Hotel Threeway

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Since my divorce 5 years ago I’d been on dates with 8 or 9 women. Mostly one date and done, some were a few dates. Many of these dates ended with us having sex either at my place or hers. Of course I’d like to have more sex, but after putting so much work into my failed marriage I really had no motivation to play the games women seem to want to play for me to get into their pants. So it was ok.

Then a friend told me he met a girl on craigslist who was a nympho and just wanted to fuck all the time. I thought I might be able to find someone for some regular casual sex on there.

I got to looking around and there were some interesting posts and a few caught my interest. I met with one, and we fucked, but it wasn’t very good. Two others didn’t show up. I’d pretty much given up on craigslist when I started to poke around some of the other sections out of curiosity.

I was in the mw4m section, which is a man and woman looking for a man. There was a post in there with a few pics of her and she was decent even if she was her advertised age. The ad said they wanted a mature male who was dominant, aggressive or at least assertive, had a larger than average package, had staying power in bed and was ok with some light male on male action. I was all those except the male on male thing. I hadn’t done that before altho I had thought about it from time to time… usually when I was going thru a dry spell.

I decided to send a reply and see what happened. To my surprise a couple days later I got a message in my email from an address I didn’t recognize. It was from them. They liked what I’d written and were pleased with the pic I sent. It was a full body nude, I was about 3/4 hard and had the phone/camera over my face. I had taken the pic in a mirror. They sent some pics and were both in good shape. The note said they were clean and were interested in playing with a dominant male. The note said they would like to meet ahead of time to get to know each other and make sure we had some chemistry. They also said they had a lot of replies but most were just creepy. I sent a note back saying it sounds like we have some things in common and asked for more info on the male/male thing. I also assured them I’m not a creep.

The next day their reply came. The note said that the male/male thing is very iffy. Not sure what if anything would happen, but there was a distinct possibility and they didn’t want someone freaking out if it happened. I figured I’m good with that and if we meet I’ll bring it up again.

I was getting bored with all the emails but I realize it’s necessary. I proposed a meet and they agreed to it.

We met one weekday evening at a coffee shop that was about 15 minutes from my apartment. They were pleasant, not rich looking but well dressed and mannered. He did most of the talking, she commented from time to time, but was obviously letting him do the arranging. Besides the usual small talk, he said that he had a pretty high pressure job and he wanted to try a new way of letting off some steam. He said he has always been the decision maker, the one pulling the strings, and he wanted to try something new. He said they’d tried to set up something like this before but the guy got cold feet and disappeared. He said his wife had been dominant in the bedroom from time to time, but they wanted to push their limits with this. So for the most part it was their first time. I told him I’d never done anything like this before but it seemed interesting.

I asked what specifically they have in mind. I looked at her and she smiled, obviously she’d had some doubts but was coming around to liking the whole thing. He said that they’d like to do a role play, meet somewhere neutral and go to a hotel room. When we met in the place, she’d be in charge of her husband, but I would have mutual control over what happened. If there was anything I’d like to do it could probably happen.

I asked again about the male/male thing and he said that one aspect of this would be cuckolding or humiliation where she tells him what to do and all he can do is comply. She might have him suck me or stroke me, and that’s probably all but the situation would dictate and appreciated my flexibility. If once we were in the moment and I felt uncomfortable with anything I could stop and we’d move on from there. That seemed reasonable to me.

Also, he would not be allowed to cum but I would be allowed to cum as much as I wanted to. He said I could have my way with his wife and his role would be to help in any way he could… getting drinks, keeping her wet, whatever. His role is to serve me and his wife. I looked at her and she had a big grin on her face. I smiled back. It started to feel like we were going to have a really good time.

I was already thinking of things to do to her… things I’d always wanted to do but never felt the time, mood or other person was quite right. It felt like they were giving me a wide berth to explore as I wished.

