutely NOT a sisterly kiss. I started fondling her c-cup breasts, while Dixie continued licking my cock. I reached my left hand down, and started playing with Geo’s pussy, surprised at how wet she already was. I slipped first one, then two, then three fingers into her. Slurping noises filled the room, and the sounds of sex were rampant.

My sister pulled me over to the bed, and lay down on her back, my hand never leaving her pussy, and my cock never leaving Dixie’s mouth.

Dixie! “What about your boyfriend?” I asked her.

My cock left her mouth with a ‘pop!’ as she answered. What you don’t tell him, won’t hurt him.” She then went back to sucking my dick, and I no longer cared.

I looked at my fingers in my sister’s pussy, and realized I had slipped a fourth finger in. Geo was mewling and bucking her hips as I thrust my fingers in and out. Soon my thumb followed, then my knuckles, and before I knew what was happening, I was fisting my horney sister. I began to open and close my hand inside her, and she partially propped herself up on her elbows, looking me in the eyes. “Yes, brother! Fuck your slutty sister with your big hand. Make your big sister cum all over your hand. Yes, yes, yes! Ohhhhhhhh!” Her pussy clamped down on my hand, nearly crushing it as she came. Her eyes never left mine the whole time, and seeing the lust and pleasure in them sent me over the top.

“I’m cumming!” I try to warn Dixie, but I’m not sure how much was understandable as I started to blow my load deep into her mouth.

Geo’s pussy finally relaxed, and my hand slurped out of her gaping pussy. Dixie got up, and crawled onto the bed next to my sister, and started kissing her. I could see my cum swapping mouths as they kissed.

Looking down, I realized that I was still hard. What is wrong with me tonight? Seeing Dixie bent over, kissing my sister, I get an idea. I owe her for the great blowjob, and here is my chance. Crawling up behind the slim brunette, I position my cock at the entrance to her tunnel, and slowly push myself in an inch. She is super tight, and grips me like a warm velvet glove. I pull out a little bit, and then push in a little further.

Dixie moans into Geo’s mouth, and I see that Dixie is playing with my sister’s clit. I pick up the pace of, and soon am enveloped completely in Dixie’s folds. I stop, just to enjoy the feeling, and feel her milking my cock with her muscles. Geo slides up further on the bed, and Dixie dives into her pussy.

I start pumping again, and get a wild idea into my head, (Well, wild for me, at any rate.). With my left hand, I press Dixie’s back down, and with my other, I grab a fistful of her brown hair, and begin to pull. This way, she can still lick Geo. As soon as I do, Dixie begins to scream and buck, and I feel like a cowboy in my first rodeo.

“Lick that pussy, Dixie! No one knows how to eat cunt like you do!” As she talks she locks eyes with me again, and begins licking her lips. “Yeah, right there. Oh, yeah, suck it! Suck it!”

Dixie starts to cum under me, but I barely notice, as I am draw in by the look of purest lust in my sister’s eyes. I am mesmerized by their liquid pools, their wanton desire. Before I quite know what I am doing, I shove Dixie aside, and position myself over my sister.

“Do it” she tells me. “Fuck your big sister with your huge cock. Make me cum on that monster pole of yours.”

Like a man possessed, my hips thrust forward, but my aim is off, and I bounce off her clit. She moans in unfulfilled desire, and I try again, this time my aim is true. I sink to the hilt in my sister’s sweet pussy. She doesn’t even blink, but she does moan deep in her throat. I drop my head, and begin to kiss her passionately, thrusting into her as hard and fast as I can.

She breaks away from the kiss, screaming, “Oh, fuck yes! Pump your cock into me, little brother! Make me feel it in my throat. Oh, gawd, that feels… That feels… Oh fuck me!”

I roll us around, pulling my sister on top of me. “Oh, shit that’s deep!” she grunts, but only grinds her hips down harder on me. Dixie comes over and starts sucking on my sister’s tits, and I grab her ass, and place her pussy over my mouth. A small part of me can’t believe that this is really happening, but the rest of my mind screams to shut up and just fuck.

I know I am about to cum, but I can’t pull out, and I can’t warn my sister to get off, as Dixie grinds her pussy down hard over my mouth. My seed shoots out of me at what feels like nuclear strength. My sister screams out, “Oh, fuck, John. I can feel your cum in my pussy! It feels so hot, oh Shit, it’s making me cum! Yes, Keep playing with my clit, Dixie. Ahhhhhhh!”

My sister topples over sideways, and I continue to munch on Dixie’s pussy until she cums all over my face and falls to the side too.

