How Getting Fired Has Changed Me

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I’m not a writer; just a guy with too much time on my hands. You see I was fired from my job by a Director called Mr Monroe. At the hearing he just sat opposite me, with a smug smile on his face, letting me plead and prance about like a performing monkey, before just leaning back, arms behind his head and telling me I was fired.

My wife, Judy, still works there, and I’m sure Mr Monroe has had Judy join a couple of focus groups just so I’ll know he gets the added perk of ogling my wife at the same time as I try to find a job.

At first Judy was really sympathetic and supportive when Mr Monroe fired me, and she agreed that I had been set up by the smarmy Director. Lately though, she reckons Mr Monroe has shown her the case file and that I deserved what I got. I promise you, this isn’t true, Mr Monroe had a case fabricated to get me fired.

Judy’s also started talking more favorably about Mr Monroe, so I am pulled up if I refer to him as smarmy, with Judy telling me that professional courtesy is vital in maintaining communication and my rudeness probably contributed to Mr Monroe having to fire me.

Lately Judy seems to work with Mr Monroe a lot and I feel so helpless watching her put on her make-up and work suits, knowing she will be spending the day with Mr Monroe. Before I was fired I would catch Mr Monroe staring at her breasts through her white blouse, or watching her ass in her tight pants as she reached up for a cup.

Don’t get me wrong, I know Judy wouldn’t be unfaithful to me, but I hate the idea of Mr Monroe, already full of self-satisfaction at firing me, having his day brightened by my wife’s nipples through her blouse or her flirty giggle.

Now, at the same time that Judy’s sitting in focus groups with Mr Monroe, lapping up his ‘professional courtesy’ as he flirts with her, I’m now working in a fast food joint.

It means unsociable hours and coming home stinking of burgers and grease, but at least it’s a job. It’s meant I see less of Judy because of my shift pattern, but it’s a lot less depressing than being unemployed.

My new boss is a nineteen year old called Suzi who demands I respect her role as team leader as she bosses me about like I am a slave. I think the worst part is the absolute lack of respect she holds for me, always giving me the worst jobs out of some sadistic kick.

Two months in I had a review meeting with Suzi. She took me into the back and sat opposite me in a short skirt that rose above her thighs when she crossed her legs. I’m sure she did it to deliberately intimidate me and Suzi kept provocatively crossing and uncrossing her legs as she berated me for my work effort, my professional image, my interaction with customers and my general capability until I just sat humbled and deflated, waiting to be fired for a second time.

But that wasn’t what Suzi was after. She’d seen my file and knew I’d been fired from a senior role and how much I needed this job and especially the reference, so she’s kept me on with a final warning on the unwritten condition that I cover for her.

This has basically meant working extra hours for free so that she can socialize or pop out to be with her friends.

So basically, three months after being fired, I’m sitting here stinking of grease and burgers, my wife asleep upstairs after a day of flirting with the man who fired me, feeling used and dis-empowered all thanks to Mr Monroe.

Now, what I am about to write is for Mr Monroe and I genuinely hope he reads it and enjoys masturbating over the depths to which I have fallen. Even better would be Mr Monroe reading this as my wife sucks his cock, but like I said, I’m pretty sure Judy would never be unfaithful to me.

So, Mr Monroe, if you do read this, I know you like your position of power and enjoy lording it over your inferiors so I hope this little fantasy of mine shows you just how superior you are to me. I’m pretty sure how my new boss Suzi is treating izmir escort me will give you a kick.

Judy often tells me about her day and it often involves you and your charming manner as you work together and in my fantasy, Judy becomes infatuated with you, longing to sleep with you.

In reality, your firing me has affected our marriage, both in terms of intimacy and in Judy viewing me with less respect, especially after you showed her the case file, so it doesn’t seem that big a leap to imagine her admiring your powerful position, your smooth talking and your affluence, all of which I know I lack.

Anyway, it ends up with Judy trying to seduce you, but you set her an ultimatum: that you will only fuck my wife if I suck your cock as a sign that I admit your superiority over me. (I’m hoping just the fact that I am fantasizing about you doing this to me will give you pleasure, knowing I must be naturally inferior to you to find this arousing.)

Judy, so desperate to fuck you, and despising me lately for my failings as a husband and provider to the household, agrees to your ultimatum.

I imagine coming in from my night shift at the burger bar and creeping into bed to cuddle into Judy, only for her to push me back out of the bed.

“Urgh! Grody to the max! you stink, go shower first!”

