How to Stop Smoking Ch. 03

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The Preparation

Friday, the 8th

When I got home, I immediately went to bed. After a most memorable night, I was tired and needed some rest.

Sleeping till noon, I got up, grabbed my golf clubs and headed for the club. Maybe a little exercise would take out some of the soreness.

When I got to the club, I grabbed a quick sandwich and a beer then went out and played 18 holes better than I have before. Was it the sex or the sleep? I don’t know, but I enjoyed my game. I even made $15 on side bets.

The rest of the week was rather uneventful. I was a little surprised that Ann had not called. I suppose that I could have called her, but I needed some rest. I’d like to think that she knew that.

Come to find out, that was the exact reason that she didn’t call. She said that she knew I would need my energy for the treatment. There would be time later for fun and games.

Friday morning I got up early and headed down to my favorite breakfast spot and pigged out.

Mai Ling had told me to eat a hearty breakfast. The waitress thought I was going to eat everything in the house and said so. I told her that she’d have to wait until later. You could get arrested for eating pussy in a restaurant.

Then, I headed over to the clinic for my appointment. This was going to be a very interesting day before it was over.

When I arrived, Ann was in the reception area – doing her nails again. I remembered how right I was about those nails. They would do a lot of damage to one’s back, especially during the throes of orgasm. My back started hurting again just thinking about it.

We chatted a little until Mai Ling came in and told me that she was ready to begin the treatment if I was.

I followed her down the hall and we made a left turn toward her office. Only this time, we went all the way to the last room on the left.

I’ve got to admit, by the time we got to the room, my cock was rock hard. It had been almost a week since I’d had sex with Ann.

Watching Mai Ling’s firm ass cheeks bouncing up and down had a definite effect on me. My morale was high with the anticipation that I might get Mai Ling in bed soon.

We entered the room and Mai Ling went straight to a small cabinet and pulled out a sterile hospital gown.

As she bent over I noticed her ass was not as wide and full as Ann’s, but it was just as pleasing to watch. My cock twitched as I looked at it. Mmmmmmm.

Handing the gown to me, she told me to get undressed and to put the gown on with the opening in the front. She pointed out the hangers on the clothes tree in the corner. She left the room saying that she would be back shortly.

While I was undressing, I was taking inventory of the room.

There were a couple of stools against one wall, a small wastebasket and an examination table. There was another stool at the side of it.

The examination table did not look like the usual run-of-the-mill examination table. There was a split running about half the length of it as if it was designed to raise (or lower) part of it.

I found out later that it did both. On the far wall there was a door that looked like it led to a storage room for supplies.

Mai Ling returned to the room. She asked me to lie on the examination table. She placed me with my feet at the end that had the split and explained several points of the treatment to me.

First, she was going to strap me down. If I experienced any pain, she did not want to be in the way of any violent reaction. Sounded logical to me so I didn’t object.

Second, the split in the table would allow her to adjust my legs. This way she would have total access to perform the treatment without any interference.

Third, she would begin the treatment in a little while, but first, I had to be “cleaned out.” I asked what this meant. She replied that some patients lost control of their body functions during treatment. It got pretty messy when that happened.

Last, but not least, I would have to submit to having all the hair around my genitals removed. Hair could cause an unwanted infection.

After I had agreed to all of this, Mai Ling proceeded to apply the straps.

She placed one around each of my ankles. Another was placed around each leg just above the knee. One strap was put around my gaziantep escort reklamları waist. Then, she placed another one around my chest. Two straps were placed around each of my arms. I began to think thoughts about a torture chamber.

When she finished strapping me down, she went to the thermostat on the wall and adjusted it so the room would be warmer.

Then she opened the door on the far wall. It was a supply closet, in a way. It was also a king size bathroom with a large shower, commode and the works.

Mai Ling returned carrying an old-fashioned soap mug, straight razor, scissors, comb, towels, washcloths and a washbasin full of warm soapy water.

After making a couple of adjustments to the table, she began removing all of my pubic hair. The adjustments had my knees elevated and my legs spread far apart. I thought that my asshole was going to split.

First, she used the scissors and comb to trim all the long hair. Soon she had my pubic hair cut close to the skin.

She explained that shaving would be easier if the razor didn’t have to fight long hair. Then, she began to lather up the soap mug.

Before applying the soap, Mai Ling took a warm wet washcloth and washed my genital area thoroughly.

Then she dipped the washcloth into the water and made sure my cock and balls were wet. Now if you think my cock was just sitting there idly all this time, think again. It was ready.

Mai Ling smiled, took the shaving brush and began to apply thick soapy suds to my cock and balls. I thought my cock was hard before – it really got hard then.

