I Call on Elizabeth

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Elizabeth is a big, beautiful woman who sometimes doubts the second “B” in that expression. Although I assure her every time I call on her, and on the telephone in between those times, she still sometimes thinks of herself as being just a fat woman. Fashion designers and others in that industry might think so too, but they are probably mostly gay, so what do they know. As far as I am concerned, she is built the way a woman should be built.

A few days ago she was in need of my reassurance when I went to call on her. Elizabeth was wearing a bathrobe and it was tightly wrapped around her big, sexy breasts and ass. Her hair, which she tells me is called “Tropical Sunset”, was down, and hanging halfway down her back. She has a pretty face with a very fair complexion, dark green eyes and a spattering of freckles. Besides her face, she has freckles scattered all over body and I tell her that I think they add to her beauty and charm. After we had hugged and kissed hello, she turned around and asked me “Does this robe make my ass look fat?”

“Elizabeth, that robe makes your ass look big and beautiful, just like I know it is. You are a very sexy lady, and coming from me that means something. There are some men who might say you’re fat, but they don’t know what is really beautiful, the way I do and most other straight men do.”

She smiled then, feeling a little better and unfastened and opened her robe, showing off her, lovely breasts with their big nipples that I know are highly sensitive. “You might say you think I’m beautiful, but come into the bedroom with me and prove it.” Eagerly, I followed her, removing my shirt on the way.

Once in the bedroom, Elizabeth dropped her robe on the floor and lay, smiling, on her bed. Her head was propped up on some pillows and she held her arms out to me in an invitation. After my shirt and shoes joined her robe on the floor, I answered that invitation, and lay next to her. One arm was around her with the other hand cupping her lovely breast that was waiting for my mouth. Before kissing her nipple, I kissed her lips, and then her eyes and down her throat. By the time I reached her nipples, Elizabeth was murmuring happily, and she was even happier when I started licking her there.

As I licked with broad strokes, I was happy also because her nipples feel almost as good to my tongue as my tongue feels to them. I enjoy both her firm nipples, and both deserve my attention so I switched from one to the other, licking first with broad strokes and then with short jabs of the tip of my tongue. Elizabeth purred happily as I switched back and forth, from one of her lovely twins to the other. Hopefully, she was convinced that she is indeed beautiful.

She placed her hands under her breasts, offering them to me and said “Okay, George. I will admit that you think my boobies are pretty enough to lick but do you think they are pretty enough to suck?” A rhetorical question, of course, and I didn’t answer, except to pull one of her succulent mounds into my mouth and start licking the nipple and tracing the areola while I sucked on the luscious flesh. My lips formed a seal as my mouth expressed unspoken adoration of Elizabeth’s breasts. Not just one of them, of course, because the twins are equally lovely, so my mouth moved back and forth between them. While I was sucking these two lovely mounds, since Elizabeth was holding them in place for me and my hands were free, I removed my pants and underwear so we were both equally naked.

“Allright, George,” Elizabeth panted to me. “I guess you do like my boobies. But what about my cootie? You have been ignoring her.” What most women would call their “pussies”, Elizabeth calls her “cootie”, but I had no problem understanding what she meant. Since actions speak louder than words, I didn’t say anything, just started licking my way down Elizabeth’s soft belly toward her reddish-brown pubic hair. When I reached that target, I looked up and saw her smiling at me. Smiling even more, she took one pillow from under her head and handed it to me, while she snuggled her head into the other.

With the pillow in my hand, I got off the bed and went around to the foot, where I got back on between Elizabeth’s spread legs. While I knelt there, she raised her large and lovely ass off the bed and I slipped the pillow under her and she settled back down, her legs raised and her adorable pink pussy presented to me. I positioned my shoulders against the underside of her thighs, wrapped my arms around them and leaned forward to enjoy the fragrance of Elizabeth’s delightful pussy. “How long do you think it’ll take you to cum today?” I asked her. The first time I ate Elizabeth’s pussy she told me it was very difficult for her to cum from oral sex, but after just over an hour, very pleasurable for both of us, of my face buried in her crotch, Elizabeth came, big-time. She was amazed that I had been willing and able to spend that much time eating her cootie but I had enjoyed every minute of it, and I always want my lady friends to enjoy making Escort bayan love with me.

