How did It Happen? Pt. 01

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Hello! I wrote this story several years ago, it was posted it on another, now defunct site. I came across it recently in a backup folder. It was my first story and reading through it, I cringed at how poorly I’d written it! It’s been a few years since I’ve written anything, and decided to see if I could improve upon it. I hope that you like it.


Warning: The following story contains a fantasy regarding a father and adult daughters budding sexual relationship. If you are offended by this, it’s probably best if you return to the home page and check out another story.


How did it happen? Part 1

Before you read this, I just want you to know, that I never intended for any of this to happen. I never wanted this. My therapist says that it’s best to confront it however, so here’s how it happened.

Abby was 18 when I first noticed it. I’d never even thought about my daughter in a sexual way before then. Yes, I’d seen her wearing shorter and shorter skirts as she became older, even telling her to get changed on a few occasions, the way most fathers will.

But things change. Abby ceased to be that little girl playing with dolls and watching Disney. She gradually turned from a tomboy with scuffed knees and dirty clothes to a carefully presented young woman. She blossomed into a beautiful woman. A stunning creature. The sort of woman that makes your breath catch in your throat. I became more and more aware of her developing sexuality, more aware of how she watched boys and men, how she acted around them and how she dressed. Never slutty, but always alluring. She had a flair for clothing. Rarely would she wear anything that didn’t discreetly showcase her body. During the winter, she’d opt for tightly fitting denim, pencil skirts, opaque tights, boots and fitted sweaters. Spring and summer brought above the knee skirts, short summer dresses, halter tops, tubes and bikinis.

What didn’t seem to change though, was our relationship. We’d been close, then inevitably further distanced during her early teenage years, as she wrestled with puberty, hormones and self-identity. Before becoming close again.

We’d always been playful with each other; it was one of the strengths of our relationship. We could go from career advice to pillow fight in a heartbeat. But there was one particular incident that summer, which really seemed to sow the seed of change between us. I forget how it started, a sarcastic comment perhaps or a nudge in the ribs, but we quickly descended into a tickle war. We were both very ticklish, so speed was of the essence. The first one to get the tickle in would claim victory, as the other would dissolve into fits of laughter. That time, I was the winner, and I pressed my victory, mercilessly working my fingers tips into the side of her neck and her ribs. Abby howled and gasped for breath sliding to the floor, I went down with her taking advantage of her weaken state, trying to stay clear of her thrashing legs. My mistake was stopping for a brief moment, I didn’t want her to wet herself! With a shocking turn of speed however, Abby managed to wrap her long legs around my waist.

Her bare thighs were strong after long hours of swimming and running, and she clamped me like a vice before virtually throwing me to her side and onto the floor. Untangling her legs from my dead weight, she sprang up placing both of her knees on my outstretched arms, trapping me on my back. With her knees pressed into my biceps, I couldn’t move. Every time I strained to escape, she rocked forward sending jolts of pain through my arms down to my fingertips. I moaned in pain and frustration. The battle lost and my triumph crushed, along with my arms. I squeezed my eyes closed and flicked them open, ready to cry uncle and accept the humiliation of defeat. But the sight that greeted me took my breath away. Abby’s skirt had ridden up in the struggle. Tightly stretched between her shoulder width thighs, I had a clear view up her smooth thighs. The pale triangle of her panties hovered no more than 6 inches from my face.

She was breathing deeply from the exertion, her breath still ragged from the tickle assault and she looked down on me, pleased that she had turned the tables on her old dad with a little smirk on her face. I was starting to feel uncomfortable, I tried not to stare, I really did. But I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

“I surrender” I croaked, squeezing my eyes shut, trying not to gaze at her thinly covered treasures.

“Not so easy” she laughed and pushed her knees forward, a calculated spasm of agony coursed through my trapped limbs and my eyes flew open in shock. Again, there were her panties, closer this time, as she leaned forward. All I could do was stare. Her thighs glistened with perspiration, and through my discomfort I marvelled at her strength as I watched the muscles flex.

Abby was obviously getting off on the power she had over her Dad, as she grinned down at me wickedly, her fragrant blonde Bomonti Escort hair hanging and framing her smirking face. Glancing up her skirt again, I could have sworn a damp patch began to form in her knickers.

It was too much for me;

“Abby Stop. NOW” I called sternly.

