House Guest

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It took a lot of planning, but my wife had worked on a 30 year reunion of her high school mates from when they had a large group that spent a summer in Italy. There were about 30 or 40 people spread around the world and their mentor had remained close but was in failing health. So my wife Ann and her friend Sue had planned for a year to have whoever could come for a weekend of parties in honor of their ailing friend. About 25 of those 40 people were planning to come and 3 of them were planning on staying at our house.

After months of phone calls, organizing and arranging, Ann’s plan was coming to fruition and I was just playing along and trying to play good host and good husband over the weekend. Some of these people I had met over the years and many I hadn’t. And even many coming Ann and Sue hadn’t seen since high school 30 years ago. So they were all excited to see some long-lost friends and once the party started with people Friday, there were tears of joy and screaming about their lives and recapturing the fun of their youth.

One of the women staying with us was Gwen. She was apparently rather wild at the time, given the stories I heard from others as they were remembering—some with different details than others—their experiences in Italy. There was some partner swapping and ‘hooking up’ with some of the locals, and by many accounts, Gwen was an active participant in many of these escapades.

She was still quite stunning now at 48 years old. Raven-haired, curvy and still exuding the sexuality that she must have had then, now with maturity and experience that made her even more sensual. I was vicariously enjoying some of the more bawdy stories the women told, of how they picked up some local guys and showed them a good time. And as the Friday evening moved on, the stories got more detailed and it was quite funny how each person recalled a slightly different version of some of the events.

They had planned on going out about 9 pm to a club near our house, and some of the 25 people who were supposed to come were going to meet the group there. I was not planning on attending this event to stay with our kids. So about 10 pm, the kids were asleep and I was cleaning up the kitchen. I didn’t expect people home until well after midnight, and by 11, I was up in our bedroom just lying on the bed watching TV in my boxers. I heard someone come in and come up the stairs and go into the guest room. I didn’t expect anyone to come home that early and then after a moment, I heard the toiled flush and then a gentle knock on our door, which was just ajar.

Gwen peeked her head in and asked if she could come in a moment. She was wearing a rather short night shirt/shorts combo thing…

“Hey Gwen…come on in. How come you’re home early?”

“Hey Bob…sorry to intrude. I just wasn’t feeling too well, and had to bail on the party just a bit early.”

“Can I get you anything?”

“No thanks…I’m ok…I just wasn’t feeling up to a late night and took a cab home. I can’t quite party like I used to, you know…I thought I might turn in early”

“Sure sounds like you used to know how to have fun, according to some of those stories I heard.”

“That was a long time ago…don’t believe all those things you heard.”

She sat on the edge of the bed and we were both quiet for a moment watching the news.

“Thanks for having all of us at your house Bob. I’m sure it’s a drag to have all these people invading your home for a weekend,” she said after a time.

“Oh sure…it’s really no big deal. Ann and Sue did all the planning. I’m just the hired help.”

“You guys have a lovely home. I’m glad to stay here rather than a hotel.”

“Thanks. Happy to have you here. Did you bring your husband?”

“No, I’ve been widowed for about 3 years now. He died from a heart attack rather suddenly.”

“I’m sorry Gwen…I had forgotten that. He was young then to die from a heart problem..”

“Yeah…it was quite sudden. He wasn’t sick or anything. I really struggled for a while. I still miss him, but I’ve been able to move on, as they say one should. Stages of grief and all that shit…”

“So you live alone then?”

“Yep…afraid so. It’s hard to be a single woman again, after years of having a partner and friend like I had with Bill.”

“I just can’t imagine.”

Gwen seemed sad all of a sudden, no doubt memories of her time with her husband coming back to her. I wasn’t sure if she wanted to talk about this or if she just wanted Siirt Escort to talk to someone about anything else.

“Yeah…we were life mates. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to move on after he died. But time does heal, as trite as that sounds and as many times as I heard that, it is true. One does move on and things get better. There are hard times though, still and I’m sure will always be.”

“No doubt…it must have been quite a struggle to get over the loss of your spouse.” I offered, still not really sure if she wanted to talk about this sadness, or what.

“There’s a lot I miss about him. And it is really a drag trying to get back into the dating game after all this time.”

“I’m sure things are really quite different than they used to be.”

“You got that right. Now there’s e-dating, texting, facebook, and all that tech stuff…I’m not real good at that. I’m still a bit old-fashioned I guess. I’d rather meet and talk to someone, normal like…”

“Yeah…we’re trying to understand how young people manage these days…”

It seemed like she just wanted to talk a bit, and the crowd scene from the reunion was a bit more than she was wanting to do in spite of being around lots of her friends.

“It’s doubly hard seeing all these old school folks in their happy lives now…makes me just a bit lonely even after all these years…” Gwen said, wringing her hands together.

“From what I’ve heard Gwen, there’s lots of folks from your old days that have their fair share of problems.”

“Yeah…perhaps you’re right about that. I haven’t been in touch with many people from those old days.”

“Have you met anyone else since your husband died? A man that is…” I asked, since she seemed to be lonely and wanted to talk.

