Hurricane Honeymoon

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~~~~ Day 1 Saturday

This business trip was going to be different I told myself. Ever since the company I work for had picked me to attend the annual symposium of financial planning put on by the prestigious McCormick Institute of Finance and Investments, I had been planning and preparing for this trip. I had worked long and hard to earn this distinction and knew that attending meant I would soon be in line for advancement in the company.

Everything was in place as I waited for the Uber to take me to the airport. This year’s symposium was being held at an exclusive resort in the Bahamas. The institute valued privacy and always chose a secluded venue for this meeting. The entire resort had been reserved for the symposium and it was not easy to get there. I had to take a flight from O’Hare to Atlanta and connect to a flight going to Ft. Lauderdale. Then I would take another flight to the small airstrip on the island where the resort was located.

To insure that I would have plenty of time to get there I booked flights that left on Saturday even though the symposium did not begin until Wednesday. I needed a little mini-vacation and the resort seemed like a nice place to spend a few days before the other attendees arrived. Even with an early departure from Chicago, I wouldn’t actually get to the resort until two PM. There was only one flight a day to and from the island.

I had actually wanted to take my wife Cheryl with me but no spouses were allowed. I kissed her goodbye when the Uber driver arrived and we left for the airport with plenty of time to spare. Check in went smoothly, the flight was on time and arrived in Atlanta as scheduled. I walked to the gate for the flight to Ft. Lauderdale and took a seat in the waiting area. While waiting for boarding to start I used my phone to check last minute emails and text messages from work. Since it was Saturday, there was little activity.

I set my phone to airplane mode and put it in my coat pocket. Then unexpectedly, my attention was drawn to an unusually pretty woman walking along the concourse. I could tell just by the way she walked that she was different. This was a woman you didn’t see very often and when you did you paid attention. I was delighted when she turned in at the gate and went up to the desk to check in for the flight I was waiting for. She was dressed very smartly in business attire but it fit her more like high fashion haute couture than off the rack from Brooks Brothers. Her look was a remarkable combination of businesswoman and pole dancer. I didn’t doubt for a minute that she would be equally capable in either role.

She had beautiful brown hair that shone like the hair on a model in a TV commercial. It was a little longer than shoulder length and framed her face perfectly. Her suit was midnight blue with a white blouse and high-heeled shoes in a color that matched the suit. Everything about her screamed expensive and classy.

She removed her coat and sat across the aisle from where I was sitting. As she carefully folded it and placed it on the seat next to her she surprised me by smiling warmly at me. I wasn’t being very subtle about leering at her while she was getting comfortable so I smiled back and hoped that I communicated an appreciation of her appearance rather than the ogling stare of a pervert. I was determined not to let a pretty woman unnerve me so instead of reaching for my phone to feign doing something important I just took a deep breath and moved my eyes to the flat screen TV where CNN was being broadcast.

In less than ten minutes they announced the flight was ready for boarding. Passengers in business class could board first so I stood and picked up my carry-on. I was happy to see she stood as well and I waited for her to collect her things then followed her to the gate. When we entered the business class area of the cabin we were the only ones sitting in this section. I found my seat, which was directly behind hers. Once the doors were closed and it was apparent nobody else was going to be in this section, I leaned over to ask her, “Since we have this whole section to ourselves, would you like some company?”

“I think that’s a great idea. Please, join me.”

She was in the window seat so I would have the aisle. I removed my coat, folded it neatly and put it in the overhead compartment, then sat down. Holding out my hand I said, “Hello, I’m Jim.”

She took my hand and said, “Steffani Marks. Glad to meet you Jim.”

“So Steffani, what takes you to Ft. Lauderdale?”

“Actually I’m only passing through Ft. Lauderdale. My destination is a resort on a small island in the Bahamas.”

“You wouldn’t be going to the McCormick symposium by any chance?”

“Oh my God! You’re going there too?”

“I am and here I thought I was the only one clever enough to go early and have a few days to relax and get ready.”

“GMTA Jim.”

I looked a little hesitant at her comment and she said, “Great minds think alike.”

