I Get Laid

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I Get Laid Ch.1

I am standing at the corner of Broadway and Tremont. There are buildings on all sides. The sky is scattered with clouds. I grab onto the girl next to me.

She is blonde. The blonde hair bundles down around her face as she turns in shock at my forwardness. I have grabbed her by the arm. It is then I notice her beauty. I say, “you look beautiful darling.” We have never met before. Her eyebrows raise in disbelief. A smile creeps into her lips. She gasps.

“Aren’t we confident,” she says.

I look in her eyes and measure my next words. “You look good but you know what? I have a real knack at finding beautiful women and I know I can have any girl I want.” She crinkles her eyebrow. “Don’t get upset I’m literally telling you the truth as I see it, you belong with a guy like me.” I can’t believe I’m saying this to this girl. Where are these words even coming from? Its like God’s hands are working my mind and I’m really impressing her. I can just tell and the more I believe it the more she believes it. I’m, in this moment, accessing the truth at the very core of my being that I have known all along. All of my past has led to this and I can determine the future. I can marry her, this whole oyster is just putty in my hands. I pull her away from the crowd and begin doing ministrations on her. I’m talking to her like she is ten yours younger than me, or so it feels, because I can feel myself thinking faster than she is. The moment she realized whats happening I’m already throwing her off my scent. I’m keeping her in a heightened state of arousal by maintaining eye contact and holding her arm. I make her feel like a sex object right there in the middle of foot traffic because I am that bold in my approach. She looks at me with lovely blue eyes. They are crying and she says,

“I’ve been waiting all my life for you.”

She says this to me. I am pretty pumped at hearing that. I take it as a sign that there are going to be some very fruitful nights ahead of me so I say, “Tell you what, give me your fucking number.”

She quickly hugs me really tightly and presses her hips against mine and whispers up on her tippy toes that she gets wet hearing me swear and she giggles, “I can’t believe I’m even telling you this!” She is so sexy. Her entire body vibrates love and warmth. She has not slept with many men. I can tell. She makes men scared to approach her, but not me. I am the type of guy that these girls fall in line and fall over themselves to meet. Its my confidence. Self confidence, pure and simple. Anything that happens to me is a good thing because its me it happened to.

My arms are nice. My skin is tan. I’m a guy with a really confident vibe. I don’t care about anything that isn’t important and I’m really good at being able to tell what is versus what isn’t. Whats important now, I say to my closest girlfriend Emma, who has called me from her headset at the John Hancock building, she has an intern going down on her as she talks to me. “Oooooh, yes right there you little bitch,” she says. “No not you Daddy.”

She loves calling me Daddy. I don’t mind it but I do find it a mite awkward that she loves calling me daddy the most when we are in public and there are guys who are trying to hit on her within earshot. She likes to build me up to be this Titan of love. She is a big time supporter of mine. She just calls me on a daily basis morning noon and night. I usually wake up to her call. She is thin, about 5’8 with radiant black hair. She is jewish and she broke up with her ex boyfriend because she wanted me to know that she was single and whenever I wanted I could use her like the slut she is deep down.

“Emma,” I say. “I met a woman on the corner today.”

“Why are you buying prostitutes she says, “when you can use my pussy, asshole and mouth any time you want!”

“Emma,” I say, “I’m looking for a wife, not a hook up. Now, I respect the fact that you technically broke up with your boyfriend-“

“Ex-boyfriend,” she says.

“Ex-” I say, “to be available for me.”

“I’ll give up anything and do anything to make you happy Daddy.”

I raise my eyebrows. “Anyway, you really think you could be a wife?”

“I could be your wife, absolutely,” she says.

?”Well back to what I was saying Emma, I met a really sweet blonde and she grabbed my package after she hugged me!”

Later that night I was sitting in my favorite lounge with some female friends. All of them gorgeous. There were nine of us because the rest of the girls had to go to work and they all gave me separate kisses on the lips as they left and a few snuck some tongue which I don’t look for but who could blame them. So I turn to the girl on my right, and its Emma.

“So Emma here has been telling me over the phone all about how she plans to marry me!” The girls look at her with jealousy and hatred.

