House Warming

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Female Ejaculation

This whimsical story is like the rest of my stories in that I do not write them with much descriptive sex in them. I like to think that my style is more of describing the chase, than the actual catch. It is just a quirk I have although this story should have enough facts for you to use your imagination to fill it in.

I like the constructive criticism comments I get back from readers because I learn from them. The slash and burn anonymous comments will be deleted as soon as I see them because they are meaningless and a waste of time, both yours and mine.


The house I was moving into was small, but it was just the right size for a single guy like me.

In our city, they had a whole bunch of what they called wartime houses on the south side of town. These houses were built in the 40’s after the second world war for all the returning service men. They were about nine hundred square feet and it still amazed me that large families could be brought up in such small houses, but somehow, they did just that.

This one house had been in the process of being remodeled and the owners had been breaking the bank to do it right. The biggest thing they did was they stripped the exterior siding and added more insulation with all new upgraded doors and windows. The inside had also been gone over from top to bottom and looked a whole lot more modern than the rest of the houses in the area.

After spending all that time and money on the house the couple were just about ready to move back in when they both were killed in an accident. Their son, who lived overseas wanted to unload the place fast, and my Dad heard about the deal from a real estate friend. He clued me in on the deal, and with me wanting to get out of the apartment lifestyle I checked things out. I had to agree with him that it was a good buy so, I signed my life away for the mortgage and it was mine. Well mine and the banks.

The final boxes had been brought in very late the day before. I couldn’t believe I had so much stuff in that small apartment that had to be moved to my “new house.” Because of the late hour when we finished, me and the friends who had helped me didn’t get much time to get much organized. Because of that, I had to spend the first night in my new house on a mattress on the floor. When I woke up I had plans of spending my first full day in the house organizing my stuff.

Danny and Lindsey surprised me when they stopped by. Danny said he was there to see if I needed a hand and Lindsey had noticed my backyard the day before, and she thought it would be a good spot to get a tan. They lived in an apartment like I used to, and unless they hit the beach tanning was something they didn’t do too much. I didn’t mind in the least, because Lindsey was the type that looked great with a tan, and besides her body in a bikini was a sight that was very pleasant on the eyes.

Lindsey went out into the back yard and spread her blanket out, took off her sweat suit, which revealed her shapely body, spread some lotion around and laid out to enjoy the sun. The bikini she was wearing was the smallest thing I’ve seen and left nothing to the imagination. I’m sure it didn’t have enough cloth to make a hankie, and it was tied so tight her tits looked like they would pop out at any time. There was also a camel toe which was plainly visible.

Wow was all I could say, but I made sure I said it in a soft enough voice that Danny couldn’t hear.

It wasn’t too long after they came, that Quince, another friend of mine, stopped in and was put to work too. We got the furniture organized and only had boxes with odd stuff in them to go through when Danny got paged and got called in to work. He worked in a chemical manufacturing plant and I guess there was a problem with an autoclave or something. He told us this problem had happened a few times before and figured it was going to take him and his crew the rest of the day and half the night to fix so he went out back and told Lindsey he had to go into work. After some discussion, she decided she was going to stay and work on her tan and either Quince or I would give her a ride home later.

Her saying she was going to stay seemed to upset Danny. He was always a bit clingy of Lindsey, and it showed as he told her in a stern voice, “You should come home with me.”

Lindsey objected so he reluctantly agreed she could stay and told her, “If you are staying here do your “best” to behave yourself, and don’t bother the guys while they are working.” He then added, “Be careful you don’t get a sunburn laying around out here.”

Heck it almost sounded like he was lecturing her.

With a bit of a sarcastic cadence to her voice, she looked at Quince and I as she told Danny, “You know me, I always “do my best.” Don’t be concerned, after all I’m a big girl and know how to “behave.” You have nothing to worry about… Now go to work and I will stay here and work on my tan.”

I had to wonder about her emphasizing the words “do my best” also, the word Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort “behave.” There was something in her voice that sounded like she didn’t like being lectured. It made me wonder if she was thinking about doing things she wasn’t supposed to, just because of being lectured by Danny.