“Not really…a couple dates. But that’s it. I haven’t been with a man, you know sexually, in three years,” Gwen said, plainly and without any embarrassment. It was just a frank statement. But as she said this, her hand wringing became more of an absent stroking of her thigh. Suddenly the ball game on television that I was glancing at wasn’t that interesting anymore.

“That must be a drag…”

“You got that right. We used to do it all the time…going from that to nothing ain’t fun.”

“I sure don’t want to imagine that scenario.”

The conversation was getting a bit more filled with sexual overtones and definitely in an interesting direction.

“Do you and Ann do it a lot then?” Gwen asked, looking at the tv.

“Yeah…I guess a lot…”

“What’s considered a lot these days?”

“2-3 times per week, I guess.”

“Bill and I would have sex about every day. Well, not always sex, but something…we used to do lots of massages. They weren’t always sexual but some kind of massage and touching was part of most of our days. I miss that touch…just touching another person can be so therapeutic, makes us connect as people.”

“Sounds fun…” I began to get a bit of a stirring in my loins.

“Sometimes when one of us wasn’t into it, then the other one would get the massage. It didn’t always turn into something, but it was our way of connecting with each other.”

“What else did you guys do?” I asked, now more interested in details.

“We’d sit and talk some days…drinking champagne…there wasn’t always lots to say, but we’d just be near each other without all the normal daily distractions.”

“Sounds like you guys had a special relationship…I am sorry for your loss Gwen.”


I was just absently stretching my feet and rolling my ankles as we were talking, and my toes cracked a bit.

“Your feet bothering you Bob? I can do a pretty good foot massage you know…”

“Wow…if you’re offering, I can hardly decline that.”

She slowly reached out and pulled one foot to her lap and started rubbing my sore arches. Deep, firm strokes across my feet with very strong fingers.

“Gwen…that’s awesome…my feet get so sore standing most of the day.”

“You’re welcome…you have very nice feet you know…”

“Thanks…feels great…”

“Got any lotion?” She reached up to the drawer of the bedside table and found the ubiquitous lotion I keep there.

“How’d you know there’d be some there?” I asked.

She just smiled and said, “most people have some lotion next to their bed…comes in handy for a variety of uses.” Her comment was punctuated by a sly smile and squeezing out the white, cool lotion Sinop Escort onto her hand and then resuming her massage of my feet.

“Wow…that feels incredible. You have great hands Gwen…”

“Feet can be very sensual, you know. The Chinese felt that there was a connection between the feet and the sexual energy.”

“You don’t say…”

“Sure…one of the body’s meridians runs from the feet to the chi…the body’s center of energy.”

“Interesting…sure helps the sore feet,” I said, trying to ignore the inkling of a stirring in my groin. I couldn’t deny how good her hands felt on my sore feet and the slick slippery motion of her hands on my skin were unmistakably like some other slick stroking I so loved.

Gwen then pulled my other foot up to her and then sat between my feet, rubbing the arches of my feet and reapplying lotion to her hands with slow deliberate motion, knowing full well I think that I was intently watching her hands’ every move. She kept one foot on the floor and sat Indian-style with her other knee bent.

I’m not sure from where she was sitting, but my boxers were getting a bit tight at the crotch and loose at the leg. I could imagine that she could see my crotch and balls from where she was sitting. And I looked up at her from the mesmerizing sight of her hands on my feet, covered with wet, slippery white lotion. She was really quite beautiful, raven hair hanging down her face and ending at the opening of her buttoned blouse. Her thighs were also spread apart and I couldn’t quite see between her legs, but my imagination was filling in the details of the parts I couldn’t see.

And with all this input, I just couldn’t stop the erection from bobbing along as it progressed its merry way to completion, pointing straight up towards my stomach. Gwen seemed intent on her task of the very pleasurable foot massage. I wasn’t sure if it was her suggestion of the connection with my sexual energy and the foot meridian or the incredibly sensual view of her creamy hands on my feet, but I was immensely turned on by now. I could just imagine her hands covered with lotion stroking my now very hard cock.

I caught a glimpse of Gwen looking up my legs, not sure if she was looking at my aching balls, or up at my cock tenting my shorts. But either way, she was getting a view of more than I was intending to show. I was just a bit embarrassed and said I was sorry, but I couldn’t help getting turned on by her foot massage.

“Don’t worry about that a bit Bob…it can be a very powerful connection…it’s bound to happen…” Gwen said, acknowledging my erection without any sign of embarrassment. But I could definitely sense more than a bit of arousal on her part too, with a glassy look in her eyes, dilated a bit more than one would expect in the lighted room.

She continued to rub one foot, then the other, softly pulling on toes, massaging the arches and finding sore spots that I didn’t know I had.

“I didn’t realize how sore my feet really were…”

“Our feet can take a beating standing all day…”

For another wonderful 10 minutes or so, she kept rubbing my feet and I kept willing my erection down. But it was not to be. Her touch so aroused me and the sight of her hands on my skin and her hair cascading over her shoulders and her bare thighs against my legs were just too much sensory input to overcome. I just couldn’t get the image of her hands stoking my cock so that my come were coating her hands instead of that lotion. That image persisted and surely contributed to my aching erection.

