How Lucky Can You Get? Ch. 03

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In this chapter, I will try to make more interactions between the woman.

Hope you’re having fun reading my fantasies.

Enjoy and please vote!

Also I do appreciate comments.



Very early… Wednesday morning!

A loud buzz makes me open my eyes. I look at the alarm clock, 5am.

I turn on my back and start to feel something caress my chest. I also feel a warm smooth leg move over mine and a soft breast push into my side.

The buzz go on again.

I try to shake the cobweb still fogging my mind. I feel a hand creeping down from my chest to my crotch. Linda’s hand… Now I remember that she’s sleeping over.

The buzz again. It’s my cell phone.

My hand extend to my night stand and I grab my cell phone, without looking I answer:

”Hello?” With a groggy voice.

Linda is now fully awake and is lazily playing with my hardening member. She shift position and crawl down, her soft lips encircling the head of my cock in her warm mouth. I try to focus on the cell near my ear.

”Hi Dad, sorry to wake you up…”

That makes me fully awake in a flash. I didn’t hear from my daughter for a long time. But Linda makes it harder to concentrate by sucking my now fully erect cock. She’s taking it more and more into her wanting mouth. I shakely answer back in a low voice.

”No problem sweet peach, is everything ok?”

A short silence follow, to the point that I think we’ve been cut.

”You still there?”

I hear a loud sigh on the other end.

”Yeah, well no. Sorry Dad I don’t know how to say that. I know I wasn’t very supportive. But right now, I need to see you.”

I’m thinking now is not the best time for her to see me… Almost laugh at the thought, but go on and answer:

”Well sure Honey, how do you want to do that?”

Linda is now trying to show me how to do that, and stop sucking my dick and again shift in the bed. She sits facing me, and start to move her wet slit on my dick, lubing it with her moist pussy lips.

”Dad I was thinking of coming to Montreal for the long week-end. I know it’s a bit last minute, but I would fly in friday evening.”

At the same moment that my daughter mention that she is coming, Linda decide she wants more. She brace herself on my shoulders with both hands and let the tip on my cock align with the entry of her pussy. She gently lower her hips and engulf my dick inside her warm vagina.

The sensation is exquisite, and I almost moan into my cellphone. Again almost whispering I try to steady my voice:

”That’s fine Honey, I’ll be waiting for you.

I’ll text my address. Do you know what time you’ll arrive here?”

”Well not yet, I wanted to make sure it was ok with you.”

Linda is now smiling at me, knowing I’m trying to concentrate on the conversation. She is doing her best to distract me. She’s good at it. She’s now sitting on my crotch full of cock. She start to gyrate her hips. Her hands leaves my shoulders and are massaging her huge lovely breasts. Her finger starts to play with her harden nipples. Pulling hard at them, she let’s a loud moan escape her lips.

I’m sure my daughter heard it. Even if I tried to cover the sound with my answer.

”You know you never have to ask, you’re always welcome to see me, or call for that matter!”

”I know, I know. Are you ok Dad, I heard a strange noise on the phone. Anyway, I realise I’m not quite the perfect daughter, but I love you Dad.”

My father’s heart just melt right there. Although my dick is pulsating inside Linda’s hot snatch. I don’t want to upset my daughter. It’s been so long before she made contact. That’s when Linda choose to make things more interesting. She start to slide on my dick from the very top to the base slowly.

I cover the mouthpiece of my phone so my daughter won’t hear what I say.

”Linda you’re amazing, just don’t be too loud, it’s my daughter on the phone.”

”It’s ok Ben, just talk. I will take it easy and slow. It feels so damn good.” And she winks at me.

I try to get back at my daughter. Where was I… Oh yes.

”Well don’t feel so guilty, I’ve not been the perfect father either. But all that’s in the past. I really miss you!”

Linda tilts her head when she hear that… and make a naughty suggestive smile.

”Thanks for making this easy Dad. I’ll text you later, when I’ll book my flight. Love you!”

”Love you too sweet peach!”

With those last word, the line goes dead.

Hearing the end of the phone call, Linda let’s out a loud moan and just go wild. I just hold on for my life and let the marvelous feeling envelop me. After a few minutes of fast fuck, Linda let out a high pitch scream and spasm on my dick cuming hard. I feel her sweet juice coating my cock, and that trigger my own.

