Housemaid’s Story

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I’m nineteen years old and attend Otago University in the South Island of New Zealand. I’m considered better than average in the looks and figure department, and even I like what I see when I look at myself in the mirror. I don’t think I’ll be winning any Miss World contests in the near future, but I do attract more than my fair share of boyfriends and lovers.

My hair is fairly short, dark brown and does not really match up with my blue eyes, which I reckon are far too big; but there’s nothing I can do about that.

When you’re a struggling university student you will often take almost any job in order to make ends meet and pay the bills. A student loan will grow to outrageous proportions if you’re not too careful! So, as soon as I got down to Otago I was scouting for paying work immediately. I didn’t care what it was, within reason, and I was pleased when I secured regular work as a housemaid.

As the job title indicates, I’m basically a cleaner, and I work at a large hotel in the city. I know that this isn’t what I had in mind when I began my Bachelor of Science degree, but – as Forrest Gump said, “Shit Happens”. The job is virtually part-time and allows me to make it to all of my lectures, with enough time left over to do the other stuff I need to do to obtain good grades. I even get to speak with the folks in Wellington maybe once a week on the phone.

We begin cleaning the guest’s rooms by nine each morning and we finish at about one. One major drawback is that I have to work weekends. Whether it is weekday or weekend, the procedure is to ring the doorbell, wait a little while, and then open the door if there’s no answer. On entering the room we call “Room Service”, just to make sure we are not disturbing anybody.

Last week we (the crew of housemaids) entered our last room for the day and after following the normal procedure, I slid the louver doors aside that led to the balcony. The room was quite dark with these doors closed, but this was normal as people left these doors shut and the air conditioning on to keep the room cool.

My job was to vacuum the floors and make the large bed in the lounge / bedroom. The rest of the girls attended to the other cleaning duties. As I was making the bed I glanced outside to the balcony through the louver windows and saw a guy lying naked and face down on one of the sun-loungers. I turned to the other girls and quietly told them what I’d seen. The senior girl, Pauline, said that that he must not have heard us when we came in. We picked up our gear and moved outside again. Once there, we rang the door bell a couple of times, but still got no answer. This shouldn’t have surprised us considering the noise coming from the pool just below the balcony.

I turned to the girls and convinced them that it would only take us another ten minutes to finish and we could all go home. In we went, me making the bed and giving a general tidy up around the room. I couldn’t resist peeking through the louvers again to see what the guy was doing. He hadn’t moved at all so I assumed he was probably asleep.

I was about to turn away when I noticed his very large cock hanging straight down between the plastic strips that criss-crossed the lounger he was lying on, it was actually touching the ground. I thought that he must find it more comfortable to do this than simply lie on it.

It was the longest and thickest penis I had ever seen or even imagined possible in my life. I’d once seen a porno movie where a huge black guy was hung like a small horse, but this was something else again. I called the other girls over and, apart from them being mildly shocked, they also couldn’t believe the size of it. After some quiet laughing, joking and pointing we finished up the last of the cleaning and left.

A few days went past without us seeing the guy; then we caught him again on the balcony lounger, he was sunbathing. The louver doors were closed and it was obvious that he hadn’t heard the bell ring again, or the cleaning crew come into his room.

This time we just continued working without disturbing him. I was just about to fold away the sofa bed that he’d been using when the balcony doors slid open and this guy walked in the room completely naked. None of us said a word, we all just stared in amazement, and I don’t think any of us were looking at his eyes. He smiled, apologised for interrupting us and asked us to continue servicing the room. He moved back to the balcony and closed the doors behind him as though nothing unusual had happened.

We finished up quickly and left. I was about to go home when I thought I should go back to the room and apologise; I was sure he was probably just as embarrassed as we were about the incident.

I rang the bell and he answered almost immediately. He was wearing a pair of Speedos and I couldn’t resist looking down at the large bulge at his crotch. I explained that he must not have heard the doorbell and the girls and I were sorry for any embarrassment we caused him. He insisted that it was his fault and that he should have realised the room needed çekmeköy escort to be cleaned. He said that he would leave the doors open a little the next time so he could hear the bell. He then introduced himself and said that he was about to open up a bottle of champagne and asked if I would like to join him. He had a whole case of bubbly in the refrigerator so I didn’t hesitate to say yes to his offer. Before long we were making conversation and drinking, my eyes continually drifting disbelievingly to his crotch. We had finished one bottle and were a good way through as second one when I blurted out that I had to know just how big his cock was.

