I Finally Meet Mark

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We’d been talking for about a month on the phone and online. He was finally coming to my town for a business trip and we planned to meet up. We’d swapped pictures and hit it off so well over the wires it was more than exciting to finally meet this man who was still a bit of a mystery to me.

In our conversations we were comfortable from day one, never lacked for topics and before we hung up the phone both of us had masturbated to orgasm with thoughts of the other being there in person. Well the day had arrived when we were together in person and I can only say that it was better than any damn phone conversation!

I’d hoped he wouldn’t be disappointed with me now that we were in person. I’m 5’8” with blonde hair, baby blues and a killer rack of 38DD. I’m not a super model by any means though and I just happened to know that he’d recently gotten an eye full of porn stars and strippers from a recent trip to Vegas. So when I chose the outfit I’d wear the night we met face to face, I shopped for days and tried on countless bras, panties and lingerie looking for just the right look. In the end I chose to greet him in my usual ‘phone’ outfit so he’d see what I looked like all those times we talked. I wore a black tank top with spaghetti straps that barely concealed my tits. It was tight fitting and I had told him about how great my tits looked when I wore it. I could tell by his eye’s gaze that he agreed with me. I also wore lose fitting flannel pants that were easy to slide my hands into whenever I needed to touch myself…which was often when we talked. I was freshly showered and shaved and my hair was tousled in it’s usual state of ‘come fuck me please’ and I’d sprayed my favorite body spray, Hawaiian Ginger, all over myself.

He looked just like his picture with long, wavy, dark hair and stunning eyes that pierced mine. Standing 6’0” tall and bullet proof I couldn’t wait to live all the fantasies we’d talked about. He’d also sent a picture of his cock and it was so thick I couldn’t wait to wrap my lips…both pair…around it. Of course with him standing in my door way I couldn’t measure his girth with my eyes alone, so after I invited him in, I got busy to let him finally understand how he completely turned me on.

I’m not sure what he expected when we finally met but I’d been living this moment for five months now and had a very good idea of how I wanted the night to play out. Through our conversations he shared with me how he wanted to watch me masturbate and asked if I’d follow his directions if he told me what to do. I of course agreed and once he was inside I led him to the chair where I always sat whenever we talked to show him ‘where the magic happens.’ I pulled out the footrest and motioned for him to sit. I then sat in my chair and stared into his eyes.

“Okay babe, this is it. This is what you’ve wanted everytime we talked….to be here…with me…and watch me masturbate. You have made me so horny and made me cum so many times on the phone, it’s time for you to see what really happens on the other end of that wire.”

He was a bit shy at first but I could sense his desires. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that he was in denial that he was really sitting here with me in my apartment. Getting ready to watch me fuck myself silly, right there, in front of him. He stumbled over his words and so I took control again.

“Can I see your cock?” I asked. Looking straight in his eyes and biting my lower lip with the coyness of a schoolgirl. He didn’t need to speak to unbutton his pants and with his ever-growing cock in his hands he started to stroke it for me.

This was so incredible to be experiencing a first time with him but also to know so much about him and know what turned him on. I knew exactly what he liked and I wasn’t worried at all that he’d be cuming too soon. I knew he liked to mecidiyeköy escort tease himself and I also liked it when he teased me with his cock. But at the same time this all felt familiar to me, it also had all the excitement of a new lover because we’d never been face to face before.

Watching him stroke his cock was making me drip. He didn’t have to ask me to touch myself, I willingly and unashamedly moved my hands against front of my tank top. Squeezing and twisting my hard nipples through the stretched material. I then moved one hand to my mouth and sucked a finger into my mouth as the other hand swept down my stomach and hid it self under my waistband. I gasped at my wetness. I was no doubt turned on but I didn’t expect to be so incredibly wet when I first touched myself. With my hand buried down the front of my pants I scooted to the end of the chair and spread my knees to the sides. I loved looking at his face as his eyes strayed from my tits to my pussy to my eyes and back to my hands as they slid across my body.

“Take off your shirt” he said. I was going to ask for his help but decided to let him keep jerking his nice thick cock for me instead. I pulled my hands from inside my pants and pulled my shirt over my head dragging my wet fingers across my belly and leaving a trail that was slick and shiny on my skin. With my tits exposed I grabbed at my nipples and pinched them with both hands. I writhed in my chair and ground my hips towards him.

