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Henry thought the party was just a barbeque. Unlike his wife Nan, he hadn’t read the invitation. It turned out to be a pool party that his boss was throwing for the new associates and everyone was expected to participate. Unfortunately Henry’s swim suit was at home. Henry was considering his options for explaining this dilemma to his unforgiving boss when Julie Rogers came to his rescue.

“Henry, I understand you have a rip in your swimming trunks,” Julie said winking her eye. “Why don’t you borrow Nick’s team suit? He’s about your size.”

Julie was the wife of his boss, Ben Rogers. She was a very attractive woman in her early forties with short blond hair, big blue eyes and an athlete’s body. She was wearing green bikini bottoms that clung to her shapely ass cheeks and a t-shirt that covered a pair of small tits.

“How did you know about my swim suit?” Henry asked Julie who was leading him up to Nick’s room. Nick was her son.

“Thank your wife,” Julie replied. She pushed open the door. “You can change in here.”

Julie handed him Nick’s red swim team Speedo. There wasn’t much to it but he really didn’t have a choice. Henry shed his clothes and wiggled into the tight outfit. He looked down and confirmed what he had feared. His sizeable “package” was much too obvious. He crept downstairs and peered out the front door hoping to reach the pool before anyone noticed.

“Ah, there you are Henry,” shouted Ben Rogers. “Come over and meet one of our most promising new associates, Veronica Blakely.”

Veronica was a gorgeous red-head right out of law school. She shamelessly wore a purple bikini that did little to hide her generously proportioned assets. Her shapely tits were showing more than a little cleavage. Henry could also see the swell of her camel-toe outlined against the tight bottoms.

“Pleased to meet you, Henry,” she purred in a sexy voice and extended her hand.

While he was shaking her hand Veronica quickly glanced at Henry’s package. Her eyes grew big. She quickly regained her composure and smiled at him with perfect white teeth and sparkling green eyes.

“I’m sure it will be a pleasure working with you.”

Henry quickly folded his hands in front of the bulge and listened to Ben Rogers espouse all of the academic achievements Veronica had garnered at the country’s most prestigious law school. Henry looked around the gathered audience and noticed Julie Rogers staring at his hands with her mouth agape. She looked up and met his eyes, then quickly looked away.

The interest in Henry’s package was not just a passing curiosity. His cock was abnormal by any standards. Fully erect it measured twelve inches with a circumference of over six inches. Little was left to the imagination with it stuffed into a tight red Speedo swim suit that was a size too small.

Henry managed to extricate himself and get into the pool before any further embarrassment. After several lively games of volleyball and water basketball he stayed in the pool waiting for the right moment to leave.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Julie asked swimming over to where Henry was standing. “You look really good in Nick’s suit. I hope it fits okay.”

Henry mumbled an affirmative. Julie moved closer. By now almost everyone else had left the pool to get something to eat. Henry stiffened and his eyes got big when he felt her fingers brush against his cock. He looked around to see if anyone was watching.

“Perhaps it is a little tight in places,” Julie teased giving him what felt like a gentle squeeze. “Why don’t you come up to the house so you can change into something more comfortable?”

Henry was speechless. Was that an accidental touch or had she actually squeezed him? Julie pulled herself out of the pool pausing to give Henry a bird’s eye view of her shapely ass through the wet bottoms of her bikini. He could actually see the outline of her pussy clinging to the wet material. She stood and turned to face him with her legs slightly spread to show off her very noticeable camel-toe.

“On your way perhaps you can help me with something in the kitchen,” Julie continued with a mischievous smile on her face. “It’ll just take a second.”

Henry waited a little longer to ensure that no one was looking. When the coast was clear he jumped out of the pool and ran to the back door. He entered the kitchen but didn’t see Julie.

“In here, Henry,” he heard her say from the pantry.

The pantry was narrow with barely enough room for one person. When Henry peeked inside he could see Julie waiting for him. He stepped into the pantry trying to figure out why she needed his help. Perhaps it was something on the top shelf. Julie was a petite 5’2″ and would not be able to reach that high.

“Close the door,” she ordered with a stern look on her face.

Henry hesitated for a second. Why did she want the door closed, he wondered? He saw her look up at the top shelf behind the door.

“Just do it,” she said with an air of exasperation in her voice.

