I Fall Under Joe’s Spell

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This is a true story of my servitude. I’ve always been a humiliation junkie, but any previous encounters never took me to these depths.

My first roommate at college, (an arrogant jock) was the first to get his cock into my mouth. He tried many times to find the key which would open my mouth to his cock. He teased me and cajoled me for weeks. He would wave his really nice cock at me and tell me, “Come on I know you want it, you know you want it.” A few times I would be sleeping and he wound try rubbing his cock against my lips.

Actually, the more he did it, the more I was getting turned on to the idea.

We were bored one weekend, and were playing poker. After I was broke, he offered me a deal all my money back, $3.00 (a bit of cash for a student back then) against me doing whatever he wished. I knew what he would wish. The idea was surprisingly attractive to me. This might be a way to do what I secretly wanted, with a clear cut excuse.

Well I lost and as you can guess, He had me suck his cock, and I liked it. He had me get totally naked, then made me get on knees. A few humiliating remarks about my tiny cock, I was juiced up and looking forward to his cock in my mouth. He dropped his shorts and stepped forward, his 7 inch hard on aimed straight at my mouth. I just opened up. “Open up. Stick out your tongue.” I did and his cock slid right into my mouth. Then one way or another, I ended sucking his cock many times during the semester.

He left after the first semester, to a better school, with a better athletic program.

I sucked a few cocks mostly at bookstores, or the park, but that didn’t really do it for me. I needed to be dominated.

I would suck the cock and run some scenario in my mind but it bahçelievler escort really didn’t do it for me. I knew it was close but I needed more.

I got married and had boring sex for a while. Actually I had better sex reading sexy pocket porn books and jerking off. Especially books that the subject was forced sex.

After graduation, 1972, we moved to Detroit, and i got a job at a steel company. Bored and not familiar with the lay of the land, I knew I wanted to try more, some man fun, but didn’t know where to “hook up”. I turned to “SCREW” magazine. I found an ad for a guy who was local and his ad said he needed money and was available for about anything.

I answered the ad. He responded with contact information, and suggested a fee of $5.00. Making good money myself, this was very acceptable.

I drove into the city and found his apartment building. Joe was waiting out front. At first I chickened out and drove past. But soon went back. I parked and went up and introduced myself. We then went to his apartment. After a little chit chat, we stripped and laid down in a 69 position. After a few minutes, I shot my load, then got up and made ready to leave. I told him I was sorry. He just said “That’s all right, lot’s of guys are gay until they cum.”

As a week passed, and I thought over our meeting, and why it went wrong. So, after work i went back to his apartment building. Knocked on his door. When he let me in I told him that I was sorry about last time, and would make it up to him. That I was very submissive. That I wanted to be dominated. And I was a cocksucker and liked to serve, that I loved being owned.

He told me that was fine. His balgat escort bag was using dumb submissive cocksuckers, which he had a hard Tim ever finding. He was also registered in “Rigged Bondage Roster” so he had insight into that lifestyle.

Joe told me to get naked and get on my knees next to his chair. I complied. Joe sat down and started playing some porn on TV. I knelt next to him, and my cock was sticking out like a fag flag. I kept looking at his pants and could see his cock getting stiff. I knew his cock was real nice, 7 inches. Just made for cocksucking. “Ok, now get in here and get my cock out.” I reached over and undid his pants then got his 7 inch cut cock out where I would have access to it.

In my subservient mind set in, it felt wonderful. I played with his cock for a minute as it got full hard. Then I assisted Joe getting his clothes off. Naked, on my knees, I took off his shoes, then reached and undid his belt, opening his pants and pulling down his pants. Then back and down came his underpants. Now freeing his cock.

I hesitated for a few seconds looking at his cock. Moving my mouth closer, He watched porn, as I watched his cock and played with it. Then Joe told me to stop messing around and start sucking his cock. I moved around and got my mouth on his cock. I sucked and moved my head up and down his hard cock. Joe watched porn, and I sucked cock. I was very happy, finally being “used.” Sucking a man’s cock and no thought to me.

After several minutes, Joe was moaning and started making short strokes into my mouth. Then saying “Oh yes, suck it, suck it!” He started shooting cum into my mouth. I held my head still and let him stroke and batıkent escort blow his load into my suck hole. This was actually the first time anyone had blown a full load into my mouth.

As he was done, I got up and went to the bathroom sink and spit and washed my tongue. Joe called to bring him a wash cloth and clean his cock.

I got a warm washcloth and returned. I got on my knees and washed his cock.

I sat there for a few minutes and was thinking about leaving. Then Joe said “ok get back on this cock and take a second load for me.” I crawled between his legs again and took his cock into my mouth.

I sucked his cock, using my mouth to apply different suctions to it. Also sliding my head up and down his cock. Giving head, sucking Cock, being Joe’s fag. Now things started working for me, my brain, and my cock. I sucked cock. Occasionally Joe would react with a moan or to give a response about my cocksucking skills. This time it took longer but soon he started thrusting into my mouth, and when he came, this time, he held my head and jammed into my throat. Injecting cum right into my throat and into my stomach. Pulling out just enough to be sure I got a good taste of his jizz.

“There take that.. Never go spit out my spunk again.” Gagging, I fell back and said “yes Sir.”

“Ok, you can jerk off now, BUT I don’t want you to get off again until you see me again.”

“Yes Sir,” I answered.

I drove home and as soon as I got into the house, my wife was on me. “Where have you been? Why are you over an hour late? What have you been up to?” Damn what a ball busting pain in the ass she is. I sure wasn’t interested in getting off with her. The hard part will be not cumming with myself.

A week passed, and I was horny and I was feeling a need to be used again. And hopefully get off.

I drove to Joe’s apartment after work, and humbly knocked on the door.

Joe said, “I knew you’d be back. Have you been a good boy? Didn’t jerk your little pee pee?”

“No sir, er, yes sir, whatever sir. I haven’t cum.”

“I’m yours, all of me, I will obey you always.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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