Husband’s Fantasy Backfires Pt. 07

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Hours later, Jen staggered out of the shower. Luckily, the kids had been out with Maria when she got home. She looked in the mirror. Her face was bruised and her right eye swollen shut from all the hard slaps she’d gotten during the rape. There were bite marks and hickeys all over her neck, shoulders and breasts, and it hurt to walk or sit. She got into bed and curled into a ball under the covers.

But it wasn’t the aches of her body that hurt the most. It was the violation of her body and, much worse, the humiliating way her rapists had been able to make her cum, over and over again. She thought of the way the black men had cum inside her, shooting what seemed like gallons of their fertile seed into her womb. Yes, she was on the pill, but birth control wasn’t 100% foolproof. She hugged her pillow and cried.

An hour later Mike called. He said there was an emergency at work and he needed to go out of town for a few days. After hanging up, she cried some more. Now she wouldn’t even have her husband to comfort her. But then, he’d probably get turned on by her gang bang, and with that thought she got resentful and angry with her husband. If not for his fantasies, she’d never have met Tyrone and none of this would have happened. A part of her knew this thinking was unfair, but she wasn’t thinking rationally. She decided she’d never tell him what happened. In fact, she’d never tell anyone, it would be too humiliating. She thought of calling Darius, but she didn’t want him to see her like this.

Disheartened, she did the only thing she knew would make her feel better. She went to her dresser and took out her stash of cocaine.

A few weeks later, Jen pushed the shopping cart through the grocery store, picking up food for dinner. All her bruises had healed. By the time Mike had gotten home from his business trip, two weeks ago, she’d mostly healed; she’d lied to him and said the remaining bruises had been from rough sex from Darius. He’d gotten excited and she’d had to make up a story, pretending to be excited while dying inside.

Male heads turned her way as she passed through the aisles of the market. She noticed, but pretended not to. She’d drawn male attention her entire life. Normally she liked it; it was a big ego boost. But not today. Since the rape, she’d been like a scared mouse, wary of men’s eyes, jumping whenever someone touched her. She hated feeling that way. She’d always been an outgoing, bubbly, flirtatious girl, and she hated the way she felt now.

She got home, feeling jittery, her hands shaking. Hurrying to her bedroom, she took out her vial of coke. With shaky hands, she formed 4 lines with a razor blade, then snorted two lines into each nostril. She closed her eyes as the feeling of calm caressed her like a mother’s touch. She was taking coke 3 or 4 times each day now. She knew it was too much, but it was the only thing that helped her be like herself.

She undressed, then put on tights and a leotard. Looking into a mirror, she didn’t like the way the skimpy leotard showed the bulge in her belly and the weight she’d gained in her behind and upper thighs. Disheartened, she realized she’d gained even more weight (she could check for sure but she and the scale were no longer on speaking terms). But, that’s why she was determined to go to her dance class. Her dance outfit was similar to the ones worn by all the tight-bodied teenagers in her class, and her ego didn’t allow her to put on something less revealing.

At the dance class, she had a hard time keeping up with the other girls, all of whom were at least 20 years younger. She hadn’t been to class in weeks, and it showed. She was out of practice and didn’t have nearly the stamina of the younger girls. Also, the cocaine affected her coordination so she had a hard time making the intricate moves of the routines. Stopping for a break while the other girls continued, she felt embarrassed at her poor performance.

Teri, one of the instructors at the dance studio, pulled her aside. Teri was a few years younger than Jen. The two women had known each other for a couple of years. “Jen, are you okay?” Teri asked, concern in her voice.

Jen nodded, still catching her breath from the last routine. “Yeah, just trying to get back into it,” she said. “I guess I’ve let myself get out of shape.”

“You still look great,” Teri said politely, although her quick up and down glance of Jen and resulting frown revealed what she really thought. She looked uncomfortable, as if she wanted to ask something but didn’t know how to start. Finally she decided to just ask. “Hey — are you and Mike okay? One of my friends — Steffi, you know, she works out here sometimes? She told me she’s seen you a lot clubbing with a buncha young guys.”

Jen’s cheeks turned red. Teri was single and led a hip, carefree life, so it wasn’t surprising she had friends who went to the same bars as the Stallions. Now that Jen thought about it, it was surprising she hadn’t run into Teri while partying with the Stallions. “Mike and I, um, well, we have an arrangement.”

Teri looked quizzically at her friend, and then understanding came bursa otele gelen escort to her face. “You and Mike have an open relationship?” she asked with more than a little shock.

Jen shrugged with a sheepish grin. “Something like that.”

