I Didn’t Know I Wanted It Pt. 02

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Big Tits

I Didn’t Know What I Wanted Until I Got It-Part Two

This is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and locations are made up. This is not about me or my wife. The tags for this story are cuckold, creampie, creampie eating, chastity, party, and mild bondage. On the advice of some kind commentators, I’m posting part two in Fetish and opening comments. Part one was posted in Loving Wives.


In part one, I did research on the internet to find a way to spice up our love life. Little did I know that my wife, Sarah, was monitoring my web activity. She set up an account on a swinger site and found a kindred spirit in Hotwife69 whose real name was Carla. Sarah and Carla had many long conversations about the state of our love life. I had set up some hidden cameras to get naked pictures of Sarah that I discretely shared online. Sarah found those as well. Then she figured out how to access the raw feed and shared naked pictures of me with Carla.

Once Carla saw photographic proof of my three-centimeter dicklet, she and Sarah planned a swinger party where Sarah could experience orgasms for the first time and also try some real cocks. A major part of their plan was to trick me into being locked in handcuffs and a chastity cage and to have big cocked Brad take my place when the party really got swinging, so to speak.

Once I was securely locked up, Sarah let Brad fuck her and cum in her pussy. They then forced me to eat Brad’s cum out of Sarah’s pussy. While they were fucking, the rest of the partyers had paired off in couples and fucked. I found myself cleaning four more cum-filled pussies after Sarah’s.

The husbands all wanted a turn in Sarah’s pussy, and she accommodated all of them at least once, including twice more with Brad. That was truly a randy crowd. The wives all got fucked again at least twice. You can try the math if you want, but I lost count. I do know that every time a pussy was filled with cum, it was fed to me. Somewhere in all of that, I got released from the handcuffs.

The last pussy I cleaned belonged to Mary, who earlier that evening had said, “Paul gave me the worst head I’ve ever had. Even worse than my first boyfriend.”

I must admit to a feeling of pride when after my final cum eating, Mary said, “Paul, you have made tremendous progress, considering it has only been a few hours. That was adequate pussy licking. You might even get good some day.”

My dicklet twitched in its cage. “Thank you, Mistress.”

We arrived home after the party so tired that both of us just fell into bed and were asleep almost as soon as our heads hit the pillows.

# # #

Sunday morning Sarah was making breakfast when I woke. I went into the bathroom to pee. I realized that the cock cage still on my penis would make it impossible to aim. However, my need to pee was so strong that I sat on the toilet and let it go. My pee was still dripping from the cage when I finished, so I had to dry it with toilet paper. Damn, that was emasculating. Only women sit to pee and need to wipe afterward.

I pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of sweat-shorts and went to the kitchen. “Sarah, get this damn thing off of me.”

“Good morning to you too, Paul. By the way, I need to thank you.”

Momentarily forgetting about the cage, I said, “Thank me for what?”

“For your research to find better ways to please me sexually. I certainly was sexually pleased last night. Eight times, if memory serves right.”

“That wasn’t what I was trying to do. I wanted to find ways for ME to please you sexually.”

“But Darling, you did please me sexually. Not as much as those big cocks did, but it was pleasant when you licked all their creampies out of my pussy. After the first couple creampies, you didn’t have to be forced. After a few more, you didn’t even need to be asked. Now tell the truth. Didn’t it do something for you to be so close to so many naked women and to actually touch them and kiss their pussies? Wasn’t that better than looking at pictures online? “

“I guess. But, I still have a case of blue balls. I need to make love with you, Sarah. Please take this thing off of me so we can go make love.”

“I like that you asked so nicely. I forgot to bring the key home with me. I guess you’ll just have to wait until I can get together with Carla and get the key.”

“How long will that be?”

“Gee, I don’t know.”

“Call her or something!”

“That seemed a bit pushy. I liked the way you treated me last night so much better than you shouting at me like that.”

I decided to mock her. “O please, Mistress Sarah, please karabağlar escort call your friend Carla, and GET THE DAMN KEY.”

“Your words were nice up until the end, but your tone was hostile. That’s no way to persuade someone to do you a favor.”