Her staying was Ok with Quince and I, because looking at Lindsey in her bikini was something that we would be sure to enjoy. Danny left and Quince and I kept organizing boxes.

Every time one of us would go by the back window we had to stop to check out her fine body. One time when the two of us met at the window we were admiring the sexy sight in front of us when Quince told me, “I just got to have some of that.”

I looked at him and said, “I could enjoy that too, but remember she is a friend’s wife and the consequences of Danny finding out would be something that would damage that friendship. Just remember getting beat on by Danny wouldn’t be an experience nether of us would like to be involved in. I’ve seen him in action a few times, and he’s one tough dude.”

Quince cockily said, “Who says he is going to find out!” Then in a softer conspiring voice added, “A guy just has to be careful that’s all.”

I again glanced out the window again and seeing her laid out in that almost nothing bikini did make a guy wonder what fucking her would be like.

Oh well a guy could dream couldn’t he.

Quince and I went back to work. An hour later I got lunch orders from Lindsey and Quince and I headed off to the sub shop for some sandwiches.

When I got back Quince was in the back yard talking to Lindsey. I wasn’t surprised by this. It was a well-known fact that if there was a lone female, with no boy friend or husband around to watch over her, he felt compelled to put the moves on her. That was something he just naturally did and it was surprizing how successful he was at it.

His success was mainly because of his Hollywood leading man looks. He is always tanned, has amazing blue eyes, that women seem to want to stare into, plus he is also tall with a well-built body with the gift of the gab which he seems to be able to captivate any female which makes it easier for him to get between their legs.

If that wasn’t enough I’ve also heard, he has a big dick and the girls that talk about him say he knows how to use it. To finish off his resume, the rumor he has the sexual stamina a Norse god would envy, and can fuck for what seems like hours. With those attributes going for him, it makes him someone the ladies dream of trying out.

As I watched the two of them, I could see Quince was clearly putting the moves on Lindsey and his charisma seemed to be working on her. She looked like she was enjoying the attention because he was sitting beside her lightly running his hands over her almost naked body and at one point he said something and she slapped him on the arm playfully. I could imagine with Quince being Quince, he said something risqué to her. Even though she had slapped him she didn’t look like she was complaining in the least and continued to smile and giggle at the attention he was showing her.

I watched for a bit and knew if they continued to carry on like they were I was sure Lindsey would be another notch on Quince’s bed post. Sure enough, the next time I glanced out the window Quince had removed his shirt exposing his broad well muscled chest. I could see Lindsey almost drooling as one of her hands was lightly caressing him as she explored that manly chest of his.

Oh well, what the two of them did was no business of mine. I set up things for lunch and called them in.

The three of us were sitting eating when Lindsey commented, “It’s a good thing you called me in. I’m getting pink skin from the sun and I’ve found that’s when I should quit. This color is just perfect, because after getting this shade of pink when I wake up the next morning it’s with a nice tan and not a burn.”

“Well the sun seems to agree with you,” I said, “You have a shine to your skin that makes you look sexy.”

“Me look sexy?” She said, “I don’t think so.”

Quince jumped in and told her, “Woman, you are selling yourself short if you don’t think you are sexy. Look at yourself in a mirror sometime. You should see what we are seeing. You have a cute face, what looks like nice firm C cup breasts, slim waist, flat stomach, a firm well shaped butt, on long legs. Hell woman, sexy bodies don’t come better than that. Danny is one lucky guy to have you for his wife.”

I noticed her nipples seemed to be getting harder and her smile got bigger the more Quince described how sexy she was.

Lindsey looked at us coyly and said, “You really think so. I know I’m cute but no one has ever told me I am that good looking. The way you describe me you would think I’m a model or something.”

I told her, “Well you probably could be, after all being sexy is a plus when modeling.”

“What do you mean?” She asked.

Quince butted in and said, “Well there are a lot of nice looking women out there modeling, but the ones that have that bit of sex appeal are the ones that are remembered. Your hot body and cute face with that red hair of yours gives you that sexy look that guys like.”

