Hubby Pegged at CFNM Girl’s Night

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(In this story, husband and wife, Dan and Sally, fulfill Dan’s desire to be dominated by Sally and her friends through a monthly CFNM “Girl’s Night” at their house. Dan spends the evening naked, waiting hand and foot on the four clothed women. He jerks off for them, is spanked, made to perform tricks like a dog, and demonstrate humping a pillow as well as sucking a dildo. The evening climaxes with him being fucked in the ass by his wife with a strapon and he must cum in a most unusual way. Other than performing before a group of women, the author and his wife have engaged in all of these activities in some form. I hope you enjoy it.)

This was the fifth time the three housewives, Kassandra, Helen and Lara had come together at Sally’s house for what had now officially become their monthly “Girl’s Night.” Except for Sally’s husband, Dan, who figured prominently in the festivities, their husbands were at home on this Tuesday night, giving their kids dinner and helping with homework. They also took turns taking care of Sally and Dan’s kids for the evening on a rotating basis.

The women were all in their mid- to late-forties. They met at the local gym years ago and have been friends ever since. Over the years, their girl talk inevitably included sharing details about their sex lives, comparing notes, and giving each other advice. This was how the women gradually learned Sally’s husband, Dan, was into female domination and loved nothing more than to be naked, spanked, humiliated and most of all, fucked in the ass with a strapon dildo.

The other women’s sex lives were boring by comparison. At first, they were shocked, but soon became intrigued and excited by Sally’s revelations about Dan’s kinks. They looked forward to hearing the explicit details of their latest adventures; like Dan serving as her naked slave, his being tied up and whipped, or being led around the house on a leash and forced to perform tricks like a dog.

But in the last year, Dan’s desires to be humiliated and controlled had grown to include wanting Sally’s friends to watch her dominate him and even participate. Once Sally told the girls, the idea took on a life of its own. After a few months of talking about it, the four women agreed they would join in the fun and keep the secret between themselves.

Now, here they were again, excitedly waiting see what Sally and Dan had in store for them this month. Sally led her three friends upstairs to the master bedroom where they found Dan, once again naked, hard and helpless. He was in the master bath wearing only a blindfold and dog collar, his erection jutting out towards no one in particular. His hands were tied above his head and connected to a chain that hung from an eyebolt in the ceiling. When not in use, the eyebolt was cleverly concealed under a decoy smoke detector so as not to raise any suspicions about what really goes on.

“Welcome ladies,” Sally began with a theatrical flourish. “Tonight, we’re going to mix things up. Dan’s going to shoot his load for us first, and then we’re going to lock his dick away in a cock cage for the rest of the evening so he can focus all his attention on being our bitch.”

The women all loved the idea. Sally then turned her attention to Dan.

“That sound good to you sweetie?” She asked mockingly while grabbing Dan’s balls and giving them a good squeeze.

“Yes Mistress!” He gasped from the surprise and the force of her grip.

“Good,” She let go of his balls and untied his hands. “Go get your Fleshlight and give us a show.”

Dan spread a bath towel in the middle of the bedroom floor and set up a clear Fleshlight masturbation sleeve attached to a small wooden base of Dan’s own design. The vagina end up pointed up at about 45 degrees to make penetration easier from above.

While Dan lubed his cock and the fake vagina, the women took seats on the bed and floor around him to get the best view. Sally told them that sometimes, when she’s not in the mood but Dan’s horny, she’ll let him relieve himself by putting on a show just like this one. Dan assumed the missionary position over the Fleshlite, his lubed cock just inches away from the opening and waited for instruction.

“Alright, now stick it in all the way and hold it,” Sally instructed and Dan eagerly obeyed.

“Now pull out with only the head inside and fuck in little strokes.” Dan began thrusting back and forth just a little in response.

“Now fuck hard and fast, all the way in! Balls deep!” Dan took off like a race horse.

The women were delighted to watch a man masturbate so shamelessly at the command of his woman.

Sally kept changing the tempo and Dan struggled to keep up, but it wasn’t long before he lost control. In the final moment he buried his cock deep into the fake pussy, let out a groan and his whole body shook. The women shrieked with laughter and clapped as they could see his cum spurt out into the canal of the transparent sleeve.

