How We Became Sex Coaches Ch. 01

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This is my first new story for Literotica in years. Written and edited by me. It is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is unintended and coincidental. Two additional chapters have already been written but I will wait to post them until I know what you think about this first chapter. Feedback, good or bad but preferably constructive, is welcome. Feel free to comment online or send me a personal email with your thoughts. I hope you enjoy this piece. Thank you for reading.


“Do you mind if I ask you for a favor?” asked Ron, my closest friend since childhood.

We were having a beer at our favorite brewpub. We would usually meet up every week to check in. My wife Sarah and Ron’s wife Rachel had also become close friends and would also spend time together separately. We all got together for dinner at least once a month.

“Of course, you don’t even need to ask. If it’s too personal, I’ll tell you,” I replied. “So what’s up?”

“Well…” Ron hesitated. “Not sure exactly how to talk about this… The thing is, Sarah was telling Rachel about what a great lover you are. How you just know how to satisfy her. I don’t think she’s bragging. Rachel says that it has come up a couple times when they are talking about more personal things. You know how women talk about everything.

“Anyway, when Rachel told me about those conversations, she seemed a bit envious. Hinting that she’s wanting something more or different. I think we have an awesome sex life. We have sex at least four to five times a week, sometimes more. I know I’m satisfied and I think she is, too. I think she cums at least once every time we have sex. But now I’m not so sure. So my question is: Can you give me some tips on how I can make sex more enjoyable for Rachel?”

I wasn’t sure what Ron wanted or how specific he wanted me to be when he asked if I could offer some tips. Ron and Rachel seem to be one of the happiest couples I know. They frequently touch and kiss each other whenever Sarah and I spend time with them. Especially when we’ve been skinny dipping in the pool or jacuzzi with them. I assumed that that affection included mutually stimulating actions in the bedroom. Of course, you never know what goes on in the bedrooms of other couples.

“Well Ron, I’m not sure how much I can help,” I replied. “Let me think about whether I can be helpful and how I might approach this. We can talk about it the next time we get together. That OK?”

“Sure,” said Ron. “I know this conversation is a surprise to you. And, actually, I’m not sure what I expect but my motivation is that I want Rachel to be completely satisfied with our sex life. Anything I can do to make it better, I will.”

I thought about the conversation on the way home and decided the best way to proceed was to ask Sarah what she thought.

The next evening at dinner, Sarah and I were enjoying our meal when I asked whether she had told Rachel about our sex life. She looked a little surprised by the question.

“Why would you think that?” she asked but didn’t say anything more.

“Last night at the pub, Ron asked me if I had any tips for helping him better satisfy Rachel in bed. He said that you told Rachel about our sex life. Apparently Rachel mentioned it to Ron in a somewhat envious way, whatever that means. He thought they had a good sex life and now he’s not so sure. I told him that I didn’t think I could offer any tips but I would consider it and talk with him next week. Care to expand on your answer to my question?”

“Yes, well, Rachel has complained several times recently that Ron doesn’t take time to ensure that she’s fully satisfied, that she always has an orgasm,” Sarah explained. “He’s apparently more of a “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” type and she’s just not satisfied with that. He’s a great guy and she loves him but she wants better sex. I told her that you are a pussy lover who makes me cum multiple times every time we have sex and that you worked hard and took the time to ensure that I’m totally satisfied. I guess she mentioned that conversation to Ron. I’m sorry if I told Rachel about our sex life without talking with you first.”

“I’m not angry,” I said. “No need to apologize. I just wanted some context before deciding whether to offer any suggestions to Ron. I’m just not sure what I could offer that would help him pleasure Rachel. I’m the way I am in bed because I have you as a lover. Your body taught me to pay attention and take my time.”

“Well, it’s up to you, Ray,” she said. “But I think you should do it. They would both appreciate and benefit from it. And I would appreciate it if you would help our friends. In fact, I’ll show you how much I appreciate it right now.”

Sarah stood and walked around the table to me. She took my hand and pulled me to a standing position. Then, she knelt down and began undoing my belt. Seconds later, my pants and boxers were around my ankles and Sarah was stroking my cock. Looking directly into my eyes, she took my cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around almanbahis yeni giriş the head. This wasn’t the first time she took this approach to get me to do something she wanted.

