How Bad is That?

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Some days start better than others do and today hadn’t started at all well

I was intending to get to work early because we had some new stock arriving but just as I was about to get into my car I noticed that the front tyre was completely flat. I’m no good with these things so I ‘phoned Clive at the Mazda garage and asked if he could help.

He kindly offered to get a mechanic out later in the day to fix the problem and told me to leave the key just behind the wheel.

The problem now was how to get to work?

Then I remembered that a neighbour of mine worked in the pharmacy in the same shopping precinct as “Playthings,” so I decided to try my luck at cadging a lift.

Her house was only about ten doors away from my apartment so I strolled up to her front door and rang the bell. I knew her name was Wendy because she wore one of badges on her tunic and when she answered the door I said,

“Hi Wendy, I’m sorry to be nuisance but my car’s out of action and I know it’s a bit cheeky but is there any chance of a lift into work?”

“No problem.” She replied. “I’m about to leave now so you’ve caught me just in time.”

“Thanks ever so much”, I said, You’re a star.”

I’d been in her pharmacy a few times in the past but we’d never struck up a conversation before and this was an ideal way to make a new acquaintance.

By the time we arrived at the precinct car park we were both on first name terms and suddenly knew a great deal about each other.

As we left the car she said,

“I finish at four today, I’ll give you a lift home if you like.”

I replied, “I don’t finish till five normally but I reckon I can get away early under the circumstances. Just call into the shop when you’re ready and once again, thank you for your help.””

We both went to our respective stores with a wave and a ‘see you later.’

Around about two thirty Clive ‘phoned to let me know that the car was fixed.

“How much do I owe you?” I enquired.

He replied, “Candy you don’t owe me a thing, just keep me on your list of special friends.”

“I will, I will,” I said and perhaps in the next week or so we can get together for some TLC.”

He finished with, “Sounds wonderful, now, I’ll have to go, I can feel a slight stiffness coming on.”

Then he chuckled and hung up.

At four fifteen the shop door opened and Wendy appeared.

Both Lucy and I were serving customers so she started to browse the rails of sexy lingerie and even held one or two outfits up against her.

When I became free I walked over to her, smiled and jokingly asked, “Can I help you madam?”

She giggled and replied, “I was wondering what I might look like in this.”

She was holding a black chiffon see-through garment with a tie at the front and crutchless briefs.

“I have no doubt you would look gorgeous and at only twenty pounds, I’m sure you’re hunky husband would love it.”

To my surprise she said, “I’ll take it,” And as I was finalising the sale she added, “I’ve never been in here before, you certainly have some lovely things.”

I said, “Let me show you what else we offer.”

I led her through the curtained doorway at the rear of the shop and into the showroom where we display our huge range of sex toys.

She was open-mouthed as she scanned the array of dildo’s, vibrators, cock rings and all manner of other pleasure devices.

I picked up one of the large vibrating dildo’s and offered it to her.

“Hold this.” I said.

She took it in her hand and almost dropped it when I switched it on but she remained composed and it was clear she didn’t want to let go.

“Have you ever used one of these before?” I asked.

“Never,” she replied, “But I might put one on my Christmas list.”

We giggled and then made a dignified exit. I thanked Lucy for covering and we made our way to Wendys’ car.

On the way home she couldn’t stop talking about all the items she’d seen in ‘Playthings’ and how horny it must be to work there.

I explained that the one thing I know about all of my customers is that they are interested in sex for pleasure and that I enjoy helping them make their choices.

Suddenly I felt her hand on my bare thigh.

“You don’t mind do you?” She asked.

“Not a bit,” I replied, “In fact you can go further if you want to.”

She glanced at me briefly and began to stroke the inner part of my thigh. I parted my legs slightly and said to her.

“You can go as far as you like, right to the top if you want Mardin Escort to.”

She seemed to hesitate at first but I smiled at her and guided her hand closer to my crotch.

My loose fitting skirt was no barrier and I felt her hand brush the soft flesh of my bare pussy.

“You aren’t wearing any panties!” she exclaimed.

“I very rarely do.” I replied.

I’ve never touched another woman’s’ pussy before.” She confessed.

I replied, “You can touch mine as much as you like.”

Luckily her car was an automatic because it meant she was able to stroke and probe me with her fingers without having to worry about changing gear.

I encouraged her to slip her finger into my moist pussy hole and she withdrew it, I licked it dry.

“Oh Candy,” she said, “What am I getting into?”

“Just relax,” I said reassuringly, “If you don’t want to take it any further, that’s fine.”

“The thing is that I really do,” She said as we pulled onto her driveway.”

“Then let’s go inside and make love to each other.”

No sooner had we got through the front door than we were embracing and kissing each other passionately. I slipped my hand into her tunic and squeezed her breast whilst at the same time, she reached down to find my slit and began to rub my clit.

She sort of gasped and giggled at the same time saying,

“I’ve fantasised for ages about something like this happening, I can’t believe I’m about to have sex with another woman.”

She ushered me into her comfortable lounge and we faced each other beside a large sofa.

