Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 35

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Marie had poured her morning coffee, but not yet begun to drink it, when there was a knock at the door that sounded like thunder in her ears. She was a little hung over, having indulged in more than a bottle of expensive French wine the night before in her mistress’s absence. Moving as quickly as she could, lest the knock come again, she went to the door. Opening it she found Samantha Bowman, looking annoyingly chipper and put-together for this hour of the morning.

She motioned soundlessly for Samantha to enter, led her to the kitchen, and gestured toward the coffee. “No thanks,” said Samantha. “I only have a few minutes. Is Jessica around?”

Sipping her coffee, Marie shook her head. “Stayed in the city last night.”

“Oh.” Samantha sounded disappointed. “Well, I guess it’ll have to wait.”

Marie held the cup in both hands and took a long, slow pull. Already her head was starting to clear a little. “What did you want to talk to her about?”

“My yoga teacher.”

“What about her?”

“She’s the most exquisite creature I’ve ever seen. Six feet tall, blonde, ripped, tits till Tuesday… but I can’t figure out how to approach her.”

“Hmm,” purred Marie, sipping, the wheels already starting to turn in her head. “What’s her name?”

* * *

Serena was usually completely self-assured, but she was a little nervous as she approached the house. There had been something mysterious and alluring in the voice of the woman who had called her that morning, offering a very nice sum for a private yoga lesson. It wasn’t just the French accent, though that certainly helped… everything that came out of her mouth sounded sexy, even when she Beylikdüzü Escort was giving the address.

Maybe I’m a little oversensitized, Serena thought. She hadn’t been in a relationship for a while, since her last boyfriend turned out to be a lying, manipulative asshole masquerading as a spiritual, sensitive type. This had shaken her to the core, though outwardly it would have been hard to tell. She’d been celibate since then, for the longest period in her adult life. She was ready to change that, but men were often intimidated by her and rarely made an approach. She’d thought about a few of the women in her class — some of them were tremendously sexy, and Serena had been bisexual since her teens — but she was reluctant to cross that line.

When she rang the doorbell, it was answered by a very attractive young brunette in a white bathrobe. “Serena?”

It was the woman she’d talked to on the phone; even from a single word, there was no mistaking it. “Are you Marie?”

“Oui,” answered the brunette coquettishly. “Entrez.”

As Serena strode down the hallway into the house, Marie lagged behind for a moment to check her out from behind. She could see why Samantha had been so worked up — Serena was a remarkable specimen, and the tight yoga clothes certainly accentuated her magnificent shape. Marie led the yoga teacher to the living room, where she had cleared out a space sufficient for physical activity.

“Do you have any injuries or restrictions I need to know about?” Serena asked. “Any special requests?”

“Well, just one,” answered Marie, a wry smile bending one corner of her mouth. “I really prefer Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan to work out in the nude. Would that be OK?”

Taken off guard, Serena swallowed hard and didn’t respond for a few seconds.

“You wouldn’t have to, of course,” Marie reassured her. “Unless you wanted to.”

“Hmm,” said Serena finally. “I guess that would be OK. The customer is always right… right?”

Marie giggled agreeably and without another word untied the sash of her robe, slipped it off, and dropped it on the couch. She was naked underneath, freshly powdered, shaved, and trimmed in all the appropriate places. “So what should I do?”

Unrolling the mat she’d brought with her, Serena placed it on the ground a few feet from the one Marie had laid out and began the routine. She tried not to be distracted by Marie’s naked body, by her breasts hanging down, by the occasional flash of pink between her legs; but it wasn’t easy.

Soon Serena found herself working up a serious sweat, which was only partly due to the fact that Marie had intentionally raised the temperature in the house up near 90. Feeling the beginning of the lovely endorphin rush she always got from yoga, Serena soon threw caution to the wind and stripped off her top. Her breasts took Marie’s breath away; they were enormous but firm and supple, clearly natural from the way they moved. Marie tried her best not to stare, but it was hard.

In a few minutes both women were nude, and the subtle glances had been replaced by full-on mutual ogling. When they did a pose where they balanced on one leg, Marie held it for a few seconds, then lost her balance. Escort Beylikdüzü As she fell she grabbed on to Serena for support, and without conscious intent ended up with a handful of the taller woman’s breast. That did it; a moment later Serena had wrapped her arms around the smaller woman and Marie was standing on her tiptoes to stick her tongue into Serena’s mouth.

After a couple minutes of this torrid and sweaty embrace, Marie pulled away just enough to get her mouth on Serena’s boobs, as she’d been waiting to do for what seemed like hours. She only had to lean over slightly. She hungrily suckled the blonde’s nipples, then stretched her mouth to get as much soft flesh in her mouth as possible.

There was no point in stopping there. Marie continued making her way down the yoga teacher’s long, lean body, licking beads of sweat from Serena’s belly, then dropping to her knees. With her excellent balance, Serena was easily able to shift her stance so Marie could get between her legs and lap up the nectar dripping between them.

Gripping Serena’s firm thighs, Marie nuzzled into the blonde’s soft curls and began to suck her clit. Serena’s thighs started to quake as the leading edge of an orgasm rippled through her and she let out a long, guttural moan. Now it was Serena’s turn to hold on to Marie for support as her legs turned to jelly and she sank to her knees, then a sitting position, and finally just lay back on her mat breathing hard and staring at the ceiling. She hadn’t come like that in… God knows how long.

“That was amazing,” croaked Serena, but Marie had already gone to the kitchen. She returned a minute later with two bottles of ice-cold water. Handing one to Serena, who just held it against her forehead without opening it, Marie uncapped hers and sat down to drink. Just then the sliding door to the pool opened, and in stepped Samantha Bowman, who for some time had been watching from the shadows.

“Am I late for class?” asked Samantha.

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