“Can you lick your nipples?” he asked. I know I can’t but I tried anyway in case my tongue had grown overnight. I could see in his eyes that he appreciated my efforts but was looking forward to more. “Take off your pants.” he said. As I slid them down over my hips and legs I was happy I didn’t spend the money on lingerie.

When we talked on the phone he would tell me how he’d spread my legs as wide as they’d go and drape them over the arms of the chair. I rose up and pulled down my pants. I stepped out of them and tossed them into the corner. I assumed that position now in front of him and exposed my very wet, very tight pussy to him. He moaned his approval and jerked his cock faster as his breathing grew more labored.

I quickly buried both of my hands in my pussy. I spread my lips apart and rubbed on my clit. I moaned and gasped as my fingers found my favorite spots. “Oh God” he said. “What?” I asked innocently. “You are so fucking sexy!”

“Thank you.” I replied. “Do you like my pussy?”

“Hell yes!”

I moaned and rubbed on my clit faster. “See how wet you make me? I’m like this everytime we talk.”

His eyes were molesting me and I couldn’t believe how hot I was. I needed his cock though and begged him to let me suck it.

“Baby, I need your cock…..it looks so good in your hands but would you please let me suck on it?”

He of course needed no further encouragement and nearly flipped my chair over as he stood, dropped his pants the rest of the way off, threw his shirt over his head and speared my face with his cock.

I greedily sucked it into my mouth and let him fuck my mouth as he fantasized about on the phone. I was pretty much rolled up in a ball under him with my legs now pinned over the arms of the chair and from the position I was in, I couldn’t suck his cock the way I wanted to.

I motioned for him to back up for just a minute and quickly shifted my position so that I could suck his cock, let him fuck my mouth, and be able to look up at him all at the same time.

I slowly guided his cock back to my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and ran his cock over it sideways. I licked it from his balls to his tip and flicked the head as it bounced against my face. We both moaned with anticipation. We’d talked a lot about me sucking merter escort his cock and now I was able to show him, instead of tell him, how good my mouth feels on his cock.

“mmmmmmmmm I do love your cock Mark. It’s so thick so fat soooooo nice.”

I stuck out my tongue so it was fat and flat and banged his cock against it. I jerked it quick and slapped it hard. Moaning as I went.

“yeah baby……SUCH a nice cock. mmmmmmm I love the way it feels on my tongue.”

I took the very tip of my tongue and traced the head of his cock. I licked and flicked the rim, ran it all around his smooth tip. All the while looking him straight in the eye. I slowly worked his cock head into my mouth. Swirling my tongue all around it. Letting him feel the wetness of my mouth. Then I opened my mouth wide and encircled his cock. I slid my mouth over his cock, but kept my mouth wide so no part of me touched him. I just let him feel my hot breath and the moisture on my tongue. I slid down the shaft of his fat cock without touching it as far as I could go. I breathed heavily and used just the tip of my tongue to caress the shaft a little. I reached with one hand and cupped his balls. They were heavy in my hand as I massaged them. As the moisture collected in my mouth I let him start to move his cock around. He slid it in and out, back and forth and as he tried to make contact with the walls inside my mouth or my tongue I would shift around so that he wasn’t able to feel me. When I decided he had enough I clamped my lips around his shaft and held his cock in my mouth. Slowly I began to move my tongue about, swirling and flicking his cock with the very tip of my tongue. Rolling my tongue around him really building up the saliva in my mouth. And then I sucked it hard and slow back to the tip until it POPPED from my lips.

When I looked back up at him his eyes were tightly closed. He opened them then and met my gaze with the most intense look I’ve ever seen. The lust in his eyes was so great and I grinned as I bit on my lower lip and looked up at him. With the most innocent look I could muster up and the most angelic voice I have I asked…

“So what do you want to do now Mark?”

Without words he took his cock in one hand and grabbed my hair on the back of my head with the other. He roughly pulled my head back on my neck and the movement forced my mouth open wide. He first jacked his cock in my face. Moving his hand so quick that it was a blur. Then he rubbed the head of his cock all over my pouty lips as if he were applying chapstick to them. I parted my lips slightly and darted my tongue around his cockhead. He then shoved his whole cock deep into my mouth. Past my tonsils and rammed deep in my throat. I gagged over the head of his cock and swallowed it down. I just let him use my mouth and fuck it the way he wanted to.

