I Met Her at a Christmas Party

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I met her at a Christmas party.

My husband and I were attending his companies Christmas party. Arriving at the home of the CEO, you couldn’t help but notice the magnitude of the house. The landscaping was majestic in size…it was incredibly beautiful. Off from the driveway, you couldn’t help but notice the tennis courts, a putting green, hot tubs…swimming pools with fountains and waterfalls. When we first stepped into the home…the first thing that I thought of was, this is the reason you play the lottery. I had to admit, the home was very spacious and elegant.

My husband was a new employee and so, up to this point, we hadn’t done much socializing. Those that were in attendance; I didn’t know a soul. And so, my husband and I began to mingle. Whenever my husband would recognize someone, the introductions were made…in time, I was feeling very comfortable, and the food was simply fantastic!

The title of this story is: I met her at a Christmas party. My husband wasn’t present when the introduction was made. He had excused himself; he had to pee. And so, I recall standing with a glass of wine in my hand…aside from smiling at those that passed me, I was taking in the beauty of the room that I was standing in.

She approached me from behind. I felt a hand on my shoulder. Instinctively, I turned in her direction and I was greeted by a woman that I had never seen before. She was strikingly beautiful…she was wearing exquisitely tailored clothes; I guessed that she was a wife of an executive. I was in the midst of greeting her, introducing myself to her…when suddenly; she put her finger to my lips. I instantly became quiet.

I was immediately stricken by her commanding presence. My mind was searching for a name…had my husband introduced me to her? My mind though, was a blank. “Your husband wanted me to let you know…that for the rest of the weekend; I own you.”

Her voice had been crystal clear…not harsh or cold. She portrayed such confidence. “Where…where is my husband?” I asked.

In one quick moment, my mind began to travel in circles, confusion had settled in…my husband was loaning me out? I started to look in every direction, I felt his presence…it’s as if I could sense that he was watching me.

A few moments after our initial introduction, I came to the understanding that this woman was in upper management…if she had mentioned her name; I quickly forgot it. I remember her saying that she was married…I stood facing her, star-struck, my heart was beating a mile a minute…and I quickly came to the understanding that this woman was quite brilliant…very beautiful…brilliant, married and gorgeous.

“Steven has been planning this moment for you.” My eyes were blinking as she spoke…she knew my husband’s name. “You’re going to serve me in an unconditional way. If you choose to mis-behave, you will be severely punished.” Her long fingernails were painted red…she caressed the side of my face; her fingernails touched my lower lip. “Does Steven own you?”

I could only nod my head up and down. “You will speak to me in a polite and respectful way.” A moment went by and then she said, “I do not like having to repeat a question. Does Steven own you?”

Shaking the cobwebs from my brain, I heard myself say, “Yes Maam…he does.”

“Stay in my shadow for the remainder of the evening.” And with those words spoken, she moved towards the guests that were idly talking together.

I can recall those first few steps…it’s as if a ball and chain had been attached to my ankles. Again, my mind was traveling in circles. I was aware that I was following her…questioning the reasons as to why I was allowing myself to follow her. With every step taken, I was stealing glances, trying to locate my husband…to get some sort of clarification from him. What was her name? What did she mean by ownership? She had mentioned the department that she worked in, and yet; I forgot that bit of information. She spoke to the guests with such ease…as for myself, I remained behind her…it’s as if I became irrelevant; she didn’t introduce me to anyone. Too, no one asked who I was.

As the evening progressed, I remained close to her side…the brilliant factor of her personality was becoming visible. She spoke with such clarity…I sensed that she was very intelligent. At one point during the evening, she pulled me aside to a table filled with people. She knew them all…my heart was filled with such joy; she introduced me to everyone at the table.

Two men who were seated got up and asked if we would like to sit. “Thank you so much for allowing us to join you, we’ve been standing most of the evening,” this mysterious woman said graciously.

“Not at all,” an older grey-haired man responded.

And so, we began to engage ourselves in polite talk. I was trying to do so many things at once. Stealing glances around the room; I was still trying to locate my husband. It was difficult to carry on a conversation without knowing where he was. And of course, this mysterious woman that was seated next to me…the message that she had conveyed to me; I was confused, frustrated and yet, aroused. At one point…I was in mid-sentence talking to someone…this woman reached beneath the table; she gently had placed her hand on my thigh. If it wasn’t for the tablecloth…everyone seated around the table would have notice her bold move. My heart skipped a beat.

Her hand had felt like a jolt of electricity; I involuntarily drew in a brief gasp. Looking in her direction, her demeanor remained calm; she was very much in control. She continued to carry on a conversation with someone across the table. I quickly regained my composure Porno hikayeleri and continued the conversation that I was having. Her hand…her fingernails…at her own leisure, she began to caress my thigh, to include my inner thigh. She was sending shivers up and down my spine.