He saw me and his wife smiling at Maraş Escort each other and interrupted our mutual glee. He said that we each have limits and that needs to be clear that those boundaries won’t be broken. If someone feels something is going too far that they can stop everything at that moment. I said that makes sense. He told me his limits included that he didn’t want to be fucked in the ass, I said that’s reasonable, that’s not my gig either. He said no scat, blood, bodily fluids generally, no pain etc. He was on a roll so I guess he decided to get more into what he was looking for during this interlude. He said he wanted to be used and humiliated, that he wouldn’t be allowed to cum altho he would be part of the sexual activities. I really didn’t know what that meant but then his wife spoke up and said she has some ideas for that.

She said her limits are the same as her husbands and that she wanted to have sex all night. She said her hubby had tried a few times but didn’t come close to making it all night. She also said she wanted to see how many orgasms she could have in one night.

So now it’s my turn. I said I agree that our limits are the same but I threw in cutting. Not sure why I thought of that, but I did. No blood. It felt weird talking about such things. She piped back in and asked if I thought I could go all night. I said I think I can even tho I’d only made it an hour at a time before. She said that’s ok, we can have breaks. She asked if I was a big cummer, I said I guess I am about average, maybe more… hadn’t really thought about it. I said my cock is bigger than the advertised average and she smiled, remembering the photo I’d sent in the email.

With that we all seemed satisfied that this was going to work. I was getting pretty excited and my mind started to run full bore on the possibilities. I was wondering what was going to happen with the husband. He’ll be there, he’ll be participating, but in what capacity? Just getting us drinks? Hmm… seemed like a weird thing. But hey, I’m game, let’s see what happens.

We’d decided that with all of us having something or another coming up over the next few weekends, we’d do it in a couple months. We tentatively picked a date and as that date approached I sent them an email to confirm. They said they are good to go.

They came up with a role play they’d like to do, and a place in which to do it. Seemed they wanted to meet in a hotel bar. I was to be a businessman who travels a lot. I was in the bar for a drink and potential socializing. They would be a couple on vacation, about to head home the next day. They would reserve the room and I would just go to the bar at a certain time and they’d check in and come to the bar right after checking out the room. The email indicated that they had a certain type of room in mind but I didn’t ask any questions.

It was going to be fun fucking and getting my dick sucked all night. I tried to think of things to do to humiliate her husband but it didn’t really come naturally. Guess that’s just not my gig.

The night came and I went to the hotel a bit after 6. I went straight to the bar like I belonged there. I ordered a beer and sat at the bar near the entry way across from the check-in desk. There were a few others in the bar, mostly single men, likely lonely business travelers trying to take the edge off or just get out of their hotel room for a while.

I drank one beer and started on my second when I saw them come in. They went to the desk and checked in. I didn’t see either of them look at the bar area. They finished checking in and went to the elevator.

A short while later they entered the bar. I watched them but they didn’t acknowledge me. The role play was that we are strangers and they pick me up in the bar and take me to their room. They sat at a table about 15 feet from my bar stool. I looked at the tv and drank my beer. There was a mirror that spanned the bar wall so I could see them between the bottles. They sat and chatted for just a few seconds when he got up and went to the bar for their drinks.

I looked at him and he looked at me and nodded a hello. I nodded back. I looked at her and she was checking me out with a little smile on her face. Wow, that was sexy. She was dressed in a red dress, not too bright, but red. It had a low cut that showed some cleavage, but not slutty… more like sexy and doing well. He had on casual pants and a button down shirt, blue I think it was. I turned back to the tv, playing along with the role. I looked at the tv a while then looked around the room again. They had finished their first drinks and were on a second round. I ordered another beer. We sat and made sporadic eye contact until finally she gave me a big smile and rubbed her husbands leg with her foot. He looked over at me and smiled. They said something to each other and he walked over to me. He asked if I’d like to join them, saying I looked lonely. I said sure and I grabbed my beer and followed him to the Maraş Escort Bayan table.