Then, just as suddenly, it was over. As he pulled out, his dick was already shrinking. Before he illegal bahis could even get up, Sally tossed a metal cock cage and padlock on the floor in front of him and told him to put them on.

A few moments later, what had been a 6-inch hard shaft was crammed into less than two inches of stainless-steel cage and secured with a padlock to a second metal ring that tightly encircled the base of his shaft and behind his balls. The cage not only exposed his balls, but squeezed them tight, making them look like they could pop. Whenever he moved, the heavy cage swung between his legs, a constant reminder of his now tiny and useless cock.

“Alright bitch boy, you can start serving our guests snacks and beverages,” Sally instructed. Dan spent the next half hour either on his knees or all fours as he shuttled back and forth between the kitchen and his guests, serving hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. The women barked their commands and he’d scurry away to meet them as best he could. Yet, nothing he did was ever good enough. When he returned naked on his knees to present the requested item, they’d scold him for some minor error in their order – like not putting enough ice in their drink. Or they would ignore him completely, pretending to be so engrossed in conversation, they didn’t even notice him. Of course, this was all theater as the women got comfortable in their role as dominant females and Dan the subservient male.

Once the ladies had loosened up with a few cocktails, Sally moved the evening along with the simple proclamation: “I feel like paddling some ass. Anyone care to join me?”

Within seconds, Dan was in the center of the living room in the “downward dog” position. Bent over with head down, ass in the air and arms and legs spread wide, it was the classic ass paddling position for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

Naturally, Sally had at the ready the necessary toys: a leather paddle, a riding crop, and a battery powered electric shock wand called the “Stinger.” Picking up the leather paddle Sally stood over Dan, poised to strike.

“I must confess, I’m not sure who likes ass paddling more, me or Dan,” Sally said. “Just spanking him is usually enough to make him hard and ready to fuck,” she revealed as she sensuously ran the edge of the paddle over his ass cheeks, up and down over his exposed asshole, and even playfully poked his balls protruding from the cock cage. “In fact, once his dick is hard from paddling, I have him stand up with his hands behind his back and swat his hardon with the crop.”

“You like being spanked, don’t you?” She demanded as she landed a particularly sharp blow on his left ass cheek.

“Yes Mistress,” he cried and flinched from the shock and the pain.

“It makes you hard, doesn’t it? I’ll bet if I let you out of that cage, your cock would spring right up, wouldn’t it?” A second blow to his right cheek.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Well it’s not going to happen. This isn’t about your cock, it’s about knowing – your – place!” She said emphasizing each word with a good hard swat. His ass was now turning pink.

“He’s all yours ladies. Just one thing. I usually swat Dan’s ass 20 to 30 times in a session. Since there are three you, please limit your swats to 15 per person using any combination of these toys. Afterall, we don’t to break the skin and we have a lot more fun planned this evening. Enjoy!”

Kassandra, Helen and Lara eagerly lined up for their turn. Afterall, it’s not like they got to spank their husbands at home. Kassandra went first, trying out each tool before deciding she preferred the paddle for maximum coverage and pain. She ordered Dan to count each stroke out loud followed by a “Thank you Mistress.” By the time she was done, his ass was turning a bright red.

Helen was an equal opportunity disciplinarian. She used each tool the allotted 5 times, savoring the power in her hand and Dan’s reaction to each.

Lara also tried out each weapon but decided she found the Stinger the most devilish and fun to use. She used the majority of her allotment of “stings” to torment Dan by striking the most sensitive parts on his body which always caused him startle and cry out a little. But her favorite parts were his exposed asshole and balls, which she returned to repeatedly.

“Did everyone have a good time?” Sally asked.

Absolutely, Loved it. Fantastic, were the responses.

Sally then directed her attention to Dan, who was still obediently in the downward dog position with a glowing red ass. What about you? Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes Mistress, Thank you.”

“Well don’t tell me, crawl to each woman, kiss her feet and thank her by name.”

After thanking the women properly, Dan returned to his food service and cocktail duties for another half an hour or so until Sally announced it was time to play “Mistress Says.” This was a favorite of all the ladies. The game was simple: each Mistress takes a turn giving Don a humiliating or degrading command to follow and he does it without question.