“Oh yeah. Well I hope we can do gaziantep escort reklamları a little relaxing together once we’re there. At least we won’t have to try to sell each other an annuity.” I reached in my pocket to retrieve my business card and handed it to her. She reached in her purse and handed me one of hers. She looked at my card and said, “Sterling J. Grimes. That’s a very impressive name. I assume the J stands for James.”

“Yes it does and most people call me Jim.”

I would prefer to call you Sterling if you don’t mind. I like that name. Where do you call home?”

“I’m from Chicago. I looked at her card and saw her name was Steffani Marks. “That’s an unusual spelling for Stephanie.”

“My father is from Italy and my mother is from France. He insisted on the Italian version of that name. We didn’t move to America until I was five years old so I grew up speaking Italian and French then learned English when we got to the states.”

“Marks doesn’t sound like an Italian name.”

“Marks is my married name. My maiden name is Moretti.”

“And where do you live Steffani?”

“New York. My office is on Wall Street.”

“That’s very impressive Steffani; almost as impressive as your appearance. Your mixed heritage has given a very sultry and exotic look to your face and body.”

“Why, thank you Sterling. That’s a very nice compliment. You’re not too difficult to look at either.”

We spent the remainder of the flight talking about the conference and other shop talk about financial markets until it was time to land. Once on the ground we made our way to the gate for the flight to the island. The plane was small with only enough room for about sixty people. I was glad we had come early because if the entire resort was sold out to other attendees they were not all going to get on this plane if they came on the same day. The flight to the island was brief, only about fifty minutes and the view was spectacular as we came in for a landing, gorgeous water and beautiful beaches bathed in sunshine.

A small shuttle met us and helped with our luggage before taking the short ride to the resort. Check in was quick and efficient. While walking to the rooms we made plans to freshen up then put on a bathing suit and meet at the pool bar for a drink. This trip was starting out better than I could have imagined.

I got to the pool first and did a little looking around. The resort was not large, seventy five rooms in in the main building with conventional but extremely well appointed hotel rooms and a few dozen individual bungalows and villas which were quite lavish and included private pools, spacious patios, hot tubs, bath tubs that could hold four people and other posh amenities if you had a budget large enough. Since Steffani and I were on the company’s dime we had conventional rooms in the main section.

When Steffani showed up we sat at the pool bar and had a tropical rum punch and talked some more about our jobs and lives. We were close to the same age, I was twenty-eight, she had just turned twenty-nine. She was married to a man that was an IT Vice-President for a brokerage firm. His name was Kevin. They had one child, a six-year-old daughter named Donna. I told her about my wife Cheryl who worked part time as a realtor and took care of our daughter Lindsey who would be six next month.

“Let’s go explore this place and walk on the beach. I can’t wait to get my tootsies into that beautiful water.”

We strolled leisurely along the water line and let the tiny waves splash against our feet as we discovered this incredible place. “I’ve never been in the Caribbean before. I could get very used to this.”

“Kevin and I spent our honeymoon in Bermuda but that’s not technically the Caribbean. This is really wonderful. I don’t think I’ll have a problem slowing down and enjoying myself for the next three days until the conference starts. God I hope I don’t hear a phone chime the whole time I’m here.”

What kind of attitude is that Steffani? That’s corporate heresy in my world. That damn phone is practically part of my body. I do hope you’ll help me to ignore the insidious intruder for the next three days.”

“We can help each other. We deserve a few days to see if we’re still human or have been taken over completely by the body snatchers.”

As we walked along the shore we noticed that there were quite a few couples. They seemed to be enjoying themselves and the women wore extremely tiny thongs for bathing suits.

“I think I’m overdressed in this one piece swimsuit Sterling. These women are practically naked.”

“That hasn’t escaped my notice. I’m sure there must be a shop in the main building that sells these thongs if you wan to stop by and get one. I won’t mind a bit. Although, I must say, you look as pretty as they do without revealing virtually everything.”

“Thanks for the compliment Sterling. I was aware of the way you looked at me when I sat down across from you in the airport. I saw it as a look of genuine appreciation and it made me feel good that a nice looking man like you thought I was pretty. I don’t get that enough from Kevin anymore.”

