I Didn’t Know it was My Turn

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of gay male sexual content.


I first met my wife at a party where she was the center of attention, fucking one well-hung guest and blowing another. And she kept repeating that pattern, again and again. I had spent a good part of that afternoon impressing a few of the women attending with my love for eating pussy. And since I’m a little bigger than average in the dick department, (8 inches), they appreciated pretty much everything I offered them. I was taking a recuperative break from my actions when I wandered into the room where Marcella was engaged.

It was clear that she was into it. I was sitting back on an easy chair, cold beer in hand, cock beginning to awaken as I watched this big woman take on man after man in all her various holes, and never seem to slow down except for some amazing orgasms that had her shouting and screaming. There were at least three men waiting at either end, slowly jerking their cocks and clearly expecting their turn. And they were going to get it — I had no question.

I watched, amazed, as she took one guy who must have been 10 inches all the way down her throat! Then grabbed his ass and started him fucking her face, all the while being pounded by some other guy from behind. Her eyes kept looking around the room as she took load after load. She wanted to be the center of attention for everyone there. That room soon filled up with men who collapsed after their turn, as well as other women who were enthralled with how she showed no signs of stopping, and at least a couple who spent some time laying hands on her and squeezing her sizable boobs and nipples. Finally, every man appeared to be spent. I had the only hard dick in the room, but I was sitting there, watching. Her eyes seemed to regain focus, and she looked at me. “What about you?” she said.

With that I got up, my erection leading the way, and moved over to where she was, “Get on your back and put your legs up in the air” I commanded, and when she complied I dove down on her cum soaked pussy and began to feast on it. I don’t know how many men’s cum I wound up swallowing, but I do know she began to cum as soon as my tongue parted her lips. She didn’t stop having orgasm after orgasm until she passed out. I sat back and was startled by the applause coming from all the women in the room! They were letting their husbands and boyfriends know that they liked what they had seen. It was something they wanted. And those guys weren’t all that happy with me — but I didn’t really give a shit.

“Thanks, ladies. I know your men are a little uncertain at the moment. But men, you want your women to know you love them? Then you just found out how. Swallow your pride and swallow what they did for you!” I was soundly kissed by woman after woman and the recent recipient of my talents awoke to see that. Her eyes were heavy lidded as she looked up at me and the reaction from the crowd.

“You are amazing! I don’t see a ring on your finger — I want to know you better.” That was a little over three years ago. Since that time Marcella and I had been a couple. We weren’t inseparable — but we always came back to one another. A year after we met, we were married (it was the second one for both of us) and continued to swing.

Marcella is an amazing woman — not just because she’s the horniest one I’ve met, but because she’s also brilliant and beautiful. She stands six feet tall with a long mane of brown hair, stunning 38DD boobs that end with large brown areolae, and nipples that get hard and grow to an inch in length. She works out hard to maintain that taught, toned body. Not only that, but she has the longest legs I’ve ever seen. They are attached to a delectable ass. Her pussy is shaved and her hair is short.

Me? I’m nothing special. I played some baseball in college, and added some weight-lifting to my workouts. I’m six two, two hundred pounds, and in pretty good shape. I already mentioned that I’m above average in the dick department. As a couple, we often take command of a room when we enter; she dresses in a way that displays her boobs and her body. I take a casual approach to life but somehow I get noticed. Maybe it’s the tan….

We don’t work — I sold my company a year into our marriage, and now I mostly do what I please when I please. One of the things that pleases us is our motorhome — we gave up our house in the suburbs and now manage to travel the country, going where we want. A lot of that time is spent in nudist resorts and clothing/optional parks. No tan lines for us! That means we are free and able to respond to any interesting couple offer we find. And we have.

I encourage Marcella to indulge her lust if the right man (or men) show up. If I don’t go with her, she comes home with a pussy full of cum. I get to clean it out for her and we both get off. In the meantime, we tease and toy with each other, speaking our fantasies and desires. I thought I had the best of it — I loved having her take on multiple partners. They please her in ways I Gaziantep Genç Escort don’t — and then when we’re in private she lets me know new things for me to include. That’s how I found and claimed her g-spot. It’s how we experimented with fisting. I had the woman of my dreams — she loved to fuck and suck but loved me more. I had no qualms about her on her own.