Once I was hard, Sarah began taking me deeper. She reached up and gently squeezed my balls. I wouldn’t last long if she continued. My hips gently moved back and forth as I fucked her mouth. She put both hands on my ass and pulled me forward, my erection sliding into her throat and then back out. The pace of my movement increased. In. Out. In. Out. Saliva was running out her mouth, down her chin, and onto her tits. She wanted my cum and I was about to give it to her.

“I’m close…” I said.

At that moment, she tickled my balls and I came, sending a torrent down her throat and, when she pulled back slightly, filling her mouth. She continued to suck even as my erection waned. She looked up at me, smiled, and licked her lips.

“OK, I’ll do it,” I said, smiling back at her. “I’m persuaded, I’ll offer Ron some suggestions if you think that will help.”


One week later, Ron and I were having dinner and a few beers. We talked about a variety of topics until Ron raised the topic that I’m sure was on both of our minds.

“Have you thought about any tips for me,” he said. “I know this is kind of an odd request but I feel like I need to do something. I want to be the best lover I can be for Rachel so she doesn’t start thinking that there might be a better option out there. Any suggestions you can offer would be much appreciated.”

“I have been thinking about it, Ron,” I said. “I should say that I’m fairly certain that Rachel isn’t even considering other options. She loves you, man. That said, I’m not sure how much help I can be. Sarah taught me most everything I learned about pleasing a woman in bed. It’s not that she verbally tells me. Instead, I simply pay attention to what her body is telling me about what I’m doing. What makes you think Rachel isn’t satisfied? Has she said she wants something more or different? It sounds like you two are getting it on often enough.”

“We do have sex usually four or five times a week,” he replied. “She hasn’t given me any indication that she’s dissatisfied. It’s just… There was something in her eyes when she recalled the conversation with Sarah about what a great lover you are. You must be doing something right or different that really satisfies Sarah. I think Rachel wants some of that.”

“OK, well, I have a couple ideas you could try and see how it goes,” I said. “First, I subordinate my desire to have an orgasm to satisfying Sarah. I know I will cum at least twice every time we have sex so I don’t worry about when it will happen. I know it will. Once I made up my mind that I would focus on Sarah, my approach to sex changed completely.

“First, I started to explore her body to find her sensitive areas. I touched and kissed her all over paying attention to any time she made a sound, changed her breathing, or moved in such a way as to non-verbally say “That’s a good spot, right there”. Her body is very expressive although I don’t think she knows she’s giving me good information about pleasing her. I take mental notes about the location of those spots. Don’t focus solely on the clit or the g-spot. Those are very effective pleasure points but there are lots of other areas that will bring her pleasure, too.

Let me give you an example. There are thousands of nerve endings in and around the entrance of a pussy. Whether I’m licking her or fingering her, her physiological response plus the noise she makes tells me whether she likes what I’m doing. She’ll twitch, or try to move her pussy towards my touch, or make a sound, or unconsciously change her breathing. All of these little signals tell me whether I’m having the effect that I want. Then I begin slowly focus on some of the most sensitive areas. I speed up and slow down. I want to avoid bringing her to orgasm too quickly – even if she wants me to – knowing that the build-up from teasing will bring on longer and more explosive orgasms for her.

The other thing I would suggest is don’t always focus on the same sensitive spots. There are many such spots and the goal, at least for me, is to find all of them. It’s an ongoing exploration to find the very best place to lick and touch her. It’s like that old saying: the journey is half the fun. For me with Sarah, the journey is 80% of the fun. I love arousing her through my explorations. I always assume there is at least one more spot I haven’t discovered yet. By mixing it up, Rachel will be surprised and excited by what you discover. There’s nothing wrong with a quicky every once in a while but it typically – not always – takes a woman longer to get into the action.

“Anyway, these are some of the things I do. If they help you and please Rachel, great. I hope they do.”

“Thank you for the tips, buddy,” Ron said. “I knew this might be a bit awkward to discuss but I really appreciate your help. I’m going to go home right now and try some almanbahis giriş of these ideas. I’ll let you know how it goes.”

“Sounds good. See you next week.”

