Housesitting Day 0: Chapter 3: The Coach’s Pet (Edit)

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This complete story revolves around a lot of sexual themes that may be offensive to some readers. I don’t mean to offend anyone, so please read the themes and introductions before reading the chapters. If it doesn’t sound like a story to get you horny and cumming, I won’t be offended if you stop reading. Everyone else, ENJOY!


DAY 0: The Day Before

Chapter 3: The Coach’s Pet

Madison was barely late when we pulled up. She leaned in for a deep French kiss before scurrying out of the passenger’s seat and running towards the building entrance. I could taste a bit of my own jizz as I watched her fine, sexy ass sashay back and forth in her incredibly short skirt. Her sexy high heels clicked with each hurried step and I knew she wanted to get to the bathroom to clean up her smudged red lips before class.

As I watched my girlfriend go inside, I caught sight of my old coach’s red sports car in the teacher’s lot. I couldn’t resist going in and saying hi. I made my way towards the gym where Coach Burns’ office was. I was getting close when I heard what clearly sounded like sex. I slowed to a stop trying to determine from which direction the noises were coming from. Sure enough, they were coming from Coach’s office. Suddenly, a high female voice yelled, “Oh, Coach, fuck my tight, little ass.” Holy shit, Coach was fucking a student! I knew I had to see this.

When I got to his door, I gently tested the doorknob and found it unlocked. Very carefully and very slowly, I opened the door a slight crack so I could peer in. Through the slit, I stared wide-eyed at the stunning sight of Coach Burns thrusting hard against a young, slender brunette from behind with her bent over his desk. Coach Burns was a very big man, and right there in his small, cluttered office, he looked even bigger as he grunted and slammed his hips into the slight, skinny brunette. His giant paws were gripping the girl’s shoulders as his arms and shoulders flexed with each slam of his cock up her young ass.

The girl had her back arched and her head up, howling at the ceiling. Her hair was actually more of an auburn and it was held up off her face with adorable butterfly clips. I watched the two clipped strands of hair swinging back and forth while she was being hammered in the ass from behind. Suddenly, I realized that I knew the little anal slut. It was my sister’s friend, Kaylie!

I couldn’t believe the coach was banging my sister’s sweet friend, Kaylie, who to my knowledge was a little younger than my sister. And in her ASS too! This got me thinking as I peered in through the crack, was my little sister sexually active? Clearly the younger Kaylie was as she screamed, “Goddammmmmnnn, Coooaaach! Your cock is sooo big!”

“What’s the matter, slut?! Too much meat for such a little whore?!” The coach’s gruff, deep voice boomed back, spit flying from his mouth. He was definitely in “coach mode”.

“Fucking shit, Coach! Could you pound me any harder?” Kaylie cried out. Her knuckles we’re white as she held on tight to the edge of the desk.

By that point, I had my pants undone and my dick was in my fist. Even after cumming twice in the last hour, my cock was back to full strength as I jerked off to my secret live sex show. The sheer wrongness of Coach Burns anally fucking the very skinny girl while I played voyeur and jacked off from the hall was mind-blowing. My dick was so hard in my hand and I knew I had to get in on the dirty action somehow. The only problem was how to do it without freaking out the pair of fuckers.

“Oh, I’m sure I can pound you harder. That’s what this conditioning is all about, baby. Here! Take it all, you lil bitch!” The desk creaked and squeaked as it moved along the floor with the coach’s hard anal ramming. He had lifted his one leg onto the desk so he could really slam Kaylie up her ass. In this position, I could see Coach brutally thrusting his very thick, 7-inch cock down to the hilt at an almost violent speed.

“Holy SHIT! FUCK! You’re gonna tear me open, Coach!” Kaylie screamed in pain as she gritted her teeth. “Errrr!”

“That’s the idea, you little, fucking whore! Do you like it? We’re really pushing your limits now! Aren’t you glad you agreed to my summer conditioning?”