One girl punches Emma. I quickly break up the brawl Escort bayan as these barbie doll looking women are really greedy and each one of them wants me for herself.

I walked into the next afterparty. It was a fashion thing so there were lots of models there. I walked up to a circle of people I knew and who’s beautiful blond hair and sparkling blue eyes do I see but the girl from the corner.

“Bet you forgot my name already,” she runs up and grabs me by the junk. She holds my balls tight enough to know that she is getting a handful but she does not want to hurt me and loves me. She looks in my eyes and says “ohhh Sir,” she calls me sir for some reason. “I want to have a baby and I want you to be the father and I don’t want your child support at all I just want your DNA in my ovaries to have my first baby will you do this for me?”

I was speechless so she tugs my balls in the direction of the door and she takes me to her condo. She is very rich and she strips naked the second she walks in the door. She looks like a young Ivanka Trump except way better face. She spreads her legs lewdly on the bed and brings her fingers down to her sopping wet cunt. She barely touches it before a sprinkler system goes off and she says thats her fist cum, just at the thought of having my baby. I drop trow because she yells at me that she is going to kill herself if I don’t. The rest is history. I fucked her senseless all night long and true to her word she had my kid, a beautiful daughter and said she wants me to fuck her when she is old enough, but I’m not sure if that’s such a good idea. She is insistent that I get the daughter pregnant too though. She really thinks I’m something special but I guess all women do.

I get Laid Ch.2

There is a beautiful girl standing in the middle of a crowded subway platform. I wrestle my way through the crowd and before I can get to her, her head perks up like she just sensed the presence of a ghost. She turns her head to me. We lock eyes. In the next instant I see her take off running towards me. We meet each other halfway and she grabs my package through my pants.

“That’s pretty forward.” I say, trying to extricate myself but the pretty girl with brown hair only grabs my balls tighter.

“I cant help it,” she says. “I just want to grab you by the balls and take you home with me right now. Her hand clutches over my pants and I look around to check that we aren’t making too much of a scene. She has a beaming smile and she gets up close to me and whispers:

“I want you. I want to do everything you tell me to do.”

I have a certain air about me that attracts women. This has been happening ever since I realized that confidence kills. Women have been walking up to me and grabbing me right by the balls and pretty much forcing me to sleep with them. They would never go so far as to actually rape me, but these beautiful girls make it so plainly obvious that saying no to their beauty is not an option.

She begins to twist my balls and my cock hardens. “Mmm…” She whispers. “what do we have here?” Her hands strokes the length of my penis through my pants. She has not asked my permission and when I point this out her she says:

“Look, I apologize if I’m not asking your consent but the simple fact is, you are really confident and that turns me on. I feel I have the right as a beautiful, nay gorgeous girl wouldn’t you agree?”

“About your physical beauty, yes.”

“Good,” she says. “So we have a deal.”

“What deal is that?” I ask.

“You and your balls,” she pats my balls and gives them a firm squeeze like she owns them or something. “Are my most important possessions and I promise to invite other girls and go out with you and humiliate other men by treating them as inferior to you, which they are, she says, giving my rock hard cock a squeeze.”

“Wow,” I say. “I don’t know what to say. You seem to have a plan for this.”

“Oh,” she says. “I knew what I was going to do with you and your ballsack as soon as I laid eyes on you.”

She then grabs me by the back of the head and forces her tongue into my mouth.

Might I remind the dear reader that we are in a very public place and this perfect ten, with brunette hair and blond highlights who looks like she could be on TV is making out with me. She has a rolled up yoga mat in her arms and she lets it fall to the floor with a thud as she hops up onto me and I’m forced to put my hands up like I’m not forcing this to happen, but her legs are clutching my sides in such a way that she’s grinding her crotch into my hardness. She is really aggressive in her attitude toward me so I try to push her off but at this point, the beautiful girl is like a dog in heat and wont have any of it.

“Ok,” I say. “you win. If you agree to keep your composure until we get somewhere more private, I will-“

“Hold on,” she cuts me off. “You’re not Bayan Escort in a position to tell me when I can’t show my affection for you.” She grabs my ass and squeezes it, kneading the flesh and then plants a wet one on my mouth and slaps my butt. “I am your property,” she, says. “I’m your fuck toy but believe it or not, you are really the one I want more than anything else in this world.”