The next few days at work were hectic and stressful. A deadline on one of my projects was fast approaching and there was still much to do. That and a couple of unexpected hiccups in the installation had me working long hours, consumed by the work I needed to do. I had mostly forgotten the conversation with Ron. When I arrived home three days after that conversation, Sarah met me at the door with a kiss, a glass of wine, and smirk. Wonderful smells were emanating from the kitchen.

“This is nice welcome home,” I said. “It’s not my birthday or our anniversary. What’s the occasion?”

“No occasion,” Sarah replied. “You’ve been working a lot of hours lately and I wanted to do something special for you to tell you how much I love and appreciate you. Why don’t you change into more casual clothes and meet me in the kitchen.”

Over dinner, we both talked about how our days went and upcoming schedules. Once the routine part of our conversation began to wind down, Sarah switched subjects.

“So I talked with Rachel today,” she said, letting it hang out in the ether without further explanation. She was being coy.

“What did you and Rachel talk about?” I replied, having a good idea where this conversation was going.

“She said that Ron was energized when he came home after meeting with you the other night,” she said. “I won’t go into all of the erotic details of our conversation but apparently he tried some new moves on her. He took his time and wasn’t in quite the rush he normally is. He didn’t go straight for her clit when he was eating her. I will tell you that she did have an orgasm as he licked and sucked her pussy and that’s not something that has ever happened. Once she came, Ron climbed aboard and fucked her hard until they both came simultaneously. She was happy that he seemed genuinely interested in ensuring that she was satisfied. Unfortunately, he fell into old patterns after she came the first time. He was in too much of a hurry after that. She wondered whether you would be willing to actually coach Ron in person, while they are in the act.”

“WHAT!!” I exclaimed. “What did she mean by that? She wants me to watch them have sex and coach Ron while they’re doing it? That’s crazy!”

“It might be crazy but that’s what she wants,” Sarah said. “And I agree with her. He was excited about having sex and couldn’t remember everything you told him. It’s kind of like brain freeze when you’re eating ice cream. You like it so much that you eat it too fast and get brain freeze. You don’t remember to slow down. Anyway, we’ve all seen each other naked in the hot tub and pool before so this isn’t that big of a step. It would help them and might be exciting for you, too. I would even go with you if that would make you more comfortable.”

“Did Ron agree to this?” I asked. “It’s one thing to ask for advice and a whole other thing to coach him while he’s eating her pussy. In fact, why would Rachel want to have me there while they’re having sex?”

“Rachel said that Ron would do what she asked him to do,” said Sarah. “She wants to have more, better orgasms and Ron says he want to be a better lover. If that’s really true, then he’ll go along. I think she wants Ron to ask you to coach him while they’re having sex. If he does that, he bought into the idea of of you being there while he’s sucking her pussy.

“Rachel wants you to be there for two reasons. First, she has always been a bit of an exhibitionist but has tamped down that desire to show off since she’s been with Ron. I think she would be naked all the time if she could. Second, you’ve already seen her naked a couple times when we went into the hot tub. Haven’t you noticed how often she subtly exposes her pussy to you? It excites her to have us – but especially you since you’re a handsome, fit man – see her naked. Having you watch her have sex and coach her husband to be a better lover would be the ultimate exhibitionism for her. Frankly, I want to watch them have sex, too. I might even be able to offer some tips from a woman’s perspective. They’re both good looking people with great bodies. I want to experience watching someone else having sex live and in person. Wouldn’t you like to see that, too? Hell, you would be right in close to the action.”

“Yeah, that would be hot, I guess,” I replied. “Let’s see whether Ron actually asks me before committing anything to Rachel. In the meantime, this talk has given me a raging hard on. How about we get you naked and I practice my techniques?”

She nodded and smiled. Five minutes later, my tongue was deep in her already drenched pussy and she moaning loudly. While I usually like to take my time, immediately after Sarah came on my tongue, I turned her over onto her hands and knees and slowly fed my hard cock into her waiting cunt. Once I bottomed out, Sarah began rolling her hips and using her muscles to hold on tight to my cock. After almanbahis adres a couple minutes, she began rocking back and forth, fucking herself on my cock. I reached around to tease and pull on her nipples as she continued to fuck me. I heard the beginning of her orgasm when she began whispering, “Fuck yes, fuck yes, oooooohhhhh, fuck me, that’s good, uh, uh, AAAAAAHHHHHH.”

