Husband Secretly Sucked Me

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I was on a website where guys share photos of their wives. There was a guy showing pictures of his Indian wife and they lived in the same state as me, about only 60 miles or so away. I responded to his posts and complimented her and wrote how hot she was and how her photos gave me a hard on to look at them. Over the next few months we exchanged numerous emails with him sending me photos of her in various stages of undress, some of her masturbating with a dildo, some of her in the shower, and links to where he had some videos of her sucking him.

I sent him a few snapshots of tributes to her photos and we discussed me fucking her, her sucking my cock, and other scenarios. One day he wrote me asking if I wanted to meet them for lunch and that it would be hot for him to have lunch with me knowing that I had already seen her naked and her not knowing. We had both in the military so we developed a back story of being old Army buddies and that we were reconnecting after all these years. I told him that I had saved some of her photos to an album on my phone because I liked to look at them now and then.

We met at an Indian restaurant near them and she was even hotter in person. Her nipples were perky and evident through her thin blouse. The two of them sat across from me in the booth and I had my phone on the seat next to me with the photos opened so I could glance from a photo of her on the bed with a blue dildo in her pussy to looking up at her sitting there across from me oblivious to what I had already seen. Needless to say I had a bit of a hard on during the conversation.

We left after and visited their new home they were working on so he could show it off. In reality, it was to give me more time to look at her. After, we all said our good byes and I headed out.

He wrote illegal bahis me afterwards that he had joked with her about thinking I had a hard on during the visit because of how hot she was and she had joked back about it. He continued to send me photos.

We met again for coffee and visited their apartment. Nothing happened other than a nice tour, some conversation where he and I exchanged Army stories as if we had experienced them together, although we were stringing together our own stories and they were total bullshit. She didn’t know the difference and it further sold the story of he and I being old Army buddies.

Then one day I got an email from him asking if I had ever participated in any MMF fun and what did I think about his wife. I wrote back that I had some limited couples play and that I did indeed find her attractive and had masturbated to her photos while I imagined her lips wrapped around my cock. He wrote back asking if I wanted to perhaps meet with him so he could show me some other movies of her and if he could play with my cock while I watched. She would be at work and this would be his first time playing with a cock and it would be my first time letting a guy play with my cock. It was kind of erotic in concept because I would be watching videos of her and having my cock played with so I agreed.

I headed up the next week and met him at their place. She was at work and he and I had a coffee and chatted just a bit about basic bullshit. Then he left the room and came back with a camcorder. It was fully charged and he had the memory card in it. We went to their living room and I sat on the couch and flipped the screen around and turned on the camera. An image of her in the shower came in to view and I watched as she sexually lathered herself, caressing her breasts illegal bahis siteleri and massaging the lather on to her body. She removed the shower head and rinsed off, giving some special attention to her pussy, her head back, eyes closed. I could see in the video (and hear) that she was giving herself orgasms from the pulsating water streams.

As I was watching the video, which I was focused on, I felt hands undoing my belt and pants. The hands pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles, my cock twitched as I watched the video. I felt his hands start to lightly stroke and massage my shaft as I sat there watching his wife masturbate on the camera. One of his hands stroked my cock while the other started to caress my balls.

The image on the screen changed and it was her walking into a room from the point of view of the camera operator. She wore a green robe and as she approached the camera she opened the robe and let it fall. Totally exposed she started to caress herself as she walked even closer. He asked what I saw and I told him. He said tell me what you see. I started to talk to what I saw, almost as a play by play as he continued to play with my now rock hard cock.

On the camera I watched her kneel and reach forward to the operators cock. She licked the head of it. I said, “She’s licking the head of the cock”.

As I said this I felt the wetness of a tongue flick my cock head. Then as she engulfed the cock on screen I felt my cock being engulfed by a warm mouth. I was continuing to say what I saw and actually felt my cock getting even harder and twitching as I felt his mouth mimicking her actions.

This went on for about ten minutes or so as I described how she was sucking the cock on screen, sometimes licking it and sometimes swallowing it. Sometimes canlı bahis siteleri she would suck the tip and jerk the shaft. Everything she was doing I was giving commentary to and he was doing to me.

Then I saw her head increase its speed going up and down on the shaft on the screen of the camcorder and her hands holding the shaft and her other hand visibly working the balls. I said that she was really going to town and he increased his rhythm as well to meet hers. Then I felt my balls tightening and the build up getting ready. I heard the voice on the camera state they were ready to cum and I told him I was close to cumming too. Still watching the camera I felt my cum start to shoot from my hard cock, the head of my cock pulsing as I shot rope after rope of hot cum into his mouth. He hungrily sucked my cock draining me of my cum and not letting any leak from his lips.

On screen she pulled off the spent cock and smiled at the screen sowing some cum on her lips and licking them. I felt him still sucking me slowly, and then licking and squeezing the final drops of cum from my cock. Then I felt nothing. I was there, my spent cock hanging there, pants still around my ankles and her walking away on the video with a sexy parting shot of her small ass. I set the camera down and relaxed. He came back and gave me a warm washcloth to which I used to clean up a bit. I stood and pulled my pants up. He came back from the kitchen with a beer and I gave him the camera. The only words said were from him as we clanked our beer bottles and he said, “Right on man”.

We drank the beers and talked about some stuff going on around the area with construction and all. As I left we shook hands and he said that he was going to talk to her again and see about getting me back over. He really wanted to see my cock in her mouth and wanted me to cum in her pussy. I told him to keep in touch.

Since then we have exchanged a few emails figuring out some details. I am going to their place in a few days for lunch…I will let you know how it turns out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32