“Aww sorry Daddy, can’t take it?!” Abby said, wiggling her hips slightly.

“Enough Abby” I growled, feeling more and more uncomfortable.

Abby knew where to draw the line and sprang up, but she laughed lightly again and play punched me on the arm, as I struggled to my feet.

“You’re getting old Dad!” She ran off, leaving me a little bewildered as I rubbed my sore arms.


Days wore on and turned to weeks. I couldn’t get the image out of my head, I’d drift off in the middle of the day, images would flash through my mind, her panty covered mound, the sheen of her bronzed skin, the mouth-watering damp spot. It would always be accompanied by an erection, which I’d dreamily caress before coming to my senses in a guilty start.

Abby however, showed no signs that it was anything other than a little bit of innocent fun. Had she really not realised that she had nearly ground her damp pussy against her father’s face? I couldn’t tell if it was my imagination or not, but Abby seemed to be downright careless around me. Perhaps I was just noticing it for the first time, but it seemed that I would always look up, only to be able to see straight up her skirt. Or she would bend in front of me and I would get an eyeful of deep cleavage. Abby had taken after her mother and had developed a large bust. I guess at 18 she was already a C cup, maybe verging on a D. It wasn’t much of a surprise, my wife was a double D.

I on the other hand began to feel tortured. The dreams continued, and intensified. Although I had no intentions of ever acting these dreams out, and I even resolved to never consciously had these fantasies. But the dreams persisted, and after a while I even found myself drifting off during sex with my wife, catching myself fantasising about sex with Abby. I began to feel sick, wondering if I should seek professional help.

Apart from regular flashes of her panties and one time where I walked in on her in the shower (she was slow to cover herself, but she did, without making it obvious), nothing happened. That was until my wife’s operation. Not long after Abby’s birthday, my wife began to complain about stomach pains. Like many people our age, we brushed it off, hoping it would go away. But it didn’t. The lump in her abdomen kind of gave it away. She went to the GP, who diagnosed a hernia. Typically, she was told a referral would be made to the hospital, but it wasn’t an emergency, so go home and wait (or bugger off and wait for it to get worse). So that’s what we did. And worse it got. She doubled up in pain clutching her abdomen and screamed one evening. I immediately called 999 and my wife was rushed to hospital with a strangulated hernia.

Abby and I spent a good few tense hours at the hospital, as my wife was rushed into theatre. We waited for news from the surgical team, and when the good news finally came in the early hours of the morning, the relief washed over us and I hugged Abby close to me as I sighed in relief.

Abby and I were urged to go home, it was explained to us that my wife would be staying in for a the night, whilst they monitored her for infection. Exhausted, I took Abby home, fixed something quick for us both to eat, showered then headed straight for bed. The sheets felt good against my nakedness and it didn’t take me long to drift off into a fitful sleep. I don’t know how long I slept, but I woke, sensing something wasn’t right. Abby was standing in my bedroom doorway. Groggily, I tried to make my brain work and uttered what I thought were intelligible words. However, a series of ape like grunts emitted instead.

Rubbing my eyes, I struggled into a sitting position. Abby looked deeply unhappy. Her red rimmed eyes damp as a tear streaked along her cheek.

“What’s up babe?” I yawned.

“I can’t sleep..” She choked out.

I pulled the duvet higher, covering my nakedness and I held my arms wide, beckoning her in. She crashed into me and cuddled herself into my lap. Her shoulders shook and I stroked her hair.

“It’s alright. Come on get in” I said wearily.

For a moment she didn’t move, just snuggled closer to me. Her hair smelled fresh and felt soft and silky as I gently stroked the thick strands. I hugged her closer, moving my free hand down her neck to her back. My fingers brushed across her silken camisole top, tracing her spine to her middle back, noting that there was no bra strap. I left my hand to rest on the bare skin above the waistband of her short shorts.

I could feel the familiar stirrings against the duvet which separated us. I doubled down trying desperately to suppress my physical reactions. But I began to grow. Bostancı Escort As Abby shifted and tried to snuggle closer, she inadvertently rubbed my shaft, which twitched and began to throb. If Abby stayed on my lap any longer, she’d soon discover my shame.

“Come on, off you get” I murmured.