I shower, exhausted and humiliated at how Judy now talks to me, more like a pet than a husband and then climb into bed beside her. Judy hasn’t touched me in weeks but now her hand reaches for my cock and strokes me until I am hard. She keeps stroking me, bringing me to the edge of orgasm and then stopping. Judy has never done this before and I am desperate to cum. Judy trails one finger nail over my frenum so that I’m twitching and moaning for release.

“I want you to think about Matt, sweetie…” Judy whispers and I bolt upright to see her smirking with her eyes challenging me to disobey, her finger still playing lightly on my frenum. I lie back and she continues.

“Think about how he destroyed your career, how powerful he is, how much more of a man he is than you.”

Judy starts to stroke herself, clearly aroused by your status and power. Judy’s touch is driving me wild and I am desperate to cum, even with your smug face in my mind.

“Now imagine kneeling before Matt, unzipping his pants and begging to pleasure him with your mouth.”

I lie there with my wife keeping me on the brink of orgasm, picturing your cock before my face and begging you to let me give you pleasure.

Judy tells me to beg you to let me suck your cock and I do; I actually say “Please Mr Monroe, please may I suck your cock.” Judy laughs at me and then tells me she will take me in her mouth if I promise to suck your cock.

I am so desperate to cum that I agree and Judy puts her beautiful warm lips around my cock and I climax into her mouth. Judy keeps her mouth around my cock until I’m completely drained and then sidles up to me and kisses me. I’ve never tasted my own cum before and I gag as Judy’s tongue forces my slimy load into my mouth.

“Yer gonna have to get used to eating cum ‘cos Matt’ll expect you to be grateful not fucking gagging you useless burger boy!”

Judy yells after me as I wretch in the toilet.

After that, Judy refuses to let me touch her or even sleep with her until I agree to suck your cock and even more humiliating; admit that I really do want to suck your cock.

I hold out for a couple of weeks, envying your time with my wife, as I hardly even see her and eventually I realize that sucking your cock is what I want to do. Not just to save my marriage and not just because Judy wants me to, but because I realize that you are my superior and it is my place. I know you really enjoyed firing me and that you enjoy flirting with my wife even now, just to piss me off, but to have me admit I want to humiliate myself for your pleasure; surely that alsancak escort would be a fantastic turn on for you?

And for me to work as hard as I can to pleasure your cock as you enjoy my wife’s body would surely satisfy your lust for power and for my wife. Yes Mr Monroe, Matt; I truly hope you are reading this and that my need to debase myself further for you, to offer up my wife and my mouth, gives you pleasure.

Judy makes me arrange the whole thing. I have to book the conference room you fired me in and arrange it so that you and Judy sit together behind a desk and I stand naked before you both.

You are both suited and I blush as I stand before you. You sip a glass of water nonchalantly, just as you did when you fired me.

The two of you interview me, not about my job this time, but about my failings as a husband and my inadequate performance in bed. Judy is clearly excited by the whole situation and very aroused by your presence.

I have had to prepare a 30 minute presentation on ‘Why Matt Monroe is superior to me in every way’ and the two of you lap up my humiliation, Matt especially, feeding off the sense of superiority.

My presentation includes such reasons as;

•My wife finds Matt Monroe more sexually attractive than me.

•Matt Monroe fired me whilst he keeps his job.

•Matt Monroe earns more than me.

•Matt Monroe does not work shifts on minimum wage and does not stink of grease and burgers.

•Matt Monroe can pleasure his wife.

•Matt Monroe is a success.

•Matt Monroe does not have a need to suck cock.

•Matt Monroe does not humiliate and degrade himself for other people’s pleasures.

You score me 1 out of 10 and Judy claps her hands at your cruelty and then with the most arrogant of gestures you allow me to kneel before you and beg to suck your cock.

I crawl under the table, banging my head on the underside of the table, and kneel, crouched down before your crotch. You have Judy sit facing you on the table, her thighs open before you so that you can enjoy my wife as I suck you out of sight, from under the table.

I can smell Judy’s arousal and her panties land on the floor beside me as I nuzzle into your crotch and whisper “Please Mr Monroe, let me suck your cock.”

I realize that being this close to your cock is a huge privilege and I inhale deeply through my nostrils to take in your musky scent. I am not gay, but I am a slave to your cock, subjugated by your alpha status and power over me and Judy.

I beg you again, my lips upon the fabric of your pants, aching to feel the flesh of your cock, but you ignore me, your hands enjoying my wife. Her blouse lands beside me next and I feel honored that you might fuck Judy.