I said, “This is your fantasy Wendy, you tell me what you want me to do.”

“Undress me,” she ordered.

I undid the buttons of her tunic and slipped it off. Then I unzipped her trousers and eased them over her hips. She kicked off her shoes and let her trousers drop to the floor.

She stepped out of them and reached behind her back to unclip her bra, which she sensuously removed but kept her hands over her breasts.

She then asked me to undress as well. I unzipped my skirt and let it drop to the floor revealing the soft flesh of my pussy and my tantalising slit. I then slowly unbuttoned by blouse before slipping it off my shoulders to reveal my plump, firm breasts.

Wendy looked at me and then took her hand away to show me her gorgeous breasts that were larger than mine but just as soft and natural.

We pressed our bodies and squashed our breasts against each other and kissed like lovers with our tongues probing and licking.

I ran my hand over Wendy’s tummy and down into the front of her panties expecting to find a hairy bush but to my surprise, she was clean-shaven too. I remarked on it and she said that her husband preferred it that way.

“Me too.” I said softly.

I ushered her to recline back on the sofa and tugged at her panties. She lifted her bottom slightly and I eased them off.

I spread her legs and planted a tender kiss on her slit saying, “Wendy, you’re about to experience the joy of a woman’s touch.”

With that I ran my tongue all the way from her anal hole to the top of her slit in one slow deliberate stoke. Then I did it again only stopping this time to probe the opening of her vagina and suck on her erect clit . She lay there with one forearm across her eyes and groaning softly.

I gently inserted a finger into her vagina and started to pleasure her with it.

“I wish I’d bought that dildo now.” She said.

I fumbled for my bag and produced a six inch basic vibrator and said,

“I always carry one with me.”

“I can’t believe this is happening.” She whispered to herself.

By now her pussy was wet enough to insert the vibrator without any additional lubrication and as I gently slipped it in, I turned it on.

She twitched and gasped as the toy gently massaged her from the inside and I could feel the vibrations on my tongue as I licked her clit.

I was moving the toy in and out and she was just letting me do whatever I wanted. I knew that my actions would bring her off eventually and it was just a few minutes later that she announced,

“God Candy I’m cumming.”

Her whole body suddenly twitched and there was a pained expression on her face that changed to one of ecstacy moments later as her orgasm built and then rippled violently through her body.

She was very vocal and no one could be in any doubt that this lady had just experienced something very special.

As the tremors subsided Wendy began to return from Mardin Escort Bayan the high and wanted to turn her attention to me. She pulled the vibrator from her vagina and switched it off before sucking it dry of her succulent juices.

“My turn to pleasure you.” She said.

I swapped places with her and she started massaging my pussy area and probing gently with her fingers saying,

“I’ve never had oral sex with a woman before Candy but I’m so looking forward to tasting you,” and with that, she buried her tongue deep in my slit,

She was totally focussed on all the elements of my genitals. She pulled my pussy lips apart so that she could suck and lick my erect clit then she licked my juices as they oozed out of my vulva.

It was all going so beautifully and neither of us heard the key in the front door or anything else but suddenly the lounge door swung open and standing there was a tall handsome man in a smart suit with a briefcase in his hand.

“Colin!” Wendy exclaimed, “You’re home early.”

He put the briefcase down and said,

“If it’s not a silly question, what on earth is going on?”

Wendy replied, “I couldn’t help it, I just couldn’t help it.” And then she started to cry.

He came over to comfort her and cuddled her lovingly saying don’t blame yourself, I know you’ve been searching for new experiences, we can get through this.”

This was all very well but I was unfulfilled and said,

“I hope that’s not the end of that.”

Wendy re-composed herself and introduced me to her husband who said to me,

“Perhaps you ought to leave.”

I replied, “Don’t be such a prude Colin, why don’t you take your clothes off and join us? You have two horny naked women in your living room wanting sex. How many times does that happen in your life?”

He looked at Wendy who wiped her eye and she gave him a look that said ‘you can’t argue with that’ and his whole demeanour changed.

As the carnal instincts kicked in he went from being the outraged husband who’d just caught his wife in the act of having sex with a woman to a man who was going to take advantage of two wet and willing sluts.

The dynamics of the situation had changed now that a man was on the scene and as Colin began to strip, Wendy and I reclined on the sofa and gently massaged our clits while we watched him.

“I assume you’re OK with your husband fucking me.” I said.

Wendy replied, “Candy, the way I feel at the moment I absolutely insist on it.”

As Colin slipped his underpants off I got my first view of his erect cock and as he made his way towards me I knew that I was to enjoy having it deep in side me in a short while.

He came onto the sofa and sat between us with an arm around each of us pulling us tight against his lean fit body. Our breasts were squashed against his chest and he kissed us tenderly in turn as we ran our hands down his torso until we were fondling his manhood.

Wendy was gently squeezing his balls as I tugged his cock with long slow strokes.

Almost as though we’d rehearsed it, Wendy and I started to make our way down his body with our tongues stopping only briefly to suck his nipples.

