Housekeeper’s Woes

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I have a housekeeper who comes in once a week. Normally Sharon is as happy as a lark, flitting around the house doing this, that and the other. Singing and chatting whenever I happen to be in the same room.

Sharon was in her early twenties, an extrovert, quite pretty and with an easy personality. Always ready to go that little bit further to make sure the customer gets the service he needs.

Then one morning she rolled up and singing Sharon had been replaced by dour Doris from Dumpster Town. She went about her work reasonably efficiently, but the sparkle just wasn’t there. No chat, no humming, just a dogged determination to do her work and move on.

I was doing some work in my office when I heard a crash from my bedroom. Going to see what had happened I found my bedside lamp had been dusted onto the floor and broken, and Sharon was just standing looking at it, almost in tears.

I sat on the bed and looked at Sharon. She wasn’t looking back so I decided to stir her up a bit. I sighed.

“That was my favourite lamp, Sharon,” I said glumly. “Now it’s broken. I feel I really should spank you for carelessness.”

I patted my lap as I said that, indicating she should bend over. I expected a rude comment acıbadem escort or sulky refusal. What I got was a resigned “OK” and Sharon obediently bent over my knee.

It appeared that I’d neatly shot myself in the foot. What to do? Why, spank her of course, and see what happened.

I flipped Sharon’s dress up over her bottom and then calmly slid her panties down. Probably a lot further down than was actually needed, but I was still hoping for some sort of spark from her.

For a few moments I waited, admiring Sharon’s trim little bottom. I could also see her pussy peeping out from between her thighs, and I had a sudden itch to start playing with that instead of giving her a spanking. My hand glided gently over her bottom, threatening but not touching her love mound.

Still having no reaction, I gave up. A spanking she wanted so a spanking she’d get. I spanked her bottom, firmly. Not a savage beating, just half a dozen good firm spanks, hard enough to smart but not bruise.

Then I stood her back up on her feet. Sharon stood there for a moment, eyes wide and swimming with tears, then to my shock she started crying as though her heart was breaking and she flung herself into my akbatı escort arms, holding me tight and sobbing.

What could I do? I just lay back on the bed and held her to me while she cried. She kept wriggling against me, trying to hold me closer, and I can tell you honestly I have no idea how the rest of it happened.

Her panties were still down around her ankles, and somehow or other, while she was holding me, my fly came undone and Percy came out to play.

Holding her to me, I just seemed to slip naturally into her, sliding in deep with almost the first movement and then just holding her.

Then we started rocking together, a long slow movement, neither of us in any hurry. Sharon was still crying quietly while she clung to me, but her hips were moving smoothly as I slid slowly in and out of her.

After a few moments I felt her shudder, and I could tell from the way she gripped me down below that she was having an orgasm.

This didn’t stop us at all. We just went quietly along, continuing our slow but steady union, enjoying the mutual friction and just letting tension build. I suppose I should say build again, in Sharon’s case, as she had already had her first climax.

After aksaray escort that first orgasm, Sharon stopped crying. I could feel her increased interest in the sex as our movements slowly but steadily accelerated.

Soon we were coming together quite forcefully, and it wasn’t all that long before I could feel Sharon starting to shudder again. Her muscles grabbed my erection and put the squeeze on me, and this time I answered fully, letting my ejaculate spurt into her.

Afterwards we were still lying there, relaxed, me still holding Sharon in my arms, giving her the hug that she seemed to need.

Then all of a sudden Sharon seemed to twitch. Next thing I know she was out of my arms and off the bed and pulling her panties up.

“That was very nice,” she said, her voice having suddenly regained its lilt, “but this is not getting the housework done.”

Next thing I knew she was dancing around the house again, busy getting everything into order, apparently as happy as a lark again.

Then she was waving goodbye and charging off to her next appointment.

Sharon still comes past weekly to do the housekeeping, and always seems to be in her happy mood. She has never offered an explanation for that one off day or indicated that she wanted to discuss what happened, so I have also said nothing about it.

The really irritating thing about the whole deal is that she has never even hinted that she might like a follow up. It appears that I was just a one-night stand. I feel so used.

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