As she began to rub the soap in with her hands, she stroked my cock. Then, she squeezed my balls until I thought that I would cum. She said she needed to have a smooth, firm area to shave. That way the razor wouldn’t leave any little nicks and would get all the hair.

Picking up the straight razor, she began to shave all the hair until I was as smooth as a baby’s butt. While she was shaving me, she would alternately stroke my cock and squeeze my balls keeping me hard and close to cuming.

When she had my cock and balls cleaned of hair, she took another washcloth and washed me off again. Then she dried me off and removed all of the equipment to the bathroom.

When she returned, Mai Ling had a bottle of lotion in her hand. She began applying some lotion to my balls. Rubbing some around the base of my cock, she told me that the lotion would help prevent infection.

As she smoothed the lotion on, I could feel the heat in my loins rising again. My cock, which had begun to subside while she was in the bathroom, began to stiffen anew.

While Mai Ling was rubbing the lotion in, she reached down and put my cock in her mouth and began to suck on it.

I asked if that would help prevent infection also and was told that this was just another part of the cleansing process. Mai Ling continued to suck my cock while she was rubbing on the lotion. Soon, I could feel the juices rising in my cock. I had a week of cum stored there and she was about to get her money’s worth.

When I came – I came. I could feel the cum spurt time after time. She must have sucked on me for a full five minutes until I was drained. As she eased my cock out of her mouth, she licked all around the crown, making sure that not a drop of cum was wasted.

When she was finished, Mai Ling went into the bathroom and washed her hands.

She returned in a few minutes carrying a flat tray containing several long needles.

I had heard that the acupuncture needles were long and thin, but I was unprepared for what I saw. They were so thin you could almost read a newspaper through them. And they were about 10 inches long.

After sitting the tray on the stool next to the table, Mai Ling took an antiseptic coated piece of gauze and began to swab my face where she intended to insert the needles. Taking one of the needles, she approached me.

She inserted it in my lower lip – on the inside. Then, she placed one in each of my ear lobe.

As she was putting the needles in, she explained that these were not part of the treatment. They were to make me relax.

I must first sleep for an hour to recover from the sexual release I had just experienced. Then, the treatment would begin.


I awoke as Mai Ling was removing the last needle. I must say, that was the most restful sleep I had in a long time.

It was at this point that I noticed another oriental girl in the room. I hadn’t known that anyone else was going to be present during the treatment and I felt a little embarrassed.

She was the spitting image of Mai Ling. Long tapering waist. High small tits, although they looked larger than Mai Ling’s. And she was very pretty. She had on a high-necked red oriental dress that fit like a second skin.

Mai Ling introduced the girl as her sister, Tai Soo. She said that it was necessary that someone assist her during the rest of the treatment.

Tai Soo said hello and they proceeded to lower the examination table to level it.

After lowering the table, they began to undo the straps that held me down. When they finished removing the straps, Mai Ling told me to roll over on my stomach.

When I was in position, I felt them reapplying some of the straps.

First, she placed one strap at my waist, then one at each ankle. Then, after strapping down my arms, they began to elevate the center of the examination table – raising my butt in the air. Now I really felt embarrassed.

Tai Soo went into the bathroom and I could hear water running. This time I was in no position to watch what was going on.

The suspense was soon broken. She had been filling an enema bottle with a warm, soapy solution. The bottle that she held looked like a standard douche bottle with a 6-foot hose and a nozzle on the end. There was a clamp on the hose about two feet up from the nozzle.

After hanging the bottle on a surgical stand, Tai Soo took some jell that smelled like fresh strawberries and began to apply it to my asshole.

Then she rubbed some in, gently inserting a finger and stroking it in and out until my asshole began to relax.

When she felt that I was ready, she inserted the enema nozzle into my ass. It hurt a little at first but, after she worked it in and out a few times, it began to feel good. That’s when my cock began to stiffen.

After Tai Soo had the nozzle in far enough, she reached up and released the clamp on the hose. The water began to flow.

As I felt my insides filling, I began to get a cramp. When I told her, she set the clamp on the hose.

Then Tai Soo reached beneath me and gently massaged my lower stomach until the ache went away. After I told her that my cramp had subsided, she loosened the clamp and the water surged in again.

Soon I was full. I had taken the entire bottle (probably a gallon) and felt as full as could be.

Both Mai Ling and Tai Soo were surprised that I had taken the whole bottle and said so. I replied that they were fixing to get it back if they didn’t let me up so I could use the bathroom.

They straightened the table, un-strapped me and helped me to the bathroom. I had begun to cramp up again and couldn’t walk. If I hadn’t had some help, I might not have made it.