Teri nodded slowly, as if processing what Jen was telling her. As she thought about it, it made sense. Jen was a hottie, and Mike … well … he wasn’t. She’d always wondered how they’d ended up together. “Steffi sees you with a really hot Greek looking guy?”

Jen nodded. She couldn’t help feeling proud. “His name’s Darius.”

Teri nudged closer and whispered conspiratorially, “Steffi says she gets wet just looking at him.”

Jen nodded and whispered back with a hint of awe in her voice, “He’s incredible in bed.”

The two girls broke out in giggles and Teri gave Jen an impressed look. “You go girl!” she said admiringly. “Maybe I can party with you sometime? Steffi says all those guys are hot!”

Jen considered her friend. Teri was certainly cute, and she had a tight dancer’s body. Feeling a little prideful, Jen also knew she was prettier than Teri, despite her out-of-shape condition, so she wouldn’t have to worry about Teri taking attention away from her. “Sure,” Jen said, giving Teri a dazzling smile.

Jen felt great as she gathered her things at the end of class. She stopped and chatted with the moms and dads who waited for their daughters to emerge from the locker room. She pretended not to notice the lustful looks directed her way from many of the dads. She knew her nipples (hard from the workout) were denting her spandex leotard. She felt like herself again for the first time since the rape. Her spirits were high as she left the studio, and she realized she felt a sense of longing after talking with Teri about Darius. She hadn’t seen Darius since the rape, and he’d been calling and texting her non-stop about going out. She decided to go out that evening. She knew Mike wouldn’t mind. In fact, he probably missed hearing about her and other men.

Out of earshot, Jen didn’t hear the catty things the moms said about her, like how she’d gained so much weight, how the youngish dance outfit she wore didn’t look so good on her anymore, and how they’d noticed some lines around her eyes. While outwardly friendly, many of the moms were envious of Jen’s looks and (as a result) didn’t like her. While the women gossiped, a number of the dads watched Jen disappear out the door. While she may have gained some weight, she was still prettier and hotter than their wives.

Later that evening, Jen stood in a trendy bar in Manhattan having fun with her friends, a Cosmopolitan in her hand and Darius’s arm around her waist. From time to time her hand brushed against Darius’s crotch so she knew he was hard for her, which made her feel good. She couldn’t wait to get him into bed. It had been over a month since she’d felt him inside her.

Jen saw Tyrone across the room. When he turned she quickly looked away. She felt him looking at her, but she avoided making eye contact.

Darius pulled her close and whispered hotly in her ear, “Let’s get out of here.”

“Okay,” Jen agreed immediately. In addition to being hot for Darius’s body, she wanted to get away from Tyrone.

Darius expertly flicked his tongue in Jen’s ear, making her shiver. “You up for a threesome?” he said.

Jen shuddered excitedly at his offer, thinking back to that time with both Darius and Kyle. Her pussy tingled as she imagined Darius in her pussy and Kyle in her ass. They’d tried that before without success. But the black men had taken her that way more than once, and she’d orgasmed from it. The memory shamed her, but the thought of Darius and Kyle taking her that way got her wet.

Darius grinned at Jen’s reaction. “You like the idea, don’t you?”

Jen smiled back teasingly. “It doesn’t suck.”

Darius’s grinned turned lecherous. “Wait for me here, I’ll go get Christy.”

“Christy? What?” Jen asked with a start. “I thought you meant Kyle.”

“Come on, babe, you had your fun, now it’s my turn.”

Just then Christy walked up, wrapping her arms around Darius as she smirked at Jen. “How about it honey,” she said, “do you wanna fuck?”

Jen frowned. Clearly they’d planned this in advance, and she didn’t like it. She’d never been with a girl before and had no interest, but of course she knew it was a typical male fantasy. She could barely stand to be in the same room with Christy, she definitely wasn’t going to take her clothes off in front of her.

Christy seemed to read Jen’s mind. She leaned close. “Don’t worry, I promise not to mention this to Darius,” she whispered into Jen’s ear as she pinched the roundness of Jen’s tummy. She giggled seeing the anger on Jen’s face.

“Bitch,” Jen hissed.

Then to her shock, she heard Darius chuckle. “Come on Jen, she’s just teasing you,” he said flippantly. “Besides, you have put on some pounds lately.”

Jen stared wide eyed at Darius, feeling hurt and shocked. She didn’t trust herself to say anything. So, without saying escort bayan anything, she turned and walked away. Darius called after her but she didn’t stop.

Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worst she ran into Tyrone. “Hey, Jenny, come over here, I want to talk to you.” He wore a smile but he wasn’t asking her, he was telling her.