“How long has it been Bob?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, since you last had an orgasm?” she asked, still stroking my feet but now plainly looking at my raging cock.

“It’s been a few days now…with all the preparations you know…been sort of busy around here.”

“Poor thing…a man shouldn’t have to go long without some release…”

Her foot massage became more of a caressing and more along my ankles and calves. I’m sure if she even so much as touched my cock I would explode in seconds.

“Just a bit of a dry spell…happens every once in while…”

“Haven’t you even taken care of yourself?”

“Well…no, not really…”

“You can now if you want…”

I wasn’t sure what to say…I was so achingly hard and needing to come. It had been days with all the preparations, and I just didn’t masturbate to take the pressure off. Now some serious pressure had built up in the Şırnak Escort last 45 minutes…

“Really Bob…it’s ok…I understand…”

“You mean you want to watch?”

“Why yes…I’d like to, if you wouldn’t mind. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a man erect…I’d be most obliged if you’d let me watch you pleasure yourself…”

I thought for a minute…what’s the harm in that? I was still watching her hands stroke my legs and I was so hard and so turned on…

I lifted my hips and pulled my boxers up and over my cock and the Gwen reached up and helped remove them from my legs.

“Oh my Bob…that’s a wonderful cock…so big…so hard…” her voice took on more of a whisper than before. Just the sound of her voice and the word ‘cock’ out of her mouth was so arousing, as if I needed more than I already had. I was ready to burst and I hadn’t even been touched yet.

I took the shaft of my cock in my hand and just squeezed, so as not to erupt just yet.

I looked up at Gwen and she was transfixed to the sight of my now exposed cock, and in fact I was laying completely naked on the bed with her fully clothes sitting at the foot of the bed. Her hands now just on automatic and absently caressing my legs as I started to stroke my cock.

“Don’t come just yet Bob…I know you’re close…just let me savor this…it’s been so long since I’ve been able to see a lovely sight such as this…” her voice barely audible…her eyes now filled with lust.

I slowly stroked my cock still, watching her hands on my legs, inching a bit higher, now to my knees.

“I suppose this is only fair…” Gwen said, taking her hands from my legs and unbuttoning her nightshirt, pulling it off her shoulders exposing her lovely breasts. God, they were lovely…not large, but perfectly shaped and with only the slightest sag and topped with small, tight nipples, very erect.

Her hands cupped underneath her breasts and held them in her hands, feeling their weight and it was my turn to gasp a bit, wishing I were those hands.

“You look beautiful Gwen…so beautiful…you have lovely breasts…I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out…”

“I know…it’s been a while and you’ve been hard now for a while…just a bit more though, ok? Please…”

“I’ll try…”

“It’s so very sexy watching your hands on your cock…very private…very erotic…Bob…”

“Gwen…it’s close…”

“I can tell…it’s getting bigger…I can see it…” She put her hands on my thighs now, leaning closer to me, her breasts hanging down with such a tantalizing view. They were swaying softly as her body moved with mine.

Her hands were now massaging my inner thighs, close to my balls, tightly pulled in to my body ready for release.

“Oh god…I’m gonna come…Gwen…gonna….” I moaned, pulling on my cock watching her breasts and body leaning towards me.

“Bob…let it go…come now baby…let me see you come…”

Then come I did, with force to shoot the first spurt up towards my neck and cheek, and I felt it land there with an audible splat, followed by another spurt close by and then again to my chest, then to my stomach, until the flow ebbed, dripping down my hand and fingers.

“Oh Bob…that was unbelievable…that was a strong come, wasn’t it?”


“Wow…amazing…I loved that…I’m sure that felt good, didn’t it?”

“Holy shit did that feel good…”

“Long time between coming isn’t good for you, you know.”

“I know…”

“That shot so far…” Gwen said, reaching up to my neck and scooping up drops of come running down my cheek and neck and bringing them slowly to her mouth after inhaling deeply. “I love the smell of a man’s come…and you taste so good too…it’s been way too long…”

“That’s’ very sexy you know…”

“What is?”

“This…seeing you partly naked, tasting my come and hearing your sexy voice…”

“Yeah…I suppose it is…”

“What about you?” I asked, still holding my hard, wet cock.

“It was so sexy watching you Bob…people will come home soon…I’d better get back to my room. I’ll have to take care of myself later though. I’m so wet and I don’t want to do anything to hurt my friend.”

“You’re probably right…thanks though. This was a real treat. I didn’t expect this.”

“Neither did I. I hope you’re not mad at me…”

“No…probably a good idea to keep this to ourselves, don’t you think?”

“That’s definitely so…good night Bob.” She stood and leaned up to me and softly kissed my cheek that had previously been dripping with come. “Mmmmm….so good.”

“Good night Gwen. See you tomorrow.”

Quite the odd turn of events…but not as odd as what happened the next night…

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