They left and shut the door and I emptied all the water into the commode as well as everything else in my lower intestines.

By the time I had finished, I felt as weak as a baby. I called for Mai Ling and Tai Soo to come help me back to the examination table.

They opened the door and entered the bathroom. Mai Ling took the enema bottle and, after washing it out, began refilling it.

This time, clean water to wash out the soap. This would ease the burning sensation that I was feeling.

After she got it filled, they helped me up, and then bent me over the side of the bathtub. After washing me off, Tai Soo again took some more of the jell and applied it liberally to my ass. When she inserted the nozzle it was easier this time.

As soon as she had the nozzle in place, Tai Soo released the clamp. I was filled with a warm feeling as the water rushed in. My cock was still stiff as a board.

After I had taken the entire bottle, the two of them began to massage my stomach. As they massaged, each would stroke my cock.

After a few minutes, I had to sit down again and release the water. It took longer this time and I felt even weaker than before. The two of them helped me up and into the shower.

After they removed the gown, both of them reached for the zippers on their dresses and took them off.

Neither of them wore a bra. Their tits were small, but firm as their nipples pointed to the sky.

Then they removed their skimpy panties and stepped into the shower.

Turning the water on, they proceeded to give me a thorough soaping from back to front – top to bottom.

Mai Ling started on my front – Tai Soo on my back. And they did not miss one square inch of my body.

By the time they finished, my poor cock was begging for release again. This time, it was not to be.

Drying me off, they led me back to the examination table. After giving me a fresh gown to put on, they helped me back onto the table and strapped me down again.

Face up this time with the full complement of straps. I couldn’t move a muscle.

Then they positioned my feet and legs like they were before. Knees slightly elevated and legs spread wide apart. I felt like a turkey about to be carved.

Mai Ling then told me that they needed to take some measurements before starting the treatment.

This way they can tell how much my cock was swelling as a result of the treatment.

Tai Soo pulled up a stool and positioned herself between my legs. Taking my cock in her mouth, she proceeded to give me a blowjob. She was better than her sister. It was great.

Then, as I was about to cum, she stopped sucking. Using some ancient oriental secret, she pressed her fingers at the base of my cock preventing my release.

How did she know I was ready to cum?

Mai Ling stepped in then and measured the length and diameter of my cock. She said that my cock was 7-1/2 inches long and 1-1/2 inches in diameter.

She smiled and said that I had admirable equipment. She said that I should be proud of it. I was, but I was horny and wanted release. I told her so. “Later,” was all she said.

Tai Soo took my cock in her mouth again and started a slow sucking, taking in the full length then releasing it.

Three or four of these and she stopped as I was ready to let it go again. She again applied pressure to the base, stopping my release. Mai Ling stepped in and again took the measurements.

No change. Still the same size and still begging for release. They continued this procedure two more times.

Finally, they were satisfied that my cock was not going to get any bigger. It wasn’t loosing any size from their ministrations either.

Then, Mai Ling rolled a machine in from the bathroom that I hadn’t noticed before.

It looked like one of those wet or dry vacuums with three little wheels on it and goes anywhere.

It wasn’t exactly a vacuum. It had a vacuum-like hose and about two feet from the end of the nozzle it had a clear, bulb-like chamber.

The nozzle was shaped like a pussy, made of soft latex, and resembled one of those ejaculator rigs you see in the advertisement section of adult magazines.

Placing the nozzle over my cock, Mai Ling explained that now they needed an accurate measurement of my sperm. They needed to know just how much my cock produced to compare it to later measurements.

The round bulb-like chamber would catch all my sperm and they would have a quantity to compare with later.

This way, they would know if there was any increase in that area also. Then she plugged it in and turned it on.

It began humming and slowly applying suction to my cock. As ready as I was, it still took a couple of minutes before I emptied every drop of sperm I had into the bulb.

When I was finished, Mai Ling turned off the machine and read the scale on the side of the bulb.

She announced that I only had an ounce and a half of sperm, but not to worry. That was probably because I had been emptied already.

Tai Soo came out of the bathroom carrying a washbasin full of warm water. She had been preparing it while the machine was working on my cock.

With a little smile, she began to wash me taking special care with my cock. The little bugger was beginning to get stiff again when she stopped.

After repositioning the table where it was flat again, Mai Ling told me that I must rest for two hours this time.

She got the tray with freshly sterilized needles and applied them to my lower lip and ear lobes as she did before.

As I was dozing off, she reached for Tai Soo and they began to embrace and kiss. I was not to see what happened next. I slept.

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