I Finally Soak Jill’s Panties

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I travel frequently on business. Recently, I had to travel to a particular city for a few nights. I travel there frequently and, when I do, I make sure to pay a visit to an old high school friend, Jill. I’ve known Jill for 25 years. Jill was always an attractive girl but, in my opinion, her attractiveness really took off when she turned 30 and became a MILF. Now, I find her very sexy. Jill works out religiously, eats well, keeps tan but not too much so. Now in her mid-30s, she has begun wearing her hair long which I really like. Oh, and I cannot forget the fake C-cup tits she bought herself as a 30th birthday present. Although not natural, they are firm, perfectly shaped and a good fit for her body. Not too big. Jill recently married an older, divorced man and she moved in with him and his son, Justin, who is 18-years old. Justin attends the local community college.

I called Jill to let her know I was coming in to town and wanted to see her. As we typically do, Jill invited me to her home for dinner. She let me know her husband would not be available to visit this week as he, too, was out of town on business — a rare occurrence. We agreed that I would call her that afternoon to pick out a time for me to meet her.

The day came and I called Jill that afternoon. Jill informed me that she was going to the gym to get in a pool workout and would be home by 6:00pm. We agreed that I would meet her at the house at 6pm.

At 5:30, I left my client’s office and began the drive to Jill’s house in the suburbs. She lives in a major metropolitan city in the south and traffic is notoriously bad. I was near her house when Jill called me on my cell phone.

“Hey there!” Jill said. “Are you on your way?” she then asked.

“Yes.” I replied. “In fact, I’m minutes from your house.”

“Crap!” She blurted out. “Listen, I’m running really late. Long story. Justin is at the house — he’ll let you in. Just hang out, open a bottle of wine if you want, watch TV. I’ll be there around 6:30pm. I’m really, really sorry.” She said apologetically.

“No problem, Jill. I’ll be fine. I’ll grab some wine and watch the news until you get there.”

I soon arrived at her house, right at 6pm, and made my way to the front door. Justin, her step-son, let me in. We greeted each other and then he proceeded to leave the house.

“Hey, I’m heading to work. I left Jill a note on the table. See you later.” Justin said and with that he left.

I was now alone in Jill’s house and had about 30 minutes to kill. I locked the front door and immediately made my way to the master bedroom which was located on the first floor. I searched the drawers of the dresser until I came across the one that contains Jill’s panties. I wanted to jerk off into a pair of clean panties so that, the next time Jill put them on, my semen would be pressed into her pussy. The thought of having my cum held against her pussy by her panties really turned me on. To my surprise, there was only 1 pair there that was clean, which meant that she must have a large pile of dirty laundry that she hadn’t yet cleaned. Grabbing the lone pair of clean panties — hot pink cotton hiphuggers that had a “porn star” appliqué on the rear – I made my way to her closet and located the pile of dirty clothes. I found a simple, black g-string and held it up to for inspection. It sure was tiny and I could see some light colored staining in the crotch. I then held it up to my nose and inhaled deeply. I took in the musky scent of her Jill’s cunt and my cock stiffened.

Not wanting to waste any time, I grabbed the black g-string and the hot pink cotton “porn star” hiphugger panties and made my way into the master bath. Facing the mirror so I could see myself, I dropped my pants and boxers to my ankles. I held the black g-string tightly up to my nose with my left hand and, with my right hand, wrapped the hot pink panties around my erect penis and began stroking myself. I breathed deeply through my nose, taking in the wonderful scent of Jill’s pussy with each breath. I was very turned on and began stroking my cock furiously. My eyes were looking straight ahead into the mirror so I could view the site of me, pleasuring myself with Jill’s panties. My stiff cock stuck straight out, İstanbul Escort the tip already red and swollen. The soft cotton panties felt so good against my cock.

I didn’t take long. I could feel the semen rise up from my balls. I took the pink cotton panties and laid them on the bathroom counter so that the inside crotch section was now exposed. As the cum reached the tip, I carefully spewed larges gobs of my sticky semen into the crotch of Jill’s pink cotton panties. I stroked and stroked my smooth, thick cock until I had released all of my cum into the crotch of the panties. As the final drop of cum slowly dripped from the tip of my pulsating cock, I caught my breath, looked down and admired the view of Jill’s sexy little, hot pink cotton panties with gobs of cum covering the crotch section. I imagined Jill wearing these little panties, my cum pressed firmly against her pussy. I smiled widely at my handiwork and at the large volume of semen I had produced. I took the black g-string and dabbed up some of the excess cum. I tucked my dick back into my boxers and pulled up my shorts and put myself back together.

I then carefully took the pink cotton panties and returned them to the drawer where I found them. I returned to the master bath, grabbed the black g-string which I had used to fill my nostrils with the great smell of Jill’s pussy and returned them to the pile of dirty clothes.

