Hung for the Holidays Ch. 03

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Ball Grab

Part 1

“Val? Hey, wake up.”

I blink awake slowly and rub the sleep from my eyes, unsure of what’s going on or where I am. Looking up, I see Melissa standing over me with a look of concern spread across her face. Beyond her, I see the bench seat and overhead storage of a roomette in the sleeper car. I’m laying on the cot opposite that, with one of the train’s ugly green throw blankets draped over me.

“Are you okay?”

“I think so. But I don’t remember laying down.”

As I sit up, my flimsy covering slips off my chest. The car’s chilled air spreads goosebumps across my suddenly bare breasts. I grab the edges of the borrowed button-down blouse I’m wearing and try to close it. But I can’t. No matter how tightly I pull it against my body, a gap remains between the two sides. Earlier it had fit, even if just barely. Now it was like the shirt had shrunk half a size. Though I now see it wouldn’t help anyway. All of its buttons are missing.

“Sorry, I think I ruined your shirt somehow.”

“That’s okay, Val. Don’t worry about it. That guy from earlier, Little, right? He came to find me. He said you fell.”

Little. It all comes back to me at the mention of Calvin’s last name. How getting caught on the cart sent me tripping through the door, my top bursting open, landing on him. That incredible cock and the way it shot out so much cum. The way it had felt raining down on my skin.

A shiver jerks through me. I try to push away my thoughts as my arousal increases quickly. I look down at my breasts but don’t see a single drop of Little’s jizz. A twinge of disappointment rises from some deep, needful part of me.

“Why don’t you take the rest of the night off and get some rest? You can’t work dressed like that anyway. I don’t need you stealing all the tips.”

Her joke gets a giggle out of me. Melissa lets me know she’ll be around if I need anything before heading out, service cart squeaking along as she walks. Once she’s out of view, I push aside the useless edges of my shirt and cup my breasts, confirming what I had felt when trying to fit this top back together, but couldn’t be sure of before. It isn’t that the shirt is smaller. As impossible as it sounds, my tits have grown.

That explains the dull pain I’ve been feeling in them since I woke up. Lifting them, I squeeze gently, hoping to alleviate the ache. They’re more sensitive than they’ve ever been. I press harder, and it feels spectacular. Bursts of pleasure spread from my chest and echo through my crotch. A tweak of my nipples is so intense it’s almost too much to bear. I keep kneading them, mashing them together. Each time Kartal escort I brush against my nipples, the pale skin of my bust goes flush.

I fall back onto the cot and hastily pull off my pants and panties, dropping them to the floor. With one hand, I grope and pinch at my hypersensitive tits, and with the other, I start to masturbate. Slowly, at first, tracing a gentle circle around my clit. My middle finger slips between my already soaking wet lips, then back out. I rub my now-slick finger harder against my clit and let out a panting sigh. With the hand on my breasts, I continue to lift and squeeze, massaging them as I think of Calvin’s thick cock between them, how his rigid hardness felt on my soft skin.

My thoughts return to the incredible load he had blasted on my chest and in my throat. I need to feel it coating me again, to have it filling me. I had licked up every last drop of his salty seed, but now I crave even more. I want to ride that huge dick of his and make him blast those thick, gooey ropes inside my cunt. My pace quickens, and I thrust my hips into the air. My heavy breasts fall towards my face. I guide a nipple into my mouth. Sucking on it brings me so close to the edge. I have to go a little further. I keep humping my hand, fingers a blur, until sweet relief courses through my body. I shake uncontrollably, and my legs clamp shut around my tired hand. Each wave of pleasure brings another squealing moan to my lips.

I sprawl out, leg dangling off the edge of the small bed, and watch the rising and falling of my chest with each heavy breath. Movement in my peripheral vision catches my eye. I turn towards it. Sitting on the other side of the room is Calvin Little. His cock firmly in one hand and with his other hand cupped around his swollen balls.

Part 2

After a quick once-over in the mirror, taking a bit of extra care to make sure my package is squared away, I step out of the train’s dingy restroom and into the hall. Night has fully settled in now, judging by the time we should be arriving in Sonsy Hills soon. The cars I pass through are mostly silent, the only sounds are the rolling of the wheels upon the track and the hushed conversation of a couple I move by. I nod to them and continue forward.

I think of Val, whose name I learned from a name tag when I put her on my cot. Visions of her falling toward me, my dick wedged between those fat tits, and how she had taken my huge load dance through my head. I feel a stirring in my pants. It pushes me to walk faster before someone sees me. Though mostly my quickened steps are in the hopes she’ll still be in my Kurtköy Escort room, ready for more.