“Thats sweet,” I say.

“I’m being honest.” Her eyes sparkle. “I am a hard worker and I will be such a good wife for you.”

“Well, you’re really aggressive at trying to get in my pants,” I say to her.

“That’s because I love you so much,” she says.

“But we just met,” I say.

“I don’t give a fuck.” She says and the train comes.

She grabs my ass and gives it a slap. “Lets go,” she says. “I’m buying us a hotel room for the night and we are going to have condom-less sex without birth control.”

“Jeez,” I say, and I feel bad for taking the Lord’s name in vain.

“You’re such a sweetie.” She says.

She talks to me like an older sister but she is actually only nineteen years old.

“I am going to ride you like a pony,” she says loudly.

Other men look at me with jealousy.

Men look at me with so much jealousy. They all want to be like me. They want to have my luck and confidence. They do what I tell them and let me be rude to them and offer me tax breaks and they want me to know who they are but I don’t care because they aren’t women and I can’t sleep with them or want to so they really mean nothing to me.

Women on the other hand are like water. They progress me like I’m a boat. Women love helping me and want me to be happy, fulfilled and they seek only to feed my confidence and to be knocked up by me.

The girl tells me her name is Lorraine.

Lorraine puts one beautiful leg over mine as we sit side by side and men look at me with jealous faces. She takes her hand stroking my face. She says that she loves my facial hair.

Her body is tight and lithe. She has a natural beauty and sex oozes from her pores. She was made for it that is why it took me by surprise when she admits over drinks that night that she is a virgin.

“Can’t be!” I say.

“Its true, she says. “Cuddling with me in the booth of a really private event at a club that only wealthy elite people attend.

We are sitting in the VIP section because her father owns this club.

The minute I walked in he started offering us bottles of champaign almost like he wants me to fuck his daughter. I didn’t need his help doing that but I certainly will not turn it away.

“I can’t wait to lose my virginity to you!”

Her father then appears. What timing!

“Did I hear what I think I just heard,” he says.

“I respect her,” I say, “but with your blessing, I’m going to do what-“

She cuts me off. “Daddy, I want him to be my husband and I will hate you forever if you don’t give us a room in the pent house for my first time!”

Her father seems shocked but walks away defeated and when he comes back we are making out. He gets down on his knees and begs me to be gentle with his little girl.

The music is gently percussive. A siren song of sorts. A strobe light flits from the center of the dance floor. The bar is alive with dollars and drinks.

I feel her ass as she pushes back against my arm around her and she has kicked off her shoes, she tucks them under her and claps her hands in rapid succession squealing with delight and mounts me right in front of her father. Her dress already rather short has ridden up and I try pull it down from her father’s gaze.

She sticks her tongue in my mouth before I can say whether I want this or not.

“I wont take no for an answer,” says the beautiful tiny girl.

Her father then leaves as she shoes him away by throwing one of her shoes at him. She is barefoot the rest of the night and says she feels like a little princess!

I get Laid Ch.3

I woke up beside Lorraine. As my eyes open I see her smiling face and hair draped around my head as she plants a kiss on my lips. I hope I do not have morning breath and sensing my hesitation she parts my lips wth her tongue and really digs her tongue into my mouth, penetrating with all of her will and actively trying to taste and smell my body’s odors.

“Lorraine,” Say I. “I need a toothbrush.”

“You’ll use mine,” says she, planting kiss after kiss on my lips.

She likes to kiss my lips in rapid succession like this. She has had her hands on my ball sack this entire time I now realize, as she holds them rather tightly. I turn my torso toward the hotel’s bedstead and see that I have missed several calls and texts. One name jumps out at me. Emma.

I suddenly get a call from a number I do not recognize. I answer and Emma’s voice reaches me through the speaker. She has gone out and bought Escort a brand new iPhone just to see if I’ve been avoiding her call. Lorraine has insisted I put it on speaker since she thinks we are now in a committed monogamous relationship.

“Where are you!” Emma says, clearly agitated and hurt. “I have been calling you all night!”