I splash her warm velvet walls with my hot cream. After my last squirt, Linda slowly lowered herself on top of me breathing hard. We stay like this for a short while, my hand caressing Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort her lower back and ass cheeks. She turns her head toward me and kiss me hard. She then slide to my side and let out a big sigh. She trails her finger along her red pussy, collect a copious amount of our juice leaking out and put it in her mouth. Smacking her lips as she pulls out her finger, she smile and says:

”Wow Ben we taste so sweet, I just love how you can make me cum so easy. You are a very good fuck friend.”

”To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this to happen when I invite you for a glass of wine yesterday evening.”

”Well I can’t say the same!” with a quiet laughter. ”OK, maybe not stay for the night, but I was planning to go further than a foot massage.”

”You’re tough to resist, especially when you started to rub those lovely feet all around me, I was a lost cause.”

”My dear Ben, we have to do this again. But now I have to get my ass home. I wasn’t suppose to stay that long!”

”You want to take a shower before leaving?”

”Nah, I will go to work smelling of your intoxicating sex juice all over me. That will drive my co workers crazy!”

And she start her sweet laughter again.

”Ha Ha Ha! Seriously if you want to clean yourself, I’ll get you fresh towels”

”No no, just kidding. But I will showered at home. I need to go now, get myself ready for work. It’s fine really, I live 5 minutes from you. It’s a good thing right?”

”Absolutely! Since I found out yesterday that you’re a huge sports fan, I’d love to have you here and watch a few games on the tube together.”

”Ok Ben, but like we said nothing serious. I really don’t want to be in any relationship.”

”Linda you’re the best. I feel exactly the same. Friends with benefit suit me just fine.”

”OK then, don’t get up right away Ben, I’ll let myself out. I do have to find my clothes though. They were thrown around last night.”

Again we share a good laugh.

”Well most of it should be around the couch, a few somewhere around the bed. OH, I feel your panties here.”

Lifting a pillow, I dig out her smelly panties. I can’t stop myself and bring them to my nose, sniffing deeply.

”You’re such a perv. Hey, keep them. A gift from your other sweet peach!” winking at me.

”Mmm, best gift ever!”

”Anytime lover!”

With that last remark, she haul herself out of my bed. She grab some pieces of clothing on the floor and rush into my living room. I can hear her getting dress. She comes back fully clothed and bend down for a last kiss. As she broke the kiss, she grabbed the panties laying beside me and shove them in my mouth. Laughing hysterically, as she leaves my apartment.

Linda’s sweet smell fill my nose and I can taste her juicy pussy cum in her panties. I pull them out and just lay my head on the pillow. My alarm clock beeps and my mind start to drift back to the phone call. Wow, my daughter will be home in a few days.

I stare at the ceiling for a few minutes, picturing in my head the last time I saw my daughter Cindy.

It was almost 1 year ago. God time fly! She was mad at me for leaving the house, even when I tried to explain that was better for all of us.

She really freaked out, and told me she didn’t want to see me ever again. She was true to her words. I didn’t hear from her since I moved out of the family house.

Even when I spoke with my ex, and ask about her.

I could hear Brenda trying to coax her to talk to me. After a few heated words in the background, my ex would tell me she didn’t want to talk to me.

So I respected her choice, and let time pass. Then I heard from Brenda a few months ago, that Cindy choose Toronto to continue her study. I was surprised, I always thought that she choose her mother over me. That told me it wasn’t the case. Brenda didn’t say much on the subject.

I am pleasantly surprise that Cindy finally made contact with me.

Being fully awake, I decide to go to work early and do a long workout. I’m ready to leave home half an hour later, and hit the gym.

I just finished my stretching and start my run on the treadmill, when Sara just appear beside me.

She start to talk about her evening and is probing me for info on mine. She knows I left with Linda. I don’t feel like sharing, and just change the subject by commenting on her new hot outfit as I take a good look at her. All in white and tight all around her nice curves. As she finish her stretching, I just have to compliment her.

”Sara you look absolutely gorgeous in this new outfit, I mean… Wow!”

That brings a wide smile. Then suddenly it changes into a frown. Lee Ann appear on the other side of the treadmill, with the hot black outfit I already saw yesterday. She look as stunning as ever.

”Hi you two, mind if I join you for my workout?”

I quickly answered:

”Of course not, I love to be sandwiched in between two young beauties like you girls!”

They both look each other up, and finally smiles.

We start to talk about the long weekend coming up, and I share with them about my daughter phone call. They start to give me the 3rd degree. One question after another.

