How I Became His Squishy Girl

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I had always had good sex. I was the kind of girl that knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to go after it. I enjoyed the feeling of power that came with my sexuality and had always experimented freely. I read voraciously and learned all I could about the finer points of sex. I thought that I knew it all, until I met John.

John was the kind of man that all women dream about. He was a strong, gorgeous man who loved women. He was a soldier and a poet. He was a gentleman and a bad boy. He was delicious. He could make me swoon with the smallest look and his knowledge of the female anatomy rivaled my own. From the moment I met him I felt a deep and powerful connection that made my heart race and my pussy throb.

Our first date was sweet and exciting, drinks in a quiet bar with good conversation and some tantalizing flirting. We closed down the bar and I think he could tell that I was smitten. I asked him home and to my delight he excitedly accepted. The drive home was a blur of emotions that seemed to heighten my arousal. As soon as we were inside we were all over each other. His hands found me and pulled me close in his strong embrace while his lips explored mine. I felt my pulse quicken as his tongue flicked mine, his tongue piercing was erotic and made me weak in the knees. I felt myself melt into him with every passing moment and when he lowered me to the bed I was dizzy with anticipation.

His gentle hands undressed me slowly, his lips exploring every inch of flesh as he uncovered it. His hands gaziantep escort reklamları massaged my breasts and gently pinched my nipples. My back arched uncontrollably and he pinched harder sending shockwaves of pleasure through my body. He kissed his way down my body, settling in between my thighs. He playfully looked up at me and smiled, “You have such a pretty, pink pussy baby. I can’t wait to taste you.” I felt a warm wave start at my clit and flow over my skin as his lips ever so gently kissed on my swollen pussy lips. His tongue slid up my slit and worked its way up and down my labia. I moaned aloud as he used his fingers to gently spread me wide open.

“Mmmm, you are so yummy,” he whispered. He seemed to lose himself in the warm folds of my pussy, licking and sucking me as no man ever had before. He slid first one finger then another into my tight hole, expertly curling his fingers to find my G-spot. While he slid his fingers in and out of me he continued to lick me. My moans became louder and deeper as my orgasm built. He pushed against my G-spot and sucked my swollen clit into his mouth pushing me over the edge. My body was rocked with a powerful orgasm that sent shivers up and down my spine. John lapped up my flowing pussy juice with glee and continued to very gently lick my clit until again I was bucking my hips wildly in the throes of another climax.

As my breathing slowed, I felt John slide up my body and kiss my lips softly while his hands gently caressed my electric skin. We kissed like that until I had caught my breath and then I felt him move onto me. His weight on me was sexy and made me feel safe. His skin was soft and his nipples were hard against mine. I felt his hard cock resting against my slit and I pushed against him, “I want your cock deep inside of me baby,” I purred. He happily complied sliding into me slowly and deliberately, letting me feel every inch of him as my pussy lips stretched to take him in. His cock was perfect, it felt like a key sliding into a lock and I sighed with satisfaction. We stayed like that for a moment enjoying the feeling of his hard cock filling me and then he began to thrust. He was slow at first, taking his time and pushing all the way into me and then pulling all the way out again. My pussy was on fire; I needed him to fuck me. “Oh God honey, please fuck me,” I moaned.

He pushed into me until I felt his balls on my ass and began to thrust deeper and harder. My bed creaked and my pussy was dripping wet as we moved together, bringing us both closer to the edge. I felt my clit tighten and a warmness spread from my belly that signaled yet another orgasm. As he fucked me I slid my hand between us and tweaked his nipples. His face contorted with pleasure and I did it again, this time harder “Oh yeah baby that feels good. I am going to cum in that tight little pussy,” he grunted. Hearing him talk about my pussy in such a naughty way sent me into a blinding orgasm that pulsed through my body as if it were electricity. My pussy throbbed around his cock and he let out a loud moan.

He turned over and pulled me on top of him. I straddled his chest and leaned back just a bit. My body quivered as he rubbed against my G-spot. He lay back and watched as I rode him, his hands gently massaging my pink nipples. His cock was buried as deep as it would go and I took it all in, rocking back and forth slowly, so that head of his cock tapped against my spot. My hands were in my hair and I was lost in a pleasure more intense than I had ever felt before. I stayed there, slowly building up a rhythm until I was sliding on his shaft in a frenzied pace. I felt an explosion in my belly and came again, deeper this time, squirting hot wet liquid all over him. I slowed and laid a hand on his chest, keeping him buried to the balls in my convulsing box as his body tensed and he let his own orgasm overtake him.

John sighed, “Oh baby, you squirt so much. The bed and I are drenched. That was so fucking hot honey. How did it feel?” I couldn’t think of any words to describe what I had felt. I had squirt before, but it had only been with women and it was always a very small amount

“That has never happened like that before. That was amazing, ” I panted. I slowly slid off of him and cuddled up next to him. His belly and thighs were glistening with my sweet juices and the bed was indeed drenched. There were three soaking wet spots on the sheets were I had flowed over him.

I nuzzled him with contentment and breathed in the sweet muskiness of our sex. The last thing I heard as I drifted off was John sighing with pleasure and muttering, “You are my squishy girl now.”

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