Knowing I had some time until Jill was to return, I searched the pile of dirty clothes looking for a prize to take home with me. After some careful searching, I came across one of Jill’s bikinis. I pulled out both the bottom and the top and took them into Jill’s bedroom. I laid the bikini out on the bed as they would appear as if on Jill’s body. I was shocked at how teeny tiny this bikini was and couldn’t help but wonder where Jill might go or be doing that she’d wear something so small. The top — two little blue triangles held together by thin white strings — did not look large enough to cover her firm C-cup tits . . . maybe they just covered her aerolae and nipples I wondered. The string bottom was tiny, too, and low cut. I imagined how Jill’s nice ass looked in it, how much of her tight stomach and upper pelvic area were visible. The bright blue fabric was so soft. I grabbed the bikini and stuffed the bottom in my pocket. I returned the triangle top to the heap of dirty cloths, shut all doors, turned off all lights, covered my tracks and went out the kitchen.

I followed Jill’s suggestion and made myself at home. I opened a bottle of wine and poured two glasses. I grabbed them and made my way to the couch and turned on the TV.

Not long after, Jill finally arrived. She entered the room and gave me a big hug and kiss. Her hair, still wet from swimming, was pulled back into a pony tail. She was wearing a simple, white terry cloth cover up over her bathing suit. It wasn’t very long, extending down to just about mid-thigh.

“I’m sorry I’m so late.” She exclaimed. “It turned out to be a busier day than I thought and it got away from me.”

“Don’t worry about it, Jill. I’m fine. ” I reassured her. I handed her the glass of wine I had poured for her.

“Listen, normally, I’d take a shower after swimming but I’ll just wait until after you leave so we can have more time to spend together. Let me just go and take off this bathing suit. I’ll be right back.” Jill said.

She grabbed the cup of wine and quickly disappeared into the bedroom. I wondered if she’d be putting on the panties I had just filled with cum maybe 10 or 15 minutes ago. I began to get nervous that I’d get caught, or at least be suspected. In a minute she reappeared and sat on the leather sofa right next to me. I leaned over to untie my shoes and remove them and, as I did, leaned in such as a way as to try and get a glimpse of her crotch. I was dying to know if she was wearing those hot pink cotton hiphugger panties. As I leaned over, my suspicion was confirmed. Jill was wearing those panties! I sat back up and caught an unusual look on Jill’s face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“What time did you get here?” she asked me.

“I got here at 6pm.” I replied. “Why?”

“Was Justin here when you got home?” Anadolu Yakası Escort she asked. I could sense the suspicion in her voice.

“Yeah, he let me in and then headed out to work. He said he left you a note.” I responded. I was beginning to get a little nervous.

“Did you notice if he was in my room?” she asked

“No, I didn’t notice. What’s this about?” I asked.

“OK, listen, this is going to sound a little gross. I just went into my room and put on a pair of panties that were in my drawer where I keep clean clothes. And, as soon as I sat down on this couch not one minute later, I could feel that they’re wet. And by wet, I don’t mean with, like, water. It’s a sticky wet. Do you know what I’m talking about?” she asked suggestively.

Jill realized that the hot pink cotton hiphuggers she had just put on were filled with cum but, much to my relief, was suspecting her step-son. I was somewhat relieved. Just the talk of it and hearing a girl say the word “panties” turned me on. My cock began to rise and I shifted my body so as to hide my growing erection.

“I’m sorry. I’m not following you I said.” I was lying through my teeth. I was trying to force her to engage in some unintentional naughty talk.

“I just put on a pair of panties and I can tell that they are wet with a man’s cum. Like, really, really soaked. It’s sticky. This must have happened very recently. And it has to be Justin.” She said, confidently.

I didn’t want to press her as to why she thought it was Justin because I did not want her to redirect her suspicion towards me.

“Does it bother you that he did this?” I asked.

“I knew when I got engaged to John that having a teenage step-son might present some problems. I mean, I’m closer in age to Justin than John.” Jill explained, referring to her husband. “And, he’s a typical horny teenage male and, while I’m not the hottest woman in the world, I know I’m nice to look at for most men. Why the hell do you think I workout so much and starve myself?”

“Yeah, but does it bother you that he came in your panties?” I asked again, intentionally trying to sexualize the conversation for the sake of my own lust.

“Actually,” she said slowly, “it’s kind of a turn-on. I mean, it’s very flattering and he’s old enough and not my son so it’s not like it’s really taboo.” She said, somewhat defensively.

“No, you’re absolutely right. ” I encouraged. “But does it really turn you on?”

“Yeah, it is turning me on.” She said surprisingly. “In fact, if we weren’t married and if you weren’t my best guy friend, I’d have to have sex with you right now, I’m that turned on!” she said.

As we talked, we continued to drink our wine. Jill kept shifting her body and her hips, rubbing her legs back and forth. At first, I thought maybe she was trying to get comfortable or keep warm, but now began to suspect that she was trying to rub the cum around her crotch and maybe even stimulate her clit herself. My erection was now full and I kept a position that hid this fact from Jill.