“You’re right, Darling. What can I do to make it up to you?”

“That’s much better. First, you can do the breakfast dishes. Then, you can lick my pussy. I hear you improved quite a bit last night.”

Amazing what wanting to get my cock out of a cage could do to my thought process. I did the dishes. I don’t know if they got clean, but I sure was fast. Then, I was in the bedroom in a flash, where I found Sarah, fully dressed, sitting on a chair, fiddling with her phone.

“What did she say?”


“Carla, of course.”

“I haven’t called her. You still haven’t convinced me. Get naked. It was a turn-on last night to see you in your cage. It might help today, as well.”

I stripped, as instructed. “Aren’t you getting naked too?”

She sat on the bed, pulled her nightgown up to her waist, and removed her panties. “I don’t want to tempt you too much with you in that cage. You don’t need to see my boobs to lick my pussy. Now, get to it.”

“Yes, Dear.” I got on my knees next to the bed and buried my face between her legs. Even though her pussy was shaved clean, I could still smell the cum from the night before. I had learned that gentle licks were more effective than forceful ones. I licked bottom to top and top to bottom. As the licks piled up, her pussy lips swelled and spread. My tongue found its way deeper and deeper into her slit. Soon, I felt her clit swell and harden.

“Put a finger in me. It felt really good when the guys did that last night.”

Wanting to get this over so I could get unlocked, I put my middle finger in her pussy and pumped it in and out.

“Not quite. Turn your hand over and curl your finger so it rubs the front wall.”

I figured she had learned some new things that she liked, so I gave it a try. She started pumping her hips against my mouth and hand. Her clit got more pronounced. I kept the slow, gentle licks going.

“Right there. Now lick harder and faster.”

Okay, so maybe gentle isn’t always the best? I pressed my tongue hard against her clit and licked it as fast as I could. Her hips moved faster. Her pussy clamped down on my finger. She breathed in gasps. Her skin flushed. She grabbed my head and pushed my face so hard into her pussy that I could barely breathe.

“Oh my god! That’s it. Don’t stop. YES! I’m coming.”

She finally let go of my head. My face was soaked with her juices. We both struggled to catch our breath. After a few minutes, she looked down at me, still between her thighs.

“Your research is paying off here too. That was the first orgasm you have ever given me. Even you are finding ways to please me sexually.”

“Will you please call Carla now?”


“Please. Why not?”

“I don’t need to. We exchanged texts while you were doing the dishes.”


“You are so impatient. You almost make me think that you need something.”

“Please. What did she say? I need to get out of this thing.”

“Okay. I can’t get the key from her. She left a few minutes ago on a flight to the coast to spend a couple weeks with her sister.”

My whole body drooped. “T-t-two weeks? I have to stay locked up for two weeks?”

“Don’t be silly. She said that Brad has the key. I can get the key from him. He will be home tomorrow night watching Monday Night Football. He invited us over to watch the game.”

“Thank God. I don’t know how much longer I can stand this cage.”

# # #

I wanted to get to Brad’s house early so I could get unlocked. The big screen TV had the pregame show on when we arrived. To my surprise, three of Brad’s friends were also there.

Brad ignored me and greeted Sarah. “Sarah, you look magnificent tonight. These are friends from work, Bill, Steve, and Malcolm. Guys, this is Sarah. I told you about her today at lunch. Malcolm is a Brit, and we’re trying to teach him about real football.”

Malcolm spoke up. “Is that chap her cuckold husband?”

“Oh, right,” Brad said, “I don’t remember his name. Just call him ‘Cuck.’ He’ll answer to that.”

All four guys laughed, and Sarah patted me on the head. I turned bright red and wanted to get the hell out of there. I whispered to Sarah, “Please, let’s get the key and go home.”

She turned to face the guys. “Brad, my cuckold wants me to retrieve karaburun escort my key so I can unlock his cock cage. That is what you want, isn’t it Cuck?”

I didn’t think it was possible, but I turned even redder. I hung my head and said, “Yes, please, Mistress.” For the life of me, I don’t know why I called her Mistress. It must have been something about being in front of Brad and being ridiculed again.