He sat in his original seat, across from her, I sat on the third chair with my back against the wall. Joan almost immediately started to run her foot up my leg and back down again. She smiled at me with a broad smile as she sipped her drink. I could see she was much more relaxed than when we’d first met. I looked at Jim and he was sitting back in his chair looking nonchalant, drinking casually. I took a drink to steady my nerves, I felt a bit nervous cause I’d never done anything like this before. I wondered if I could live up to my own expectations and hopes.

We made small talk about me being a business traveler. I’d thought about it quite a bit and came up with some details so I could sound like I really was a traveling business man. I asked about their situation and she said they were on vacation and heading home tomorrow. She said they’d gone to a few interesting places and she talked about things they’d done. If they hadn’t been to those places, she sure was a good story teller.

After a few more sips, Joan put her hand on my knee under the table. Jim was smiling, interested in her chatter and just nodding in agreement. He fetched us each a new drink and the flirting started.

She talked about things she had done with her husband on their deck and in their car. She said they liked the idea of taking a small risk of being spotted while they were having sex. I thought that was hot and made up some story about fucking a girl on the side of the highway. I said she had a flat tire and I stopped to help and she paid me with her wet pussy. They both seemed to like my story and said they’d like to try it some time. I jokingly asked which road they take to get home. We all chuckled.

I felt much more relaxed and we were all feeling pretty loose by this time with a few drinks in us. It was surely time to go up to the room before we were all too drunk. Joan ran her forefinger around the rim of her glass and she smiled coyly at me. She licked her lips… wow, that was hot.

She looked up at me and asked if I wanted to join them in their room. I sat back and said I don’t know, I need to get up and go to work in the morning. She tried to convince me by running her hand up and down my thigh, squeezing gently. I looked at Jim and he looked a pretty mellow, like he had a good buzz going and wasn’t quite sure what was about to happen. I said something about that and he leaned forward and said he was good with it all and would love for me to join them. That made me feel better and I said ok.

The bartender was clearing a table right across from us. I hadn’t noticed him before but I looked up to see him looking at me. I just smiled and said let’s go as I looked at him. I said I’d pay the tab but Joan grabbed my arm and said Jim would get it. She coaxed me toward the doorway and into the hotel lobby. I didn’t realize how dark it was in the bar compared to the lobby. She held my arm and we walked slowly, letting Jim take care of the bill and then catch up to us.

We made our way to the elevator and he caught up just as we got there. Joan held me back from the button and said Jim would get it, he’s to service us from here on. I let him hit the button and the elevator door opened within a few seconds. Jaon and I stepped in and she walked me to the back of the elevator. It was like she had this all planned. I stood at the back of the elevator with my back to the wall. She stood beside me, slightly in front of me and to my right. She told Jim to stand in the corner and face us. He was next to the button panel and hit the 15th floor. The doors closed and up we went.

She almost immediately grabbed my leg and started to gently squeeze. I looked at Jim and he was watching his lovely wife running her hand up my leg to my crotch. I could feel my cock starting to respond already. I’d been thinking about this for a long time and I was ready to go. Judging from my involuntarily response I’d say I have nothing to worry about, at least at first.

She moved her hand up and grabbed my cock and started squeezing gently. My cock kept growing, responding to her touch. I looked again at Jim and he was smiling slightly. That was a relief. I just didn’t know how he’d respond, but he apparently liked what he saw.

Suddenly the elevator stopped on the 6th floor. Joan removed her hand from my crotch, but I was already half erect. That could be visible if someone looked. Jim had a surprised look on his face, not knowing what to expect or what to do. The doors slid open and in walked a young couple. It was obvious they had been drinking by the way they stepped into the elevator. They were also giggling to each other. They looked at us and smiled. Then they turned to see Jim in the corner and seemed surprised to see him all the way over there. The guy reached for the button for his floor but it was already pressed. He just said well look at that, we’re going Escort Maraş to the same place. He was obviously a friendly drunk so I said yea, imagine that, what are the chances.

