I Saw My Neighbor Get Gang Fucked

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About a month ago my wife and I were at our neighbors for a little get together. There was good food and plenty of liquor, so by the evening every one was feeling nice. My neighbors are a Latin couple in their forties like we are.

There were a lot of sexy women and horny men so, I got a good view of a lot of dirty dancing and flirting. My wife was dressed very sexy but, not overly. She wore a simple lite summer dress, fitted enough to show her sexy shape but, not really tight.

Guys were asking her to dance all night. She told me later that she got a few offers to go upstairs to the more quiet part of the house but declined. This did not stop the guys from getting a feel of her g string “covered” bare ass or pressing up against her to feel her hard nipples rub against them as they dance to Latin music. Most just quickly slid their hands across to feel her soft ass.

This one big, tall, good looking, young guy, was more aggressive, however. He looked to be about 30 years old. He would, out right, grab her entire ass cheeks with his big hands and squeeze. She said she felt embarrassed because a lot of the party goers were from our neighborhood. But every one was drunk, she was feeling nice and was enjoying the huge bulge this young man was rubbing against her.

Like I said, there were a lot of sexy women but my neighbors wife was not to be outdone in her own home. She is a decent looking Latin woman about 5’5″, long straight black hair, light brown complexion. Her lips are nice and full, the type you would love to see wrapped around your cock. She has nice full tits, bigger then my wife’s, and your stereotypical Latin woman wide hips and fat round ass supported by thick thighs and sexy legs.

In her every day normal attire she gets my dick hard but what she wore this night had all the guys damn near pulling out and jerking in public. She had on black leather strap sandals with a gold ankle bracelet with letters that read BITCH three times around. She had on white Daisy Dukes shorts that left all her thick booty meat hanging out. They were so tight they looked painted on. Her camel toe showing pussy was so obvious, it was the open topic of discussion when ever she was in the room. Her yellow tank top with no bra did absolutely nothing to hide her full tits and thick nipples.

My wife caught me staring too many times for me to count. After a while and a few shoots of Puerto Rican rum, I just openly stared with out even checking to see if my wife was watching or not. All the guys bayan escort were.

Bye midnight just about every one had left but about three women, including my wife, and neighbor’s wife and about twelve guys including my neighbor and I. My neighbor was pissy drunk and on the verge of passing out. I played dominoes with three of the guys in the kitchen. The ladies were in the living room with the rest of the drunk men.

Every one was hammered and talking loud. All conversations were sex related. How many partners, favorite positions, to swallow or not to swallow, anal… Yeah, I wanted to just finish the domino game so I can join the fun conversations. From the kitchen I can tell the guys were trying to get in the girl’s panties. Not caring that my wife and our neighbor were married with their husbands present.

With so many people, seating was limited, so the ladies kept playing musical chair taking turns sitting on the different laps of the seven guys in the living room. I thought they would change when ever some one got up to get another drink. What I later found out was that the girls were trying to determine which one of the guys had the biggest dick.

Even though she was sitting her thin dress and thong covered pussy on the hard bulges of these horny men, my wife did pretty good with dismissing all of the guy’s advances. My neighbors wife, how ever, was eating it up. She loved all the attention she was getting.

Her poor husband was, at this point, sitting on a pillow on the floor to the side somewhere. He was so drunk no one payed any attention when he would muster the energy to mumble a few drunken, incoherent words. She, however, was openly getting felt up by the guys as they continue to talk about sex.

From my seat in the kitchen I could see my wife sitting on the guy’s lap, who grabbed her ass earlier. Her mouth was open and eyes glazed over as she looked at my neighbor’s wife getting felt up. Most of the talking stopped as they were feeling and grabbing her ass, tits, opening her legs so they can look at her camel toe. They even started to vertically place their fingers in the crease of her cunt to see if it can be swallowed by her puffy pussy lips.

At this point she was so wet the guys would comment on how moist it made their fingers as they openly sniffed them. The big guy who’s lap my wife was sitting on said “I bet you got some good fucking pussy” to my neighbors wife. He then reach up and felt my wife’s soft tit and started tweeking her nipple. My wife softly gasped and very slowly placed her Hands on his and pulled him off her tits. She quickly turn to see if I was watching and I just smiled at her and blew her a kiss.