Henry bursa eskort closed the door. Julie stepped closer and put her hands on his chest. He could see her big blue eyes looking up at him. One of her hands slid down across his chest and stomach. Her fingers brushed across the bulge in his swim suit. He felt paralyzed as she grasped him through the thin material covering his cock. He could feel it growing hard under her touch. Her hand slipped into the Speedo and squeezed his throbbing flesh.

“Um… Julie. This is not a good idea,” Henry mumbled.

Julie didn’t bother to respond. She slid down his body and squatted in front of him. She untied the Speedo and pulled it down his thighs. His hard cock bounced free hitting her in the face. Henry knew he should stop her from going further, but he also knew he wasn’t going to even if she was the boss’ wife.

“Holy shit,” Julie exclaimed wrapping her fingers around his massive cock, “It’s even bigger than I had imagined.”

Her tongue shot out and swirled across the bulbous head. Her lips followed. His cock slid into her hot and wet mouth. She attacked him like a hungry dog slurping and sucking his hard meat until spit was drooling down his shaft and dripping from her chin. She had enough room to use both hands to jerk him off while she rapidly bobbed her head up and down over his knob and swirled her tongue around the sensitive flesh.

Henry could feel his head spinning and knew that at any moment he was going to fill her mouth with a huge load. Just before it happened Julie squeezed the base of his cock, licked the small dribble that oozed from the tip and stood. She turned around, pulled her bottoms down her thighs and bent over with her hands on a shelf.

“Put it in me,” she ordered tilting her ass in the air.

Henry mumbled something about this not being such a good idea. Julie reached back, grabbed his cock and guided it to the open folds of her cunt, rubbing the smooth skin of his knob along her juicy gash. His head was throbbing. Any willpower Henry had tried to muster was gone. He knew that he was going to fuck his boss’ wife in their pantry.

“Fuck me, Henry,” Julie demanded. “Do it. NOW.”

He grabbed her hips and pushed. Julie felt her pussy stretch to accommodate his huge size. She gasped as he slid deeper and deeper. Henry was amazed at how tight she was for a married woman with two kids. His cock plunged even deeper into her steamy hole until he bottomed out inside her with several inches still to go. He could feel her body trembling.

“Oh god… fuck me.”

Henry moved his cock in long steady strokes. He could feel her fingers brush against his throbbing flesh when she moved a hand to her clit. Her legs were together because her suit was around her thighs which made the pressure even more incredible for both of them. Henry looked down and watched his hard meat glide in and out between her shapely ass cheeks.

“Oooohhhh… ooohhhhh… uh… uh… uh…”

Henry pounded his cock into her faster and harder driving it deeper into her body. Julie’s gasps and moans were erratic. Juices flowed freely from her pussy and dribbled down her thighs. His cock made wet squishing sounds each time he thrust it into her dripping cunt.

Henry slid his hands under her top and crushed her soft tits. His fingers caressed the swollen nipples and pinched the sensitive tips. Julie’s fingers moved faster and faster across her clit. Her body stiffened and was suspended in time for a moment before she screamed. A huge explosion ripped through her pussy and shook her body.

Henry could feel his own release building rapidly in his balls. He pounded his cock into her again and again. Julie continued to scream and gasp. One orgasm after the next sent her spinning into another world. Pussy juice streamed down her thighs and dripped from his balls. Henry could no longer hold back. His hard meat swelled inside her tight pussy. He thrust hard and grunted.

An explosion rocketed from his cock. Stream after stream of hot cum filled her pussy until Henry could feel it leaking out the sides. Julie’s screams slowly faded but her body was still shaking with his cock buried deep inside her cum filled pussy. He felt it twitch around him in several post orgasmic spasms.

“Ohmygod,” Julie gasped between breaths, “I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked like that. You’ll have to come by again… and soon.”

Julie finally pulled away. A flood of cum gushed from her pussy and streamed down her legs. Julie grabbed some napkins to clean herself. Then she pulled her bottoms back in place, adjusted her top, kissed him on the cheek and left. Henry had to wait several minutes before his cock would fit back in the tiny swim suit.

Henry went upstairs to change into his clothes which were still in Nick’s room. He felt guilty for what he had done. After all, he loved his wife. Nan was beautiful by any measure. He felt lucky to have her. Cheating on her in the pantry where Nan could görükle escort have easily walked in on them, or his boss for that matter, had been reckless.