Was it a subliminal message? It’s as if I knew, or became aware of; she was expecting me to re-position my chair, so her travels would be more convenient. As soon as I had re-positioned myself, her hand began to slowly travel up my thigh…descending towards my quickly dampening pussy. She was teasing me…I was desperately trying to focus on the conversation at hand, and still; I aware of her destination. At long last, the tip of her fingernails were touching, caressing the outer fabric of my panties. I became aware that my legs had parted…and I began to wonder, while I continued on with my conversation…when did I part my legs for her?

My pussy was wet…it became increasingly difficult to have a conversation with anyone. I was aware too, that my breathing had become erratic…I was losing my composure, and I felt as if I had to escape.

“Pardon me. I need to visit the ladies room.” I abruptly stood up from the table. I did so, with her hand up my skirt.

I wasn’t quite out of earshot, when I heard this woman say, “I have to use the ladies room too. Will you excuse me?”

I glanced back, some of the men at the table rose as we left. As she stepped away from the table her eyes locked onto my eyes. She was incredibly beautiful. As she approached me, her voice was stern, “Follow me.” She then walked past me…and like a lost puppy; I followed her.

And so, again I remained in her shadow. She acknowledged a few people as she led me from one room to the next…and I had to assume that she was leading me to the ladies room. We reached a staircase and together, we began the climb to the 2nd floor. Once in the hallway, away from everyone’s view…she grabbed my arm and pulled me close to her. A second later, she kissed me with utterly endearing and overwhelming passion. Her tongue felt soft and warm in my mouth…I had never kissed a woman in this way before. When her arms went around my waist…I felt my tongue entering her mouth; our tongues danced together. She pushed me up against the wall in the hallway…it’s as if she wanted to show me, to remind me…that she was in control.

It’s as if I had lost total control over myself…the logical part of my brain had ceased to operate; I had given myself to her. She then took my hand and she led me further down the hallway…we stepped into a beautiful master bedroom; she quickly led me into the master bathroom. Once the door was closed…she took me into her arms; our tongues began to dance together. Kissing her in such a passionate way…I wasn’t even sure what my sexuality was…I was just being sexual with her. Her hands were running over my body…and my hands began to roam across her body. She massaged my breasts and I felt my nipples harden. Her hands had ventured further south…she reached under my skirt and again, I felt those familiar fingernails against the fabric of my panties.

In one smooth motion, my skirt had been raised over my waist; she cupped my pussy with her hand. There was no denying the fact; my pussy was drenched. I wanted her to touch me…and when she whispered in my ear to lower my panties; I simply obeyed her. With her tongue in my mouth…though I struggled, I was able to lower my panties to my knees. A second later, she thrust a few fingers deep in my pussy; I fell against her.

My back was against the door, she used her body against mine for leverage. She began to steadily fuck my pussy with her fingers…her fingernails were both abrasive and sharp. I was stretching my panties…trying to spread my legs wider for her. As she looked into my eyes, I noticed her passion…and I sensed her power and influence. Removing her fingers from my pussy, she began to tease my clit…at that specific moment; I didn’t care where my husband was. She brought her hand to my lips…instinctively, I opened my mouth and when she placed her fingers against my tongue; I tasted my pussy juice. I lovingly cleaned her fingers…and when she withdrew her fingers from my mouth; she was smiling. No words had to be shared…no instructions had to be given.

Her hand returned to my pussy…her fingers easily found the entrance to my pussy. Once again, she found her rhythm…and again, I fell against her. The speed of this unexpected train of events…and now, I was hoping, wishing to feel the flood gates of my orgasm. I could hear my own moans, my gasps. I was trying so hard, to repress the moans and gasps that were inadvertently escaping from my lips…and then, as if she was aware of my moans; she closed her mouth over mine. My moans were now muted…and her fingers continued to work their magic; she orchestrated a rhythmic dance below my waist. I became aware that I was riding her hand…eager to have her fingers deeper inside me. My body was experiencing pleasure that had never been felt before.

In one quick motion…this woman dropped to her knees. In that quick moment, her lips began to suck my pussy; her tongue was flicking my clit. I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t breathe…I was so focused on the blissful sensations being provided to me, from this perfect stranger. This woman was clearly talented in the art of licking a woman’s pussy. My head was against the door, I had managed to free a leg from my panties…it became too much, slowly I began to feel myself reaching my orgasm. As her tongue lapped up the juices from my pussy, as she slowly and lovingly sucked my clit…as her fingers continued Sex hikayeleri to penetrate me…finally, the world burst with light. My juices flowed from my pussy and she remained on her knees…she was aware that I had reached my orgasm…she sucked my clit, perhaps wanting me to know how much she was relishing my taste. My body had settled down, my breathing was returning to its normal self.