But she surprised me with what she wanted one night. “Adam,” she said, “when are you going to suck cock for me?” I think my mouth hit the floor, and I stuttered.

“But, but, I’m not….”

“Adam, you’ve eaten sperm from I don’t know how many men out of my cunt and you say you love it. I think it’s time you take it from the source. And, from the size of that hard-on, you must have thought of it yourself. Don’t try to get out of it — the idea of turning into a cocksucker turns you on.”

I couldn’t deny that I was hard as steel at the moment. What was bothered me was that I felt like I was caught with my hand in the cookie jar. Or, actually, more like the time my older sister caught me jerking off. I said as much, to which Marcella had the perfect reply. “No pass, buster! You told me she caught you playing with yourself, saw the size of that cock and then took charge. And since that lead to her tutoring in eating pussy, I’d say that was a very good thing. It turned out better than you thought, right? I thank her every time I see her! And you loved it when she gave me my lessons! So, explain that major hardon. The idea of sucking cock appeals to you. Talk to me!”

“Well, I have thought of it. When I watch you doing it, I confess I’ve to imagined myself in that role. Yes, it turns me on. You know how oral I am. There’s something about using my mouth and tongue to make people happy that turns me on. Not sure if I can work my throat into it, but maybe you can help me out. I mean, I know you enjoy it. Or have you been faking it all this time?”

“No, I don’t fake it. It’s a privilege for a man to let me suck his manhood. I think it’s almost a sacred thing. I want him to know that for that moment I am attached to him like no other and I want all his cum. I think they feel it as well.”

“It might be because you are one of the few women who keeps her eyes open and on man instead of his cock. We know you love it. Makes it feel better.”

“You mean like this?” She bent forward and opened her mouth while keeping her eyes on me. As she moved past the head, and as it moved to the back of her throat, her eyes seemed to twinkle. She did something within her mouth and swallowed my cock to the root. I exploded so quickly it was as if I was a teenager getting his first blowjob, not someone who had been swinging for years. She stayed fastened to it, swallowing spurt after spurt of my cum, and eventually I grew soft as she withdrew her mouth.

“Obviously, you are more than interested — you are excited. I can’t remember ever having you cum so quickly!”

“Me either. I admit, the idea of you watching me suck some guys cock has been a hidden dirty fantasy. Obviously not hidden any more. Tell me — there was this thing you did when my cock got to the back of your mouth. What was that? Just before you swallowed it.”

“I yawned. Or at least went through the motions. It opened my throat. Now that you know the secret, we had better move to the next step.” With that she reached into her night stand, grabbed something and rolled out of bed. “I’ll be right back” she said, ducking into the bathroom. She emerged a moment later, but now she suddenly had a dick.

“Get over here mister, and get on your knees.” She was in charge — there was no doubt — so I got out of bed and moved in front of her and sank to my knees on the soft carpeting, My cock had jumped to attention once again.

“This is my cock, and I want you to make love to it. You can close your eyes and pretend it’s the real thing. You will get that soon enough, but this, for now, is where you begin. Now suck me!”

I bent to the task. The dong she had belted on was the 9″ Jeff Stryker realistic cock. I knew because I had given it to her as a present after one particular weekend where she had been gangbanged by 6 guys as big as me or bigger. The skin actually felt like skin. So I touched it with my tongue — it tasted of her. I don’t know how recently it had been in her pussy, but it had her sweet taste to it. I was tentative, and she wasn’t having it.

“Oh no, motherfucker, take it all and do it now!” She grabbed both sides of my head and simultaneously thrust her hips forward and pulled my head towards her — that big cock came to the back of my throat and I gagged. She held me there until I calmed down, gently stroking my head. When I had calmed down, I felt her grip tighten.

“Take a deep breath so you won’t have to worry about that, then when it gets to the back of your throat I want you to yawn — that will open you up.’ With that she pulled me forward and soon her cock was pressing against the back of my mouth. “Yawn” she commanded, and when I went through the motions I felt the dildo enter my throat and slide deep. I looked up at her, surprise and delight on my face, and she smiled down at me.

