Hucow Finds Love Ch. 01

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In a dystopian future, women sell their bodies and their breast milk to help feed a starving populace. Desperation causes many women to sign up for a well paying job involving being impregnated and eventually milked.

Anna opened her eyes but could only see blackness. A soft, silky blindfold covered the top half of her face. A ball gag was pressed between her teeth and saliva was running down her chin. She tried to wipe it away and discovered that both arms were restrained at the wrist and elbow. Her knees pressed into a mattress, restrained with her ankles far apart. Fear coursed through her as she realized her ass was in the air, fully exposed to anyone else who happened to be in the room.

She frantically searched her memories for how this had happened. The last thing she remembered was going to sleep in her new bed at the hucow farm. She had signed up yesterday for her new job. Anna had always wanted to be a mom, but she hadn’t met the right man and even though she was only 25, she didn’t think she was going to meet him anytime soon. This job was going to provide her with a baby and the money for the two of them to start a new life together.

The receptionist yesterday had described the different options available to her. There was the Level 4 contract, in which a woman was expected to have sex with any man who arrived at the farm and paid the appropriate fee (of which she would receive 50%). Then came the Level 3 contract, which allowed the woman to choose which of the men she wanted to have sex with. Anna had signed the Level 2 contract, in which she would choose from one of the farm’s bulls (or sperm donors) and have sex only with him until she became pregnant. There was also the Level 1 contract, in which hormones were used to stimulate milk production. This was the lowest paying option due to the cost of the drugs and because it resulted in the least amount of milk.

Anna heard a door open behind her and began to struggle against her bonds.

“Easy there, cow,” a calm male voice said from behind her. He rubbed a big, rough hand over her rump and she shuddered at the contact. She heard him unzip something behind her and hoped fervently it wasn’t his pants. She struggled harder, trying to speak around the gag. Something soft wiped the saliva off her face. At the unexpected kindness she stilled.


Jack gazed down at the little cow in front of him. She was slender, her body sleekly muscled. He wondered if she might have been a dancer before she came here. From what he could see of her face, she looked young and frightened. kızılay escort She stopped struggling within the breeding stocks when he had wiped her face. He ran his hand over her short, straight brown hair. It was softer than it looked and starting to tangle beneath the straps of her gag. The tense muscles in her arms relaxed when he ran his hand over her hair again.

A circular band-aid stood out against the tanned skin of her arm. That meant she had been given the drugs, which would make his job easier. Resistant hucows were given a sedative and a slow acting aphrodisiac. The sedative let the handlers get her into the breeding stocks unharmed and the aphrodisiac was as much for the bulls as it was for the cows. The pencil pushers in the offices said it “reduced burnout” to have a receptive partner. Most of the bulls simply preferred a happy hucow. This little cow must have signed up for the breeding program recently. He didn’t recognize her and her breasts were small and soft, having not produced milk yet.

He ran his hands over the girl’s shoulders and down her back a few times before positioning himself behind her. Her sex was covered by close cropped brown curls. He ran his hands over her hips and she raised her rump up to meet him.


The firm, callused hands stroked towards her aching pussy and Anna pressed her hips back to meet them. A large finger pressed into her.

“You’re very wet, little cow.” The approval in his voice sent a wash of warmth through her, even as he slowly thrust his thick finger in and out. He spread her moisture over her clit and she moaned, pressing back as far as she could. He worked a second finger into her body, stretching her exquisitely. “You’re very tight, sweetheart.” She was meeting each of his slow thrusts with one of her own now. “I think you’re ready for my cock.”

Nervousness fluttered through her belly as she felt the blunt head rubbing up and down the slit of her sex. Slowly he pressed in, holding her hips firmly in place. “That’s a good little cow,” he murmured. She felt the head slide in and it was almost thicker than she could take. He rocked his hips, pressing in even further and she cried out behind her gag. Her entire body ached for him to thrust, even as he stretched her to the point of pain. He slid out and thrust in even further. “I think you can take the whole thing into your sweet little pussy,” he groaned, stilling.

She wiggled her hips on him, trying to get closer to take more. Need scorched her body. Soon she was moving kolej escort her hips in short fast thrusts as much as her restraints would allow. His big hands gripped her hips firmly. “That’s enough of that now. I’m going to ride you hard, little one, don’t worry. But first, you need to get used to taking the whole thing.”

