I Know What You Want

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“I know what you want…” his warm breath trailed over her ear.

“Oh you do, do you?” she drawled, her eyes fixed straight ahead.

“Mmmmm…” the letters resonating in his throat.

A tingling flush danced delicately atop the skin on her thighs.

“I can make out the curves of your silhouette partially illuminated by the street lamp. It’s as though I’m witness to a forbidden peep show, the way the darkness and the light brands horizontal stripes along your body, courtesy of the blinds on my window.

I watch as you breath slowly, carefully, your breasts rising with each inhalation. I wonder whether you share the slow ache of anticipation in your chest, as I trace my finger slowly along your collarbone. The top button of your cardigan is undone, a teasing suggestion of the path down. I encircle your body with my arms as I slowly pluck each button through the tiny doorway of its home.

Purposely, I lightly stroke your soft skin with my fingers, diligently working my way down, as if I’ve removed this cardigan many times before. You hold your breath as each button becomes undone; the material falling away like a gentle unveiling.

Slowly I peel the cardigan over your shoulders, tugging it down, but not completely off, your wrists still encased in the cuffs.

My eyes trail down the light skin of your back as I unhinge your bra, sliding the straps down the same path as your cardigan. Once again I encircle your body as I push the cups from your warm breasts, my thumbs trailing over your taut nipples. I hear your breath catch in your throat as your nipples flick up.

My body is tense, hard. I ache, almost painfully, yet I savour the feeling as I sit on the arm of the lounge. I turn you around, pulling your body toward me, so your thighs are trapped between my legs, against my restrained gaziantep escort reklamları sex.

I trace the curve of the underside on your breast with the tip of my tongue and it’s not long before I’m lapping at your skin, licking, tasting, nibbling. I suck at your nipples, my tongue swirling around the center of your breast and flicking over and over as I squeeze over your hardened points with my lips. I sense it might almost be more than you can stand as I feel the weight of your breast push against my face.

Steadying your hips with one hand, I slide my fingers under the waist of your skirt and push down, the fabric sliding down over your hips and dropping down to your ankles. I am tantalised by the sweet redolence of your arousal. I slide my finger under the elastic of your flimsy cottons, running it along your lips. How easily my finger slips between your folds. You are so wet as my finger slides back and forth, your body slightly trembling.

I can feel the gossamers slowly, yet surely, snapping one by one as I fight to cling to the few threads of my self control. Just a little longer, the carnal rage thrashing in my abdomen.

I tug your damp panties down, pushing you back ever so gently as I lean forward and slide my tongue between your folds, your hips shaking as I bury my tongue in your heat, the sounds of your restrained cries filling the room. I run my hands over your rear, grabbing and squeezing the flesh, teasing the edges of your lips from behind. Cradling your essence on my palette, I deeply inhale your scent and feel the desire clawing between my legs.

Not yet. I grit my teeth and stand up, grabbing you by the arm, freeing you from your cardigan shackles, pulling you along as you stumble out of your skirt and panties and follow me to my bedroom.

Quickly I sit on the edge of the bed pulling you on top of me. Wrapping your legs around me, I grip your hips and grind my hard body against your wetness.

I feel you push your hands against my shoulders as you force me to let go of your hips. Nimbly, you pluck at my pants, yanking them down as my hardness forcefully springs free. Dropping to your knees you look up at me, your rapacious eyes shining in the dark. A wry grin tugs at the corners of my mouth.

I watch as you hold my gaze, your lips making the tiniest o as you blow air gently onto my swollen tip. Licking your lips and lowering your eyelids your slide your lips over my head and down without stopping to my base. I can feel myself touch the back of your throat. A low growl emanates from my mouth as I grip the bedcover tightly.

I feel you suck firmly, the pressure pushing my length against the roof of your mouth, the upper ridges vibrating as your tongue flicks and traces the underside of my hardness. You continue to stroke me with your mouth, slowly, deliberately. My knuckles whiten as I feel the rise of the imminent summit, my whole being dangerously balancing on the edge. The last thread almost snaps as I unintentionally pull the bedcover off the bed in an effort stop myself from thrusting in your mouth.

I pull you to my body as I kick off my pants. Your hands go to my shirt, urgently trying to assist, when I draw you hard against me, your arms trapped, your breasts crushed against my chest. I mesh my lips with yours, pressing them ruthlessly against your teeth. Your head drops back as your lips part under my onslaught, my tongue sweeping in and out of your mouth.

I grab your by the arms and push you against the headboard, my leg automatically pushing between yours, balancing your wet center on my thigh as I tear off my shirt in one swift movement. Grabbing your hips I thrust up into you, feeling the slight resistance of your tightness as you cry out, your eyes rolling back. The hunger overtakes me as I begin to thrust into you relentlessly, almost immediately releasing inside of you, but I haven’t finished. I continuing driving insatiably in and out of you, feeling your fiery core gripping my rigid length. I continue to push against you, our damp bodies sliding up against each other.

Quickly I withdraw and swing you around front first on the bed. Grabbing your hips, I drag you up and slightly back as I thrust into you again from behind. You cry out again, trying to tell me how deep inside you can feel me, your words lost amongst your moans. I lean down on your back, the smell of sex radiating from every pore of our bodies. You turn your head to kiss me, our tongues seeking each other in the darkness. My hand slides down the slick trail between your breasts and down to your tumid nub, the contact of my fingertip making your buck your hips against me as you moan into my mouth. I keep massaging your hardened pearl, plunging into you. You tear your mouth away from mine as you continue to moan and cry out.

I pull out of you again, quickly rolling onto my back and pulling you down on my mouth, as I assault your burning center with my tongue. Hunched over my face, your thighs weaken forcing your sex against my face. I drive my tongue in and out of you, nuzzling your nub with my nose when you cry out. I push you off my face, flip you onto your back and sink my hardness back into your quivering sex. Panting heavily, I brutally thrust as the wave rises up, over your cries and crashes us both into oblivion.”

“Oh!” she said, her eyes widening in surprise, very well aware of the slight perspiration at the edge her of forehead, not to mention the damp material that clung between her legs.

She steeled herself to turn around…

…and found herself alone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32