Housemates Ch. 07

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Alex was walking to the bus stop, when he saw Professor Brooks walking in the opposite direction on the other side of the street. Alex called his name but Professor Brooks didn’t stop. Alex shouted a little louder but that didn’t work. It even looked as though Brooks quickened his steps, but from that distance, Alex couldn’t be sure. Alex was a bit worried about Christopher. Earlier, Alex heard something from some other students that bothered him. Also, in the tutorial a couple days before, Alex noted that Brooks was acting a little strange. When Alex talked to him at the end of the class, Alex smelt whiskey on Brooks’ breath. Having a couple drinks after a stressful day is one thing, but coming to class buzzed is totally different. Alex asked if he was ok, but Christopher brushed him off.

When Alex got to the bus stop, he texted Professor Brooks to let him know that he was checking up on him. By the time Alex got home, the message was still unread. Brayden was on the living room sofa when Alex got home. His back was to the arm rest and his legs were up on the cushions, bent at the knees. He had his tablet on his thighs and earbuds in his ears. “Hey Alex,” Brayden said when Alex came in.

“Hey,” Alex said. Brayden could tell that Alex was distracted.

“Everything ok?” he asked.

“Honestly, I don’t know.” Alex rested his backpack in the arm chair. “It’s Professor Brooks.”

Brayden swung his legs down and placed his tablet on the cushion next to him. “What about him?” he asked after taking out his earbuds.

“He came to our tutorial a couple days ago totally buzzed. When I tried to talk to him about it, he blew me off. Also, today I was working on a project with some other students; a couple of them, I share his lecture with. They said they visited his office earlier today and Brooks was acting all weird and jittery. I saw him on my way home this evening and I called out to him and I could’ve sworn that he purposely ignored me.” Alex sat on the couch next to Brayden. “I get wanting to keep things professional now, given what happened between us, but the coming to class almost drunk is a bit worrying.”

“Have you ever caught him drinking at work before?”

“A couple times I went to his office and I found him having a drink. He would say he had a long day and that was it. I don’t see a problem with having a drink in the evenings after work, so I never thought much about it.”

“Do you think this is something that should be reported?”

“I’m not sure yet. I texted him when I was at the bus stop to see what was up, but I haven’t gotten a response yet.”

“Well, you can wait to hear him out first and then decide what you’re going to do.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Do you already know what you’re wearing tonight?” Brayden asked, changing the subject.

“Yeah,” Alex answered. “We should probably start to get ready so we won’t be late; it’s about an hour and a half drive to Portland.”


“I thought… you said… you didn’t… want to be… late,” Brayden said between breaths. Brayden’s back was against the shower wall and his legs were spread apart. Alex was on his knees below him, giving Brayden a much enjoyable blowjob.

“Don’t worry, we won’t be late,” Alex said but his voice came out muffled, as his mouth was stuffed with Brayden’s cock.

“If you say… oh fuck, that feels so good Xanny,”

Alex bobbed his head on Brayden’s cock while jerking it at the same time. Brayden ran his hand through Alex’s wet hair. “You look so sexy with my cock in your mouth,” he said. Alex smirked while circling Brayden’s head with his tongue. Brayden bucked his hips forward when Alex engulfed him again, matching Alex’s rhythm. “So, so sexy,” he continued. “Fuck.” He then placed his other hand in Alex’s hair, holding his head still. He slowly stroked in and out of Alex’s mouth, only pulling out when Alex gagged. On his last stroke in, he went as far as he could and left his cock there for a few seconds causing Alex to sputter. When he eventually pulled out, a long string of saliva connected his cock to Alex’s lips. Brayden looked down at Alex with an ‘accomplished’ smile. Alex returned a devious smirk while wiping his mouth.

“Turn around,” he said afterwards. Brayden turned and placed his hands against the wall. He kept his legs apart as he knew what was coming next. Alex grabbed Brayden’s muscled ass and massaged it. As his hands moved over Brayden’s cheeks, he spread them apart, exposing Brayden’s inviting hole. He leaned in and gave the hole one long lick. Then another and another and another.

“Fuck,” Brayden moaned. He then gasped as he felt Alex’s tongue enter him. He wished he was open to this much sooner. Alex explored inside of Brayden with his tongue. He created a sequence of exploring, darting in and out and exploring again. While rimming his ass, Alex reached around Brayden and began to jerk his cock. Alex slowly stroked it, mixing Brayden’s precum with the water on his body. Brayden leaned more into the shower wall, his knees becoming weak as Alex’s rimming gölbaşı escort became more intense. He took in deep breaths as he felt his orgasm building. He couldn’t last much longer from the combination of pleasure he was feeling.