“OH YEAH!!!” she howled.

“Oh Kaylie, you get me so fuckin’ horny. You’re such a dirty slut!”


Suddenly, while crouched peering through the small opening, beating off, I briefly lost my balance and had to flail my arms to catch hold of something. In my panicked efforts, I accidentally hit the door which swung slightly more ajar. I knew the damage was done when I heard Coach yell, “Who the fuck is outside my fucking door?! You better fucking answer me, you fucking cunt!”

Steeling myself, I stood up, push the door open and slid into the room. “It’s just me, Coach. Your star football player.” I closed the door behind me. “I was just admiring the anal fucking you were giving little Kaylie here.”

“Adam! You scared the fuck out of me. What bring you here, son?” He had stopped hammering Kaylie’s ass but was still buried deep.

“Just dropped Madison off for summer school. Hey Coach, flip her and turn her this way so her head hangs off the desk. I’m in need of a Escort good mouth to fuck. Let’s double team this cockwhore.” My cock was still out and it throbbed in Kaylie’s direction.

“Fuck ya! That’s why you were my star player. You always keep your eye on the prize.” He flipped Kaylie’s small body onto her back and slid her over just as I had instructed leaving her head hanging perfectly over the edge of the desk with her mouth at the perfect height to suck my rod.

“You’re one sexy bitch, Kaylie. Come on girl, open up wide. I’ve always wanted to stuff my cock between those sexy, full lips.” She looked up at me and smiled wide as I stepped closer to her hot, inviting lips.

“Oh, Adam, you should have said something. I’ve wanted to blow you for so long now.” She let out a naughty, little giggle before opening her sexy lips and taking me deep in her mouth. I couldn’t help imagining a younger version of her sucking me off. It was such a dirty thought. Damn, I wished she had blown me back then. “Mmmm, yum,” she said, popping off my cock to adjust herself and get more comfortable. “Someone has already gotten to this before me.” I had already forgotten about the lipstick stains on my shaft which Kaylie was hungrily admiring.

“Fuckin’ rights! That a boy!” Coach cheered. “It’s not even nine o’clock and you’ve already had two pairs of lips sucking on your dick.”

“Three coach. Madison, Kaylie, and Mike’s little sister, Stephanie,” I bragged with a huge grin.

“You’re worse than me.” He laughed loudly while he kept slamming little Kaylie’s rectum. She muffled cries of passion and pure ecstasy on my cock as she went back to suck me deep.

“Damn girl! You’ve been coming over to my house for years, and in all that time you could have been giving me regular blowjobs. Goddamn, you’re a good cocksucker! Next time you’re over, come find me.” My sister and Kaylie had been friends for a while. Unlike Steph, Kaylie had always been beautiful and cute. When Kaylie had hit puberty, She had grown a little taller and filled out in all the right places. Now older, she had some of the most amazing curves with the perkiest tits and the slimmest waste to really accentuate them.

I couldn’t stop staring at her pretty, pink nipples which were stiff and erect with her arousal. I just wanted to take them in my mouth and nibble on them. I did the next best thing in my position. I grabbed a handful of ample young bosom in each hand, squeezed them, and pinched her erect nipples as I actively thrust my cock into her open throat.

As I penetrated her throat, she gagged and started wildly kicking her legs in the air. I knew Kaylie had strong legs from soccer with my sister, but I had no idea how sexy they were until I had her on her back with her flailing those gorgeous, smooth legs frantically in that cramped office. Coach took his big hands off her waist and grabbed hold of her kicking legs by her ankles in each of his strong fists. Once he had a good grip, he used it to pump harder into Kaylie’s dirty ass. I could see how wet her tight, bald pussy was as he made her hips buck up off the desktop with his cock hammering up her ass. She was still gagging and bucking as Coach yelled nasty encouragement at me while we spit roasted her hard from both ends. “Yeah, throat fuck that bitch, son! Make her fucking feel it! It’s not proper conditioning if you don’t feel it!” I was ramming a good three quarters of my cock down her small throat now and I was in Heaven. Kaylie’s resisting throat felt even better as it clenched and chocked with her desperate struggle for air.