Abby glanced up; her face close to mine. It would have been so easy to brush my lips against hers. I quickly moved my head away, reminding myself that my wife was in hospital and this was my daughter on my lap. As parents both my wife and I had discouraged Abby sleeping in our bed, but I don’t think either of us really wanted to be alone tonight. I moved my hand, reluctantly, from Abby back, pulling back the covers next to me. Abby took the hint and swivelled off my lap, making my cock ache from the sudden stimulation. I held my breath, screaming silently at my cock that this was all unintentional, as Abby slid under the covers.

“You’d better not snore; I get enough of that from your mum” I said jokingly.

Abby snorted, rolled facing away from me and began to wiggle backward. I was still sleepy and it didn’t register that Abby wanted to spoon. I was semi hard still and as naked as can be. I should have leapt out of bed and pulled some shorts on. Instead, I did nothing. For no other reason than I didn’t think fast enough. Abby’s peachy behind connected with the tip of my penis, but quickly she slid back further, my shaft sliding between the crease of her bottom, my head nuzzled against her mound. Trapped by thin silky shorts, I could immediately feel her heat and stifled a groan. Abby froze.

“What’s that!?” she whispered, keeping very still.

“I’m so sorry!” I stammered, jerking away embarrassed and rolled to my back. I threw the covers off to grab some underwear or shorts. As I did my cock sprang free, standing proud, as hard as I’d ever known it.

“Holy shit!” blurted Abby, her hand flying to her mouth. I quickly rolled over onto my stomach, hiding my offending erection. Groping for the draw of my bedside table, I yanked it open and grasped the first pair of boxers my fingers found. I pulled the covers back over me, flipped to my back and pulled on the pants fast.

“Erm..” I said lamely.

Abby giggled. “I’m sorry Dad, I didn’t think. Shall we just try to sleep?” she suggested.

My damning erection had faded, as Abby turned her back to me again and spooned me. I was reluctant after the last experience, but Abby groped for my arm in the darkened room and pulled it over her. Her had on mine she settled my hand on her stomach before wiggling her bum against me with a little snort of laughter before settling down. Soon her breathing was deep, and she jerked slightly from time to time. I’d never been a cuddler in bed, and I got uncomfortable quickly. I disentangled myself from her gently, and made myself comfortable. It took me longer to get to sleep, but exhaustion must have overtaken me. I recall snatches of dream, intense, vivid, erotic and dirty. I woke gradually, feeling greasy, my body felt heavy like I hadn’t slept for weeks and I laid on my back, eyes closed letting my senses catch up. At some point in the night, I’d kicked my covers off. I felt the cool air on my skin and became aware of the ache in my loins. I was rigid and half out of the top of my shorts, my crown throbbed slowly with my heartbeat. I was about to pull the covers back over myself, when I heard the heavy, irregular breathing next to me. Slowly, I stole a glance to my left still pretending to be asleep. Abby was laying on her right facing me. Her eyes were wide open and they were fixated on my shaft. She was biting her left hand, whilst the right was wedged between her thighs. I dared to crack my eyes open a little more and I could just make out small movements from her upper arm. As my eyes became more accustomed to the gloom I could see that she had lost her shorts at some point. Her hand was thrust into her panties, the fingers working furiously.

My cock jerked and I heard a low gasp. She worked her right hand harder under the tight cotton of her panties, and brought her left to her chest. She mauled her left breast through her thin top. Her right arm began to work furiously, rocking the bed slightly. I could see and hear that she was close. With a final blur of motion, she suddenly went rigid, doubling up and biting her bottom lip, she couldn’t contain a moan of deep rooted orgasmic pleasure. Her face and upper chest flushed, her body jerked and trembled as she worked hard to suppress her orgasm. With one final involuntary jerk, her knees crashed into my thigh. She looked up at my face in panic, and saw me looking back. She paled and jerked her hand from between her thighs. She looked mortified. Tears welled up in her eyes.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed between sobs.

“Whoa there, it’s all good, no harm done.” I said, gathering her up in my arms.

“I’m sorry, I don’t Esenyurt Escort know what I was thinking.. I just saw… And I just…” She mumbled into my chest.

“It’s OK babe” I said trying to sooth her. The truth was I felt as uncomfortable as I did aroused.

We lay, not saying anything for a while. Abby held me tightly and I held her back. My shaft stiffened more, and I had to stop my hands from wandering from her back to her ass. The embrace was tender and arousing. I could feel her finger gently tracing circles on my chest.