There was a long pause and I could feel myself blushing at my crude outburst. He smiled and sat in silence for what seemed like ages. He eventually got up from the stool and moved over to his briefcase lying on the chair opposite the TV.

He produced a tape measure, handed it to me, and said that I should measure it myself as he slid his Speedos down to his knees. I looked disbelievingly at his beautifully-formed cock hanging between his muscular legs. I was shaking with embarrassment as I put the tape beside his relaxed cock. It measured 235mm’s, or nine and a quarter inches in the old currency. It looked so good that I started to caress it. Slowly it began to rise. I knelt down and lifted the hard head to my mouth and began to suck on it very gently. Brad moaned with obvious pleasure. After a short time I pulled away and watched it grow to its full length. It seemed to glow a crimson colour and it pointed straight up, almost touching his washboard stomach. He picked up the tape measure and handed it to me again, he asked me to put the tape on top of it and measure again. This time it was 280mm’s and much thicker than it had been when it was relaxed. I continued to play with it, pulling it down until I saw that Brad was getting uncomfortable, then letting it go to smack onto his stomach again. His expression said it all; he wanted me to suck on his incredible erection. He moved to the bed as I began to undo my top, my breasts seemed to feel heavier than normal and I was glad they were free of the bra. They seemed to turn him on even more than he already was, if that was possible.

He sat on the edge of the bed and beckoned me over. He pulled me down so that I was kneeling in front of him, between his legs; then he gently pulled my head down toward his waiting cock.

At this moment we heard a key in the door. I stood up quickly refastened my top again and held the bra behind my back. While this was happening Brad looked for his Speedos. He pulled them on over his still very hard cock, causing me to burst out laughing. There was no way that a flimsy pair of Speedos was going to disguise that erection. The door opened completely and in walked a girl that I’d seen around the pool when I started work. She smiled and introduced herself as Wendy, then looked at Brad and laughed. Brad just said, “Thanks Wendy” and then introduced me to her. Wendy was an old school friend Brad had bumped into in Dunedin and they had decided to share a room to save money while they were taking a break in the sunshine.

Wendy turned to me and said, “Isn’t that just the biggest cock you have ever seen? You know I still haven’t been able to take it all the way without it hurting.”

Brad looked genuinely embarrassed and sat on a stool near the bar at the back of the room. Wendy asked Brad if he’d shown me his party trick. He didn’t look amused, but Wendy persisted. “You know he won’t sunbathe around the pool because he gets embarrassed when the girls look at the monstrous bulge between his legs.” I didn’t have any idea what ‘the party trick’ was, but Wendy continued to rib him, and she was very funny while doing this – I couldn’t help but laugh.

After a few more glasses of champagne Wendy walked behind Brad and put her arms around his waist. She said that she was sorry for spoiling his afternoon and pleaded with him to show us his party trick. She moved her hands down to Brad’s flaccid cock and slowly began to slowly massage it. She stopped for a moment and lifted her top off to reveal medium-sized very firm tits. Moving behind Brad again she started to rub herself against his back, then at the same time she reached around and continued massaging his cock again. She begged him to show us the trick.

Finally Brad stood up and removed his Speedos. His cock was now about half erect and getting harder by the minute. He sat on the floor, held his cock in both hands and sort of pulled it up as he lowered his mouth toward the end of the monster. He then somehow managed to lick it wildly with his tongue. He continued to lick as it grew harder; and then finally he was able to put the large glistening head of his cock into his mouth. It wasn’t long before he was enjoying himself immensely.

Wendy was cheering him on and turned to me and said, “Can you believe that? Lucky there aren’t too many around like him or they wouldn’t need us!” I just stared cevizli escort on in amazement.

