How I Met My Husband Ch. 04

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I made my way back across the dance floor to where I’d tied Dan up, only to find out he wasn’t there. I was sure if tied him to a particular pillar, but he was nowhere to be seen.

I wondered what the protocol was in a place like this, do people go around untying people who are tied up by their mistresses or masters? if so isn’t it a bit disrespectful? I knew Dan didn’t have his phone on him so I had no option but to just take a look around the place.

We’d been there an hour or so and it was filling up with people by now, I admired all the different outfits, or like myself, lack of outfits, as I wandered around.

I still had my strap on attached so I was getting plenty of looks.

“Nice cock.” One guy said to me. as I walked past. He was gyrating against another guy on the dance floor, presumably they were either gay or bisexual.

“Thanks.” I replied confidently, looking down to see his naked crotch “You too.”

I needed a drink so I headed for the bar. Even the bar staff were dressed in fetish gear. The woman who served me was really gothic looking, dark eyeliner, black hair, black corset. She was sexy as fuck, I could tell immediately from her accent that she was Scottish.

“Nice outfit. I haven’t seen ye here before.” She remarked in a thick Glaswegian accent, handing me my drink. “First time?”

“Yes.” I replied, “it’s a real eye opener, isn’t it!?”

“Sure is love.” She said “Diane and Orlene think of it all, y’know. I’ve been to loads of different types of fetish events and this is the best. There’s something for everyone, doesn’t matter what you’re into, or what you’re not into, you’ll find it here. That’s why it’s so popular.”

“I know.” I said to her. “I’ve just been to the bathroom.”

She laughed, presumably knowing which bathroom I’d been to.

“Ye don’t have to go to that bathroom y’know.” She said giggling. “Unless ye like pissin’ on people. There’s normal toilets over there.”

“Thanks, but I thought I’d try it out you know.” I said smiling.

“Good girl, that’s what I like to hear. This place is all about new experiences, ye never know what you might like till ye try it.” She said, bidding me farewell and turning to serve another customer.

I necked my drink and wandered around the perimeter, still no sign of Dan anywhere. He’s in trouble when I find him, I thought to myself.

Then a guy approached me. He was tall, good looking with a really fit body, he was wearing only a pair of tight leather pants, no top. I could see clearly the bulging outline of his, rather large penis, through his pants.

“You look lost.” He said smiling.

“Um.. I’m just looking for my boyfriend.” I said.

“Boyfriend? Ah that’s a shame.” He replied. “I was going to offer to buy you a drink.”

I don’t know why I referred to Dan as my boyfriend, it was the first time I’d said it, and I did it without thinking. He was, at best my submissive tonight, definitely not my boyfriend.

“Sorry.” I said. “He’s not my boyfriend, I don’t know why I said that. I’m his mistress, that’s probably a better way of putting it.” I said, back tracking.

“Ok,” he said taking my hand and walking me back to the bar. “Fancy a shot?”

He ordered us two shots of Sambuca before I could answer.

“I’m Jessica, by the way!” I said, introducing myself.

“Pleasure to meet you Jessica.” He said. “You can call me Master D’!”

“In that case, I’m Mistress Jessica to you then.” I added, trying not to be out done by him. He laughed.

He was quite forward and confident, which I really like in a guy. He seemed really normal, too normal perhaps to be in a fetish club. Despite introducing himself as Master D’ he didn’t seem like a master.

“God you’ve got great tits.” He said.

“Thanks” I replied. I’m always flattered when someone compliments my tits, especially someone as hot as him.

“Do you come here often?” I asked, probably the most predictable thing someone can ask to a guy they’re chatting up, but it was a curious question.

“Now and again, when I’m feeling frisky.” He laughed. Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort “It’s a pretty cool place. How bout you?”

“First time.” I replied.

“What’s with the strap on?” He asked.

“That’s in case my boyf… my…slave, shall we say, you know… steps out of line.”

“Get you.” He said mockingly. “Poor fucker, goes missing for a few minutes and when he comes back you’re gonna fuck him up the arse as punishment!?

“That’s exactly what I going to do.” I said, seductively touching my big plastic dick.

“Well, that I’d love to see.” He said laughing.

We necked the Sambuca’s and I ordered a round of Gin and Tonics, I like to pay my way. I was feeling a little drunk by now and extremely horny.

“So seeing as you’ve been here before, why don’t you show me around.” I said. “I haven’t been into any rooms yet, apart from the bathroom. Master D’ took me by the hand and walked me off.

“Ok, this is where you go if you want your dick sucked, anonymously.” He said guiding me through a doorway and along a corridor. There were a little alcoves every few feet, each with a man standing, facing the wall.

This must be where the guys from earlier were stood when Carl and Lara were sucking them off.