Quince paused for a bit and looked like he was thinking. He finished thinking then said, “If you are as good in bed as you look, then you are the epitome of being the definition of sexy.” He then got a devious look on his face and then said, “I have to add. There is an old saying that goes, red on the head means spicy in bed. I have to wonder, does that old saying describe you?”

She got a smile on her face and tauntingly replied, “I bet you would like to know.”

“Yeah, I really would… But didn’t you tell Danny you were going to “behave yourself?”

She replied in a coy voice while still smiling with that teasing look on her face, “I didn’t say anything about how I was going to ‘behave…” If you remember I told him I “would do my best.” She paused a bit then added, “But I also didn’t say best at what though.”

That comment and how she said it surprised me. It was obvious she was teasing us. I wasn’t sure if she was playing games with us or actually hinting at better things to come. I could see the smile on Quince’s face and knew he was thinking the same thing as I was and was sure he could get lucky with her.

We continued eating our subs and Quince continued to subtly use his charm to make advances on Lindsey by making comments on her looks and I added my two cents when I could. She was enjoying the attention and was openly encouraging the two of us. I could see her reaching over and touching Quince’s hand or arm as she flirted and was acting like a timid young schoolgirl as she ate up his comments.

I had never seen this teasing side of her with the blatant sexual overtones she was presenting. Mind you I wasn’t complaining about her actions, even if she was a friend’s wife, I was wondering just how far she was going to go if what we all were doing continued.

The banter continued back and forth and by the time I started cleaning up the mess from lunch the sexual innuendos had become a lot more blatant. I cleaned the wrappers and stuff off the table and when I tried to put them in the trash under the sink I found it was full, so I took everything out to the back-alley garbage cans.

When I came back Quince was standing beside Lindsey, bent over with a hand caressing her leg, and with his other hand he had one of the strings from her bikini top between his fingers and in a teasing voice was asking her, “What happens when a guy pulls the end of these strings?”

Lindsey in a childish voice said, “Don’t do that.” Quince ignored her and kept slowly pulling on the string. I thought it was funny because I could see she was acting by making a show of trying to ward off his hands with playful slaps. Both Quince and I saw she was just making a show of resistance and it was obvious she was clearly enjoying the encounter. After all she was smiling, with a flushed face, and giggling like a school girl.

Suddenly with one jerk, Quince undid the upper string from around her neck and then quickly grabbed and pulled the other string that held that top on. He did it so fast Lindsey didn’t have enough time to grab the top and Quince tossed it across the room. Lindsey squealed and covered her tits with her hands and exclaimed, “Why did you do that? I’m almost naked now!”

Quince was chuckling when he told her, “I did that because a body like yours should never be covered. It’s way to sexy to be covered and should be proudly displayed.” He paused and then told Lindsey, “Don’t cover up those beauties, drop your hands, let us admire them.” He then took her hands and started to pull them away from her body. Lindsey slightly resisted, and was giggling in a nervous way as he guided her hands to her side.

WOW, what a nice set of tits. Round, firm, a good C-cup, topped with brown silver dollar sized areola and her nipples were hard as rocks. Quince looked over at me and asked, “Aren’t these the most perfect tits you have ever seen?” I had to agree with him that they were magnificent, and while I was doing that he was casually caressing those faultless breasts.

Wouldn’t you know it. Talk about bad timing. That was the time my body decided I just had to use the washroom. When I came back the two of them were not in the kitchen, but Lindsey’s bikini top was still on the floor where it had been tossed, and Quince’s shirt was laying beside it. Naturally wondering what was going on I went to the front room and just at the front room entrance I saw the bottoms of that bikini that she had been wearing laying there.

When I entered the front room, I was pleasantly delighted to see Lindsey naked and bent over the sofa with her ass in the air, C cup tits hanging down with them being molested by Quince. He was behind her with his pants on the floor and slowly working his hard cock into Lindsey’s pussy.

It’s funny what you think of at times like that, but I was happy they at least had covered the sofa with the blanket Lindsey had been tanning on so I wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning up a stain.