I realize I am still hard, and only then does it occur to me that my sister must have drugged me with Viagra, or something, to keep my hard like this. At first I am angry that she would do something like that to me, but as I watch her trying to recover, my cum leaking from her pussy, another idea occurs to me.

I quickly run out of the room, returning a moment later with a bottle in my hand. Squeezing out some of the lube, I put it on my cock, and begin to rub it on my sister’s anus. She wanted me to be hard, she was going to get it hard. She doesn’t even budge as I continue to poke at her butt with the head of my dick.

I put some more lube on, and then position myself at her brown hole. Slowly I slide in, and feel the ‘pop’ of her sphincter pass the head of my cock. Now her eyes fly open as she realizes what I am doing. “No John! Not back there! I’ve never let anyone do that!” I lock her in place with my arms, as I very slowly begin to press in. “Owe, owe, owe, John, you’re too big. Take it out, PLEASE!”

“What did you put in my drink?” I ask her, enjoying seeing her eyes go large. “What did you drug me with, big sister?”

“Vi-Viagra,” she pants, and I stop moving. She breathes a sigh of reliefe, but I don’t pull out. I am about two inches in at this point.


She shakes her head, ‘no’, and I press in another inch. “Okay, okay! I wanted you hard all night so we could fuck as much as possible! It felt so good last night, I just had to have more.” I stop moving.

“Last night?”

“Yes! Last night I took your virginity, though I didn’t know you were a virgin. We all fucked you, and it felt great!”

By now her sphincter had loosened up a little as she relaxed, and was even milking the three inches I had in her.

“So you figured if you could keep me hard, then you could enjoy me even more?” When she nodded that this was so, I pulled out about an inch, and she sighed quietly. “You took my virginity last night, sister, and tonight I take your anal virginity. I suddenly thrust a couple inches in. Geo screamed. I was now halfway in, and loving how tight my sister’s ass was. I held still for a couple more moments, then backed off one inch, only to go two more back in, more slowly this time. I kept this up until I was buried in my sister’s ass, as she lay on her side. As soon as I was all the way in, I held perfectly still. Geo was panting lightly, and I saw that Dixie was lightly rubbing her clit to our spectacle. Now, sister, if you had asked me, things would have gone better. Because you didn’t, I’m going to use what you created, and fuck your ass hard!” I slapped her ass, and started pumping in and out, picking up the pace as I went.

At first pain registered on her face, but it began to transform into something else. She began to moan, and even tried to grab my hips to move me faster, but the angle was too awkward for her. As she lay on her side, I grabbed one leg, and brought it around to my other side, rolling her onto her back. The look of lust was back, and I began to pound into her harder. I couldn’t go as deep in this position, however, and soon came up with a solution.

Slipping my arms under her shoulders, she thought I was going for a kiss, and began madly making out with me. I pulled back hard, and she landed on top of me, smashing both our noses in the process, but also driving me deeper into her ass. Grabbing her hair, I pulled her head back, and latched on to her melon sized tits, her nipples hard in my mouth. Her hand snaked down between our bodies, and I could tell she was fingering herself. This turned me on more than I already was, and I began to pump harder.

Something warm and wet started playing with my balls, and I realized that Dixie had joined into the fun.

“Holly shit! I never knew it could feel this good! Every inch of my body is tingling. Oh, I love it little brother! I love the feeling of your cock in my ass, your mouth on my tits, and everything else! I love it little brother, and I love you, John. Oh, don’t stop, please don’t stop!” Her words began to have an effect on me, and I knew I was getting close, yet again. “Yes, more! Oh, I feel it! Holly shit that gets big when you cum. I can feel your seed flooding my ass. I love it!” Geo grabbed my head, and yanked it up for the most passionate kiss I have ever had. Our tongues fought with one another, and yet made love in their own way, as our bodies slapped against each other. Every inch of my body felt that kiss, from my curled up toes, to every hair on my head.

Finally we both needed air, and we broke the kiss. I realized that the sensations on my as yet still hard cock had changed. No longer did I feel the tight softness of my sister’s ass, but instead, an odd cold wet roughness. Looking around my sister, I saw Dixie had a cleaning clothe in hand, and was cleaning my dick.

I just lay back, too exhausted to do anything else. My sister, rolled off me, and almost seemed to be in la la land, as she kept murmuring, “I love it brother. I love you.”

The bed shifted, and I saw that Dixie was getting ready to mount me. I felt like a piece of meat, but was too tired to stop her. I fell asleep about her third orgasm, and my second.

That’s how Ron and Amber found us (Geo lying naked next to me, and Dixie still riding my cock) when they arrived home early. Apparently the power had gone out in that section of town, so everyone was sent home early.

To be continued…

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