“Ah, so this is the other side of the glory holes then!” I said.

“Exactly that.” Master D’ replied, finding an empty alcove and pulling his pants down, giving me his drink to hold.

I stood next to him and watched as his cock flopped out of his pants, Jesus it was big. A proper, long, thick, uncircumcised monster of a cock. He then fed it through the glory hole, which was only just big enough for it to fit through. He pushed himself up to the wall.

He stood there for a minute or so. “Nothing yet.” He said looking at me disappointedly.

‘Christ I’ll suck it if nobody else want to.’ I thought to myself, half tempted to run round the other side of the hole.

I could hear moans and groans coming from the guys who were stood at the other holes. Clearly some of them were getting noshed off.

Then Master D’ let out a moan. Some lucky bitch, or possibly guy was obviously on the other end of his big dick.

“That’s it!!” He said with horny look on his face.

“So you’re not bothered who’s sucking you off then?” I asked.

He pulled his cock back out.

“I’d rather think it was a hot woman, like yourself.” He said winking at me.

“Aren’t you going to let them make you cum?” I asked inquisitively.

“Nah, that was just a demonstration for your benefit.” He said. “I’ll save my cum for you, later on”

“That’s a bit presumptuous isn’t it?” I said. I was so horny that, if he wanted to put his big dick inside me, there was no way on earth I was going to stop him.

“Come on, this way.” He said, ignoring my comment. “Do you know what bukkake is?”

I knew what bukkake was and I’d seen the name above the door, so I knew exactly where we were off to next.

We entered the room. It was a big long rectangular room, spit into sections. An area for Gay men, one for straight men and women, and an area that just said ‘Anything goes.’ above it.

There were several bath tubs and two shower cubicles with spiral staircases around them, much like the one in the bathroom I visited earlier.

There was a raised seating area, like a viewing platform with a few people watching on. So we took a seat as we finished our drinks. It was a kind of bukkake spectator sporting event.

To the left was the gay area. There was a bald man in his forties, sitting in a big bath tub with half a dozen other guys jerking off over him. At least a couple of men had already ejaculated on him as he had spunk trickling down his bald head onto his face.

There were a few more men queuing up, wanking off as they stood there awaiting their turn. Then one guy exploded all over the mans face as a few people cheered and clapped.

My head was then drawn to a woman in front of us. She was chained to a pillar, wearing the usual black rubber look fetish gear. She, again was in her forties, attractive, big breasted and blond.

A man, presumably her master stood above her, holding her by her hair, pointing her head upwards as a queue of men formed in front of her.

The first man, in his early twenties, stood in front of her and masturbated furiously over her face, she stuck her tongue out every so often to taste the tip of his young cock. I counted less than a minute of frantic wanking before he splashed a huge load of fresh, white jizz over her face and hair.

The audience, which consisted of Master D’ and myself, a horny looking young couple a few seats down from us, and a lone middle aged man in the front row, all stood and clapped the young masturbator as he slumped away, leaving the woman covered in his semen.

The next inline entered the fray. A little, balding, chubby man in his mid thirties with a little chubby dick. He wiped it all over her gooey face, forcing her to suck it. He lasted a bit longer than the first. Maybe three minutes, before he shot his load into her mouth and eyes. All the time her master holding her head up forcefully, although she did seem to be enjoying the attention.

Four more men spunked over her before her master led her away, parading her around the room, for all to see the disgrace of her cum covered face. I was so horny I could have licked it all off her. Or, if Dan was there I’d have gotten him to do it instead.

“Another drink?” Said Master D’ finishing up the last of his Gin.

“Oh, I’m pretty drunk.” I replied. “I might take a rain check on the booze for a bit.”

“Oh no, I didn’t mean alcohol.” he said pointing to an empty bath in the middle of the room. “I meant it’s someone’s turn to sit in the bath tub.”

“Me? I questioned, looking back at Master D’. “I’m a mistress, I’ll have you know.”

“You’re not my mistress.” He said jokingly. “There’s a line of guys there who want a sexy, young lady to cum over, are you going to deny them that?” He asked.

I like being a dominant type to Dan, I mean I really fucking enjoy it. But I have a submissive side to me as well, and as Dan wasn’t there to see it, I thought what the heck, I’m here, drunk and horny as fuck, why not try something totally new?

‘Who am I to deny a bunch of horny lads a place to dispose of their cum?’ I thought, making my way down to the bath tub and hopping in.

The first guy wasn’t great looking, his cock was average, uncut and his balls were really hairy. He seemed to take an age to cum as well. I wasn’t going to suck him at first, but after six or seven minutes I wanted to move onto the next one, so I took him in my mouth.