“Now try swallowing” she said. I could feel how my throat muscles were working that cock — if it had been a real one it would have been milking it. I know — I’ve been the one with the cock down her throat. “You’re a good cocksucker, Adam. And even better — you like what you are doing — look at how hard your dick is!”

It was true — with that big plastic cock buried in my throat my own flesh and blood rod strained for release as if I was a teenager again, horny as hell after catching a flash of my English teacher’s boobs in 9th grade. (That was the time I had to stay seated after the bell because I was too embarrassed to stand up. Of course, that teacher came over and had some interesting things to say…)

She pulled my head off her dong, pushed me back to lie on the floor, and mounted my cock with hers waving in the air, bobbing in time to her boobs as she thrust up and down. It took just a few thrusts before we both came at the same time — one of those things that happens more often in stories than in real life. Then we both fell back on the carpet, gasping.

“Wow. Tell me, Marcella, what had you bring that up tonight?” I asked.

“Well, I was planning to meet with my bull Xander, and it was kind of his idea. Last time we were together I told him how you loved to eat me after I come home, and he said that meant you probably wanted to suck cock but that you would need a push. He was obviously right — and I want you to join us and show him.”

Suddenly, I was on the spot. I had been the one who had her show off to others. The one who encouraged her to indulge in all her fantasies. I was delighted (and probably proud) that I had a gangbang woman, a slut, a hotwife who would screw a roomful of men and women but still preferred me, no matter how handsome the men or how big their cocks. I was living a fantasy — and now she was going to have me honor hers. Never mind that the thought of having her watch me suck making me pay. But the notion of her bull’s dick had me hard immediately.

I laughed. She raised one eye in question. “I just saw what a jerk I was about to be. I want it, but because you want it I was about to be stupid and male. If you want me to be your cock sucking, cum loving, pussy licking man of course I’ll do it.” I rolled onto her and spent the next 20 minutes trying to merge into her. We fell asleep on the floor, both completely spent. I managed to get us into bed to at some point.

We slept late. We both had things to do during the day, so we planned meet up for dinner at a local restaurant with moody lighting and wonderful food. As we sat at the table, about to order, we were joined by a large black man. He kissed Marcella hello, offered me his hand and suddenly I was face to face with Xander.

“Yes,” he said to Marcella, “I can see that he’s hungry for some meat. Do you see how his eyes have swept over me from head to, well, let’s just say, all the edible parts?” We all laughed. When our waitress returned, she took a moment and looked at Marcella and her two studs, smiled and said “honey, I need to get what you got that gets you two major!” We ate, I had more alcohol than usual, and we left together. After a nice meal and more than a little alcohol for me. we left together. Marcella left a good tip when we were done. (She also left her name and number, I found out later.) Marcella got behind the wheel, and had us both sit in the back. She adjusted her mirror and then got on the road back to our house.

Xander turned to face me, spreading his legs and presenting his crotch. There was a large bulge there, growing as I looked. And I couldn’t take my eyes from it.

“See, Marcella? He’s got his eyes on my cock. He’s hungry for it.” With that he took my hand and placed it on the bulge. Then he pulled me into him and kissed me full on the lips! It took me by surprise, but he held me tightly and whispered “relax and enjoy.” So I did. I found myself being kissed, his tongue invading my mouth, his male smell in my nostrils.

Marcella moaned appreciatively. “I forgot to tell you Adam, that Xander’s an amazing kisser. Let him kiss you!”

I closed my eyes and just surrendered to the sensations. I let Xander take charge of my mouth. Meanwhile, my hands were at work on the growing bulge in his pants. I knew he was big, but there’s a difference between hearing a number and feeling a hot, hard, thick cock. Soon my hands were at his belt, undoing it, unbuttoning his pants and unzipping them. I reached into them and under his boxers and put my hands on his big dick. It was electrifying! Some of the sensations were similar to mine — the feel of the skin, the moisture at the tip — but he was inches bigger and thicker. His cock somehow seemed hotter than mine, and his balls were definitely bigger.

“Well, cock sucker, take it out and get to work” Xander commanded. “You know what my nutt tastes like, now it’s time to get it from the source. Suck my dick!”

