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John and Deana continued having threesomes with Dwayne. However, he was a long-haul trucker and that meant that it was not as often as they liked. She often said she loved both men and knew they felt the same about her. In fact, the next time he visited, she planned to spend more time with him, while John went shopping.

John’s reaction was, “Wow, can you videotape it so I can watch it later?”

“Now, that’s an idea, but it would take a truckload of video to cover it all,” she giggled.

Deana had an above average sexual appetite since John introduced her to swinging. During their lovemaking sessions he noticed she seemed to be in a constant state of arousal.

One night while enjoying an intense fucking session, John mentioned how well the three of them were getting along.

She looked at him with half closed eyes and purred, “Well I think he’s handsome and sexy as hell, in fact the mere sound of his voice makes both ends of me drool. I wish he was here now, you could be fucking one end, as he does the other.”

“Oh yeah, that would be so much fun, because you know how much I love watching another man nail you.”

She answered that remark by moaning and cumming all over his cock and balls.

Every day, Dwayne called on the phone to see how they were, and commented on how sexy her voice was. She pondered the thought of calling him late one night, and asking, “Hey baby, are you naked, hard and ready for me?” That would certainly get all his juices going and rev up his motor.

Several times Dwayne stayed overnight, and she shared his bed for a while then went in to her husband and vice-versa. In addition, every chance gebze escort she got, she’d accidentally rub herself up against him.

After the three of them went to bed John and Deana would treat Dwayne to many sexual delights. One particular night came to his mind, where she lay with her head near his hips. She tantalized his cock, licking, sucking, and deep throating it. All the while, her green-eyes gazed at him seductively and seemed to pierce him clean to his soul. For a mature woman in her fifties, she was one hot-momma.

When he was about to climax, she would either swallow the load, or spray it all over her big tits. Following that he’d roll and pinch a nipple with one hand as the other encircled her swollen clit. It didn’t take long for an earth-shattering climax to rock her beautiful body.

That night, John spoke to Dwayne and said, “Hey Deana don’t want you to go home tomorrow morning. She wants you to spend the whole weekend with us.”

Dwayne smirked, “I think that can be arranged, after all, I’m on a four-day weekend. Besides, how in the hell can I go home with Deana making that kind of a sexy gesture?”

When she heard those words, Deana’s nipples and pussy screamed for some action. As for John he was getting hard at the thought of watching his woman seduce Dwayne.

After supper the men went into the living room to search through John’s x-rated video selection for something to spice up the evening. She excused herself telling them she had to use the bathroom. They picked one, and slid it into the DVD player, and awaited her return.

Bathroom hell, she returned göztepe escort to the room wearing a short, sassy, white lace outfit that fit all her curves and barely covered anything. Both men just sat there drooling from both ends.

“You guys going to sit there staring or are we gonna watch a porno flick?”

John reached for the remote, and Dwayne patted the sofa and asked her to join them. They were barely ten minutes into the movie when she was the first to speak up saying, “I think I have too many clothes on.”

Dwayne responded by saying, “Well hell take’em off, take’em all off honey!”

The three of them sat there nude, with one eye on the movie. Both men started mauling Deana, feeling her full breasts, and rolling her nipples.

One of her hands slipped between Dwayne’s legs as their lips met in a deep passionate kiss. Slowly she began to work his hardening cock as his hand went between her thighs to rub her clit.

She broke their kiss, long enough to lean over and gives John one. The heat from it went straight to his cock. She shifted allowing Dwayne full access to her wet, wanting pussy.

They continued for a while until she suggested they go to the bedroom where they could get more comfortable. They walked arm in arm, her body shivered with excitement with each step.

John wanted this night to be perfect; to see his wife Deana having pleasure with another man she loved and was secure with. Her face told him she was indeed pleased with what was happening.

After several minutes of this wonderful three-way foreplay, John moved to tantalize haramidere escort her tits and Dwayne got between her legs. She smiled and guided his throbbing cock toward her wanting pussy.

John didn’t want to miss anything, his heart pounded excitedly as he watched his friend prepare to fuck his wife.

Dwayne did not rush things, and slowly slipped his meat inside her. She spread her legs wider, as he pushed deeper. “Oooh yes, that’s it, fuck me baby!”

John got so excited he decided to fuck her mouth. He moved and exclaimed, “Open your mouth doll, and suck my dick!”

She engulfed one tool as the other man’s rod was in her pussy. Before long, she reacted like a freight train out of control with intense waves of orgasmic pleasure surging through her hot body. She lost count of how many times she climaxed and really didn’t care.

Her reaction triggered their climaxes. They all lay there for a moment to catch their breaths.

It was John who spoke first. “Deana I know you love me, and you also love Dwayne, right?”


He thought about it for a while then asked, “Well Dwayne how about you? Do you love my Deana too?

“Dang right I do, and I’m not giving her up for anyone. Why?”

He didn’t say anything for a while and the two of them gave John a very puzzled look. Then, unexpectedly, he blurted out, “Well I’ve been thinking of how good we all are together and made a decision.”

Deana looked seriously at him and asked, “John what did you decide?”

He smirked and replied, “Dwayne, you’re now my husband-in-law!”

Dwayne nearly passed out and fell off the bed, he had not heard of anything so farfetched. Then again, in this world many things happen.

After pondering the thought, he laughed and said, “Yeah, I can see it now, we are all married, and Deana has two husbands. Now, since we’re both her husbands, lets both just fuck the dog-piss outta this hot, wet, pussy we co-own! How’s about it husband-in-law?”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32