It’s not that Henry had always been faithful, but his affairs were discreet and away from home while on business. He justified it by telling himself that he had never asked Nan to be faithful to him and therefore assumed that she must be getting her needs met while he was away. This was the first time he had cheated on Nan near home. It was ot only with someone she knew, it was with the boss’ wife.

As these thought flashed through his mind, the door to the bedroom opened. Henry had just stepped out of the Speedo when he saw Veronica standing there dressed only in her skimpy purple bikini. She stared at his limp but still sizeable cock hanging between his legs.

“I thought I might find you up here,” Veronica said as she closed and locked the door.

The shameless vixen proceeded to remove her top and step out of her bottoms. Henry found himself staring at a goddess. Her full pear-shaped tits were perfect. Her tiny waist was flat. A small patch of red pubic hair was neatly trimmed above the gash of her swollen pussy. It was impossible to keep his cock from growing harder in the presence of this sex goddess.

“If we’re going to work together I thought we should get to know each other a little better,” purred Veronica in a sexy voice and stepping closer.

“Look, Veronica, this isn’t… I…”

Henry couldn’t finish his sentence. Veronica squatted in front of him and flicked her tongue across the knob of his cock causing it to twitch. She took him into her mouth with her green eyes locked onto his. After a few seconds she pulled him out and smacked her lips.

“Oh my… the taste of pussy is strong. Who did you just fuck? It wasn’t your wife because she was with me.”

Without waiting for an answer she took him back into her mouth. Henry was helpless to stop her. He could feel his cock pounding and doing all the thinking for him. Her lips made loud slurping sounds as she devoured him. Teeth raked across his knob. Her tongue explored the ridges and veins of his swollen member. She finally pulled him from her mouth.

“I saw Julie coming out of the house with a smile on her face. Did you fuck the boss’ wife? You did, didn’t you? Don’t worry, I won’t tell. Not as long as you do what I say.”

Veronica pushed him back and onto the bed. She climbed on top of him lowering her pussy to his face. He stared at her swollen treasure as it came closer. Beads of cunt juice clung to the pink folds that pushed out from the gash down the middle. He opened his mouth and clamped it around her juicy plum, then plunged his tongue into her steamy cunt.

Veronica leaned forward and sucked his throbbing member back into her mouth. She ground her pussy hard against his face smearing it with juices that oozed from her opening. Henry sucked and slurped her pussy like a desperate schoolboy eating a cream pie. He rubbed his nose through her gash. His tongue found her clit and then the tight nub of her pink asshole. She pulled up from his cock and rotated against his tongue.

“Ohmygod, you certainly know how to eat a girl. Put your fingers in me.”

Her lips slid back down his shaft. He heard her muffled moans when two fingers plunged into her pussy. He slammed them in and out of her juicy hole. His tongue continued its manipulations against her asshole. Veronica reached a hand between her legs and rubbed her clit. He felt her body stiffen. He pulled his fingers from her pussy and clamped his mouth over her swollen mound.

“Oh fuck… oh god… UUUUNNNGGGHHHHHH…”

A surge of sweet creamy elixir filled his mouth. His tongue shot up into her quivering cunt. She squealed and moaned as she rode his face. Her thighs shook. More cunt juice dribbled into his mouth. She finally dragged her pussy from his face and slid it down his body.

“You’re the first guy in ages that’s made me cum with his tongue. Usually I only get off like that from girls. Now let’s see what this monster can do.”

She continued moving down his body until she was on her knees straddling his cock. He could see her dripping pussy folded open between her creamy white ass cheeks. Veronica grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy. She had to push up on her knees before it would fit. She moved it back and forth along her gash until it slotted in the opening to her cunt.

Henry watched the knob of his cock slowly split her open and disappear into her pussy. Veronica stopped briefly to adjust to his size before pushing down again. Inch by inch his swollen shaft disappeared up her steamy cunt. She was very tight and had to occasionally lift up before pushing down again to take him deeper. He bottomed out with several inches left to go.

She fucked him with the same aggressiveness that she had sucked his cock. He had a perfect view of her ass moving up and down like a piston. She rode him hard bursa yabancı escort by lifting up until the flange of his knob was visible and then slamming down on his length and driving him deep into her cunt. Occasionally she would stop and hold him there while she rotated her pussy around his shaft.

