I Love Long Trips

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Big Tits

Now, just so you understand, nudity and sex are not synonymous. However, nudity sometimes does lead to sex. That is a fact of life. Most nudists are content just being nudists and don’t find it a link to sex.


My name is Tony and I am a nudist. I even belong to a nudist website and a local clothing optional resort and have met several nice people online who I have chatted with. One guy who I had a lot in common with was a guy named Bob.

Bob and I lived not too far from each other. We were around the same age, early 40’s, I 5’8″ and he is 5’10”, I weigh 175 and he weighs 180. We had similar interests, including nudity. We exchanged our pictures and he was a little bigger in the cock and balls area than I was though.

Recently, I planned to drive from Florida to New York in August for a weekend visit, about a 1,300 trip o e way. I usually drive up alone but this time I was hoping to have some company.

When I was online with Bob, I told him about my upcoming trip and he said that he would join me if I wanted since he had a friend up there tat he could visit. I gave him all the details and he said he would let me know.

Since I wasn’t planning to go for another month, I had some time.

A week later, Bob and I were online chatting and he said he would be able to join me. He also told me that his wife, Lisa, would like to come along.

Now, I never saw his wife but I figured she must be a nudist as well. At least I was hoping she was. I was also hoping she was nice looking and pleasant since we were going to be in the car for 24 hours.

I explained to him that I usually drive straight through without too many stops in order to make time. He told me that it wouldn’t be a problem and that he would help with driving.

Before we finished chatting, we confirmed our plans, including the day and time of departure.

Finally, the day arrived and I drove to his house which was actually the same direction I was heading anyway. I rang the doorbell and he answered. As we were at the door, his wife came to the door. Bob introduced me to his wife, Judy.

She was gorgeous. She looked like she was in her 30’s, about 5’7″, 115, blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice figure.

Soon, the car was packed and we were on our way to New York.

I went over the route as we drove.

Judy was very pleasant and thanked me for asking her and Bob to join me. I told her it was my pleasure and I hoped that they would enjoy the trip.

During the trip we talked about a lot of things, one being a nudist. I asked Judy if she was a nudist and she said that she was.

Then I laughingly said, “Well, if you guys want to get nude in the car, you can. I will let you know if I plan on making a stop so you can get decent.”

They laughed and Judy said, “I might take you up on that Tony.”

Then Bob said, “Tony, just so you know, Judy means it too. She loves being nude.”

After a few hours, we were in Georgia, heading north to route 26 then heading west to route 77, north.

I made a gas stop in Georgia and we were off Gaziantep Anal Escort again. As I was driving, I heard movement in the back and looked in my rear view mirror and saw Judy taking off her tank top and revealing her firm tits.

I smiled and asked her if she was more comfortable now. She smiled and said she was. In a few minutes later, she removed her shorts and was now completely naked.

I looked back and told her to enjoy the ride.

We talked a lot and as we did, the subject stuck to nudity and our enjoyment of being nude. Then, at some point, the subject turned to sex.

I asked them if being nudists led them to more sex. Bob said it did and so did Judy. Then Judy said, “Tony, we enjoy just being nudists but sometimes, when you see what’s in front of you, especially at a nudist resort, it is hard not to want more sex.”

Bob added, “Judy and I discussed it many times and we love each other but if a situation arises and and the opportunity presents itself, we are ok with taking that opportunity.”

Judy continued, “There have been times when at a resort I saw a guy with a huge cock and the situation came up for me to enjoy it and I did. I also told Bob about it and he was ok with it. And, I know Bob has done the same with women.”

I replied, “Well, you two are very lucky then. I have been to a particular nudist resort often but an opportunity like that never presented itself to me.”

By now, it was time for lunch so I told Judy she should get decent and she laughed and said ok and got dressed.

We pulled into a fast food place and grabbed a quick bite and got back on the road again. This time Judy sat up front with me.

Not being a shy person, she quickly removed all her clothes again. The difference being that people passing us could see she was topless but that didn’t bother her. She would even wave to them. However, a trucker could also see she was completely nude and that did not bother her either. They would blow their air horn and smiled as he passed.

From the back I heard Bob say, “Hey Tony, you enjoying the view?” I replied, ” I am trying to keep my eyes on the road but it is hard.” Then Judy laughed and said, “If it’s hard, maybe I can help.”

I smiled and thought about what I said and apologized as my comment was taken incorrectly.

Judy looked at me and said she meant what she said and was ok with her fixing the problem. Then she added, “All this talk has made me horny.”

In an instant, Judy had her hands on my shorts and was unbuckling them. Soon, she had her hand on my cock and set it free. She leaned down and started giving me a blow job. I could hear Bob laughing in the back. Suddenly, I told Judy I was going to cum and then shot my load into her mouth as she sucked every drop of cum from my cock. She then slipped my soft cock back into my shorts.

Bob then yelled out, “Tony, pull over at the next rest stop and get in the back with Judy and I’ll drive awhile.”

I answered, “Are you serious? Bob, you’re ok with Judy and I in the back seat?”