“As long as we need,” she answered.

That sounded good to me because the longer I spend eating Elizabeth’s pussy, the more I like it. As always, I started by savoring the taste of fresh juices from her pussy and after that, I slowly worked my way along her outer pussy lip. My tongue traveled slowly, up the surface, enjoying the smooth, moistness, until I reached the point where her outer and inner labia are close together. After that, I licked her inner lip from where it started and then between the two, probing the seam with my tongue and licking both surfaces. Elizabeth’s pussy felt really great to my mouth and I must have felt good to her too because I could hear her cooing her pleasure and her pussy was humping into my face. “I really love that, George,” she said. “I love the way you eat my pussy. Keep doing that. It may take a long time, but I know you will make me cum.”

When I reached the end of her inner lip, where it combines with her other inner lip to form her clit hood, I kept my tongue moving slowly up the outer lip until I reached its end. Her mons is part of Elizabeth’s pussy so I licked her there, feeling the soft pubic hair that tickled my tongue. Usually, I avoid a woman’s clit and clit hood until after I have spent a lot of time eating her pussy but on this occasion, after I licked the top of her hood, I curled my tongue under to briefly caress the adorable clit that is protected there. Contact with this sweetest of sweet spots caused Elizabeth to start fucking her pussy into my face harder, and caused more fragrant juice to spurt from her love hole. After enjoying the nectar from her pussy, I started licking the other outer pussy lip.

This lip and its inner mate deserved and received the same treatment as the other labia, except this time, when my tongue caressed Elizabeth’s clit, I continued for a longer time, enjoying the feel of its engorged sides and top. When Elizabeth was ready to cum, I would be sucking this sweet charmer, and licking it a lot more but that was still some time off. Although she would cum sooner that she did the first time with me, I still spend a long time eating Elizabeth’s pussy, longer than I spend with most women. That is by no means a complaint, because I always enjoy taking a long time eating pussies and I relish every second, every kiss and every stroke of my tongue. Elizabeth feels the same way. “Oooo, God, George, that is wonderful. You really know what my cootie likes,” she said.

After pleasuring my tongue and her clit, I moved back down to feel Elizabeth’s pussy fucking harder into my face and to taste the fresh juices that she had produced. They were delicious, as expected, and after licking them from her pink love hole, I brought my tongue down below that delightful orifice and probed the rim and just below. Next, I slowly and firmly licked along first one side and then the other of this adorable place, feeling and tasting the delectable juices dripping out onto my tongue. I sneaked a peek at Elizabeth, and I saw her head and shoulders squirming luxuriously into her pillow, enraptured by what I was doing. She was a very pleasant sight, almost as pleasant as the feel of her pussy fucking my face or the sound of her cooing that was starting to turn to moans of pleasure. Eating a pussy, especially Elizabeth’s, is a treat for all my senses but the best parts were the Heavenly aroma and the flavor of the juices that were dripping out of her for me to relish. “Keep eating my cootie,” she begged. “I want to cum really big today.”

Elizabeth would cum, and really big; I was confident of that, but not until my mouth and her pussy had pleasured one another for a long time yet. I licked the area where I had been before, between one pair of her inner and outer pussy lips, all the way to her mons, and when I reached that point, I again caressed her clit hood with my tongue. Next I licked the other pair of lips, and this time, after I had reached her mons and massaged her clit hood, I curled my tongue underneath to again massage the adorable love toy that was hiding there. “In a little while,” I thought at Elizabeth’s clit “I will be sucking and licking you at the same time but, for now, I will just lick you.” Although her clit didn’t answer my thoughts, the rest of her pussy did, by fucking even harder into my face. Her pussy also kept producing her delicious juices and I continued enjoying them.

After my tongue had finished its second tour of Elizabeth’s pussy lips, I could tell she was getting close to cumming. I did not think “It’s about time”, because I was really enjoying myself. Elizabeth was too; her pussy was jamming into my face and producing a steady stream of delicious juices. Her moans were ending in whimpers and her ass was rocking back and forth on the bed as it does when she gets close to cumming. Although I was in no hurry, and neither was she, I believed it was almost time to concentrate on her clit.