“I met someone for drinks last night and I’ve been otherwise engaged ever since,” I say.

“Did you fuck her?” Asks Emma.

Lorraine’s eyebrows raise.

“Yes,” There is silence on the other end and the sound of Emma sobbing comes through. “Emma,” I say. “Don’t cry.”

“What do you expect me to do,” Emma says. “I left my boyfriend to be available whenever you wake up and see that I’m the girl for you. I’m yours, she says. I want you to marry me. I want to grow old with you and you ask me why I’m crying when I know that you’re with another girl?”

Lorraine cuts in, “Emma, if I may. As much as it hurts me to hear your conundrum, he is my fiancé now.”

“Woah,” I say. “That’s a bit much,” but her hand then squeezes a bit tighter on my ballsack and I decide its best to shut up.

“I would like nothing more than to make him happy, however,” says Lorraine with magnanimity, “so if you will agree that this is a one time thing, I will let you come over and watch us have our first morning sex. Would that me agreeable for you, Emma?”

I didn’t agree to this,” I say.

“Lorraine, I would love to!” Says Emma, “but its going to kill me to watch him with another woman other than me. You don’t understand how much I love him.”

“I understand that,” says Lorraine, “but its the best I can do.”

Lorraine is stroking my hardness and quickly as a minx wiggles her body down and gobbles my ballsack into her mouth. She does this so quickly I am scared for half a second. She sucks on my ballsack and coming back up she says.

“His balls were just in my mouth,”

“Where are you two?” asks Emma. “I’m coming over.”

Lorraine makes me breakfast while I wash up. When I come out with a towel around my waist, the pretty blonde model sits sidesaddle on the bed and then brings her feet up beneath her while she feeds me the food she made. She is feeding me and wiping my mouth with her discarded panties from the night before. She insists at one point that I open my mouth and show her all of my chewed up food. She then sticks her hand into my mouth and takes my food out and puts it in her mouth. After swallowing she says, “I am going to chew something up and feed you now. I decline but she is rather insistent.

She finishes feeding me. She kisses my feet and then she asks if I will kiss her’s. I tell her that they are beautiful.


“But I’m still enjoying that tremendous breakfast and I’m sure I’ll be kissing much more of you later.”

That’s sweet, she says. “But frankly, I really need you to be expressive,” she takes my ball sack reaching beneath my towel. She gives it a squeeze, a long lingering squeeze and her eyes stay trained on mine for an uncomfortable moment. This beautiful dirty blonde girl is holding my balls.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m realizing that if I’m going to keep you,” she says. “I need to be really firm.”

Her hands tighten slightly around my balls and her eyes stay fixed on mine. We are locked in. She lets her bathrobe open so that one of her nipples is clearly visible and she kisses my lips. Then she pulls her head back and gives my face a lick like she is a dog.

“I’m going to have your baby,” she says. “I’m going to get pregnant with your baby and I will never ever ask you for anything you can’t give me, but I do insist on being the mother of your child. She made her grip on my balls even firmer. My testicles were starting to feel trapped in her delicate white hand.

She kissed me on my cheek and smiles.

“Will you please kiss my foot now,” she asks.

“Later,” I say. “Or perhaps never. You are being a bit on the aggressive side.”

She pats my ball sack before letting them go.

The beautiful slender frame of this girl, with feminine sweet movements and light steps on her toes walks into the bathroom and comes back fully naked.

She jumps on top of me before I can scoot away. She pushes her nipple to my mouth and says.

“Then you are going to kiss my nipples,” and she adds, “please sweetheart, I just want to be your wife and life partner and would eat the shit out of your ass if you told me to, can’t I just experience your kiss on my tits, please?”

She begged me for another five minutes.

I was not terribly in the mood but as she seemed to really base her entire self worth on my attention, I planted one friendly smooch on her breast, above the nipple.

She squealed with delight and spread her legs, presenting her soaking snatch to me. “Do you see this pussy,” she says. “This is your pussy. To do with as you please. My mind and body belong to you, Sir.”

I told her to relax.

The beautiful girl then said, “I will do anything you tell me to do, but what you’re asking of me is physically impossible.” She says. “I am ready to die for you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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