“I’m sorry to hear that Steffani. I meant that look as pure admiration for an authentically beautiful woman. I was afraid you might think I was just looking at you like a bitch dog in heat that I wanted to jump on. I guess the pace of our lives has contributed to the cooling of our passion for our spouses. There’s always something more important to attend to. I’m not very proud to say that but it’s true.”

“Sterling do you sense a certain atmosphere about this place with these scantily clad people having so much fun?”

“What kind of atmosphere?”

“A highly erotic atmosphere. I’ve heard some rumors about this place, we’ve been here less than an hour and I feel a distinct increase in the level of my libido. It’s like I’ve just realized how much time I’ve wasted by not paying enough attention to my sex life. Are you and Cheryl still crazy about each other?”

“I’m sad to say that our lovemaking has declined in both frequency and intensity over the years we’ve been married. The pressures of jobs and a child have taken a toll on our sex life. Now that you mention it, I’m beginning to feel a little more frisky here than I usually do. Although you and the rum punch may have something to do with it”

“I think my subconscious was sending me a message when I decided to come down here three days early. Something deep inside me needed to see people having fun on a beach and not sitting uncomfortably in an office talking on the damn phone. Why haven’t I taken the time to do this before? I need this. Maybe not as a steady diet but occasionally I need to remember I’m a woman who wants to enjoy her life.”

“I told myself I needed to come here early just to be cautious and make sure I didn’t miss this opportunity but I like your theory better.”

“So what do you say Sterling? Are you ready to take a timeout from your ordinary, uninspiring life and have three days of fun with no rules and no recriminations?”

“Are you sure about this? Can you really go through with doing this for three days without waking up in the morning full of guilt and remorse? Can you just drop it and get back on the plane when the conference is over and go home like nothing happened?”

“If I didn’t think I could I wouldn’t have suggested it. I’m an intelligent woman and I know when to temper my intelligence with my feelings. This feels so right to me. This wasn’t just a chance meeting with you. Don’t we both deserve three days without all the societal disapproval and condemnation? Can’t we just be two people who met on a plane and decided to get to know each other really well and have adult fun together?”

“Steffani you already know that I find you very attractive so I’m not going to turn down an offer like the one you’re proposing. If you’re absolutely sure, then I’m all in.”

She turned to face me and said, “Oh Sterling yes, I am absolutely sure.” Then she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me.” That was enough to seal the deal.

The kiss was fantastic. Her soft full lips felt like nothing else I had ever experienced. She tasted like ripe fruit, peaches and strawberries and mango. Nerves danced with joy all along my spine and sent messages to my brain that I had never felt before. I put my arms around her and pulled her tightly against me. All of the sensations increased exponentially as her warm breasts pressed against my naked chest. I had to pull back because I had stopped breathing.

“Wow Steffani, if you can do that to me with just a kiss I may not survive making love to you.”

“That kiss was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before too. I can’t wait to do it again. As far as making love goes, I’m determined to make it an experience you’ve never felt before and one you’ll never forget.”

“When do we start?”

“Right now. Let’s go back to the room.”

“Your place or mine?”

“I’ll let you decide.”

“Your room. I want to absorb as much of you as I can. I want to see your clothes and all the things that make you such an incredible woman.”

“What a wonderful thing to say Sterling. We’ll have no secrets, no lies, no holding back. We can indulge our most secret fantasies and enjoy our bodies to the fullest extent. I’ll show you anything you want to see and you can do the same for me.”

When we got back to her room she immediately took off her bathing suit and stood naked in front of me. “Do you like what you see Sterling? You admired me when I was dressed, do I look as good without the clothes?”

“You’re far too intelligent to ask such a stupid question. I admired you before but now that admiration has turned to awe. You’re magnificent. I want to take my time exploring you. I want to see you, feel you and taste you. I want to burn all these images into my brain to remember for the rest of my life.”

“Then I suggest we start with a bath. It’s been a long day and I want to clean up after all that traveling.”