I tell them that Cindy is spending the weekend and I would have more answers after that. I excuse myself and say I would like to try the sauna for the first time.

Sara quickly says: ”that’s a good idea!”

I’m a bit surprise and innocently say:

”You mean it’s mix.”

Sara quickly answers:

”Of course it is!” and wink at both of us.

Looks like I wasn’t the only one surprised by this, Lee Ann look also puzzled by Sara’s remmark.

”Well if you don’t mind, I’d like to try this too.”

Sara continues her explanation for us newbies.

”Ben you take a nice shower and grab a bathrobe in the closet next to the Sauna in your locker room. Come on Lee Ann, I’ll show you how it goes on our side.”

They leave together and I follow just behind.

True to her words, there’s a small closet beside the sauna entry in our locker room. I quickly strip, take a small shower to clean up the sweat from my workout. I grab a nice white terry cloth bathrobe from the closet. I select a large one, making sure all is covered and enter the sauna.

It’s quite wide, with 3 long benches set up like stairs. I climb to the top row and lean on the wall. The sauna is empty and quite warm.

I close my eyes and review in my mind, how both girls looks so hot in their outfit as they stretched in front of me. Black and white, and I felt like a chessboard for them to play on.

My head tilt on my chest and I drift off…

Every thing seams to fog a little and then I feel the bench shaking, I see both of them in nearly there bathrobes. The small cotton belt tied very loose, barely closing their robe.

They obviously choose very small one. It stop about halfway of their thighs. Lee Ann climb and sit near me on the bench and lean on the wall without a word. Sara stroll to the other side of the sauna.

She close a small wooden latch that lock the door inside for privacy. She then proceed to climb her way on the bench and sit on the lower one facing me. Her robe is so loose, it barely covers anything.

Lee Ann then says:

”So do you like how hot it is?”

”Well it depends, are you asking about the sauna or the both of you?”

She turns and bend a bit, her robe opening more and showing almost half of her breast. My eyes nearly pops out. Lee Ann then stretch one her legs and put it on Sara’s laps and ask me:

”So Ben, did you ever do the nasty in a sauna?”

Sara burst out laughing.

”Geeze Lee Ann you are so subtle! I told you to take a slow approach, but I guess you believe in the full frontal attack!”

”Well Sara, you like my full frontal attack tactic in the shower a few minutes ago!”

and they both burst out laughing.

Sara takes Lee Ann foot and pull it to her mouth, while looking me straight in the eyes. This open Lee Ann’s robe and show me her lovely pussy. My head is moving side to side, getting a show from both of their open robes. Sara then slowly lick the tips of Lee Ann’s toes. Lee Ann let out a short gasp and whispers:

”Oh shit you weren’t kidding in the shower, when you ask if I was game to give Ben a good show!”

Sara doesn’t answer, instead she takes her big toe inside her mouth, and deeply suck on it like it’s a cock. Then she pull it out and wink at me.

”Lee Ann would be a dear and look if we are getting our friend here aroused a little?”

Lee Ann doesn’t hesitate a second and bending over, she push aside the lower part of my robe and expose my now fully erect member.

”MMM, I think we’re getting there, let me just make sure.”

With her mouth open, she lowered her head on my hard on, and let her mouth slip over the head of my pulsing cock. My body shakes from the sensation. I can feel her tongue caressing the underside as she push her head lower on my rigid pole. She gets about halfway and pull back, coating it with lots of saliva. She has her hand squeezing the base, and she start to lick the precum dripping from the tip.

Sara decide to spice things up.

”Lee Ann, please open your legs for me”

Lee Ann quickly respond by opening her thighs for her. Sara then lift one of her foot to Lee Ann’s pussy. She slide her toes between her pussy lips. Then she push her big toes inside her hole, and coat her toes with cum juice flowing from the opening. Lee Ann groans her pleasure on my cock.

Then Sara takes her foot out of Lee Ann’s pussy and put it on top of Lee Ann bend over shoulders. Her foot is a few inches from my faces. She smiles at me, and says:

”Ben would you be a dear and clean up my toes.”

I stare at her lovely foot, bend down to smell it. I inhale deeply through my nose. It smells of Lee Ann’s divine cum juice. I part my lips and put my tongue out and take short lick between each toes.

As my tongue circles around her big toe, I open my mouth and start to suck on it. Her toes are all shiny from the excess of saliva that cover them. As I concentrate on Sara’s foot, Lee Ann decide to deepthroat me.

