Hungry For Your Love

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We are at my apartment having dinner by candlelight. You look so virile and handsome I can’t keep my eyes off of you as we sip our wine.

You pick up an oyster on a shell and suck it off and I start getting wet imagining your talented mouth and tongue doing that to me.

I drop the strawberry I am nibbling and it falls down inside the silk low-cut blouse I am wearing. My breasts are large and the strawberry falls into my cleavage.

You jump up and say you will get it for me. I begin to breathe very hard as your fingers brush across the swelling of my titties that show above the opening of my blouse.

I squirm with impatience as you slowly unbutton my blouse and begin to pull it open to show my naked breasts in their satin and lace prison with the red strawberry nestled between them. My nipples begin to harden and turn nearly as red as the strawberry as my desire for you rises.

You tease me as your fingers brush gently across my nipples causing them to harden and even tremble because every part of my body is so hungry for you. My breathing gets more and more labored as you slowly pull my bra down revealing the rubbery pink buds and you begin to squeeze each nipple.

You kneel down in front of me and take one engorged Mardin Escort nipple in your mouth while you squeeze and roll the other one between your thumb and finger. You start licking upwards until you reach the strawberry. With your teeth you pluck the strawberry from my cleavage and hold it in your teeth.

You rise up and we share the fruit as you kiss me long and hard still playing with my titties. My legs open as my pussy lips swell with desire and I can feel my pussy juices beginning to flow.

I moan and whimper trying to push my naked mound closer to you. I want to rub it against any part of you I can touch. I want you so bad inside me that I begin to plead.

“Please, take me, fuck me, please, please,” I whimper as my body succumbs to you. You laugh softly knowing I am totally in your control now.

You lift me from my chair and push the dishes aside so you can lay me down on the table.

You smile and say, “This is going to be the best thing I have ever tasted.”

You pick up the bottle of honey and begin dripping it on my breasts and down my belly and onto my wet cunt. You start licking it off my tits, spending time carefully sucking each nipple before licking the underside of each tit.

Your Mardin Escort Bayan tongue trails down licking honey as you go. You stop to scoop the honey out of my navel and tongue fuck my navel for a moment.

“This is the cutest little honey pot I ever saw” you murmur as you lick the honey from my pussy starting at my pulsing clit down to my honey filled hole. Your tongue enters my hole and my pussy immediately clenches down on it eager to be fucked by you.

By now I am nearly out of my mind with desire. I begin to buck trying to get my cunt closer to you. You grab my hips and force me to be still. You flip me over with my legs hanging off the table barely touching the floor. You admire the creamy globes of my butt and the bare swollen pussy peeking through my legs.

I spread my legs and you rub your hands across my ass and watch me squirm as I continue to beg for your cock. Finally you take pity on my need for you and slowly slide into me.

I let out a loud groan as I feel your gorgeous manhood slide all the way in and my pussy pulls you in eagerly taking all you have. I cum as soon as you stroke in and out once drenching your cock and the table in cum .

You pull out immediately and Escort Mardin tell me I am a naughty little girl for coming so quickly and tell me I need to lick you clean. I slide off the table hungry for your red-hot tool.

“Oh yes, baby, let me suck you,” I whisper kneeling down between your legs. I look up at you and smile as my lips stretch around your big cock barely able to hold it. But I do and I begin to slide up and down while you watch my red lips encircle your engorged cock. It taste so good with my honeycum mixed with your juices.

I feel your manhood twitch and know you are nearly ready to come. I pump faster up and down and suck even harder as my tongue flicks back and forth across your slit and on the tender underside of your cock head.

When you explode I pull away so your cum can flood my face and breast. You cum so much I can’t even see as my hair and face and tits are drenched with your wonderful hot cream.

I reach up and cover my hands with it and rub my whole body with your jism. It feels so slippery and tastes so good. I pull my nipples up and begin to lick your cum off them before licking off each finger of both hands.

You are still hard and sit me on your lap impaled on that long hard dong. You face me away from you so you can watch my ass work up and down. I bounce up and down on your cock rubbing and pinching my nipples as I cum again.

We both fall back completely wet and satiated for the moment. But we both know it won’t be long before we are hungry for each other again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32