Husband’s Anal Adventure Ch. 06

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I keep sucking and sucking and the prick got bigger and bigger just as he was about to shoot his cum Donna pulled my head away. She told me that I had wasted enough cum on myself today that other people wanted some too. Donna looked around at my wife and said that these men were her slaves and they are bi-sexual.

She told the men that they were to put a show on for us. They all laid down and started sucking each others cocks, they was grabbing each others balls and sucking one ball into their mouth at a time. They started licking each other’s man pussy licking their tongue around the tight rosebud of an ass crack. They got up and one of them bent over and the biggest cock in the room invaded his asshole while the other one sucked and licked his nuts.

Donna told me to go over and lick around the big prick as it was fucking this other guy. His big cock was going in and out and my tongue was licking all around it as I was bent over, Dana came up from behind me and started pushing her dildo into my ass. I squirmed a little but she kept working it around my hole till it slipped in. At that time it felt so good that I pulled the big dick out of the one guy’s ass and started sucking it.

Donna jumped up and pulled the cock out of my mouth and told me to stop trying to taste some kayseri escort more cum, that I have had enough cum today. All of a sudden Donna told everyone to quit sucking and fucking and to look at her. She told the 3 men that they were now going to service my wife. She told the biggest one to lie down so my wife could sit on his prick. My wife has had a lot of different cocks in her life but this one was bigger than any thing she has ever had. Donna told me to get up and feed that cock into my wife’s pussy. I got up and wrapped my hand around the base of that big prick and started rubbing it on my wife’s clit.

Her clit looked like a small penis sticking out, she was so horny, I worked that cock up in her till all you could see was balls. Her cunt was making slurping sounds as he fucked her up and down. Donna then yelled for the other big cock to come over so I could stick his cock in her ass. I grabbed his cock but it wasn’t hard enough to stick it in her ass so Donna told me to suck on it I started sucking on his prick and I let a finger probe his asshole and his cock stood straight up.

I took it out of my mouth and started worming it into her anus she was in heaven. I sat back and massaged her taint (that little bit of skin between her cunt and asshole) it was keçiören escort so sexy watching and feeling there cocks rub together in her holes. Donna then told the other guy with the 8″ cock to stick it in her mouth. I was enjoying the show watching my beautiful wife servicing 3 cocks at the same time. Donna made me get up and stick my cock in my wife’s mouth along side the one that was already in her mouth.

It felt nasty my wife sucking both of us at the same time are cock heads were rubbing together and I couldn’t hold it any more and I started cumming, but just a little bit of thin clear semen leaked out of my cock. Donna jerked be up and told me that I was in trouble, she didn’t tell me to cum. I said I was sorry, she said that she was going to punish me. She walked over to me and handed me a blow up dildo, she said Cumboy stick this in your ass. I did as I was told and she started pumping this dildo up, it got bigger and bigger.

My asshole was stretched wide I bet you could have stuck a coke can in it. I was pleading for her to stop, she laughed and said when she is done with me I will be able to fuck two cocks at the same time. She pumped it up a little more and tears were forming in my eyes, all of a sudden she stopped pumping she told me ankara kendi evi olan escort to stand up.

I couldn’t, it felt like I had a football up my ass. I finally got up on my feet my ass was numb it hurt like hell she wrapped a string around my balls and cock and tied it tight. All this time my wife is watching with 3 cocks invading her body. Donna walked over to my wife and told her it was time to start receiving some cum she stuck a finger up the guys ass that was ass fucking my wife and he blew his cum deep inside her Donna pulled his prick out and inserted a butt-plug.

She said she didn’t want any of that man juice to leak out of her ass. Donna then had the man come over to me and stick his nasty cock in my mouth. I cleaned his cock the best I could and enjoyed the taste of my wife’s ass-cream.

Donna then reached over and got the other man with the huge cock that was fucking my wife’s cunt by the balls she massaged his balls and he shot off real hard deep in her cunt.

She jerked his cock out of my wife’s pussy and inserted a bigger butt-plug so the cum would stay inside her womb she told me to get over here and clean this well fucked cock with my mouth. I didn’t act like it but this was a real treat that cock had so much cunt juice on it, mmmmmmmmm I love the taste of my wife. I even got down around the base of it and licked the pussy and cock juice off of his pubic hair. When I was done I hoped Donna was going to make me eat all the cum out of my wife’s holes.

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To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32