Her thoughts of Darius and Christy vanished, replaced by fear.

Not waiting for an answer, Tyrone put his arm firmly around her and led her into the backroom where they were alone. He closed the door and then faced her. “I haven’t seen you around lately Jenny,” he said, his eyes looking her up and down. “You look good, as pretty as ever.” He ran his hand along her cheek, where his henchmen had slapped and bruised her. “Good as new.”

Jen pulled away and moved towards the door. “I’ve got to go.”

“I didn’t say you could go Jenny,” Tyrone said. He didn’t raise his voice, but it was filled with menace and danger. She stopped and turned back around to face him, barely able to keep her hands from shaking.

Smiling, Tyrone motioned with his finger for Jen to come closer. She did, and he once again ran his fingers across her cheeks. “Do you have any coke left, the shit I gave you?”

Jen nodded. “A little.”

“That’s good. Because I haven’t seen you in a while, and I don’t want you going to anyone else for it, you understand me Jenny?”

“Yes, I understand,” Jen said in a quivering voice, not wanting to think about what he’d do to her if she disobeyed him.

He dipped his finger into a canister, his finger tip emerging covered with white powder. He ran his finger across Jen’s lips. “This shit is new, just got it from a dude in Costa Rica, really pure shit.” He pushed his finger into Jen’s mouth. “You like it?”

Jen had done a few lines before leaving home, but still she noticed the powerful effect the new strain of cocaine had on her. “Yeah,” she breathed.

Tyrone smiled. He pulled out a small bag and stuffed it into Jen’s purse. “See? If you’re nice to me, I’m nice to you.” He motioned to the table a few feet away. It was covered with canisters of drugs, a lit burner and syringes. “If you really want to feel good, you need to use a needle. I’m got some heroine that’ll make you feel better than you’ve ever felt in your life.”

“No, that’s okay,” she said immediately. She didn’t want to use needles, and she certainly didn’t want to take heroine. It scared her. The coke was already bad enough. “I’m actually trying to cut back,” she added.

“Is that right?” Tyrone said, a skeptical knowing smile on his face. A little powder remained on Jen’s lips. With his finger, he wiped it off her lips, and then pushed his finger into her mouth. Jen greedily licked his finger, her body wanting to feel the intense euphoria of the pure cocaine. Tyrone’s smile grew wider. “Now you need to be nice to me Jenny,” he said, trailing his finger over her chin, down her neck and then onto her shoulder, where he applied slight pressure. It took all her self-control to not shudder from disgust at his touch. He pushed down more forcefully. Seeing no other choice, she got down on her knees.

“Look up at me Jenny,” he commanded, running a black hand through her long, silky blonde hair. He liked looking into his whore’s eyes when they surrendered to him.

Jen knew she had no choice. While looking into his eyes, she reached up and unzipped his pants. She reached in and pulled out his hard cock. Then she took him into her mouth. Tyrone groaned and he roughly laced his fingers through her blonde hair.

A few minutes later Jen got to her feet, a little unsteady in her high heels, the bitter taste of Tyrone’s spunk in her mouth. The delicate silk of her stockings was scuffed and laddered around her knees.

Tyrone zipped up his pants, his chest still heaving. “You know how to suck cock, I’ll give you that Jenny,” he said with a satisfied smile.

Jen hurriedly ran a hand through her hair and straightened her skirt. “I’ve got to go,” she said wanting to get away from the black man.

“I’m not done with you yet Jenny,” Tyrone said, motioning into the shadows at the back of the room. Suddenly three large black men emerged. Jen screamed as two of them grabbed her arms and pushed her down on a table. “No, Tyrone, please, not again,” she begged, afraid she was going to be raped again.

“Don’t worry Jenny, I’m not gonna let them hit you, not this time.” He stroked her cheek. “I wanna keep you pretty.” He nodded at his henchmen. The man on Jen’s right pulled up her sleeve. The third man picked up a syringe filled with heroin.

Jen shrugged, “No, don’t,” she begged.

Tyrone and the other 3 men laughed. The man holding the syringe said, “Don’t worry bitch, we’re gonna make you feel real good.” Then he injected the heroin into Jen’s arm.

Jen gasped as the pure heroin entered her bloodstream. The effect was immediate — an intense sensual glow, the way she felt when at the brink of an orgasm, the promise of pleasure, the hunger of release, the desire for more.