Four guys laughed so hard they were close to falling on the floor. Steve stifled his laughter enough to speak. “I’ve never seen a cock cage before. Do you think he’d show us?”

“He’ll do whatever we tell him to,” Brad said, “Won’t you, Cuck?”

I fell back into my role from Saturday. “Yes, Sir.”

Brad said, “Go ahead, Steve, tell him what you want him to do. Tell, don’t ask.”

Steve laughed again. “Cuck, strip naked so we can see your cage.”

“Yes, Sir.” I turned to Brad. “Sir, where may I put my clothes?”

“Throw them in the corner over there.”

I stripped naked and threw my clothing, as instructed, in the corner. The guys all laughed again as I stood there wearing only my cock cage.

Steve said, “Damn, that looks uncomfortable. What happens if you get a hard-on?”

Bill said, “Look how small his dick is. It probably wouldn’t matter. He doesn’t even fill the cage to begin with.”

Malcolm said, “Sarah, has he actually fucked you with that tiny thing?”

Sarah answered, “He called fucking. But even calling it making love would have been an exaggeration. Of course, I hadn’t experienced a real cock until last weekend so I didn’t know what I was missing.”

Brad said, “Cuck if you were a man, you would know that watching football is a very thirsty activity. I served you drinks at Saturday’s party. Tonight you will serve drinks to me and my friends. Bring us all a beer. You’ll find them in the kitchen.”

Sarah went to Brad and gave him a big passionate kiss. He grabbed her ass and pulled her into him as he pushed his tongue deep into her mouth.

“Brad honey, any chance I can get some of your cock before I have to go home with him?”

“You can have four cocks in that cunt of yours if you play your cards right. I have an idea. Have you ever wanted to be a cheerleader?”

“Oh yeah. I always wanted to, but I was too ugly in high school.”

“I can’t believe that. Like I told you on the phone, I have a cheerleader outfit for you upstairs in my bedroom. Put it on and come back down here and we’ll try to get your cunt stuffed a few times.”

Sarah scooted up the stairs to change. A few minutes later, she came back down in the skimpiest cheerleader outfit I had ever seen. The multi-color skirt didn’t quite cover her butt, and as she came down the stairs, her pussy was clearly visible. The top was fairly conventional with two wide straps over the shoulders. It stopped being conventional where the fabric stopped just below her nipples.

Brad gathered his friends. “Guys, we have the opportunity to make this a special game. This hotwife discovered real cocks on Saturday, and she wants more. She is going to cheer both teams for us. The way this works is every time a team scores on the field, one of us scores with Sarah. Since I’m the host, I’ll go fourth. I suggest you three draw cards or something to decide who goes when.”

Bill said, “I have to go first. I don’t do sloppy seconds!”

“You don’t understand, Bill,” Brad answered. “This game is supposed to be a shootout. Everyone should get multiple shots at this hot cunt. But, none of them will be sloppy-“

Steve interrupted, “Hey man, I don’t do no raincoats. It’s bareback or nuthen.”

Brad continued, “We’ll all go bareback and no worries about slogging through another guy’s cum. Sarah brought her cuckold who is an experienced cunt cleaner. He’ll suck all our cum out of her in between us banging her. Figure out who goes when. They’re ready to kick off.”

I don’t follow sports and don’t know football teams or very much about the sport. The announcer got all excited at the kickoff when one of the players ran the ball all the way to the other end of the field.

Malcolm had drawn first honors. “That was so fast that she can’t be ready yet. Cuck, lick her pussy and get her wet for me.”

“Lay down on the floor for me, Cuck, and lick my pussy like the man said.”

I got down on my back. Sarah kneeled over my head facing my feet and pushed her pussy down on my face. In that position, I could kind of breathe, except my nose was against her asshole. I lick as well as I could until karşıyaka escort Sarah stood up.

“That actually felt nice, but I should be wet enough now, and I need a cock.”