They played in the illegal bahis siteleri living room and Dan made space in the center by pushing most of the furniture aside. He also brought out the box of props and toys accumulated from past games that might come in handy tonight.

The four women sat in a row together on the couch and Dan kneeled in the center of the room facing them submissively with his knees spread to expose his caged cock and his hands passively resting on his thighs.

Kasandra: “You’re a dog.” She walked him around the room on a leash making him heel, beg, bark, sit, roll over, and play dead. Pulling a squeaky toy from the box, she told him to “fetch” and tossed it across the room and Dan scampered after it on all fours. Retrieving it with his mouth, he made it squeak and dropped it at his Mistress’ feet. She tossed it and he retrieved it about half a dozen times.

Helen: “Show us how you’d fuck this pillow if your cock were set loose. Make us believe it,” she said throwing a pillow from the box on the floor in front of him. Dan obediently lay face down on the floor with the pillow centered under his crotch. Resting on his elbows with his head forward, he gave the women clear side view of his hips slowly grinding up and down on the pillow. Then he started moving more sensuously, his hip thrusts more exaggerated. As his tempo increased, he started breathing more heavily.

Then he lowered his chest to the floor with his head turned so he was facing the women. He extended his arms and placed his hands under the pillow on either side of where his hardon would be and pushed the pillow harder into his crotch as he bore down with his thrusting. He looked into each of their eyes. He needed to know that they were all watching him while he fucked that pillow hard and fast until he suddenly thrust forward and held it one last time as he let out a groan and a shudder. And then, he seemed to melt as every muscle relaxed. The ladies applauded as he got back on his knees and took a bow for his performance. Women weren’t the only ones who could fake and orgasm.

Lara: “Impressive. Now show us how well you can suck a cock,” she said tossing a realistic looking dildo with balls at his feet. Holding the dildo upright on the floor in front of the women, Dan took the head in his mouth, tickling it with his tongue and licking it like an ice cream cone. He then proceeded to show the ladies how deep down his throat he could take it, bobbing his head up and down almost to the point of gagging. And finally, he started alternating between taking the head in his mouth, licking the length of the shaft and then taking the balls, first one, then the other, then both in his mouth.

Sally: “Now get on your knees, bend over and point your ass at us. Hold your cheeks open so we can see your puckered little asshole, and let’s hear you beg me to fuck you in the ass.”

Dan got in position. “Please Mistress, fuck your worthless slave in the ass in front of all these women. Humiliate me by keeping my own disgusting little cock caged while you show everyone who’s in charge. Pound my ass to make me appreciate what it’s like to be fucked like a woman. Make me beg you to rape my ass for your pleasure and amusement only. I’m nothing but a cunt for your cock.”

“What do you think ladies? Does he make a compelling case?” The women heartily agreed. “Alright slave. Bring me the strapon!”

Dan and Sally were soon in the center of the living room with the women crowded around for the show. Dan was on all fours, resting on knees and elbows, presenting his ass doggy style. Kneeling just inches behind him, she applied lube to his asshole and the sizeable cock strapped around her waist. But instead of wearing the same casual clothes, Sally had changed into a full-length, black body stocking that covered her from head to toe while showing off every curve. The contrast of the submissive, naked male against a fully-clothed, in-charge woman was visually striking and electric.

She placed the head of her realistic-looking cock firmly against Dan’s asshole and pushed slowly but persistently, till it forced its’ way past his sphincter muscle and slid inside. Dan let out a groan of relief. Taking the head was always the most challenging and painful part of penetration. After pausing a moment to let him catch his breath, Sally resumed her invasion until all seven inches of the curved, veiny shaft was inside him and her latex balls were, as they say, “balls deep” against him. “Fuck yourself,” she ordered.

Dan began rocking his hips back and forth, causing the dildo to slide in and out of his ass. At first his movements were slow and shallow, the cock moving only a couple of inches with each thrust. It was always awkward at first. As a man, he was used to fucking by thrusting his hips forward. But riding a cock like a woman meant pushing his ass backward in order to take it inside him. It never felt natural, but he was motivated and was soon riding the full length of her cock like a Las Vegas whore.