She walked to the bathroom and started the water running in the oversized round tub then looked through the large assortment of plastic bottles filled with complimentary toiletries that the resort had thoughtfully supplied. She picked up one of them and opened the cap and poured in a healthy amount of bath salts. It smelled of lavender.

While the tub was filling I removed my suit and sat on the side of the tub to watch her put her hair up. It was a simple task, one that I had seen Cheryl do many times but seeing her do it changed it into something remarkable. I could see her eyes sparkle in the mirror as her delicate fingers pulled her hair back to wrap it with a rubber band. This mundane little activity made me feel close to her. It made her real and not just a pretty woman I had only met hours ago. She saw me watching her and acknowledged my fascination with a sweet little smile. She walked over to the tub and turned off the water.

“Get in and lean back.”

I did as instructed then she raised her leg and stepped in. That was when I noticed how long and pretty her legs were. She sat down gracefully in front of me and leaned back between my parted legs and put her head on my shoulder. The fragrance of her hair wafted into my nostrils and filled my head with delight. My awareness of what was happening was elevated to a level it had never known before. Her body conformed to mine as though we had been designed for just this purpose. I could feel and hear her breathe and realized that we were already breathing in sync. No words were needed.

The level of the water came up to the bottom of her breasts. I moved my hands then cupped them to pull the warm water up and over them. Pausing between each scoop to massage them. They were perfect in every respect. Their size, shape and texture were beyond my ability to imagine. I had seen my share of breasts in my life but nothing to compare with these. My cock began to swell as I continued my water massage. She quietly received my homage to her boobs.

“Sterling, no one has ever treated my breasts with such tenderness and reverence as you have. What you’re doing is sending serious messages straight to my pussy. Where did you learn to do this?”

“This isn’t anything I’ve been taught. This is just happening. It’s a physical expression of what I’m feeling being here with you like this. Cheryl and I have taken showers together but I can’t remember the last time we took a bath. I love this.”

“Then we’ll do it as much as we can while were here together. I love this too.”

She leaned forward and said, “Now that you’ve done such a marvelous job of washing my tits, show me what you can do with the rest of me.”

“Scoot up a little.” When she was in position, I picked up a washcloth and the bottle of body wash. Once the cloth was wet I poured some of the body wash on it and sat the bottle back on the edge of the tub. Then I commenced washing her back starting at her neck and up and down both arms stopping at her lower back where the water line was. I never knew washing a lover could be this much fun. Then it dawned on me that this wasn’t sex. It was intimacy. This was a form of foreplay and it was the perfect way to get to know a new lover. It gave us time to get truly comfortable with each other and to experience the other’s touch. Why had I not been doing this before now?

“Raise up on your knees and lean forward a little.” As soon as she did I began to wash her beautiful ass. It was just as perfect and marvelous as her tits. I used my hands instead of the washcloth because I couldn’t wait to feel it. My hands actually buzzed as they slid over her soapy cheeks. Everything about her felt like I had dreamed her. I had no idea such a woman actually existed.

Looking at the soapsuds slowly cascading down her ass until they reached the lips of her pussy, framed erotically between her cheeks, caused my cock to harden instantly.

It was just too much to resist sliding my finger slowly down her butt crack and all the way through her slit. As soon as I had done that she turned around to face me then leaned back against the tub and spread her legs.

“You’ll have much better access to my pussy from the front.”

“Perhaps, but the view from behind was spectacular.”

Moving forward I slid my legs under hers to elevate her hips out of the water then put my hands on her upper thighs. I sat there mesmerized by the sight of her pussy.

“Do you like what you see Sterling?”

“Your pussy is the crowning achievement of the greatest assemblage of female body parts I have ever seen in person or in pictures. I cannot find a single flaw. However, I would like to see your pussy without hair on it. You do have quite a bush.”

“I have my mother to thank for that. French women are known for an abundance of pubic hair.”

“There is a spa on this property. I’m sure they could remove it for you in no time at all. Besides, if you want to buy one of those thong bathing suits you cant have hair sticking out on either side of what passes for a crotch in those things.”

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