“Take it! Take it, Kaylie! Relax that throat and swallow my cock! Be a good little ninth grade cock whore!” I was thrusting hard now but still she could only take the same six inches down her oral fuck hole. Thick spit ran down my shaft and dripped onto her red face. Great globs of viscous saliva ran into her eyes, making her mascara run. As she coughed and choked and convulsed, more and more saliva splashed against my sac to run down her face and into her pretty auburn hair.

I noticed Coach was really getting off on my brutal throat fuck as he was unable to tear his eyes away from it before yelling, “Oh God! You’re making me cum, Kaylie! OH FUCK! AW FUCK!!! AHHH!” He pulled his throbbing cock from Kaylie’s butt just in time to splash his seed all up her belly which made it all the way to her cleavage. I pulled out of her throat and let her gasp and cough for air as the last great gob of Coach’s load fell directly in her bellybutton.

“Let’s switch places, Coach. I’d love to take that ass and I wanna see her clean her anal juices off your cock.” On the desk, Kaylie was still panting and heaving to catch her breath but she looked pleased.

“Great thinking, son.”

As we shuffled around the desk, Kaylie finally recovered enough to say, “Fuck, Adam! That was so hot! I had two orgasms in a row and then when I thought I was gonna pass out and die, I came again! It was so wonderful.” She wore a grin from ear to ear as she spoke rapidly with her sexual excitement. Again, she had to stopped to catch her breath. “Oh, please let me taste that dick, Coach. Daddy always lets me clean him after he fucks my ass. I want it so bad,” she begged, “Please, let me suck Escort Bayan my ass off your cock.”

“Dirty fucking girl,” Coach said as he shoved his nasty, glistening shaft between her open lips. It was all creamy and juicy from her ass but that didn’t slow Kaylie’s slurping. She took the twitching, wilting, now six inch shaft all the way in her mouth, licking along the shaft the whole way. She had moved up onto one side and could easily bob her head while she gave him a good tongue bath.

With her on her side with her legs spread wide, I had my anal target in sight. The dark depths of her anal cavity caught my eye as it was gapping about an inch open from the hard fucking it had just received. With ease, I plunged my shaft deep into her anal abyss. I had never had anal sex before and it was different than what I had expected. Kaylie’s ass wasn’t nearly as tight as I had hoped. I blamed it on her having just taken the coach’s thick beast. He had really rammed her rotten and now I was getting sloppy, anal seconds. I finally felt some tightness when coach took a play from my playbook and slammed his cock hard and deep into Kaylie’s abused throat. Each time he thrust in deep, her ass would clench around the root of my shaft, massaging it and making it feel so good. “Wow, I never knew you were so fucking dirty, Kaylie. My girlfriend has never let me take her up her ass before.”

Pulling away from Coach’s invading cock, she gasped out, “It’s the only way I can take it. I’m a good girl. I’m a virgin. I’m saving myself for marriage.”

I laughed out loud at these contradictory words especially with my manhood throbbing deep in her ass. “How can you say you’re a good girl when you’re sucking your own ass juices off a big, thick dick while another cock is 8 inches deep in your asshole?”

She scowled across at me but then her lips started to curl back into a smile. “Me being a good girl is the story I’ll sell to my future husband when I get married. I don’t see why he’ll need to know about my anal/oral spit roast in the coach’s office.” She wink as a wicked grin spread wider across her face before she leaned back and started licking Coach’s balls.

I looked down at my cock disappearing into Kaylie’s open anus. It was a beautiful sight. There was just something special about a big, thick cock sliding deep in and out of a tight, puckered asshole. I pushed all the way inside Kaylie’s rectum and just savoured the wonderful feeling of her sphincter quivering along my shaft. My hard shaft twitched back and she gasped, “Shit, Adam. You’re so fucking big! It feels like you’re in my stomach.”