She quivered in anticipation. He thrust deep into her, stretching her sensitive tissues. Her ass was brushing against the front of his thighs. He rocked back and forth, gently, letting her get used to his size.

“Hold on tight, little cow.” He said, increasing the force of his thrusts. His strong hands at her hips pulled her back against him as he slammed into her, fucking her hard. One slid around her front, putting just the right amount of pressure on her needy clit and with a muffled wail, she came. He slowed his thrusts as she clenched around him. “I can feel your needy pussy milking me for seed,” he groaned. As her orgasm receded, he thrust again, harder, faster, plunging inside of her. She felt the beginnings of warm spurts of fluid inside of her and it pushed her over the edge again and again, until she fell limp.


Jack watched, satisfied, as the young woman slumped in her bonds. She didn’t move from her relaxed position when he loosened her gag and slipped it out of her mouth. She closed her jaw with a sigh, her cheek pressed against the table. The bulls weren’t usually supposed to remove hucows from the breeding stocks, but they were encouraged to make them more comfortable because sometimes they had to wait a while for a handler to take them back to their room.

He pulled off the girl’s blindfold and bright green eyes blinked up at him. “What happened?” she asked, moving her arm against the restraint.

He wiped the last of her saliva off her chin for her and hesitated before answering her question.

“I mean, how did I get in here?” she asked.

“You were misbehaved, so you were brought in here. Resistant hucows are given drugs for their own safety and pleasure. That’s why you probably don’t remember getting in here.”

Tears filled her eyes and she started to struggle again. “What do you mean ‘misbehaved?’ I just got here yesterday. I signed a Level 2 contract.”

“What’s your name?”

“Anna. Anna Dougall.”

“Fuck,” he growled, as he hurried to release her. He noticed as he did so that there was a bit of smudged ink on the back of both hands. Level 3 and 4 contracts had their contract number tattooed on either their maltepe escort wrist or their rump. Level 1 and 2 had theirs stamped in ink each morning. Threes and fours were the only ones allowed to be punished like this. It was in their contracts that they signed and agreed to.

“I’m sorry Anna,” he said, helping her to her feet. “There was some kind of mix up and they put the wrong girl in this room. I would never have been so rough with a two.”

Standing, her head came up to his shoulder. Fuck, she was small. He must have hurt her earlier.


Anna’s eyes caught the man’s lips as he supported her on her feet. As if from another body, she leaned up on her tiptoes to capture his lower lip between hers and gently suck it. When he didn’t pull away, she deepened the kiss, slowly moving her mouth against his soft lips. Stubble scraped deliciously over her sensitive skin where her face touched his. Seemingly of their own free will, her hands moved up to caress his muscular chest. She pressed her aching breasts close, rubbing her nipples against the crisp hair of his chest.

He gripped her shoulders and pulled her away. Tears stung her eyes at the rejection.

“Don’t cry,” he said. “You’re still under the influence of the drug they gave you. I don’t want to take advantage of you.” He leaned in close to whisper in her ear, “If you’re still interested tomorrow, I would be pleased to breed with you again.” She shivered, delighted.


Once he was clothed in his pants, and Anna was wearing his shirt, Jack led Anna out of the room and into the hall. A handler rushed around the corner. “You can’t take her out of the breeding stocks!”

Anna flinched against him. “Someone has made a mistake. This hucow was supposed to choose her bull and be bred in the coming weeks. She did not sign up to be punished in the breeding stocks!”

The handler looked at Anna, pressed against Jack. Her small body was shaking.

“The ink on her hands has been rubbed off,” Jack said, showing the handler the ink smear.

“I’m so sorry, miss. Are you alright?”

She nodded.

“Jack can show you back to your room.”

Anna followed him docilely, the energy seeming to leave her body. He doubted she was taking in much of her surroundings. When they reached her room with her name on the door, he was not surprised to see that it was bare of furnishings except the bed and the milker in the corner. He hoped she would see him again and let him watch her use the milker. She was such a sweet little cow. At the thought of her growing fat with his calf, he started to harden again.

She walked into the room and turned, clearly recognizing it. When she turned back to him, he saw her gaze drop to his crotch before it quickly swept back to his face, where it stayed. “Don’t worry sweetheart,” he said with a slow grin, “You’re safe until tomorrow. Better get some rest.”

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