“I need to go change and clean up for obvious reasons.” Jill said. “So, please just wait. I’ll be quick. I’m going to jump in the shower. Why don’t you order us some pizza. There’s a magnet on the fridge for a local place that delivers. ” Jill suggested. And with that, she got up and went to her bedroom.

“OK!” I called out and got up.

I called the pizza parlor and placed an order. As I was on the cordless phone with them, I paced around the house. As I walked by the master bedroom, I noticed that Jill had left the door to the bedroom partially open. The order-taker told me that the pizza would arrive in 30 minutes. I finished the call, put the phone down and peeked in to Jill’s room. I could hear the shower running. My cock was still hard and my lust was in control. Ever so quietly, I tip-toed into the room to see if I could catch a glimpse of Jill in any state of undress. Within the bedroom there was a door to the master bath that was slightly ajar. I looked around quickly and found a perfect solution. There was a mirror above a bureau in the bedroom. From a vantage point behind the door to the bathroom, I could look into this mirror and catch Kartal Escort a reflection of Jill, in the shower, through the mirror that was in the bathroom. What luck! Safe from view, I trained my eyes on Jill’s perfect body as the water streamed down on her. I could only see her from the rear right now. It appeared as though she might be shaving her pubic area as both arms and hands were reaching at that part of her body.

I kept watching, my rock-hard dick straining against my boxers and slacks. Just then I heard Jill call out.

“Oh that’s it. Fuck my pussy. Fuck it harder with your big dick.” She hissed.

It took me a few seconds to grasp what was happening, but when it did, my lust went from heated to full boil. There, in the shower, was this sexy woman masturbating herself. She wasn’t shaving – she was furiously rubbing her clit with one hand while the other spread her pussy lips open.

Wasting no time, I grabbed the little blue bikini bottoms I had stuffed in my pocket earlier. I then pulled my rock hard dick out of my pants and wrapped the teeny tiny bikini bottoms around my erect penis, red and swollen again. So filled with lust was I that I jerked furiously, keeping my eyes trained on Jill.

In the shower, Jill had turned around now so that I could see, through the double reflection, her hands work her pussy. She was a beautiful, sexy woman. Her firm C-tits were perfectly shaped. As I had guessed, one of her hands was parting her labia and the other hand was furiously stroking her clit.

“That’s it cum, cum all over me, cum in mouth, cum in my pussy.” She verbally fantasized. “I want your cum.” She said.

Her hands were moving so rapidly, as were mine. I pumped my cock furiously, trying to keep pace with Jill. I needed to catch up if I was going to cum with her.

I could see Jill grab the bar of soap with one hand and lather up. With that hand, she then reached around and slowly worked her index finger into her tight anus. The other hand continued to rapidly stroke her clit.

“Oh, you want to fuck my ass with your big dick, don’t you? That’s it, stick it in me. Stick it in my ass!” Jill said to her imaginary lover.

Her hands moved rapidly, one going in and out of her anus, the other one round and round on her clit. My hand was pumping furiously and I loved the sensation of the soft blue bikini against my hot, hard dick.

“Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum!” She screamed. “Fuck my ass with that big dick! Fuck me harder! Fill me, fill my ass! Oh I’m cumming, you’re making me cum!” Jill’s voice was so loud I’m sure the neighbors were hearing her.

She screamed and convulsed violently as her orgasm overtook her. And I came right along with her. My knees buckled as cum shot from my cock and I thrust my hips forward as if I were fucking Jill’s teeny tiny blue bikini bottoms. My orgasm was so intense I had to steady myself by placing one hand on the bureau.

As I pumped out the last few drops of my warm, sticky cum, I opened my eyes to gaze at Jill’s naked and wet body. She, too, was recovering from what must have been an earth-shattering orgasm. She still hand one hand buried in her anus and the other shoved up into her clean-shaven snatch. I could tell her legs had gone wobbly. She began to recover and so I knew it was time to get out of the room.

As I began to hastily put myself together, I realized that the bikini bottoms were not covering the tip of my dick. They were still wrapped around my red pulsating cock but, in my lustful state, I didn’t notice that they were no longer covering the head of my cock. I looked around trying to determine where my enormous load of semen landed and could only conclude that I had shot my load all over the carpet in Jill’s bedroom. The bikini bottoms were nearly cum-free. I tucked my semi-erect penis into my boxers and zipped up my pants. I shoved the soft blue bikini bottoms into my pocket, happy that they’d still be available for another day, and quickly yet quietly returned to the family room. I resumed my perch on the sofa, glass of wine in hand.

About 5 minutes later, Jill came out in a robe, long brown hair wet. She smelled fabulous — clean and fresh. We resumed our conversation and eventually the pizza arrived. When it was time for me to return to the hotel, Jill walked me to the front door and we hugged good-bye. I got into my rental car and began driving towards my hotel. During the drive, I received a text message from Jill:

“Did you enjoy watching me?”

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