“You’re such a fucking whore, Kaylie!” Coach said as he started slapping her face with his flaccid penis. “Naughty girl! Very naughty girl!” He stepped closer to the desk, straddling Kaylie’s face, forcing her to lick the underside of his testicles. He lifted his sac with one hand and I could see her tongue flicking over the sensitive skin between his balls and asshole. Coach reached down and shoved her face hard into his ass. “Fucking get in there, WHORE! Show some effort, CUNT! Lick my ass!”

I knew the coach was a very clean man, usually taking two showers a day, but the sight of Kaylie’s face buried in his ass was still so incredibly dirty, I felt my cock give a hard twitch deep inside Kaylie. “Fucking… nasty… girl!” I said, a word per thrust, as I continued to pummel her ass. “I bet you love licking his ass!” She moaned her response as coach, with his knees slightly bent, held her mouth firmly against his rectum with both of his strong hands. His cock was twitching back to life as his face took on an intense, bestial look.

Grabbing one of her strong, sexy legs in both arms and hugging it to my firm chest, I started fucking Kaylie fast and hard. My dick had an inch of length on Coach and was a bit thicker so I wasn’t surprised when I heard Kaylie muffle a loud scream into Coach Burns’ ass as I rammed her as hard as I could. “Yeah, take it you nasty slut!” I screamed in fury. Coach’s dick was fully erect again and he stepped back and rammed it in the little girl’s dirty mouth just as she tried to scream again. “Yeah, pound that throat, Coach!”

“These volleyball girls get me so horny,” Coach said with a wolfish grin. Coach and I quickly got into a log sawing rhythm where as one of us pulled out, the other was plunging in deep. We went back and forth like that for a bit as we pounded Kaylie’s ass and throat into climactic oblivion.

Having already cum twice in the last couple hours, I had the sexual stamina of a pornstar. Sweat ran down my body as I kept hammering away at Kaylie’s jiggling ass. I had to somehow persuade Madison to let me fuck her up her ass. I bet her ass would be super tight. Madison was the horniest, most sexually wild girl I knew. She had no trouble fucking in public in broad daylight, or getting hardcore gangbanged by the entire football team, and yet she found anal sex too dirty. I’d just have to show her the pleasure that could come from it. Like the pleasure Kaylie was clearly feeling as she thrashed and moaned while rhythmically gagging on coach’s cock.

I had switched up the pace so that I could feel Kaylie’s ass clenching while I was deep inside her. The coach and I were now Bayan Escort thrusting deep into Kaylie’s holes at the same time. It was such a hot sight to see two massive cocks being rammed together, hard and deep, into the hot, young slut. Kaylie began to let out muffled squeals every time she was fucked full of fifteen inches of thick, throbbing dick. Her ass was rapidly clenching and releasing, massaging my thrusting member, and I knew she was having an intense orgasm.

It wasn’t long before Coach yelled, “I’m going to cum again, baby!” as he pulled out to beat his spit slick shaft all over her sweaty, panting face. His forehead also had a nice sheen of sweat as he furiously worked his meat.

“Come on, Coach! Stroke that big cock! Shoot another big load all over me! I wanna feel it dripping down my face.” Kaylie instructed, taking on the coach’s usual way of speaking. “Come on, you FUCKER! Show me some fucking effort! I want that fucking hot cum all over my face. Give it to me!”

“Oh man!” stroke, stroke, stroke! “Oh fuck!” stroke, stroke, stroke! “I’m CUMMING!!! Oh fuck! Fuck! Shit!” Surprisingly, Coach’s second load packed a good punch as big gobs of thick cum smacked Kaylie in the face. Wet splashes flew all over her beautiful face and spattered her neck.