They faced the door and kind of wobbled back and forth as we rose, not falling but not steady either. The doors were covered with a reflective steel shell and it acted like a mirror. When the couple’s backs were to us, Joan once again reached over to caress my cock thru my jeans. I looked at her and she was looking right at Jim to gauge his reaction. The couple didn’t seem to notice but if they’d have moved apart just a bit and looked in the mirror, they could easily have seen her rubbing me.

Jim looked like he was trying to keep cool but was having a hard time of it. Like he wanted to tell her to stop while they were there, but he knew if he said anything it would give away what was going on. So he just stood and watched her get me harder and harder. With each passing moment my cock pressed harder against my pants until I had a major bulge going on.

Once we hit the 15th floor and the doors opened, the couple sauntered out of the elevator and leaned hard into a left turn. We exited the elevator, Jim last, of course, and Joan led us to the right. As we walked down the corridor I heard the couple coming up behind us laughing. Apparently they went the wrong way. I’m glad they’re not driving. They stumbled across each other coming our way fast. Once they caught up they slowed to match us.

Lucky for us we were at our door. Joan and I stepped to the side, against the wall and Jim got out his key to open the door for us. The couple looked at the 3 of us and didn’t seem to quite know what to think. Joan and I shuffled past Jim who stood as close to the wall as he could, making room for us and holding the door open. Joan thanked him for holding the door and he said you’re welcome. I did the same. After the door closed behind him, we heard another door in the hallway close within seconds. The couple must be in the room right next to ours or across the hall from that. What an earful they’ll get if they listen thru the wall.

We walked into the room. It seemed pretty typical for a hotel room. On the left just inside the door was the bathroom. Against the wall in the main part of the room to the right was a padded dressing bench, beyond that a dresser with a tv on top of it. Opposite that was the bed. It was pretty big, must have been queen or king, I could never keep those sizes straight. Anyway, it was big with lots of pillows and a comforter on it. There was about 3 or 4 feet of space between the bed and the dresser. Next to the bed was a comfortable looking chair with a floor lamp behind it. Next to the dresser was a table with a lamp on it and an office chair pushed under it. The far wall had a door on the right side, I guess there’s a balcony out there, and a window above the heating unit on the far wall. Joan walked right to the window and opened the drapes. You could see really far since we were on the 15th floor and there were no tall buildings beyond the hotel in that direction. Nice to have some natural light come in. I walked to the balcony door and opened it then went out the sliding screen door. It was a balcony alright. Not too big but it had 2 small adirondack type chairs with a table between them. Nice. I can see coming out her with some wine.

I went back in and Joan was sitting in the comfy chair and Jim was sitting with his legs crossed in front of him on the bed. They had already been in the room so they already saw the whole layout. They looked like they were ready to have a chat. I was still feeling a little buzzed and they probably were too. Joan pointed to the office chair and asked me to have a seat, they wanted to set the ground rules. I thought we already did that but… whatever.

I hoped they weren’t going to make some radical change like I get fucked by the 7 black guys in the hallway. She said they just need to clean up any details and make sure we all knew what our role and limits were. She started by saying she has some limits and expectations. No blood, no pain for either of them, no golden showers or scat… she went on but it all seemed like things I wasn’t interested in doing anyway.

Then it was Jim’s turn. He said basically what Joan said, but he added that he didn’t want to get fucked in the ass. He said he wanted to be used and made to serve in whatever way we wanted him to. He would do his best to do all he could for us.

Joan piped in that Jim was to be naked all the time, with a hard on at all times, and he’s not allowed to cum. I was thinking, huh??? How is that even possible? Jim agreed that was what he wanted too. He was up for the challenge. Joan smiled and said, yea, we’ll see. I think she had some fucked up stuff in mind for him. She went on to say that if he failed at any of his tasks that he could spend the rest of the night in the closet listening to me and her fucking and having a good time. Jim’s head dropped and he did not look happy. Maybe he’s spent some time in the closet before. I just chuckled thinking how he was going to fail so miserably and I would get his lovely wife all to myself for the night. Seems kind of selfish now, but I needed a wild night of sex, it’s been far too long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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