When her orgasm began, her movements stopped as she let it wash over her. I grabbed her hips and began thrusting hard into sopping pussy. Her whole body clenched tight and she stopped breathing. My balls tightened and spewed deep in her pussy. That seemed to prolong her orgasm. Finally, she took several deep breaths and then collapsed face forward into her pillow. My cock plopped out of her pussy and I rolled over my side next to her, breathing hard myself.

“If watching Rachel and Ron have sex is anything like just imagining it, you and I are going to be fucking a lot,” she said and then giggled. “I really hope you’ll agree to coach Ron because I can’t wait to watch.”

The following Wednesday, Ron and I got together as usual. Nothing was said about the effectiveness of my suggestions or coaching while he was in the act with his wife. It was our typical conversation – work, sports, etc. I could tell that Ron had something on his mind and was a little anxious but I waited him out. Finally, when we were halfway through our last beer of the night, he starting telling me about his attempt to give his wife more pleasure in bed.

“By the way,” he said offhandedly, as if the thought just came to him. “Thank you for the tips last week. Rachel is certain that I was better lover after trying your suggestions. I think she came at least two, maybe three times. She usually has one and that’s it. Myself, I felt better about my performance – about being more attentive to her needs – but never felt like I was fully noticing how her body was responding. It was more like going through the motions without really knowing what I was doing. It felt like I was thinking too much instead of being present in the moment. You know what I mean?”

“Sure, that being in the moment and being fully aware of the way Rachel is responding to your actions takes practice,” I said. “You’ll get there. Just keep practicing.”

We both laughed out loud.

“Yeah, practice makes perfect, right?” Ron said. “I told Rachel about our conversation and also mentioned I didn’t feel confident about my skills. Your suggestions helped but I didn’t feel like I was using that information correctly. I told her I wanted to do anything in my power to ensure that she was enjoying our sex together as much as I was. Do you know what she said?”

“No. No idea.” I replied. “She probably suggested that you just keep practicing.”

“Ha. She did say that,” Ron said. “But she also suggested that I invite you to coach me WHILE WE’RE HAVING SEX. Can you believe that? I thought she was joking but she wasn’t. She used a football analogy. Coaches prepare you to play the game but they don’t send you into the stadium alone. No, they come with you to continue coaching while the game is going on. That way they can watch you in action and offer tips so you win the game. Isn’t that what you want, she asked me. I was shocked by her suggestion. After I thought about it for awhile, I came to the conclusion that she probably was right. If I really want to be the best I can be for her in bed, I need my coach there. What do you think, Ray?”

Even though I knew this was coming, I held a shocked look on my face. Then I smiled.

“This is a joke, right,” I said. “You want me to watch you make love to Rachel and offer tips while you’re doing it?”

“Yes, that’s it. No joke,” he said. “Are you willing to help me while I’m in the game, coach?”

“Let me think about that,” I said. “My first thought is that I think I would enjoy watching you two have sex. You’re both good looking and, if you don’t mind my saying, Rachel is sexy as hell. You, I’m not sure whether you’re sexy or not.” I smiled. “If I were to agree to this, I would want to have Sarah there with me. As I told you before, it was her feedback that helped me be a better lover. Would that bother you if she was there, too?”

“Uh, no, I guess not,” Ron replied. “We’ve all seen each other naked so I guess that wouldn’t be a problem. So will you do it?”

“Yes, probably,” I said. “I’ll need to check with Sarah to ensure that she wouldn’t mind me helping and if she would be willing to be there, too. I can let you know tomorrow. When were you thinking about doing this?”

“This weekend, if that works for you and Sarah,” he said.

We agreed to talk the next day as we left the brew pub. I already knew that Sarah wanted me to do it and would be there with me. I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to think about what might happen and give them time to opt out. No one did. Admittedly, I was looking forward to watching Ron and Rachel having sex. Rachel is a beautiful woman who exudes sensuality even when wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Seeing her naked in the hot tub previously had given me a woody so watching her have sex would definitely be a turn on. I hadn’t really considered it before but I guess this makes me a voyeur. When I talked with Ron the next day, we set up the coaching session for the upcoming Saturday at 7 p.m.

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