Into the sleeper car, I step. Passing one room, then another, I reach my own. I freeze. The scene before me exceeds all of the hopes I had. Not only is Val still here, but she’s also completely naked and masturbating right in front of me. One of her hands is shoved between her legs, fingering herself rapidly, and the other she’s using to grope her massive breasts.

I step into the room, my cock bulging out before me, and sit on the couch within. Val’s preoccupation and heavy panting stop her from noticing I’m here. I decide not to say anything and enjoy the show. Undoing my fly and letting my hard cock spring free once more, I start jacking off. Holding my cock and still-overfull balls, I slide my grip along its length. Val is now humping against her hand. I thrust up into mine, trying to keep time with her movements, imagining being balls deep in her right now. My shaft is slick with precum that leaks from its angry red head and dribbles down to the seat below.

Val takes one of her light pink nipples between her small lips and sucks hard on it. I can see this drives her into a frenzy. I almost can’t keep up with her now, though I don’t think I’m doing too bad for someone that already came twice. Moments later, she convulses with pleasure, her moans drowning out the ambient sounds of our travel. I slow my strokes in awe at the intensity of her orgasm. Immediately after, she sprawls out on my small bed.

She must finally notice me as she turns her gaze my way, her eyes instantly locking onto my leaking, steel-hard cock, which I continue pumping. That hungry look returns, and she repositions herself on the bed so that she’s facing my way, legs spread wide in an invitation to fuck her brains out. I jump up and step to her. I kiss her lightly tanned legs as I press the head of my cock against the waiting lips of her pussy. She grinds against me slightly, and we both let out soft moans. I slide my hands across her body. Handfuls of wonderful blushing tits fill my grasp. Squeezing and pinching, I work her massive bust. The service girl desperately tries to thrust forward. I keep my dick just out of her range, teasing her.

I’ve never been more ready to fuck someone in my life. I need her as badly as she seems to need my cum. I press harder against her, preparing to penetrate this busty slut.

“Val? Mr. Little?” A voice from the entrance to the car. “Are you two still back here? The train’s already stopped. What are you doing?”

We both jump at the sound of the voice and quickly try Pendik Escort to cover ourselves. We were so focused on getting off we hadn’t heard or felt the train stop. I slump into my seat. There’s no time to fuck now. Across from, Valerie looks just as defeated.

Part 3

I stand outside the Sonsy Hills train station watching the few other passengers that arrived with me wandering off over snow-covered streets into the night towards their different destinations. I’m waiting for my oldest sister, Beatrice, to get here to pick me up. That’s Bea, always late for everything. Mom used to say she would probably be late to her own funeral.

A car pulls into the space in front of me. I shield my eyes from the blinding headlights before they shut off. Out of the car steps Beatrice dressed warmly and bearing an even warmer smile.

“Calvin! You made it. I’ve missed you so much!” She gushes, taking me into a tight hug. I try my best to stop my dick from pushing against her, but there’s not much I can do about it. She probably couldn’t feel it through her huge coat anyway.

“I know you just got here, and I hate to do this to you, but my head is killing me. Would you mind driving us back?”

“Couldn’t get Mom or Janelle to get me?”

“You know how they are.”

I accept with an exaggerated sigh and trade my bag for her keys. We get in and start the drive out of town to our mom’s house. Along the way, we make idle chit-chat. We talk about our jobs, home life, all kinds of things. I can’t help from noticing that her current headache seems like a nasty one.

Beatrice rubs her temple and groans. Headaches are pretty ordinary for her. When I still lived at home, I would always keep some aspirin in my bag. Even now that I’ve moved out, I always carry a bottle out of habit. I wouldn’t mind taking some too.

“I’ve got some pain meds in there.” I nod towards the bag, keeping my eyes on the road. “You can take a couple if you hand me one.”

“Sore from your trip?”

“Uh…yeah. It was a rough one.”

A dull pain throbs deep in my crotch. I’ve got blue balls from not getting to fuck Val. I have to be the only person to ever get cock-blocked by a train. Sure, I had gotten off a couple of times. But there’s a difference between getting off and draining my balls inside someone. Since I’ll be with family all week, I’m not sure when I’ll get another chance. It’s not like I can sleep with any of them.

Bea hands me a pill. I don’t think twice about taking it right away with my attention on driving at night and my thoughts on that busty service girl. Out of the corner of my eye, I see my sister do the same. A streetlamp on the corner illuminates the inside of the car as I make a turn. The bottle I see in her hands isn’t the aspirin I had offered her.

On its side, in large bold letters, are the words GRO CO. Enhancement Pills.

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