Earlier, Bayan Escort I had probed around Elizabeth’s pink love hole and I started licking there again. The taste and texture at the entrance to her vagina were delightful, and I took my time licking one edge and then the other. The inner surfaces of her pussy lips are very sensitive and I probed there next, licking under one lip and moving my tongue across her hole to lick under the other lip. “Yes, George. Keep eating my cootie. Don’t stop. I’m almost there,” was Elizabeth’s urgent request in between her moans and whimpers of pleasure.

I knew she was almost “there” and I had no intention of stopping. Whether you call it her cootie or her pussy, eating what Elizabeth has between her legs is a great pleasure, especially as she gets closer to cumming. As I continued to move my tongue back and forth from one inner lip to the other, Elizabeth got even closer and her juices ran freely from her pussy. To avoid wasting any more than I could help, and to please my taste buds, I scooped some of the fresh juices from her love hole every time my tongue crossed over.

When my tongue reached the top of her love hole, I started probing the upper rim, indirectly stimulating Elizabeth’s adorable clit. Her thighs rotated out, completely presenting her pussy to my mouth, and her hips started swiveling under my face, thrusting her legs out over my shoulders. By that time, her pussy was ramming into my face, and her ass was bouncing ecstatically on the bed. Mixed with her whimpering, I could hear Elizabeth saying “Yes! I wanna cum! Suck my clit. Wanna cum,” as her upper body thrashed around on the bed. She was right. The time had arrived for Elizabeth to cum.

I probed my tongue under her clit hood and felt the engorged clit throbbing against my tongue, and then I clamped my mouth around her love button, with my lips forming a seal, and started sucking. With my tongue, I caressed her clit, enjoying the feel of its engorged top and sides. My sucking and caressing went on for two or three minutes until Elizabeth joyfully sang out “Yes! Yes! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Suck my clit!” Her legs squeezed my temples and her hands pressed on the back of my head while she slammed her pussy against my face. Elizabeth’s hips continued to swivel, thrusting her legs out and jerking my head around while her whole body pitched and rolled on the bed. For as long as Elizabeth was in the throes of cumming, she kept pleading with me to suck her clit, while keeping my face securely fastened to where it needed to be. Both my arms held securely to her thighs while my face was mashed into her pussy, and my mouth held tightly to Elizabeth’s clit while my tongue caressed her.

Elizabeth had taken a long time to cum and once she started, her cumming lasted a wonderfully long and very enjoyable time. Some of the best minutes of my life have been spent with my face pressed against Elizabeth’s pussy while she was cumming and this time was no exception. Finally, she climaxed with a last, great spasm of her entire body and collapsed against the bed, relaxed and exhausted. Her hands released my head and flopped at her sides. Elizabeth left her legs draped over my shoulders but they no longer gripped my head and her hips had stopped swiveling. Elizabeth had totally climaxed and she totally enjoyed it, as she always does.

After a few seconds, I removed my mouth from her clit and sucked some of her fresh cum juices from Elizabeth’s pussy. I licked everything off her lips and from around her love hole, and even some from the hole but I left most in there. As soon as Elizabeth recovered and regained her strength, I expected to slide my cock in there, and I wanted her juices to perform their natural function. After enjoying all the fresh juice that I was going to, I pulled a corner of the sheet out from under the mattress and wiped the excess off my face. That is sexual etiquette because I expected to be kissing Elizabeth.

She was still smiling as I moved up to lie beside her and cuddle. “George, I guess you do like my cootie, at least enough to eat it really good. The question now is, do you like my cootie enough to stick in your cock?”

“Elizabeth, of all the pleasurable things there are in the world to do, the only thing I prefer to eating your wonderful pussy is fucking your wonderful pussy. Let me know when you are ready.”

Her smile got wider. “Flatterer. Just let me rest for a minute and we will see if your cock is as good as your tongue.” Elizabeth rolled against me and we hugged with the entire lengths of our bodies, both of us enjoying the contact. She had called me a flatterer but I had told the truth. At that time and place, eating her pussy and fucking her pussy were the two most pleasurable things in the world. I would say, with complete truth, the same thing about any of my lady friends when I am with them. Elizabeth was probably aware of this but she didn’t pursue the subject because she knows that I never talk about my other lady friends.