After this display Brad stood up, his beautiful cock pointing almost vertical. He started a sort of no-hands pumping action with his cock, jerking it back and forward towards his stomach. He was hardly moving really, just his cock pumping up and down in short sharp movements. Every now and then he would reach down with his hand and masturbate for 30 seconds or so, and then let go to pump away again. It was like a handle moving up and down; it seemed to swell even more as he continued. For us looking at him it was like people watching a snake charmer.

He looked at me as he reached down to masturbate again and asked me if I minded him coming on the carpet. Wendy looked at me and said, “You’ll love it – come on Brad let it go!” He continued to look at me while he masturbated, then he pulled his hand away and looked down at his throbbing monster. All of a sudden come just gushed out, two or three really big squirts, and then it just dribbled continuously onto the carpet for about 30 seconds. At first I felt a bit squeamish, but with Wendy jumping around with obvious delight at Brad’s uncanny abilities it soon passed. Wendy went into the bathroom to get a towel for Brad, who had collapsed in a chair beside the TV and was continuing to slowly masturbate every last drop from his still very erect cock.

Wendy mopped up the floor, then moved over to Brad, pushed his hand away and lowered her mouth over his cock. He just sat there moaning with pleasure. She continued relentlessly to suck his cock, keeping it big and hard. He loved the attention he was receiving from Wendy and I was beginning to feel like I was intruding. I continued to watch, drinking more champagne, then finally Wendy moved away, claiming her mouth was sore and that she didn’t think he was going to come again. Brad stood up and moved over to the bed with me. He started to apologise for Wendy and his antics and said he hoped I would come back again. I looked down at his now flaccid penis and asked if he would mind if I came back tomorrow with a camera, because nobody would ever believe what I saw today. He wasn’t keen on the camera idea but said that he’d like to see me again. I said goodbye to Wendy as she went to the shower, and I left.

While working the next morning I related my experience to the other girls. One of them, Cheryl, wasn’t with us when Brad had walked into the room naked from the balcony. She found what I was saying hard to believe, which was hardly surprising. When we got to Brad’s room she insisted that we didn’t ring the bell. I asked them to wait a minute and went around to the side overlooking the pool to see if Wendy was there. She was, and she looked settled for a long sunbathe.

We moved inside quietly. I went over to the louver doors to see if Brad was on the outside sun lounger. He was in his usual place, but this time he was on his back with his cock in full view. The girls joined me in a perv. Cheryl said, “That thing can’t be real… surely?”

We finished the room without making a noise and since it was our last room for the day we decided we’d have some fun. I went to the bathroom and found some tanning oil. I told the girls to wait in the bathroom until I had gone out on the balcony and closed the doors.

I opened the doors and said hello to Brad, who immediately sat up. I closed the doors again and told him to lie down so that I could rub some oil on him. He seemed pleased that I had come back and agreed. I started on his chest and slowly worked my way down to his stomach, then I let my hand brush his cock lightly. It immediately started to grow, as Brad closed his eyes and smiled.

I moved on past his now erect cock to his legs, all the time just missing his huge balls. After I had completed his legs it was obvious from Brad’s movements that he wanted more attention given to his very swollen cock. I couldn’t imagine what the girls would be saying to each other on the other side of the louver doors.

As I put my hand around his cock, I was amazed that I couldn’t get my fingers and thumb to touch. I pulled it so that it stood straight up and closed both hands around the monster. Brad was watching with an amused look on his face. I tool the bottom hand, turned it long ways next to his cock, then placed my other hand on top of it and there was still an inch or so to go to the end. I proceeded to rub the oil into his rigid pole while fondling his balls with the other hand. I played with Brad’s cock for a few minutes before reaching down to pick up a T-shirt that was beside the lounger. After wiping the oil from his shaft I began to lick and suck on the cock head, but the taste of oil was still there. Brad noticed my distaste and immediately offered to shower.