It was so amazing to be used like this. We talked so many times about him just fucking my mouth. Using my wet holes to satisfy him. And in conversation it really turned me on, but now that it was happening I could hardly contain myself. My hands cupped my tits and pinched and pulled on my nipples. Quickly one of my hands buried itself in my pussy lips and raced around my clit. I couldn’t speak with my mouth jammed over his cock but I moaned wildly as he fucked my mouth and throat.

He dragged his cock out of my mouth and pushed me back onto the floor. He dove headfirst into my pussy and lapped up the wetness that had been collecting since he walked in the room. After he tasted me he pulled back and just looked at my pussy.

“I have been looking at pictures of your pussy for so long, and all I have wanted to do it feel it.”

He slid a finger around my lips, teased my opening and gently caressed all around my pussy.

“So mutlukent escort soft. So wet. God you are SO wet. Sexy…MMM!”

He continued to stroke my wet pussy and tease me. Finally he drew back the hood over my clit and exposed it. He spread my lips wide apart with his finger as one beat gently on my ever swelling clit.

“Yeah, there you are. mmmmmmm so sweet. God I am going to suck on this till you cannot breath! I’ve been waiting soooooooo long!”

He brought his face back to my pussy and licked my clit. Rubbing it with his tongue and sucking it into his mouth. My legs spread wider for him and I moaned my appreciation. His mouth felt so good on my pussy. His goatee was soft and rubbed against my lips. I rocked my hips towards his mouth cooing and moaning.

He slid one finger inside me as he sucked on my clit. My pussy clenched around his finger as he pulled it in and out of me. He turned it upside down so it was crooked inside my pussy and started to drag against my G spot. My eyes flew open and my hands went to my nipples. So few men take the time to find the G spot and here he was stroking it and that feeling of having to pee came over me. I know that I’m not really going to pee so I just released and let him bring me pleasures I’ve yet to experience.

His mouth covered my clit and he nibbled and flicked, licked and sucked on it. While his finger worked it’s magic inside my pussy. I came in about two minutes flat, a new record I must say! He coached me through the first of many orgasms.

“Yes baby, cum for me. Cum all over my fingers. Damn you taste so good! Yeah….uh uh uh…..give it to me….yeah that’s it baby, cum…..cum…..fuck!”

Orgasm after orgasm my body was racked and I screamed and begged him to fuck me. It didn’t take much encouragement but he does love to tease himself and me as I learned the hard way.

Finally he lined up his cock with my pussy. He slid in just the tip….just the head of his cock laid between the lips of my red, swollen pussy. Wetness enveloped his cock head and he just let it rest there. Then slowly he dragged his cock in and out of my pussy lips. I bucked my hips towards him and I would thrust my pussy over his cock.

He pulled back with every push I made towards him. He was teasing me and I was loving it but also there comes a time when you just NEED to get fucked, and I was well past that time.

“FUCK ME MARK!!!!!!!!!……..do it………now………….god pleaseeeeee!!”

With one very quick, yet solid movement his entire cock was buried inside me. He held it there and we both just enjoyed the full, tight feeling of his cock deep in my pussy.

I milked his cock with my pussy, clenching him tight and then releasing……clenching tight around his girth and then releasing it again.

My juices were flooding around him. My cum dripped onto his balls and down his legs. Both of our inner thighs were soaked with my cum.

He started to pull back and I gripped onto him securely. He got a nice rhythm going in and out in slow, premeditated thrusts…I felt every inch of his cock as it slid into me. We were both making guttural moans, we both wanted him to fuck faster as much as we wanted this to last all night. Passion took over though and I screamed,

“Fuck me Mark. Yeah…..like that……..faster……..push yourself deeper. …use my pussy. Uh …uh …..uhhhhhh…yessssssss…….god yesssssss………FUCK ME!!!”

And with every utterance his thrust became deeper…..faster……and soon he was at the point of no return.

“Where do you want me to cum?”

“Cum on me. Cum on my pussy Mark….shoot some up to my tits…..cum on me!!!”

With a few more feverish thrusts he pulled out his cock and aimed it high towards my tits…..and then shot a huge load all over them…….his cum dripped off my nipples and then the next shot splashed against my pussy. I reached between my legs and rubbed it all in. I licked my fingers clean of both of our cum.

“mmmmmmmmmmmm yummy!”
“Damn woman, I think you’re trying to kill me! “ he joked “Damn, I wanted to fuck your ass”

Well hey, this is MY fantasy, write your own story……..better yet, I’ll write that one too……I really want him to take my virgin ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32