She then stood up and kissed me. I could taste my pussy in her mouth. Somehow, that made the taste of her lips even more intoxicating. I once again lost myself in her mouth, as she pressed herself against me. As we kissed, I realized that she had lifted her dress above her waist…in a deliberate way, she removed her panties. When our lips parted, she brought her panties up to my face…I could sense that the crotch of her panties were wet; her scent was intoxicating. When she told me to sniff her panties…I didn’t argue, I brought my face closer to the fabric and inhaled.

“Lie down.” This woman wasn’t asking me. More to the point, she was ordering me to comply with her wishes.

“What?” I asked her. Not immediately complying with her wishes, her demands…she abruptly slapped the right side of my face. My reaction you ask? I stood with my back against the door in utter complete shock. My mouth fell open…my hand quickly covered that area of my face; the sting was paralyzing.

“I can be very gentle. I can also be very harsh.” Her voice was low and yet, not threatening. She had grabbed a fistful of my hair…and she was pulling it just enough, to get my attention. Her instructions had been crystal clear; I surely didn’t want her to slap my face again.

She released my hair; she stood a few steps away from me. “For the next two days, I own your ass. You will learn to be obedient. You will learn not question my authority. You will serve me in whatever capacity that I choose.”

And so, with my back pressed against the door…I felt my body slowly sliding downwards, towards the chilly tiled floor of the bathroom. Part of my brain was wondering if anyone on the other side of the bathroom door had heard my moans. The slap to my face…in my opinion had been loud and explosive. When my ass reached the floor…she moved and I positioned myself so that I was lying flat on my back. The severity of her voice intrigued me…my pussy remained wet, I was nervous and yet, I wasn’t afraid.

“Get on your hands and knees”, she demanded. From lying on my back…I quickly obeyed her. I wasn’t going to question her authority.

“Lift your skirt up over your waist. I want to see your lovely ass.”

Upon hearing her voice, I reacted. I lifted my skirt over my waist…my panties were still dangling around one of my legs. My ass and pussy were on display; I was exposed. I turned my head around when I heard her rummaging through the drawers of the bathroom. What she pulled out from one of the drawers…well, my eyes grew wide; my heart sank. She found a rectangular wooden paddle-type hair brush.

“You have questioned my authority.” Her voice was crystal clear…she was in total control of herself; her emotions. She was lightly tapping the wooden part of the hairbrush against the palm of her hand. “You will learn to listen…you will respond to my voice, to my instructions.” As she spoke, she moved herself to a position of comfort, of leisure; she stood by my side. She was staring at me, looking at me straight in my eyes. When her arm rose high in the air…I turned my face away from her.

I was becoming very concerned. She was going to strike my bare bottom with the hairbrush. No one but my husband had ever spanked me before. I was in the presence of this woman…whom I didn’t know, in a stranger’s master bathroom…and before the hairbrush had ever met my bottom; I felt my eyes begin to water. I didn’t want to bring any attention to myself…I didn’t want anyone downstairs to know that I was being spanked…I didn’t want anyone to hear me cry.


The strength of this woman…the force behind the impact; I fell forward. I wanted to scream…instead, I bit my lip. A shock wave of pain traveled through my entire body. The sound of the hairbrush making contact with my bottom had been loud. Seconds passed and then I felt her presence…her hand by my mouth. She held her panties in her hand…when they were close to my mouth, instinctively and without having to be told; I opened my mouth. My eyes continued to water…and when she stood back up; my teeth clenched onto her panties. I knew that my spanking was going to continue…and I couldn’t help but notice and enjoy the scent of her damp crotch.

The seconds went by, I felt myself shiver in anticipation. The bathroom became very quiet. I was trying to hear if anyone was on the other side of the bathroom door. I again looked over my shoulder…she was looking down at me. She stood tall, confident and appeared to be in total control. My heart skipped a beat, her arm was raised…I looked forward and closed my eyes.


I bit into this woman’s panties…my arms folded under me; my face was against the tiled bathroom floor. I was exposed and vulnerable…with each swat, I fought not to scream out. If this woman’s intent was to swat the center of my ass, catching both of my ass cheeks…well then, her aim was perfect. I did my best to regain my composure…I became aware of my erratic breathing; I wanted to cry. I wanted my husband to come to my rescue.

She began to lightly tap my ass cheeks with the hairbrush. I then felt the abrasiveness of the bristles…I clenched my ass cheeks; surely I didn’t want to be spanked on that end Sikiş hikayeleri of the hairbrush. As if she sensed this, I heard her chuckle.