I quickly asked him to stay with me in the sun, handed him the oil and removed my clothes. Brad got up from the lounger, allowing me to lie on my stomach. He moved behind me to kneel between my feet as they overhung erenköy escort the lounger. He reached up to put his hands around my waist and pulled me towards him, forcing my legs open. With my knees now on the ground and me bent over the lounger he started to rub oil into my shoulders. I peered back over my shoulder to see him rubbing oil on his cock with one hand while his other began to rub oil onto my back. He pushed me back down onto the lounger and then entered me with his rigid cock without any warning. He held me down with his hand in the middle of my back. Even with oil to lubricate his cock it really hurt and I began to feel threatened. He then very slowly started to massage my back and shoulders again with both hands, I was literally impaled on him. He hadn’t moved his cock any further inside me, just stayed where he was and continued to rub the oil all over me. I relaxed a little but protested at his abrupt manner. He didn’t say anything, just continued to work the oil into my body, now concentrating more on my bottom and the top of my legs.

Even though he wasn’t moving, the presence of his enormous cock inside me made me feel like I wanted it to never leave. I began pushing into him and moving from side to side, slowly taking in more and more of his beautiful pole. The movements I was making were more than suggestive; they were getting to the frantic stage. My movements were now jerky, sharp and taking in his whole length every time, more and more easily. I was just beginning to feel like I would orgasm when Brad began to come. He began his own movements in and out of me, without my help, in short sharp movements for a few seconds and then sighed in pleasure as he withdrew his cock from my aching hole. I was so disappointed that I hadn’t reached orgasm with such a magnificent cock inside me, but resigned myself to this. Just as Brad was getting up to go inside I remembered the audience I had brought with me. The doors opened and Pauline, Cheryl and Judy stepped out onto the balcony, surprising him. He tried to cover up but quickly realised that they must have seen everything anyway.

Cheryl could not take her eyes off his now flaccid cock and he looked suitably embarrassed at the predicament he was in. He looked at me, smiled, and told us he was going to have a shower. I put my bra and pants back on while the girls asked me what it was like. They couldn’t believe I didn’t come; neither could I.

We poured ourselves some champagne and waited for Brad to finish his shower, wondering if he would be upset at our voyeurism. He came out with a towel wrapped around him, then handed a towel to me so I could take a shower. He seemed fine, even amused by the situation, and poured himself a drink. Judy and Pauline had to go home and I left Cheryl talking to Brad by the bar as I went to the shower.

About twenty minutes later I emerged from the bathroom to find that Wendy had returned and she was taking a photo of Cheryl lying naked on the bed… except for a red cap and Brad’s semi-erect cock in her mouth. I poured myself a drink after saying hello to Wendy. She shouted hello and seemed to be really enjoying the photographic session. Cheryl sucked that cock like she was never going to see another one; at the same time she was wildly fingering her clit. She was getting so worked up that finally she pulled away from Brad’s huge erection and pleaded with him to fuck her.

Brad turned Cheryl over onto her hands and knees while he stood at the edge of the bed. Cheryl could not be more than five feet tall and, even though her boobs are firm, and very large, she has a particularly petite body. Brad’s cock just looked absolutely enormous as he stood over her. He grabbed the base of the monster in his left hand and forced it down from its erect position to aim it menacingly at Cheryl’s vagina.

Cheryl was tense with anticipation as Brad forced the head of his cock into her and slowly continued to push until she suddenly pulled away with a plea that it hurt her. He slowly withdrew to let his glistening cock assume its most vertical position again. Cheryl screamed for him not to stop. He asked her not to move from the position she was in and leaned over to the nearest drawer in the bed and pulled out a black leather thing and put it under his swollen balls; he then pulled it tight to fasten at the base of his erection. (I was later to learn that this was a ‘cock-strap’). Within a few seconds his cock swelled even more and turned from crimson to a dark shade of purple. He moved back to Cheryl, who was desperate to have the cock back inside her. Brad placed his hand around the base of his cock and with his other hand he pulled her toward him. He entered Cheryl as she pleaded with him to make her come, and from that point he pumped her for what seemed like another ten minutes. He left his hand wrapped tightly around the base of his cock, the whole time and ploughed Cheryl with long and purposeful strokes up to the edge of his hand. Cheryl screamed in orgasm, hollering: “Don’t let it stop, please don’t let it stop.” Finally she collapsed on the bed face down, leaving Brad standing at the edge of the bed with his huge cock still not satisfied (at least I presumed this was the case as it was still enormous). He unleashed the strap from around the monster, helped Cheryl back onto her hands and knees and fed it back into her. She sighed and began little moaning noises through clenched teeth.

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