That did the trick because he came bucket loads down my throat and onto my face within seconds of me blowing him. I cast him aside and beckoned the next lad over. I knew from seeing him out of the corner of my eye that he was better looking, with a bigger, better cock.

He fucked my mouth vigorously with his big dick, then pulled it out and came all over my face, wiping his cock over my forehead as he squeezed the last drops out of his impressive penis.

I took three or four more loads on my face, I could barely see due to copious amounts of jizz in my eyes, but it was a liberating and extremely fucking sexy experience.

I squinted through the cum in my eyes to see if I could see the next cock, but I had to close them as it was stinging so much. Then something big pressed against my lips. I opened my mouth to accommodate the head of this beast as the owner pushed it into my mouth.

It was humongous, I closed my eyes and sucked it, reaching out and jerking it into my mouth. He wiped this huge, hard thing over my sloppy, wet face, rubbing all the cum into my skin, before adding to the mess by ejaculating all over my slutty little face.

I felt the monster between my tits as he finished himself off on my cleavage before a huge round of applause. I was still struggling to open my eyes.

It sounded like a lot more people were in the room than earlier, I had been too busy to notice anyone else around. Then someone grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to my feet. I stepped out of the bath tub and wiped the cum from my eyes.

As I began to see more clearly I saw that the last cock I serviced belonged to Master D’ and it was him who had pulled me to my feet.

“I told you I was saving my cum for you, but you didn’t believe me!” He said jokingly.

I laughed as the applause subsided and looked up at the viewing platform. To my amazement, sitting there watching the whole thing were, among others, Orlene, Carl and Dan.

Orlene had Carl one side of her and Dan on the other, she had her arms linked through theirs like she owned them or something. She had a huge grin on her face.

“What the fuck?” I said, a little confused. Orlene laughed.

“Go and kiss your little whore of a mistress Daniel.” She said releasing him from her grip and unfastening his gag. Dan walked over to me without saying a word and kissed me passionately, full on the lips. Then began to lap up the many loads of cum that were dribbling down my face. He snogged my face off as he did so. I noticed his cock was still hard as a rock.

I broke the kiss because I noticed that Master D’ was now sitting next to Orlene, chatting away like they knew each other.

“I see you’ve met David!” She said looking at me, “His cock is as wonderful as I’d described is it not?”

I was dumbfounded.

“David…? As in your friend David?” I said turning to Dan, who nodded sheepishly.

“Yes, Daniel and David, reunited . She said with a look of mischief on her face. “Big cock and little cock, back together again.

She took David’s softening cock in her hand and ran her fingers over it.

“Tell me you’re not in love with this fucking beautiful cock and I won’t believe you!” She said stroking it like a Bond villain would stroke his cat.

“So you set this up?” I said looking at Orlene in disbelief.

“Of course.” She said “I thought Daniel and David should make up with each other, and what better way than to have a new woman to share?”

I didn’t know what to think. I was really attracted to David and his mega dick, but I wasn’t sure how Dan would feel about it. I mean they hadn’t spoken for months.

I looked at Dan, wiping some cum from my eyebrow.

“Are you ok? I muttered.

“I’m fine!” He smiled back reassuringly.

“Come with me.” I said, leading Dan out of the room to a quiet corner of the warehouse. I needed to talk to him and find out what he was feeling.

“I can’t get my head round what just happened.” I said. “I cant believe you’ve just witnessed me doing such a slutty thing, with one of your friends and I didn’t even know about it!”

“I didn’t know either, until Orlene led me in there and sat me down. It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” He said.

“I can see why you don’t think I’m as kinky as Orlene.” I said. “She is unbelievable at controlling situations and thinking things up. I don’t know how she’s dreamt half of this up either, this place is crazy!” I added.

Dan looked at my cum covered face and held my hand gently.

“I don’t need you to be like her.” He said. “I love you for who you are.” My heart melted, it was the first time he’d said he loved me, the first time anyone had said it in a long time.

“Watching you in there with David’s dick in your mouth, covered in cum was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” He said. “I know Orlene instigated it, but it was you doing it, and it’s you I’m in love with.” He said.

I kissed him deeply, cum still dripping down my face and onto my outfit, my mascara running down my cheeks. I began to cry as my emotions took over.

I was about as much of a mess as I’d looked in my life, but the man I was falling for had just told me he loved me. It was one of the sweetest moments I’d ever shared with anyone.

I cherished the moment as we stood there holding each other close, knowing that any second I was going to have to rediscover my dominant side and punish Dan for leaving me alone, even though it wasn’t really his fault. ‘The best way to do that is with my strap on.’ I thought to myself mischievously as Dan began to lick the rest of the cum off my slutty little face.

To be continued…

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