Malcolm had stripped while I was eating Sarah’s pussy. The guys teased him about his small cock. I wondered what they were packing because his had to be about seven inches standing straight out from his body. Brad had put a mat on the floor where Sarah was on her back. Malcolm lowered himself between her knees and pushed his cock directly into her pussy.

She moaned and said, “That feels so nice and it’s so much bigger than what my husband has.”

Malcolm just grunted, slammed his cock into her pussy for about five minutes, and filled it with cum. As he pulled out, Sarah said, “I liked the way you licked my pussy when you were on your back. Cuck, lay down so I can sit on your face.”

This was a new experience for me. So far, I had always eaten creampies with the woman lying on her back. I got on my back, and Sarah straddled my face. I didn’t have to work nearly as hard to clean her pussy. In this position, Malcolm’s cum, assisted by gravity, dripped out of my wife’s pussy and directly on my tongue. I eagerly licked and swallowed, while my nose once again was rubbing Sarah’s asshole. I was no longer getting any cum and wanted to make her cum, but I was interrupted by another touchdown. Actually, I was interrupted when Bill pulled Sarah off my face to claim his prize.

By halftime, the score was 21-17 and I had eaten six loads of cum from Sarah’s pussy. At the end of regulation, the 45-45 score meant that I had eaten 14. In overtime, the first team kicked a field goal, then the second team had a touchdown to win the game 52-48. Sarah had taken 18 loads of cum in her pussy, and I had eaten every one. Everyone was near exhaustion. As we dressed, I whispered to Sarah, “Darling Mistress, could we please get my key? I am so horny.”

Sarah straightened up and, loud enough for everyone to hear, said, “Brad honey, my cuckold just reminded me that I haven’t asked for MY key to his dinky dicklet.”

“Right. I almost forgot. I got it from Carla Saturday. Because you were awesome your first time swinging, I wanted to get you something to go with it.” Brad opened a drawer in his coffee table and handed Sarah a gift-wrapped box about four inches square.”

“Oh, Brad, You shouldn’t have.”

“You’ve earned it. Please, open it.”

She opened the box and extracted a small silver chain with two charms and a key hanging from it. “It’s beautiful, but what are the charms for?”

“The ‘H’ and ‘W’ stand for hotwife. The key, of course, is the key to the cage on your husband’s toddler pee-pee. You wear it on your ankle to show the world that you are a hotwife and that you keep your husband in chastity.”

“Brad, I love it. I’d ask you to fuck me to celebrate it, but my pussy is just too sore tonight. Maybe we can get together in a couple days and consummate the gift?”

“Anytime you want, lovely lady. Anytime you want.”

# # #

The next evening, Sarah sat me down to talk about the events of the last three days. I was still in my cage, and Sarah was wearing her anklet with the key to my freedom.

“Paul, your research has brought me more sexual satisfaction than I knew existed. I still love you, perhaps even more than I did before. I know I’ve been very demanding of you and so have my lovers. I really would like to continue as your hotwife, but we could try to go back to the way things were if you can’t bear continuing. What are your thoughts?”

“Mistress, I didn’t know what I wanted until I got it. Almost all of the porn that I read and watched turned me on. But, until you locked me up and fucked those guys in front of me, I didn’t realize that it was the cuckold and hotwife stuff that really got me going. If we continue, could we still make love once in a while?”

“Yes, my darling cuckold, but only when it’s my idea.”

“That would be wonderful. I don’t have enough cock to demand or even to request access to your body. Could we have a safe word in case something comes up that just goes too far? Maybe something so non-sexual that it has no chance of coming up accidentally.”

“How about ‘broccoli’ for our safe word?”

“Broccoli is great,” I said

“Also, is there anywhere you want to draw the line?”

“I’m so glad you asked. I love being your servant and doing anything for you, but I’m not gay or even bi. I would hate sucking a cock or getting fucked up my ass. Eating their cum from your pussy is something I do for you, not for them. It’s you that I love. It’s you that I want to give pleasure to. It’s you that I will serve without question.”

“That works for me. Would you like to make love?”

“Oh, yes please, Mistress!”

“Wonderful. If you’re a good boy, maybe I’ll let you out of your cage next Sunday. Right now you need to lick my pussy.”

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