“I’m going… to cum,” Brayden said. Alex picked up the pace on Brayden’s cock and shoved his tongue as deep as he could into Brayden’s ass. Brayden watched as streams of cum shot from his cock onto the shower wall; his body trembled as he came. Alex kissed his way up Brayden’s back, stopping at his neck. With his arms wrapped around Brayden, Alex ran his hands up and down Brayden’s torso. Alex’s cock was rock hard and rested against Brayden’s butt cheeks. Alex wondered if Brayden would be comfortable with being fucked one day. Alex thought of bringing up the topic before, but didn’t want to freak Brayden out. Maybe he would be more open to the idea of at least being fingered. Brayden turned and kissed Alex fervently. He then grabbed Alex’s cock and jerked it slowly. “We need to take care of this,” he said.

“That would be great but we should’ve been already on our way to the restaurant.”

“But you’re the one that started this,” Brayden said as he placed kissed along Alex’s neck. “And I really, really want to see you cum.”

“I did start this; I couldn’t help myself. And I really, really do want to cum but we really, really need to get going.”

Brayden stepped back and sighed in defeat. “Fine. But you’re blowing your load when we get back.”

“Deal. Once it involves your big dick being deep inside me.”

“This is not the time to be teasing me,” Brayden said with a raised eyebrow.

Alex stepped to Brayden and kissed him. “Hopefully we won’t be too tired from tonight’s activities.”

“Hopefully.” Alex and Brayden then washed off before getting out of the shower.


Brayden was downstairs waiting on Alex when his phone rang. It was Jessica. “Hey Jess, what’s up?” Brayden answered.

“Hey Bray. I was just calling to see if you’re going to be home tomorrow,” Jessica responded.

“Yeah, why?”

“I still have your key and I was thinking to drop it off tomorrow after running some errands.”

“Oh, that’s fine. What time will you be passing by?”

“Hmm… probably in the afternoon. Maybe around three or four.”

“Okay, I’ll be here all day.”

“Cool… Staying in tonight?” Jessica asked. She was currently tapping her foot, something she usually does when she’s nervous.

“Um, no actually,” Brayden said. “I’m going out with Alex and Logan for Logan’s birthday. I’m just waiting on Alex now.”

“Oh right! Today’s his birthday. I’ll have to text him. Well have fun tonight.” Jessica tried to sound enthusiastic. She wanted to talk to Brayden but hoped theywould have a chance tomorrow instead. “See ya,” she said.

“Bye Jess,” Brayden said before hanging up. At that moment, Alex came down the stairs.

“Hey, sorry,” he said. “I know I said we should’ve been on our way, but I was on the phone with Logan.”

“Is everything alright?”

“No. The restaurant that we were supposed to go to, there was a burst pipe and it flooded the entire kitchen and part of the dining area, so they had to close the restaurant. And Logan can’t get a reservation anywhere else. Even the entire weekend is busy.”

“Shit, that sucks.”

“Yeah. He’s so bummed out, he even cancelled going to the strip club.”

“He shouldn’t do that. He should make the best of it, and still celebrate.”

“I said the same thing, but he wouldn’t budge.” Alex pulled out a dining table chair and sat. “I don’t think he was really looking forward to tonight anyway.”

“Why is that?” Brayden sat adjacent to Alex.

“He didn’t uninvite Oliver as he wanted to avoid the awkwardness and since they’re still technically cool with each other, he thought it would be more mature to leave things as they are. But at the same time, he was hoping that Oliver would just decide not to come. That never happened. So, since tonight is cancelled, he’s a bit relieved.”

“Makes sense. Might have been awkward at dinner.” Alex nodded in agreement. “It’s unfortunate he won’t be celebrating tonight though.”

“Yeah, it is,” Alex said.

“Wait a minute,” Brayden said suddenly. “Are you guys into arcades, bowling, that kind of thing?”

“We haven’t done anything like that in a while, but yeah. We always had a blast with our friends back in high school.”

“Call him and see if he would be interested. We could go to Kings Entertainment Centre. It closes late and we would already be in Portland, so we won’t have to worry about driving far to the strip club.”

Alex took out his phone and called Logan. He answered on the third ring. “Hey best friend.”

“Hey Logan. So, Brayden came up with an idea…” Alex started. Logan took some convincing, but soon Alex and Brayden were heading to Portland.

When Alex and Brayden got to the entertainment centre, the carpark was almost full. “Seems keçiören escort like it’s busy tonight,” Alex said.