Jen mudanya escort sensually writhed on the table, entranced with the drug coursing through her body. Her movement caused her skirt to hike up, and one of Tyrone’s men squeezed her thigh, his hand partly on her lacy stocking top and partly on the bare skin above. Another man cupped one of her tits and squeezed, rubbing his thumb over her nipple. The men’s touch sent a drug enhanced electric shock through her body. They laughed smugly when she moaned and arched her back. “I told you this is good shit,” Tyrone told her. He didn’t mentioned it was incredibly addictive; she’d find that out for herself soon enough.

The third henchman grabbed the hem of Jen’s skirt and pushed it up, exposing her all the way to her lacy thong panties. Jen didn’t stop him. The heroine seemed to intensify her natural sexual cravings, and at that moment she would’ve let a homeless bum fuck her. But Tyrone didn’t like the way his men were pawing the pretty blonde without asking his permission first. She was his slut after all. He pushed his men away and Jen got to her feet, feeling relieved but also with her pussy wet and throbbing.

As Jen re-entered the main bar, she tingled with sexual anticipation and her entire body felt incredible sensitive. Her nipples stayed hard as the lacy silk of her bra gently rubbed against her breasts as she moved. Her silk stockings felt wonderful and sensual. Her body was so sensitive she could feel the thin line of nylon of her stockings that ran across her toes. She brushed against a strange man as she walked through the crowd and moaned inside when she felt his crotch rub against her ass.

She finally found Darius, her bedroom eyes heavy with lust. “Take me home and fuck me,” she said simply.

Darius gave the pretty blonde a look over. Her face looked sultry and glazed over. She oozed sex. Clearly the slut needed it bad. He knew she took a lot of drugs, but he’d never seen her this fucked up. He’d seen her go into the back room with Tyrone. The black drug dealer must’ve given her some really good shit, because before she’d been in a pissy mood, and now she looked ready to drop onto her back and spread her legs. Darius didn’t take a lot of drugs himself. He wasn’t a prude; he just didn’t like what the dope did to you. The drugs were taking its toll on Jen’s looks. Yeah, she was still fuckable, but not nearly as hot as even just a few months ago. Pretty soon they’d be talking about her like they did about Lindsay Lohan — “remember when she was hot?”

Still, the thought of Jen and Christy together turned him on. He loved seeing straight girls fuck each other. Especially these two, since they clearly despised each other. Although, Christy seemed to have a fetish over Jen; she definitely wanted to get into the blonde’s pants. He was pretty certain Christy was bi. They’d shared girls other times, and she relished eating pussy as much as having her pussy eaten. On the other hand, Jen showed no interest in girls. His cock stiffened at the thought of doped out Jen at the mercy of Christy.

Darius kissed Jen open mouthed, feeling her up and pressing his crotch against her belly. He pulled away after a few moments, leaving her panting like a bitch in heat. Inwardly he laughed at her. God she was such a slut, and so incredibly easy! He thought of her husband Mike, and how much a wimp he must be in bed. Clearly he didn’t satisfy his wife. He wondered if Mike knew how close his wife was teetering on the brink of the abyss. If Darius had been a decent guy, he’d call Mike and give him a friendly word of warning. But Darius wasn’t decent. The fact he preferred fucking married women was evidence of that. He was more inclined to help push Jen over the edge, like a boy curious to see what would happen when he tossed his toy truck out his bedroom window.

He put his arm around Jen and led her out of the bar. He spotted Christy and motioned to the door, giving her a “be cool until we get her to my apartment” grin.

Darius sucked face with Jen in the taxi. Her drug-enhanced lust lowered her inhibitions and clouded her good judgment. Still ultra-horny from the high grade heroin, she wanted Darius to fuck her in the taxi. She tried to straddle his lap, but he wouldn’t let her. Instead, he pulled up her skirt and fingered her, keeping her on the brink of cumming. Christy sat in the front seat, watching Darius and Jen but not saying anything (the taxi driver also kept his eye in the rear view mirror, ogling the pretty blonde with her skirt pushed up around her waist). As Christy hoped, Jen forgot she was there.

Darius helped Jen walk from the taxi to the lobby of his apartment. In her drugged state she hadn’t bothered to push down her mini-skirt. People in the lobby (especially men) gawked when they saw her lacy stocking tops.

In his apartment, Darius took Jen into his arms and she melted into him. As they French kissed she wrapped a leg around his and rubbed her crotch against his hard-on. Darius picked her up the way a groom would pick up his bride and laid her onto his bed. With a wicked grin, he took her iPhone from her purse. He keyed in a text for her husband Mike: “I’m with a real man, so don’t bother to wait up.” He handed the phone to Jen, and she giggled reading the message. She added “I’ll save some for you — NOT!” She pressed the send button, and then pulled Darius to her and they fell back onto the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32