I freed his monster rod and it jutted out of his pants. I just began to stroke it and rub it. I wanted to feel every inch of it. Then I felt his hands on the back of my head and I bent over towards it. I extended my tongue and began to run it up and down. Like the biggest popsicle ever. It smelled musky, with a hint of some body spray. His cock tasted a bit salty and bitter. I worked my tongue between the foreskin and the head, and kept noticing different tastes. I then opened as wide as possible and started to take his cock into my mouth, all the while running my tongue around it and stroking it with my hands.

There was a sense of power coming from it — it was almost magical.

Xander put his head back and pressed my head down. “He likes it Marcella. I told you, he wanted cock. I’m right.”

I heard her voice. “Don’t cum yet, Xander. I can’t really see anything and I have to keep my eyes on the road to get us home. But I can tell he’s excited — and so am I. I need that big tool in my pussy. You better save me some.”

“Keep driving. You’ll get yours. But you’re right.” With that, he pulled my mouth off his dick and lay my head in his lap. “You won’t finish me in the car. Your wife wants to watch, and anything that makes her hot it good. So you can lick it. You can look at it. You can study it for all I care.” And he lay my head in his lap, facing his now dripping fuck-stick.

The ride home was only a few more minutes. Marcella parked next to the RV. Xander told us to go inside, get naked and wait for him. We unlocked, went in, lowered the lights and put on some music, all while flying out of our clothes. We sat on the couch, directly opposite the doorway and waited. Xander came in, having managed to tuck his cock away and zip up his pants. As soon as made it up the stairs onto the main floor, he pointed down and then beckoned to me. I was on my knees, at his feet, in a flash. My dick was rock hard. Marcella stood beside me and whispered “Go ahead, honey. Suck his cock!”

Then it was just like my fantasy — a big black man with an enormous bulge in his pants in front of my face. I reached over and caressed it, and at the same time once again unfastened his pants and pulled them to his knees. I pulled down his boxers as well, and that big dick sprung up and into my face. This time, with room available, I first went to his balls. My tongue was out, licking at them, testing them, sucking them one at a time into my mouth and then bathing each one in saliva. My hands were trying to grasp the shaft and stroke him. I started kissing and licking and sucking him from the base of his meaty cock to the tip, and then worked my head around to worship both sides. The saliva I left behind became lubrication for my hands, now grasping and twisting and sliding. I heard a moan from Marcella at my side, and felt her hot breath as she got up close. I also her the sounds that had to be her playing with her pussy. She was as turned on as both of us were.

She grabbed his dick and held it straight out. I needed no further commands, so I opened my mouth wide and engulfed the head of it. Xander moaned. I felt a warm glow inside. I pushed forward, taking as much as I could in my mouth and then bobbing my head, sucking at the same time. I remembered Marcella’s training, and pressed his rod to the back of my throat and tried to yawn. That opened my throat and he slipped in. The sensation was amazing! “Try to swallow” said Marcella.

I did, and could feel his cock respond. It grew harder! I pulled back off his cock and gasped for air. Before either of them had anything to say I opened wide and stuffed him into my throat and went further down his shaft than before. I didn’t yet have his entire cock in my throat, but I knew I could and it wouldn’t be long. I came back up, grabbed more air, and then just simply bent my head forward and opened wider. At that point he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into his pubes. I had all of him in my throat and mouth. I looked up at him and he was out of it. That started me and I began to pull back, breath and then dive down his dick. Again and again and again. I could hear Marcella in my ear, the sounds as her fingers flashed in and out of her pussy, the hot, heavy breathing, and so I was making her happy as well. I just kept going.

Suddenly, the hands holding my head stopped me with just his head in my mouth. “I am about to nutt” said Xander. “you ready?”

I dove back down and filled my throat. Now I was sensing that things were about to erupt. His balls tightened. A pulse-like trembling began in the base of that cock and then I could feel it pulsing and blasting. The first few spurts were down my throat. But I wanted to taste his cum, so I pulled back until the head was in my mouth, stroking him all the while. And as his cock jerked and twitched, stream after stream of hot, sweet, sticky cum filled my mouth. I had to keep swallowing because he just didn’t seem to stop. I heard noises from both of them — at the same time I was draining Xander’s big balls, Marcella was cumming on her hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32