“Yeah,” Brayden agreed. Brayden had to drive to the back of the carpark in order to find a spot. As Alex and Brayden walked back to the entrance of the building, they saw Logan driving in. They waited for him before going in.

“Hey guys,” Logan said while approaching Alex and Brayden.

“Happy birthday Logan,” Brayden said, while giving Logan a fist bump.

“Thanks Brayden,’ he said. “Also, thanks for suggesting this.”

“No problem, man. It’s your birthday; you have to celebrate.”

“So, what are we going to do first?” Brayden asked after they all bought a set of tickets from the booth.

“I say we do some shots first,” Logan answered. “Then we move over to the arcade and probably do some bowling later.”

“I think that’s a plan,” Alex said.

As they approached the bar, there were five bartenders. Three men and two women. Four of them were attending to other people, while the fifth was wiping down her area.

“What can I get you guys tonight?” she asked.

“A round of tequila shots,” Logan said.

The bartender looked at Logan and Alex. “Can I see some ID?”

Alex and Logan pulled out their fake IDs and handed them over. The bartender looked at them and glanced at Alex and Logan a couple times. “A round of tequila coming right up,” she said after giving them their IDs back. She placed three shot glasses on the countertop and poured the tequila. She then slid a saucer over with lime wedges and some salt.

“Ready?” Brayden asked after they all sprinkled salt on their hands. Alex and Logan nodded. They licked their hands, downed the shots and quickly used the wedges. Alex and Logan looked as though they were about to die, but Brayden barely flinched. “Another round?” he asked. Alex raised an eyebrow at Brayden. “What? It’s in my blood.”


All the guys were having a blast at the entertainment centre. They played skee-ball, foosball, pool, mini golf, laser tag, virtual reality simulations and even the classic arcade games. They were now at the bowling alley, playing against each other. Logan was in the lead.

“You’re letting him win,” Brayden said to Alex.

“It’s his day,” Alex said. “I’ll let him have this one.” Brayden looked over at Alex with admiration. “I think I’m going to get a hotdog,” Alex continued. “Want anything?”

“Think I’m going to get the same,” Brayden said. “Everything on top.”

Alex made a vomiting sound. “Only boring people get ketchup and mustard only,” Brayden said.

“Oh, you know I’m anything but boring,” Alex whispered.

“That I know.”

At that point, Logan joined them from just hitting a spare. “I’m going to get a hotdog; want anything?”

“No, I’m good, thanks.” Logan sat on one end of the leather sofa and Alex headed to the food court.

“You seem to be having fun tonight,” Brayden said to Logan.

“I am, I really am,” Logan said smiling. “I thought this day was a total bust, but it has really come around.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re enjoying it.” There was a lull of silence and Brayden could’ve felt Logan’s eyes on him. “Is something wrong?” he asked.

“No, no.”

“Are you sure?”

“Um, yeah.”

Brayden had a feeling of what Logan wanted to say. “Just say it.”

Logan gathered his thoughts before speaking. “I know that you’re going through your thing, and I sympathise, but Alex is my best friend and I don’t want to see him get hurt. He’s a tough guy and always puts on a brave face, but he can take things to heart sometimes. And I can’t help but feel like he’s setting himself up for disappointment when it comes to you.”

Brayden ran his hand through his hair. That last sentence stung a bit. “I don’t want to see him get hurt either. I like Alex a lot and he’s made me feel things I’ve never felt before or haven’t felt in a long time. And I don’t just mean sexually. Alex is an amazing person and even though it’s only been a short while, the amount of patience and understanding he has shown me isn’t deserving.”

“He isn’t perfect, but he has a heart of gold,” Logan said. “When our group of friends were being bullied in high school, it was always Alex that would step up and defend us. Whether it be with his words or his fist. Usually with his fist,” Logan laughed.

“He can pack quite a punch,” Brayden said, remembering when Alex punched him.

“You would know that,” Logan said. “Alex always put his black belt to good use.”

“Can I be honest with you about something?” Brayden asked. Logan nodded. “I’ve never told Alex this, but I was jealous of you at one point.”

Logan’s brow’s shot up. “Really?”

“Yeah. You guys are really close and when I found out you have slept together before, I thought you were gonna be like competition for me or something.”

Logan snickered and then erupted with laughter. “Seriously?!” Logan wiped tears from his eyes. “Trust me, you kızılay escort have nothing to worry about.”

“Well I know that now,” Brayden said. Logan was still chuckling. “C’mon, I feel ridiculous enough about it already.”

