How She Wanted Him

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It started out with her thinking about his hands on her. She would think about his coming up behind her and roughly turning her around, his hands wrapping around her wrist and throwing them above her head and pushing her into the wall and him kissing her hard on the mouth.

As he pulled away she would smile at him and he knew that he was ok to keep going. He would then lead her to the bed and roughly pull her down all while he is kissing her. He pushed her back on the bed and kissed his way down her neck till he reached her breasts. She arced her back so he could reach her nipple as his breath reached her nipples she shivered and he took all of her nipple in her mouth and sucked and nibbled till she moaned with passion.

He trailed his way down till he reached her pussy. He stopped and looked up at her, she smiled at him as he took her clit and gentle sucked on it till her moans became too much Mardin Escort for her. He then trailed back up to her mouth and gentle kissed her.

As he kissed her he rolled her on top they kissed as he groped her ass and breasts. She slowly pulled away from him and she sat up, she moved to his cock and slowly placed her mouth near his head and looked up at him. She placed her mouth on his head and slowly slid down till she reached his base and waited a couple of seconds and slid back up. He moved his hands to grab her head and she gentle moved his hands and continued to go up and down on him. Taking more and more of him each time. She had to control his movement or she might gag. So she moved his hands away and placed his hands on her breast. He tugged and pinched each nipple till she moan with pleasure. He then leaned back and let her take care of him.

She then licked him from base Mardin Escort Bayan to tip and went down on him in one swift motion that caught him of guard and his hands went back to the sides of her head to help guide her on his cock. She did not move his hands this time but let him guide her head up and down. The only thing she did was place her hands on his hips to control his bucking. She could feel him trying to buck his hips to get farther down her throat. She could taste his precum.

After several minutes she fought him to catch her breath. He lifted her to his mouth and kissed her again. As they kissed his hands wondered her body. Every part of her felt like electricity was going through it. He moved in one swift motion to her pussy and licked and sucked her till she cried out his name.

He knew that it was time to take his cock and place it near her pussy, he teased Escort Mardin her by sliding just the head of his cock in and then rubbed it up and down her clit. And when she did not expected he went in a hard fast thrust. She loved it when he went hard and fast. She was not one of those nice girls she was the kind that liked to fuck. She wanted to hurt for days after having sex. He trusted hard and fast. So hard that she hit her head on the headboard but he did not stop she just raised her hands to move herself down as he withdrew from her.

She was almost going to cum when he stopped and looked her in the eyes and said, ” turn over, get up on all fours and spread that ass.” she always did as she was told. She could never figure out how he got her to do it, she never thought that she was the kind of person to take it in the ass. She always thought that was the hole that should not be penetrated. But even though she always said no, he convinced her that it would be good and she did love the feel of his cock in her ass and a vibe in her pussy. She cam within seconds of him going in her ass. He came after her. He always came after her. She did not know how he managed to do it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32