My neighbor mumbled one last thing in response to the good pussy comment. That’s when his wife and the fellas decide it was time to put him to bed. Four of them took him upstairs accompanied by his wife. My wife and the other lady stayed in the living room with the other three guys. Even though there now was ample seatting the ladies stayed siting on the guys’ laps.

After a while only whispers and chuckles could be heard coming from the living room. My wife could not sit still. She kept fidgetting twisting and turning. I had no doubt that she was rubbing her pussy on his massive bulge.

I took a break from the game to go up and drain the lizzard from all the drinking but more importantly I wanted to go see why was my neighbor’s wife and the four guys taking so long.

As I walked through the living room my wife said “hey baby” to me. The guy was now laying back on the sofa. My wife, still on his lap, was now also laid back with her back on his chest. Her dress was pulled up past her knees with a lot of thigh flesh exposed.

I just realized how huge this young guy’s hands were as one was sitting on my wife’s exposed thigh near her crotch. He said nothing just looked me in the eye as if daring me to say anything. Guess he thought I was too afraid of him to say anything. No, I was not afraid of him. That shit just turns me on, so I said nothing and headed upstairs.

When I got upstairs I could not have been treated with a better sight. The four guys had my neighbors wife on her bed room floor. She was on her knees between all of them SUCKING THEIR COCKS. Her husband was laying on the bed, half asleep, eyes half open, mumbling his approval or disapproval. I could not make out what he was saying.

WOW! This BITCH really knew how to suck cock. She was slobbering on all four of them like a professional hooker. Her mouth went from one to the next, full circle,round and round. Saliva was dripping from her chin to her shirt covered, bra less tits. It was like she was in a wet t shirt contest.

Every one else started coming up to watch the good married slut go. Two more guys pulled their dicks out and started jerking. The big guy stood behind my wife. His arms were around her waist with his hands in front by her crotch.

I don’t know what he was saying but, he kept whispering in her ear. Eyes still glazed over mouth still open she kept slowly shaking her head “no” and kept looking over at me. She was clearly rubbing her ass against his huge bulge.

The guys then stripped my neighbors wife. FUCK! I thought her body looked great with cloths on but now totally naked she was a fucking dream. Her pussy was shave bald except a thin strip above her swollen, exposed clit.

They put her on the bed on all fours next to her husband and started sliding their saliva covered cocks into her soak and wet pussy. She started moaning like a fucking SLUT. Her husband reached out and grabbed her hand and she started moaning “oh honey, look what they are doing to me. Oh, baby they are FUCKING ME. Oh baby look at them FUCKING ME!”

I guess the big guy behind my wife got tired of her rejecting him so he stepped in took off his pants and under wear in one stroke and revealed a fucking HUGE THICK,LONG,MEATY COCK,WITH HEAVY BALLS. The look on my wife’s face was priceless. She got all red and started breathing heavy. I thought she would pass out.

He moved the guys out of his way, grabbed his heavy meat, split her pussy lips with the massive head then slid it all the way in balls deep. Then, he started fucking her with deep slow steady strokes. My neighbor started screaming “FUCK YEAH, FUCK YEAH, OH FUCK YEAH! OH, I’M SUCH A, FUCKING WHORE BABY! I’M BEING USED LIKE SUCH A FUCKING WHORE!”

My wife grabbed my hand, led me downstairs, out the back door and into our apartment. We went straight up to our room as she pealed her cloths off along the way. Our apartment is right next to our neighbors. They mirror each other, so their bed room is right up against ours with a common wall between. Our windows are right next to each other so we could hear my neighbors wife get fucked well into the morning hours as we fucked to three orgasms ourselves.

Till this day my neighbor has not mention anything about that night. My wife and his have spoken. She has not told me about what but, I am sure she was telling her how good it felt to be gang fucked. Or maybe she is giving her info on where to find the big dick guy. Still it’s been very quiet around here. A lot of guys know what happened. I am so excited and very afraid that they think my wife was a slut also.

There have always been guys hanging around our neighborhood, listening to music, smoking cigarettes and marijuana. But since that night there has been more then usual. I bet waiting for a chance to plow his wife again. Or maybe even mine. I have my suspicions that she is getting fucked while he is at work but, can not confirm it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32