“I love Alex, but no. Just no.” Logan wiped the last set of tears away. “We’re best friends and best friends only. Yeah, we’ve ‘helped each other out’ before, but when you’re young, horny and new to experimenting, you tend to do things with the closest willing guy. Just happens that that guy ends up being your best friend. In the last couple of years though, it’s only been because of dry spells and last resorts. And don’t worry, I won’t tell Alex about your little bout of jealousy. It’ll be our own little inside joke.”

Brayden shook his head in embarrassment. “Appreciated.”

“I hope I wasn’t too forward earlier,” Logan said. “I just want the best for Alex.”

“No, you did nothing wrong and I want the same as well.”

“What have you guys been talking about since I’ve been gone?” Alex asked. He handed Brayden his hotdog. “One hotdog with everything,” he said while making vomiting sounds once more.

“Nothing, just some chitchat,” Logan said.

Alex sat next to Brayden and looked from him to Logan. “He gave you the ‘overly protective’ routine, didn’t he?”

Brayden laughed. “He did, but it’s fine. Genuine friendships are hard to come by these days and it’s good to know that there’s someone out there that has your back.”

“And I’ll always have his.”

“You better,” Logan said jokingly. “I almost cut this guy for you.”

“You weren’t actually going to attack me back then, were you?” Brayden asked. Logan didn’t answer. Brayden’s eyes widened and he looked at Alex. Alex avoided eye contact.

“I think I’m going to go to the bathroom.” Logan rose to make a quick exit. Brayden knew that that was just an excuse to getaway.

“Sit. I don’t think that’s necessary.” Brayden was still looking at Alex while he spoke, fighting a smile on his lips. Logan quickly sat and crossed his legs. “Would you have let Logan attack me?” Brayden directed at Alex who was still avoiding looking at him.

“Mhmm of course not.” Alex waved his hand off. “I may have been angry, but I wouldn’t have let him hurt you.” Alex caressed Brayden’s face.

“Comforting.” The smile that Brayden was fighting broke through.

“Aww,” Logan said, putting his hands to his face. Alex and Brayden laughed.

“So, another round of bowling after this and then off to Silver Ram?” Alex asked.

“Sure,” Brayden said a little too excitedly.

“Well, someone’s excited for another game,” Logan said. “Or is it the strip club?”

“It’s the strip club,” Alex spoke up. “He’s been overly excited about it ever since I mentioned it earlier this week.”

“I’m just looking forward to it,” Brayden said with a familiar grin on his face.

“Seems to be more than that,” Logan said.

“See?!” Alex gestured to Logan. “I’ve been saying the same thing!”

Brayden chuckled. “There’s nothing more to it. Just looking forward to having a good time.”

“Mmhmm,” Alex and Logan said in unison.


When the guys arrived at the gay bar and strip club, there was a long line outside. “Everywhere seems to be busy tonight,” Logan said.

“Yeah,” Alex agreed. “It’s going to be a while before we get inside.”

“That’s not going to be a problem,” Brayden spoke up. “Follow me.” Brayden led them to the front of the line and as they walked past, they received quizzical looks and side eyes.

“I don’t think this is a good idea…” Logan began to say.

“Big Dick Adonis!” a voice boomed. A huge muscular man, dressed in all black, pulled Brayden into a hug. Alex and Logan looked at each other confused. “It has been what? Four years?”

“Yeah, it’s been a while.” Brayden gestured to Alex and Logan. “These are my friends Alex and Logan. Guys, this is Ricky. It’s Logan’s birthday and we came here to celebrate.”

“Well you came to the right place,” Ricky exclaimed. “Come in, come in.” Ricky signalled to follow him. “Max,” Ricky called to another guy dressed in all black. “Watch out here for me for a bit.” The other guy just nodded. He was big and muscular just like Ricky. There was some protesting from people in the queue, but they were ignored. When Ricky opened the entrance, music blasted from inside. They entered into a hallway with the booth to pay on the left and bathrooms on the right. Alex, Brayden and Logan paid the entrance fee and Ricky led them to the end of the hall. They were now standing in a corridor, bordered by a gold railing. There was a staircase at each end that led downstairs to the main area of the club.

“There’s someone here that would be glad to see you,” Ricky said. “I’ll be right back.” As they waited, Alex walked over to the rails and looked over. The DJ was right beneath them, with a large open space ahead. There were two bars; one on the far left and one on the right. Scattered across the floor were bar tables and stools where people gathered. There were also a few elevated areas on the floor where scantily dressed men danced to the music. Some of the miniature platforms had their own poles as well. To the far end of the open space was the stage. At each corner of the room were elevated spaces that were barred off from the rest of the area. Alex assumed that these were the VIP lounges.

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