Bob said, “Tony, she already gave you a blow job and I know she wants more.” I continued driving and looking for the next rest stop as I replied, “This isn’t necessary. You don’t have to.”

Judy replied, “Tony, I want to.”

It was about an hour later, somewhere in North Carolina that I pulled into a rest stop. I parked at the far end and Bob got in the front while Judy and I jumped into the back.

Within minutes, we were on the road again.

Judy wasted no time in helping me getting my shorts undone and removing my thong. As soon as my thong was down, my hard cock popped into view.

She grabbed my cock and started playing with it. She took my hands and placed them on her tits.

I started feeling her up and she started rubbing my cock shaft slowly.

We exchanged kisses and soon her mouth was on my cock. She was giving me a slow sensual blow job this time and all I could do was moan in pleasure.

After a few minutes, she laid down on the back seat with her legs held high and said in a low voice to fuck her.

‘Bob,” I said, “She wants me to fuck her.”

Bob replied, “So, fuck her.”

I angled my cock and slipped it in her cunt. Once my cock was in all the way, I started fucking her. It wasn’t long before I told her I was going to cum. She pulled my cock out and engulfed my cock with her mouth and then I shot my cum into her mouth and watched her as she swallowed it all. I fell on top of her spent, cum oozing from my cock.

After a few minutes, we both sat up, still naked and started chatting again like nothing happened.

Bob drove until we got up to Virginia and then I took over. This time he got in the back with his wife and they wasted no time in fucking.

By the time we hit Pennsylvania, they finished and Judy even got dressed. In a few more hours we were in NY.

I took them to where they wanted to go and I went to where I had to go. I told them that I would pick them up in 48 hours for our trip back.

48 hours later, I picked them up and we headed home. I asked if they had a good time and they said they did. They thanked me for taking them and I thanked them for joining me.

No sooner than we got on route 81, in Pennsylvania, did Judy get naked.

When I saw her naked, I laughed and shook my head. We all laughed. Then Bob said, “Tony, are you in a hurry to get back?” I replied, “No, not really. Why?” Bob answered, “Judy and I were thinking, maybe we could find a place to sleep over. We could get a room and share it.”

I thought about it for a minute and said, “I don’t usually sleep over but if you guys want to, we can.”

By the time we got to South Carolina, it was dark and frankly, I was tired. We found a place along 77 and parked the car. Bob went in and registered and then we went to the room.

When we got in the room, we saw only one king sized bed. I told them that I would sleep on the couch but Judy said, “Tony, no way. Actually, the reason we wanted to stay over was to properly thank you for taking us on the trip. Bob and I talked about it and tonight I belong to both of you.”

We put our stuff in the room and went for a late night snack. About 2 hours later, we were back in the room.

I told them I was going to take a shower and they said they would follow.

I got undressed and headed into the shower. As the water was running, I turned around and Judy was joining me. As soon as she came in we were kissing and feeling each other up. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Bob taking pictures which didn’t bother me.

We showered for awhile then got out and dried each other off. Then we headed to the bed. Bob told us we could start without him and he headed to the shower.

Judy and I went over to the bed and as soon as we were on it, our hands were all over each other. We kissed and I sucked on her nipples. Just then, Bob joined us. It was the first time I saw his cock hard and it was impressive.

We put Judy in the middle and we both played with her. My hand went down to her pussy and before long my fingers were inside her. Bob put her on her side and was playing with her asshole. Judy jumped a bit and I knew that Bob was fingering her asshole.

Judy then said, “Ok guys, fuck me now. I don’t care which one of you, but fuck me now.”

Bob told me to fuck her first and I mounted her. My cock easily slipped in her wet cunt and I started fucking her hard. She matched my thrusts and soon she was bucking her hips and moaning. Just then I shot my cum into her cunt.

As I got off, Bob mounted her and rammed his cock into her cunt and fucked her.

Judy kept saying, “That’s it baby. Fuck your whore wife. After you cum baby, I want Tony’s cock in me again.”

Bob wasted no time in cumming and his cum was oozing out Judy’s cunt.

He finished and I mounted her again as my cock was hard, again. I fucked her hard and she started screaming that she was cumming and her whole body shook and she had several orgasms one after another. She finally collapsed, completely spent.

As Judy rested Bob and I discussed the arrangement he and Judy had.

He said that he and Judy love each other and are very sexual. But he sai, they don’t let sex get in the way of their love for each other. They are both ok with having sex with others.

He went on to say that he loves watching his wife have sex with other guys and women. In fact he said he encourages her.

I told him that he was a special guy and she was a special woman and that I appreciate him sharing his wife with me. He said it was their pleasure.

About two hours later, Judy got up and said she was rested. For the rest of the night, the three of us satisfied each other until dawn.

Early in the evening, she had one cock in her ass and one in her cunt. Later on she also was able to take both cocks in her cunt and it was amazing that Bob and I came at the same time and I could feel his cum shooting out his cock into her cunt and on my cock.

The three of us fell asleep naked with Judy covered in cum and her juices all over us.

We finally left for the last leg home and Judy rested in the back. Bob and I promised to meet again at the nudist resort for a weekend stay.

I dropped them off and headed home with a big smile.

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