Veronica’s fingers moved to her clit. She fucked him harder if that was possible. Cunt cream oozed from her pussy and clung to the sides of his shaft. Her breathing became erratic and her moans louder. Her toes curled under her feet. She slammed down hard on his cock and screamed. She held him deep as her whole body shook. She fell backwards onto his chest still shaking. He thrust deep into her cunt sending her into more convulsions.

After catching her breath she mounted him again, this time facing him. They kissed and fucked like two desperate lovers until another orgasm exploded from her pussy. As soon as she recovered she climbed off him and lowered her mouth to his cock.

It didn’t take long before cum was surging up the length of his shaft. Veronica pulled him from her mouth and aimed his cock squarely at her face. Stream after stream of hot cream splattered up her nose and over her cheeks and forehead with some of it landing in her hair. She took him back into her mouth and drained the last few drops.

“You have made me a shameless whore. I love it. I’ll see you at work on Monday.”

With cum still dripping from her chin, Veronica got out of bed, picked up her bikini and walked naked into the bathroom across the hall. Henry quickly dressed and ran downstairs to find Nan. She asked where he had been hiding. Before Henry could make up a lie Veronica walked out of the house in her purple bikini and waved at him. Nan quickly put two and two together.

“You fucked her, didn’t you? You sonofabitch.”

“No I…”

“I don’t believe you,” Nan practically shouted. She grabbed his arm and dragged him towards the house. “Let’s go into the bathroom. I want to see your cock.”

Henry was helpless to do anything. He was busted. Why hadn’t he cleaned himself afterwards? Okay, he thought, he would admit to doing Veronica but she didn’t have to know about Julie. He would tell Nan that Veronica attacked him without provocation, which was the truth, and that he couldn’t stop himself. After all, he was a man. Maybe she would understand.

Nan locked the bathroom door and made Henry pull down his pants. Her eyes examined the huge cock that she had fallen in love with on their third date. She lifted the heavy slab of meat and flicked her tongue across the large knob. Her suspicions were immediately confirmed.

Nan wanted to be mad but her pussy was dripping with need. There was something erotic and forbidden about tasting another woman on her husband’s cock. Instead of confronting him she found herself sliding his cunt tasting cock into her mouth. She could feel it growing harder as she swirled her tongue around it.

Henry didn’t know what was happening. Maybe Nan hadn’t recognized the taste of another woman’s pussy although he doubted that. He really didn’t have time to think much about it. Nan knew how to suck a cock better than anyone and was doing things to him that had his head spinning.

Nan had been the only woman he had ever known who could actually swallow his entire cock. He looked down at her lips pressed against his pubes and felt her throat muscles massaging his hard meat. He noticed that she had a hand between her legs and was rubbing her pussy. She often got off just by sucking his cock and this was no exception. Nan’s body stiffened. Henry’s cock fell from her mouth. She trembled and felt her pussy gush into her panties.

Without saying a word Nan pushed Henry down on the toilet seat. She stepped out of her shorts and panties and sat down on his lap facing away. She couldn’t stand to look at him at the moment. She just wanted to get fucked. Nan guided his hard cock to her dripping pussy. She bit her lip to stifle a gasp when she felt it plunge deep into her body.

Henry’s hands pushed under her top and crushed her ample tits. Nan lifted up and slammed down on his length again and again driving him deep into her belly. She loved the feel of his cock so deep inside her. No man had ever come close to filling her like this.

“Ah… ah … ah… oh god… nnnnnggggghhh…”

An orgasm ripped through her body. She continued to ride him. Henry pinched her nipples hard and thrust up into his wife each time she plunged her pussy down on his cock. A second, third and fourth tremor rocked her entire being until she had lost complete control. Not able to stand any more pleasure Nan lifted off his cock and sprayed pussy juice across the floor when her final orgasm hit.

“That’s just to show you what you are going to be missing,” Nan told him after catching her breath. She stepped into her shorts and panties. “I want you out of the house by tonight.”

Henry couldn’t believe she had left him high and dry like that. His cock was about to explode and she wasn’t going to finish him. Rather than concentrate on what she had said about throwing him out of the house, Henry went in search of Julie to relieve the tension in his balls. After all, she had practically invited him to fuck her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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