“That’s canlı bahis siteleri enough, I’ll take over,” Sally said as she began to tease him. She started with what she liked to call their “Sunday Drive,” where she’d fuck his ass so slowly, gently and shallowly that it would drive Dan crazy. His frustration building, he tried begging her to “Please, Fuck Me! Fuck me HARD! RAPE me!” But of course, she turned a deaf ear and continued their Sunday Drive. Next, he tried to take matters into his own ass by trying to ride her cock again by himself, bouncing his ass urgently against her. But that only caused her to stop moving altogether, slap his ass, and tell him that if he didn’t hold still and stop moving, the fucking was over.

Of course, they’d played this game many times before, so Dan acquiesced and then Sally started to really fuck him.

She grabbed his hips on either side and began driving the full length of her cock inside him, slamming against his ass cheeks. Then, slowly pulling nearly all the way out, she would suddenly slam back in again – over and over. This was the fucking that Dan always craved. The harder and faster the better. He liked to think of it as being raped, only voluntarily. At this point, he was usually playing with his erect dick, begging to be allowed to cum while she fucked him. But today his dick was on the bench, sitting the game out in the penalty box of his cock cage. With no participation from his cock, he realized this was probably the closest he’d ever come to knowing what it feels like to be fucked from a women’s point of view.

Finally, it was time for the climax of the session. Sally shortened her strokes but went into overdrive when it came to thrusting hard and fast. It was all Dan could do to keep from being knocked over. She slammed into him at with all her strength for about thirty seconds and then gave him one final thrust and held it inside him, while they both imagined a massive load of cum being pumped in side him. Then taking a breath, she pulled out and he collapsed on the floor. “That was amazing,” he said, not realizing or caring that he had broken the rule and spoke without being spoken to first.

It was getting late and the evening was almost over. Almost.

“We have one last activity this evening,” Sally announced. “Dan’s been a good sport by having cock out of commission all evening. Now it’s time to take off the cage and see if anything develops.”

The ladies took their seats on the sofa and Dan kneeled on the floor in from of them again. Sally tossed him the key and he unlocked the cage and removed it. His cock immediately started to swell and in less than a minute he almost fully erect.

The women laughed. They couldn’t believe he was getting a hardon after all they’d just put him through. He really did get off on being dominated by women.

“Looks like someone didn’t like being left out of tonight’s activities,” Sally teased. Do you want to cum right now, before everyone leaves?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Excellent. But we can’t have you just jerk off. Where’s the fun in that?” She tossed him a tube of Maximum Strength Orajel. “Put two heavy coats of this desensitizer all over your cock and balls, and then you can jack off for us.”

Dan dutifully applied the Orajell and began stroking his cock for the ladies. At first, he wasn’t focused on cumming, he was just excited to be on display, having them watch what most men considered a very private and embarrassing moment. He wanted to give them a good show so he took his time playing with himself. He changed hands, grips and positions to give the ladies different views. The stroking felt good, but it wasn’t leading to that intense need to climax. After about five minutes of this play, he decided it was time to finish the job.

He deliberately knelt in front of the ladies in a three quarters view so they could see his cock being stroked from the side. It would also make for a good cum shot. He applied a liberal amount of lube and started beating his cock hard and fast, expecting to cum in less than a minute. But a minute passed and still no climax. The heavy dose of Orajel was working just as Sally planned. His cock was numb, he couldn’t get off. Determined, he switched hands, but no cum. He tried laying on his back, his legs spread wide and beating his meat with both hands. His arms were getting tired. The lube was drying out. He spit in his hand and jerked off while he crouched on the the floor, his head down and his ass up. Nothing was working. He could get close, but he couldn’t cum. Not this way.”

“Do you need help?”

“Yes, please,” he begged. He couldn’t end the evening this way. He needed them to see him cum.

“Lay on your back. You just keep jerking off, we’ll do the rest.”

The women swarmed him. There were hands everywhere. He felt fingernails caressing his thighs, his nipples were being twisted and bitten. Sally was putting her tongue down his throat. Then he felt his legs being lifted up and a vibrator was stuffed in his ass. The sensations were overwhelming. It was enough to push him over the edge and he came. Not a lot, not like earlier in the evening. But he came. And despite the all the evening’s humiliations that he volunteered for, cumming made him feel like he had redeemed his manhood.

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