Soon we were kneeling either side of him on the floor with our breasts resting on his thighs and I offered Wendy his rigid cock. She licked the tip a few times before taking into her mouth. I took my hand away and she took over massaging it as she sucked it in deeper and deeper.

When my turn came I did the same and for the next few minutes, we enjoyed sharing Colin’s cock until the time came for him to get it between our legs.

There was no awkwardness and no hesitation as Colin slipped off the sofa and onto the floor.

“You go first.” Wendy said, so I straddled his thighs and guided the tip of his cock into the moist opening of my vagina. At the same time, Wendy straddled her husband’s face and as she lowered herself down onto his tongue, I enjoyed the sensation of his cock filling me up as I sank down onto it.

I leaned forward so that Wendy and I could kiss each other and let Colin fondle my breasts and squeeze my nipples. I was riding Colin’s cock rhythmically and asked Wendy,

“Can you see your husband’s cock going in and out?”

“It looks fantastic,” she replied, “And I can see it glistening with your juices.”

“I’m sure I can feel it pushing against my womb.” I said.

“I love that feeling.” She replied.

After a few more satisfying strokes I indicated to Wendy that we Escort Mardin should swap places and within seconds, she was squatting over Colin’s wet slippery cock and guiding it into her dripping pussy.

Meanwhile I lowered myself onto his mouth but facing away from Wendy so that Colin could get his hands around my buttocks and probe me with his fingers while he sucked on my clit.

I felt one finger dipping in and out of my vagina and another pushing at my anal hole, which very soon surrendered to his gentle touch.

What had started out as a simple request for a lift to work had become one of my horniest experiences and I was enjoying every second of it.

After a few minutes of this glorious sex we all disconnected. Wendy and I kneeled on the floor in front of the sofa and rested our bodies on the cushions so that Colin could take us from behind. We were able to kiss each other and fondle each other’s breasts as he got behind us and fingered our pussies before I felt the familiar sensation of a man’s cock about to penetrate me.

With a single smooth and slow thrust, Colin’s cock was deep inside me again and I quivered with the pleasure it was giving me. After fifteen or twenty strokes he withdrew and when I heard Wendy gasp, I knew that he was making love to her.

Then it was my turn again only this time his pace quickened and I knew that he was building to a crescendo but it wouldn’t have been fair for just one of us to take his load.

After he’d re-entered Wendy again and gave her a dozen or so rapid thrusts he announced that he was about to cum so we all quickly shifted position so that he was reclining on the sofa once more and we were kneeling either side of him.

Wendy and I gently licked the tip of his cock as we waited for the magic moment. We were both using our hands to bring him off and within a few seconds we heard him groan with pleasure as his warm creamy cum began to spurt over our faces and over our tongues into our mouths.

As the pumping subsided we could start to enjoy the product of his ejaculation starting with sucking in the last few droplets as they oozed out followed by licking it off each other’s faces.

There certainly was a lot of it and it tasted lovely. I showed Wendy the contents of my mouth before swallowing it and she did the same.

Colin’s cock was quite limp by now but we continued to lick it until it was clear that he could play no further part in our pleasure. Wendy also was pretty exhausted so it was left to me retrieve the vibrator and use it to pleasure myself.

Wendy and Colin just watched as I did it and smiled when my orgasm caused my whole body to convulse. My legs quivered as wave after wave of ecstasy rippled through me before I finally flopped onto the sofa with the vibrator sill buzzing away inside me.

It was Colin who eventually retrieved it from my pussy and turned it off and I thanked him.

It was quite a surreal finale that the three of us had just enjoyed uninhibited hardcore sex with each other but there was virtually no comment or conversation about what we had been doing.

I could sense that it was time for me to leave so I started to dress and said,

“It’s been amazing fun but I think you guy’s have some talking to do so I’ll love you and leave you now.”

I saw myself out and walked the few yards to my apartment. I inspected my repaired tyre and found my key posted in my mailbox.

The first thing I did was to have a nice hot shower before Ebony came home with some fish and chips.

“I just fancied it.” She said.

“I am absolutely ravenous.” I replied and we both gorged ourselves.

It was about lunchtime the following day when Wendy bounced into the shop with a beaming smile on her face and asked me to take her into the sex toys showroom.

“How did things pan out with Colin?” I asked.

“Candy she replied, you are looking at the new Wendy. We’ve been married for fifteen years but we both learned so much about ourselves yesterday and we just want to experiment more. I’ve never tasted a man’s cum before but an hour or so after you left, Colin gave me a really nice second helping and now, I’ve come in to buy a vibrator.”

“And Colin?” I asked.

“He so enjoyed having sex with you that he’s asked me to ask you if we could all do it again some time, what do you say?”

I replied, “Tell Colin that I enjoyed it too and you’re both welcome in my bed anytime.”

After Wendy had chosen her new toy and left the store I pondered on my role in life.

I realise I’m nothing special with just a regular job working in a shop but I do seem to be able to give lots of people pleasure and satisfaction and I’d recently had a really lovely note from Brian and Lisa on that very subject.

At the end of the day, how bad is that.

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