I began to squirm on the tiled floor; her fingernails were tracing the length of my ass crack. I could have stood up. I could have stood up and screamed…ran to safety. Instead, I remained in position and allowed her to touch me. Her fingernail eventually made its way into my ass crack…and in such a gentle approach; her finger came into contact with my anus. My pussy was wet, my whole body was shivering.

And then she asked me a specific question. “What’s the purpose of your asshole?”

I was trying to maintain my composure. I was aware of my heavy breathing. With the question she asked, I knew that she had spoken to my husband. My answer came with ease. “It’s to provide you with pleasure Maam.”

Again, I heard her chuckle. “When we arrive at my home…I’m going to redden your ass and thighs. I’ve been told that your state of mind is more effective, more pleasurable when you’ve been brought to tears.” I was looking over my shoulder while she spoke…while she continued to play with my anus; she smiled in my direction.

She continued to speak with such clarity. “Your mouth, cunt and asshole…I’ve been told that your holes do in fact, serve a purpose. We’ll test that theory.”

A few seconds went by; her finger remained in the crack of my ass; she continued to show me her smile. A few times she had pushed her hand further south, she came into contact with my wet pussy…I hear my moans, her fingers then returned to my anus. She was gentle massaging my darkened hole…teasing the entrance with the tip of her finger. She knew…as did I…that at any moment of her own choosing, she could have pushed her finger into my asshole. My body was responding to her touch…I began to rock my body, wishing that she would finger fuck me; I so badly wanted to feel my orgasm come to life.

“Get on your back.” Her voice was sharp. My selfish thoughts had been interrupted. A moment later, I was lying flat on my back. When she stood over my body, when she began to raise her dress above her waist…I knew what her intentions were. Her pussy and ass were simply beautiful to look at…from my angle, I could tell that she had lined up my face to her holes. She crouched herself in a downward motion so that my mouth was able to lock onto her sex.

I was so eager to taste and lick her pussy. Her salty sweet juices were truly enjoyed…it awakened my mouth. I heard her gasp when I found her button and began to run my tongue quickly back and forth. I had never been exposed to my bi-sexuality…but what was happening seemed to be so natural. I felt her bearing down on me…she was pressing herself into my mouth and she began to move her ass over my face. I simply lost myself in her pussy…it didn’t matter to me that my tongue was making contact with her anus; I wanted to please her. She bore down on me further…seemingly, she was grinding her pussy against my face…I felt her juices on my forehead, my chin…it became apparently clear to me from hearing her moans, her cries of ecstasy; she was close to her orgasm. When she suddenly cried out and her body buckled…I felt her orgasm covering my face.

Abruptly, she stood up…she faced the mirror and in a short period of time, she had totally regained her composure. She had reached for her panties…another quick moment, they were in place, covering and protecting her pussy. “Get yourself together. I will expect you downstairs in a few minutes. You are not allowed to wear your panties.” With those few words, she left me lying on the bathroom floor.

When I got up, I looked over my shoulder…my ass cheeks were normal, hardly any redness was seen. And yet, I remembered what she had said to me. She was going to spank my ass and thighs…she wanted to see my cry. I shivered…something told me that she was very capable in providing discipline to a submissive. My eyes had watered…not out of pain, it was more directed from an emotional release. I desperately was trying to get myself together; to make myself look presentable. My hair…my make-up, it was the best I was able to do…before I stepped out of the bathroom; I stuffed my panties in the bottom of the wastebasket.

I was relieved when I stepped into the hallway…no one was there. When I began to walk down the stairs to the first floor…I felt as if everyone who made eye contact with me, was aware that I had just been mauled by this secretive woman. I immediately began to scan the rooms for my husband. I also kept a watchful eye out for the woman. A server passed me and I quickly reached for a glass of wine. The alcohol was needed…my breath must have smelled like pussy juices…when anyone looked in my direction; I was self-conscious of my appearance. In truth, I had done a miraculously job with my hair and make-up.

Entering one room to the next, at long last, I saw the woman. I seemingly gave up…wondering where my husband was. When I returned to her shadow, she was engaged in a conversation with an older gentleman. She quickly faced me…she looked me up and down; she smiled. She didn’t have to ask me…she knew that I wasn’t wearing my panties. She then continued with her conversation. I was back to feeling irrelevant…no one seemed to care who I was.

At some point during the evening, she whispered in my ear that we would be leaving. She had said a number of goodbye’s to the people who were in attendance…wishing them a happy holiday. With the goodbyes and holiday greetings said…we were alone in her car; she was driving away from this magnificent home. Where were we going? Only she knew the answer to that question. I wanted to say something…anything, but I remained silent. I wanted her to say something…anything, but she remained silent. I felt as if I was being punished with silence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32