House Hunting

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The real estate agent, Madison, met them at the door. The house was nice, but humble. Not too big, nothing flashy. Madison unlocked the door, and Brad held it open for her and Janet to enter first, always the gentleman. As she led them around the first floor showing them each room, Janet slipped her hand into Brad’s. She loved the feeling of his large warm hand around hers. She traced circles just under the pad of his thumb, knowing this tickled him, and saw his smirk out the corner of her eye. Janet could picture a life together in this house. She could imagine them cooking together in the kitchen, curling up on the couch arguing over the remote, even spraying each other with the hose in the private back yard. That was their relationship, loving and playful, never too serious unless necessary.

When they reached the second floor, it opened to a beautiful master bedroom with a large en suite bath. While Madison droned on about this feature and that, Janet walked into the bathroom, admiring the vanity with double sinks and a large mirror. In the reflection she could see Brad, politely listening, but clearly bored. Just the sight of him still gave her butterflies, and an instant flush in her cheeks. She had never been so happy, or so well loved.

Brad looked up and caught her eye in the mirror, smiling at her obvious adoration. He arched one eyebrow, the way he did when he had an idea, and she knew the day was about to get more interesting. He signaled for her to stay where she was as he and Madison disappeared from view. A minute or two later he returned, walked into the bathroom, closed and locked the door. He walked up right behind her and wrapped his arms around her. Janet closed gaziantep escort reklamları her eyes and melted into his embrace, his warmth enveloping her. She giggled a little and said, “What is happening baby?”

Brad said, “I told her we are really interested but we could use a few minutes alone to make a decision and asked if we could use the room.” Janet bumped her hip against him playfully. “Silly, you know we already picked a place.” “Yes, but SHE doesn’t know that. And now we have some privacy.” Janet tried to turn in his arms to kiss him, but Brad held her against him, not letting her turn. Instead, he said, “Look in the mirror baby.” She opened her eyes to see him looking at her, the smolder of his desire so obvious, and something she was still unaccustomed to.

“Look at us. Look at yourself and how beautiful you look in my arms.”

Brad pulled back a little, and slid her sweater off, setting it to the side. He slid his hands up the length of her arms, feeling the goosebumps there, as he began kissing her neck on one side. Janet let her head drop to her shoulder and pulled her hair out of the way. When Brad kissed her neck, she was putty in his hands. Her hips arched backwards, rubbing her ass against him reflexively, wanting him even closer. As she was watching him in the mirror, she could see where he was headed before he got there, and anticipating the touch only made it that much hotter. When his hands slid around her waist and up to her breasts, she bit her lip to keep from moaning too loudly, knowing Madison must still be in the house somewhere.

Janet tried to slide her hands behind her to grab his hips and pull him closer, but Brad gently grabbed her hands and set them on the counter. He looked into her eyes in the mirror and she could see he was ready to take this farther. He reached around her waist, sliding his hands under her tank top, over her stomach, causing her to tingle and tremble and nearly moan out loud. His hands slid over her breasts and quickly found her nipples, pinching gently at first, then rolling a bit harder. This always caused a minor flood in her pussy, and Brad knew it. He was going to fuck her now. Janet looked directly into his eyes and could see his intention to have her, to possess her. She moved her hands to unbutton her jeans, but he stopped her, moving them back to the counter, and then unbuttoning them himself. He slid them down, removing her sandals, her jeans, and then her soaked panties, all while she watched him in the mirror. Her excitement only grew knowing what was about to happen. Once she was naked from the waist down, he stood behind her again and looked into her eyes in the mirror. He pulled her hips a bit with one hand to arch her back down and position her, and with the other hand he slid his fingers along her slit, feeling the moisture and spreading it around. She watched as he brought those fingers to his mouth and tasted her juice. If they had time, she had no doubt he would be on his knees right now devouring her. He said it was his favorite taste. She marveled at how often he would taste her pussy. She had never had a man do it so willingly, or so often.

He slid his fingers over her pussy lips again, sliding 2 fingers inside to open her up for his cock to enter. Then she felt it, the head pushing in. She almost closed her eyes in pleasure, but he said, “Baby, look at me,” and she looked into his eyes as he pushed into her. His expression intense. She moaned involuntarily as he slid his length into her. Her pussy flexed around him, causing him to groan. Neither of them cared if the real estate agent suspected anything at this point. He pulled almost all the way out, and then back in faster this time, fucking her. Janet had a hard time keeping eye contact, as it felt so intense, but it added another level to their passion. She could feel him possessing her. She was his, and he was hers. It was intimate in a way she had never experienced, and she had never felt so exposed.

She could feel her orgasm approaching fast, her moans growing louder, so she tried to bite them back, breathing heavily through them. Her pussy began to contract deep inside, and her eyes grew wide. Brad could see she was about to reach her pinnacle and pushed her farther, thrusting faster, arching his hips to brush against her g-spot, causing her to moan even louder, and lose control. Janet was looking into his eyes as her orgasm hit, and she saw the moment that hers triggered his. She had never loved him more. He came inside her, one, two, three pulsations of hot liquid poured into her, causing her to moan again. Neither of them moved for a few minutes, just loving the feeling of being connected.

Brad eventually pulled out and turned Janet around so he could look at her face to face. “I love you so much. I hope you saw how incredible you are, the way I see you.” And then kissed her deeply.

Then he reached down and picked up her discarded panties, used them to wipe up the cum that had begun to drip out of her pussy, before opening a drawer in the vanity and tucking them inside. He winked at Janet, “A surprise for the homeowner to find.” Which made her laugh all the way home.

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