Lindsey in an eager voice was directing Quince to, “Push harder, push harder, I want all of your cock in my pussy now.”

Quince exclaimed, “Damn woman, that pussy of yours is super tight. You have to be tighter than the last virgin I got to fuck.”

I watched intently as his hands moved from Lindsey’s tits and gripped her hips as he pushed all he could of his more than ample cock into her tight pussy. With gasping breaths, she was panting as he inched his rigid fuck tool into her. It didn’t take long until he hit bottom and they immediately got a nice steady rhythm going. It didn’t take long until Lindsey was making all the noises that you hear on porn tapes, and was enjoying Quince’s cock immensely. The pace picked up some and he was soon hammering her hard.

Of course, watching Quince using Lindsey’s body like that, there was no way I couldn’t help but get a hard on. I found I was so hard that my cock ached. I decided she may be a friend’s wife, but this was just too good of an opportunity to miss. I quickly undressed and positioned myself so my cock was near her mouth and she didn’t even blink as she sucked me into her warm mouth.

Quince was looking at me when he said, “Once you get a woman spit roasted they seem to love it and Lindsey here proves that point.” Sure enough, the more we spit roasted Lindsey the more animate her body movements became. She was gagging every now and then as Quince pushed her further forward with some of the hard strokes he gave her. The thing was, not once did she even hint that she wanted me or Quince to stop. Her body was wiggling and shaking all over as she worked hard to get herself off.

When she did cum, I felt something that I have never felt before as she screamed around my cock. The vibrations of that was intense. It was all Quince could do to keep his cock in her as her body almost launched him across the room. As her body slowed down after her cumming, I couldn’t hold back any more so I shot my load into the back of her mouth. As she was chocking trying to swallow it all, Quince made a more intense volley of thrusts into her pussy and just kept going.

I pulled back as my cock deflated and I watched them. Quince was living up to his reputation of having the staying power of a god, and Lindsey was enjoying every single thrust of his cock. I watched for a while, then got my clothes and went to get dressed.

When I came back, I was intending to do some more around the house, but got sidetracked by the antics the two of them were involved in. Quince was still living up to his reputation and putting on a tutorial of how to fuck a woman. Ignoring the house work I watched as first he had her on her back, then on all fours, then in his lap and in positions I had only seen in the Kama Sutra. His big cock was sliding in and out of her and the two of them were covered in sweat while Lindsey just squealed, gasped and pled for him to fuck her harder.

All good things must come to an end, and I watched as Quince buried himself as far into Lindsey as he could and flooded her pussy. That action sent her off on another orgasm as she pushed back against him. After the gymnastics the two of them had done, it took them a while to catch their breath.

Lindsey grinned at us as she said, “Man was that ever intense. I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard in my life.” After a slight pause, she added, “That was a first for me, I’ve never had two cocks at once before.”

Quince had a smile on his face when he said, “I kind of thought you were having fun, after all you were giving as good as you got.”

She replied, “It’s pretty easy getting into something like that when you’re having so much fun, and if the partners are as talented as you two are.” She paused for a bit and got a devilish smile on her face, then asked us, “The big question now is, when can we do it again? Soon I hope.”

Quince and I looked at each other then Quince said, “Give us time. If you want more I’m more than willing to give it to you, but first I must recharge the system.” Quince added, “Since you liked getting spit roasted so much our next session should be a DP. You should like that even more, and I’m sure our host there wouldn’t mind helping.”

I hastily put in my two cents and said, “Glad to assist in something like that.”

“What’s a DP?” she quizzically asked.

“Oh, you will find out. I’m not going to tell you so it will be a surprise. But lets me say, if you enjoyed the fucking we just did, I’m sure a DP will send you over the top.”

“Oooh, it sounds like something to look forward to, I hope you guys get recharged quick because I’m ready for some more of those cocks of yours.”

I figured I would need some time to recharge so I headed off to the store to get a few groceries so I had something in the house to eat in the coming week. When I left the two of them, they were cuddling on the sofa and talking.

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