But I’m becoming desperate to serve you. I can feel your cock growing hard inside your pants as my wife is bared for you and I breathe through your pants onto your cock.

“Please, Sir, please allow me to pleasure you.” I’ve called you Sir, you are my master and I only want to please you.

“You may. Use only your mouth.”

Your words are like nectar to me and I hurriedly begin yanking your belt loose with my teeth. I can hear Judy moaning as you touch her and with your belt loose I begin on the fastening to your pants. It seems to take forever to open up your pants and even then I cannot pull down your boxers without your help.

I beg you to stand up and you stand, looking down at me with a look of utter contempt and triumph as I release your cock, using my teeth to pull down your boxers.

Your cock exposed, you sit again and I crawl under the table, so anxious to serve your superior cock as you enjoy my wife.

I want this to be amazing for you, for your pleasure to be my only goal. I know the more I am humiliated, the more you will enjoy yourself, so leaning forward I first kiss your balls. Not lightly, but with passion, buca escort putting everything I have into worshiping your cock and balls. I kiss your balls as though they were my wife, lovingly, devotedly, and then I begin to lick. I taste your salty sweat as I lick and I know it is my place to enjoy your taste, so I lick until your balls are clean.

My face is covered in slaver as I worship your balls and you help yourself to my wife’s charms.

Then I realize I can degrade myself further by licking your ass and I use my nose to nudge aside your sloppy ball sack and roll my tongue around the rim of your ass. It stinks and is much sweatier than your balls but that is the point; for me to learn to savor your most repulsive smells and tastes as your inferior slave. I lap feverishly at your ass, pushing my tongue inside you and tasting your shit.

I lick your ass for five minutes, gasping for air and smearing your sweat about my face and when I pull back, fervently kissing your balls, you are erect and my wife’s bra lies at my feet.

There is nothing I want more than for me to have the honor of degrading myself for your pleasure. There is nothing I want more than for me to have the honor of degrading myself for your pleasure, and I gently kiss my way up your erection until my lips touch the tip of your cock, stretching a strand of pre-cum from your tip to my eager lips.

And then finally I do it; I accept my role as your inferior cock sucker and take your cock into my mouth, feeling its hardness invade my mouth, forcing it open and making me breathe around it. I feel taken, owned and absolutely subjugated. I am a slave to your cock and I feel so overwhelmingly grateful for this honor.

Suddenly you thrust upwards with your hips, banging my head against the table and then pushing and holding your hips high you force your hard cock into my throat. I cannot breathe and I am literally choking on your cock, but I keep my hands behind my back. You seem to keep me trapped there for hours, and then eventually relax your hips and I kneel gasping and retching around the head of your cock. I dare not take your cock from between my lips for the fear that you might not put it back so I kneel and drool around your cock, waiting for your next thrust.

When it comes I am not prepared and as my head thuds against the table your cock pushes down my throat and I feel impaled on your hardness. You hold me for longer this time and then withdraw so suddenly that I vomit on your cock and balls.

The stench of my own vomit makes me wretch again, my vomit pouring around your cock head that stretches my mouth, but I feel your cock twitch and know that my gagging is giving you pleasure so I open my mouth wide and take your next thrust as deep as I can.

You face fuck me hard and fast now, my head bashing against the underside of the table and my throat gargling and gagging as you ram your hard cock down it, again and again.

I can tell you are near to cumming and you suddenly reach under the table and grab my head with both hands so that I am helpless and cannot move. Then you thrust your hard cock as hard as you can down my throat and I feel your cock bulge and shoot your cum down my throat. I’m literally choking for your pleasure and I can feel my face bulging with the need to breathe, but you hold me there until you have finished and then yank yourself free of my throat so violently that I am vomiting up your cum before I can gasp for air.

As I kneel in a puddle of my own vomit and your cum you and Judy order me to lick it up and you take my pants so that I will have to wear your vomit covered pants.

Just to add to my utter humiliation, Judy is whining that you came before you fucked her and she begs you to see her again.

Mr Monroe, I hope you do read this and get a kick out of how low I have fallen and how you have turned me into this person that craves to worship your cock out of a submission to your superiority and who would offer up his wife if I could. I hope that you enjoy flirting and ogling my wife knowing that I both hate it and fantasize about it. I hope you love the power you have over me, both by firing me and in how you have shaped my fantasies and that I would happily call your ‘Sir’

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