“You Ok babe?” I ask tentatively.

Abby was silent for a minute. “Yeah, I’m…” she started. Then stopped as she bit her lower lip. I waited, the fingers of my right hand twirling her hair as my left lightly stroked her back just above her waistband.

“I’ve never… I’ve never seen…one…” she stuttered quietly. “Not really”. She added.

“Oh.. I… Well…” I stammered.

Then everything came out in a rush.

“I’ve never done it. I want to. But I.. I’m afraid. Janie says I should, that it’s no big deal and Jack is nice enough…” she fired off.

“Hold on there girl! Janie? Jack? What? Who?!” I expressed in confusion.

“Janie’s my friend from Uni, I met her on fresher’s week. Jack’s this… guy…” she finished.

“Boyfriend?” I asked, amused.

“No. Not really, but I like him and I think he likes me.”

I took a deep breath and puffed out my air as I prepared to have the ‘Dad sex talk’. “OK, look. Your first time shouldn’t be rushed. I’m not saying you should wait for the perfect person in the perfect setting. That’s pretty unlikely. But you should be able to trust that person Abs”

“I know.” she said unhappily. “I just wish I could meet someone… well.. a bit like you…” she said in scarce more than a whisper.

I was speechless. I opened my mouth to speak, but couldn’t find the words. Abby looked nervously into my eyes. “I’m sorry Dad, I didn’t mean…” She said as she started to pull away from me. I held her tightly though, and pulled her back toward me, intending on giving her a big comforting hug. But with her altered position, as I pulled her back down, her face came close to mine. Time seemed to stop. Her eyes locked with mine. My breath caught in my chest as I watched her slowly close her eyes and slightly part her lips. As if an unspoken command had been uttered, my own eyes closed and I closed the narrow gap between our lips. Her breathing was shallow and in the instant before her lips brushed mine, I felt the heat of her breath.

We gently connected, our lips barely moving. Both of us held our breath as our kiss deepened. A need rose within me. A need Abby shared. My hands moved of their own volition, cradling her cheek whilst my left travelled across her camisole searching for the bare skin at her waist. My fingers brushed her waistband just as our kiss broke and we both sucked in air. Abby rested her forehead against mine, pausing to catch her breath as I caught my own. No words were said, we made no effort to stop and soon I had angled my face slightly to kiss her again.

This kiss quickly became more urgent, my hand slipped behind her neck, pulling her into the kiss harder. Abby responded immediately, her lips then her tongue pursuing mine. Meanwhile her body began to grind against mine, a small muffled moan escaped my mouth, to be swallowed by Abby’s hungry lips. I held her tight whilst my other hand flowed across the naked skin at her lower back, pushing up the silken material of her cami. Abby shivered as my fingers traced her spine and pulled her closer.

Abby rolled to her back, taking me with her. She wrapped her long legs around my waits whilst my partially uncovered cock rubbed against her panty covered mound. She pulled me tightly to her, and even through the soft material, I could feel her heat. Abby’s head was thrown back and she was biting her bottom lip, her breathing was fast and shallow. I raised myself, locking my arms and gazed down at her as our hips rocked against me and her fingers clung to my triceps. Abby’s long locks spread across the pillow in disarray, her chest heaved and her nipples pushed hard against her PJ’s.

Abby opened her eyes and stared back at me, she thrust her hips against me. I could feel her wetness now and she reached down toward my pulsing member. I froze, indecision suddenly wracked me. I hadn’t been this turned on since I first met my wife, over 20 years ago. I don’t think I’d ever wanted anyone so much as I wanted Abby right then. But the crushing reality was that this was my daughter. Guilt and self-revulsion crept into my soul, gnawing at my insides.

Abby saw the change come over my face, and quickly wrapped her fingers around the head of my cock, spreading my pre-cum to make my tip glisten. With her other hand she quickly pulled her panties to one side and tried to manoeuvre herself up the bed in order to place me at her opening.

I grabbed her wrist, locking eyes with hers, a small shake of my head as I tried to find the words to stop her.

“Please Daddy…” She pleaded.


This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author does not condone the described behaviour in real life.

I hope you enjoyed reading this fantasy as much I enjoyed writing it. I hope to be able to edit part 2 soon.

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