She push real hard and keeping her gag reflex in check, she lowers her head until her chin hit my balls. She stays there for a few seconds and then pull all the way up, and take a long breath.

I almost lose it right there. This girl means business. She slurp my dripping cock back in her mouth and start to suck hard only at the tip of it.

Sara braces herself on the bench, and pull up her other foot. She start to massage my balls with her other foot. Rubbing around on my balls sack. She then push her foot along my shaft and hit the side of Lee Ann’s mouth. She caress Lee Ann’s cheek with it.

Then she push Lee Ann’s face off my cock with her foot. She also pulls out her foot from my mouth.

She puts her feet down, and lift off the bench. My cock is standing straight up, glistening from Lee Ann’s wet mouth.

Sara sits astride me, and squeeze my cock in between her hot wet snatch and my stomach. She grinds herself on it, pushing her tits in my face. My hands grab the sides of her breast and I start to feed on her diamond hard nipples.

She squeals in delight. Lee Ann decide to join the party, and grab Sara’s head and turn it facing her. She then start to kiss her deeply.

Her tongue swirls inside Sara’s open mouth. Sara then push on her feet and slide to the very tip of my rock hard dick, and let it slide in between her hot pussy lips.

I start to feel the tip enter her warm sweet hole. She then lower herself slowly on my rigid pole. Inches by inches my dick travel inside until her clit sit on top of my pubes.

She moans inside Lee Ann’s mouth, and break their deep kiss. She takes a long breath, and push herself up until only the very tip stays inside her. Then she goes back down again very slowly. She do that a few times, making sure her pussy is stretched completely. Then she goes for it.

She start to fuck me full blast. She puts her hands on my shoulders and slap her ass hard on my laps each time she comes down. She stop suddenly and pulls my cock out. It’s all shiny from her cum juice, and she turn to Lee Ann,

”Lee Ann get your dirty mouth to work and suck Ben’s cock clean, and then take your turn.”

She stands up and push me on my back. Lee Ann already has her mouth on my rock hard pole. She’s bobbing her head on it. Sara take a few steps around and come sit on my face. Her pussy dripping with cum. I happily lick her wet slit.

Lee Ann stop sucking my cock and reposition herself facing Sara. She take hold of my cock with one hand and align it with her pussy. She slide the tips in between her slit, smearing it with her pussy juice. Then push only the tip on my cock inside her opening and lower herself on it.

Sara puts her hands on Lee Ann’s shoulders and push her down hard. Lee Ann gasp at the sensation of my cock stretching her pussy. She stays down for a few seconds to catch her breath. Then slowly rotate her hips enjoying the feel of my hot rod filling her completely.

Sara moves her hands from her shoulder and grab Lee Ann’s tits in her hands. She start to massage all around them. She trails her hands on top of her half inch long nipples and squeeze them between her thumb and finger. Lee Ann shout a long high pitch squeal.

That trigger a switch, and she start to move up and down on my cock. Her head is moving from side to side as all her body is envelop in a huge orgasm. She let’s out a long wail and dig her nails in my flesh. I feel a flood of cum pussy juice coating my cock. That does it, my hairy balls contract and I start to splash her inside full of hot semen. She let out a scream as she feels me squirt inside her.

After my balls are empty, my cock start to go half mast and she lift herself from me. She sits back on the bench, cum dripping from her red steaming pussy. She looks at Sara and says:

”Come here sweety and clean up the mess down here!”

Sara licks her lips and crawl over me. she push her down, and spread her legs wide. A river of cum start to stream out of Lee Ann’s pussy lips.

A pool of cum begin to accumulate on the bench, it grows larger as time pass.

Sara looks at me and says:

”Gee Ben, how much cum did you feed inside her pussy?”

I can’t believe my eyes, the pool start to leak on the floor. it’s like a white river that never end leaking between her reddish lips.

I start to feel someone pushing my shoulder, and I hear against my ear Sara’s voice.

”Ben wake up, you’re snoring you beast!”

It doesn’t make sense, she’s still lying on the bench. How can she be at two places at the same time. Then, I feel hands shaking me lightly and I hear her again.

”Ben are you ok? You’ve been in here for almost an hour.”

The image of Sara on the bench goes out of focus, and suddenly I see her just in front of me.

There’s a look of concern on her face. Then I shake my head, and focus on her lips.

”Oh wow, I was having the perfect dream!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32