When Escort she was ready, Elizabeth rolled over and got onto her hands and knees. From experience, I know she likes to start out doggy style, and switch to an unusual sideways position and finish in the missionary position. She had placed a pillow by her right side for when we changed to the sideways position. I enjoy making love with Elizabeth any way she wants, but my favorite is the full body contact of the missionary position and I especially like to enjoy a mutual orgasm while there. With Elizabeth on her knees, I rolled on my condom, knelt behind her and spread her freckled ass cheeks. Her pretty pink rosebud winked at me but all I did was look because that’s all she lets me do. Juices were running from Elizabeth’s pussy down both her legs and onto the bed, and she reached underneath herself and spread her pussy lips. With one hand I steadied myself and with the other I guided my cock to the entrance to her love hole. With one gentle shove, the tip entered Elizabeth’s pussy.

After the initial penetration, she let go of her pussy lips and leaned forward so her weight was on her knees and elbows, with her face pressed into her pillow. Her ass and pussy were high in the air for my pleasure, and for me to pleasure her. Two more gentle strokes and my cock was buried in Elizabeth’s lovely pussy. “Mmmmmm,” she murmured. “I really love that. Fuck me slow and deep.”

Slow and deep it was. One hand was on either of her thighs and I moved my hips back and forth, stroking my cock slowly into Elizabeth’s pussy, as deep as I could. After two strokes, she started thrusting back to meet me, and my cock going in and out of her sopping wet pussy made a pleasant, squishing noise. Neither of us would cum for quite a while, especially with the slow strokes we were using but Elizabeth prefers to start in this position and I have no objection. She murmured again, “Ooooo, that feels really good. Take it easy; we’ve got all day. Let’s just fuck.” Since that sounded like a wonderful idea, I heartily agreed.

But fucking all day doesn’t mean the same position all day. After about ten minutes of slow strokes in the doggy position, Elizabeth, in between her sighs and moans of pleasure, let me know she wanted to change position. She slowly rolled to her right so her hip was on the pillow. Her right leg slid forward and her left leg rose until I ducked under and let its calf rest on my right shoulder. The combination of the pillow and her own big ass put Elizabeth’s pussy at a good position, and I turned toward her and started plunging my cock in and out of her as soon as the shift was completed. One thing Elizabeth likes about this position is that she can control the speed and direction of our mutual strokes and I let her have that control.

For the first few strokes, she fucked back to meet my thrusts in the same rhythm I had started, but she soon wanted to use the circular motion she favors. My strokes didn’t change much but I timed them so my cock plunged into her pussy in time to give the maximum contact with her clit. For a few minutes, the sensation of Elizabeth’s clit rubbing against the left side of my cock was strange but the pleasure was quickly too great for me to notice anything unusual. My moans of pleasure as I stroked my cock in and out mingled with her moans to form an erotic duet.

One of the many beautiful features of Elizabeth is her large, freckly breasts with their pink nipples. Earlier, I had enjoyed the taste and the feel of them on my tongue and now I was enjoying the sight of them, swaying to her motions. I reached out and caressed her there, feeling the erect nipple against my fingers. She enjoyed the feeling too so Elizabeth bent toward me so I could fully fondle the lovely globes with my left hand. With her calf resting on my right shoulder, I could only fondle Elizabeth with one hand but I made the most of that much, while slowly driving my cock into her pussy and feeling her thrust back to meet me.

Five minutes in each preliminary is about all Elizabeth wants and after that long “sideways”, she was ready to shift into the missionary position. This was easier than moving from doggy style because all she had to do was remove her leg from my shoulder and complete rolling over. With my cock buried all the way in her pussy, I waited until she had completed moving and then I leaned forward and curled my arms under hers, bringing us face to face, which is what I like most about the missionary position. When she turned, I could feel my cock twisting but Elizabeth was so wet that her pussy easily turned around my shaft.

I slowly pulled my cock back for the first stroke in this new position, and I could see Elizabeth smiling at me and then she puckered up her lips and reached her arms to me. As I stroked my cock forward into her, I kissed her gently, and she hugged me around my neck, so our faces would stay close together. This intimacy is what I most like about this position. My lips remained pressed against hers as I drew back for the second thrust, and this time, when I moved forward, Elizabeth pushed her pussy back to meet me. All my weight was on my knees and elbows so she had full freedom to move under me, and Elizabeth was glad to use that freedom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32