Grunting, Coach sent his last few ropes of hot spunk into Kaylie’s panting mouth. “Oh my goodness!” She said, thick with cum, as a couple more short squirts of jizz spat out onto her cheek and chin.

With a great sigh, the coach slumped his shoulders and said, “That’s it, I’m fucking done. Oh man. Was that a good fuck or what? I’m fucking drained. I haven’t had a fuck that good since I was in high school.”

“Fuck yeah, Coach! And I’m still going.” I put both my hands up for high fives and Coach slapped them. I couldn’t resist saying, “We fuckin’ Eiffel Towered this little slut.”

“I’m going to go have a nap outside in the sun. That was exhausting. Can you run lil Kaylie home after your done with her ass?”

“Oh fuck yeah, Kaylie. Yeah, sure thing, Coach,” as I spoke, I picked her up off the desk and into the air, “but she’ll have to really earn that ride.” In my strong arms, I started lifting her up and down on my long, hard dick. “Fuck, her ass is amazing!”

“AH! AH! AH! AHHHHHH!” She cried out as she clutched firmly around my neck. Her strong legs were now wrapped around my waste and I felt the hard squeeze of her thighs on my hips as she came for what seemed like the thousandth time.

“Boy, you have the stamina of a horse. Good job today. Fill that ass full of cum, son.” He clapped me on my heaving shoulders with a big, meaty hand. “As for you, Kaylie. Great job with training today. Same time next week. Next week we’ll haul the mats out and work on your doggy.” With these final words, he turned and left his office.

“Woooooow, Adam! You feel sooooo good! We definitely have to do this more often. I can’t believe this. Now I can finally tell you how incredibly hot you are.”

“Oh, baby. Same here, Kaylie. You’re so gorgeous. Especially with my dick deep in your ass and your face covered in cum.”

Smiling and blushing as she avoided my eye contact, she whispered in my ear, “Oh Adam, pound my ass.” It was so strange to see her suddenly acting so shy as I spread her sexy legs with a hand on each of her warm, silky smooth thighs and fucked her asshole.

I felt the rush of cum just as my arms were starting to burn and give way. “Here I cum, baby girl. Right… up… that… pretty… little…FUCKING…ASSSSSSS!” Great spurts of cum shot forth from my thrusting cock. Her butthole twitched around my shaft as she giggled with sheer delight. She could obviously feel the torrent of hot sperm rushing up her bowels.

“Oh my God! My friend’s brother is cumming in my ass. Oh God, I can really feel it. Wow, there’s sooo much! This is the best day ever!” With one hand still holding her up in the air by her ass, I used the other to pull her mouth in for a deep kiss. Our first ever kiss. It was the second time that day that I had done things completely out of order from the sexual norm. Our tongues mingled in wet passion and I heard Kaylie let out a moan of pleasure. I moved down to her collarbone and kissed along it while being careful not to get any of Coach’s cum on my face or in my mouth. “Oooh, Adam,” She gasped, breathlessly.

I dropped her to her feet, and she staggered back, light headed from the fucking and the kissing. She put a hand out to brace herself against a filing cabinet and caught herself. “Woo. I lost my balance there for a sec.” She looked up at me with tired, affectionate eyes. “You’re so amazing, Adam!” To my utter amazement and intense wicked pleasure, she dropped down onto her haunches and took my slimy, wilting cock into her mouth. Again, Kaylie hungrily sucked clean another cock covered with her ass cream.

My arms hung at my sides like rubber. Breathing hard, I said, “Well, I better take you home, you filthy, little anal slut,” her eyes lit up and I knew that she would have been smiling if my cock hadn’t been stuffed in her mouth, “and you still have more to do to earn that ride.”

Kaylie slid her mouth off of my flaccid member and said, “I’m actually going over to Natalie’s. If you drop me off there, maybe we can both repay you for the ride.” She winked and smiled. A chance to fool around with two girls at the same time. My day was getting better and better.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32