Hotel Sex is Hottest

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With kids, a night out was a challenge to organize – but tonight they had finally made it happen. They had prepared, and each step in the preparation was part of the excitement. Jack had planned out all the details and just thinking about this night made him hard. Fuck even just booking the hotel room had made his cock stir in his pants.

As April did her hair just the way Jack loved it, curling her blond hair in beachy waves, she thought about how it wouldn’t be that perfect for long and the thought made her smile. As she glanced in the mirror it was hard not to notice how fantastic she looked. She turned in the mirror to admire her long legs and tight ass, she smiled as she admired herself: “fuck this dress is tight” she said aloud imagining the jaws dropping later tonight as she and Jack walked through the hotel lobby. Turning, April cupped her own perky breasts. Her nipples already sensitive they got a little harder as she rubbed her hands down her breasts, down her sides, finally resting on her hips. She knew she was beautiful, and Jack knew it as well, there was a reason he always seemed to be touching her… it was reassuring, sexy, exciting. She loved the way he looked at her in a way that felt safe and excited all at the same time.

“Ready?” Jack was in the doorway in a dark grey suit, white dress shirt and a black tie. He looked good and he knew it, confident and ready to make this a night to remember. “Fuck yeah” April smiled as she walked past him, her Angel perfume wafting after her. He couldn’t help but stare at her firm ass as she walked away from him, that sight nearly paralyzed him in his tracks. Shaking his head, he could feel himself getting hard just looking at her as she walked down the hall, looking back and winking.

“Fuck this is going to be fun,” Jack said to himself.

As Jack drove the car to the restaurant in the hotel April leaned over and placed her hand on his crotch, slowly rubbing it… “well fuck someone’s excited,” Jack said as he glanced over. April smiled thinking about having that cock deep inside her and she could feel herself get a little turned on.

Just as April suspected, when the two of them checked into the hotel it seemed as if everyone stared at them, and they both reveled in the attention. It seemed as if everyone somehow knew how hot their night was about to Escort bayan be and they either wished they were having that night or wished they could watch it play out. Jack placed his hand on April’s lower back and slowly slid it down her ass as they checked in. “Honey, I called ahead, and the waiter has a table waiting for us with chilled wine. Have a glass while I throw our bags upstairs.”

Dinner was delicious but the real main course was upstairs, and they knew it. They played with each other the entire dinner, building up the anticipation of their night to come. At one-point April pulled her dress down slightly, showing even more cleavage, at that point her perfect tits barely covered as she smiled as the waiter stared, taking longer than she should have to collect their plates.

“Get the fuck into that elevator so I can rip that dress off that perfect body of yours,” Jack said her, his eyes gleaming in excitement and desire. “I want to fuck you, the thought of my rock-hard cock sliding into your pussy is making me harder than I thought possible,” he said. April smiled at the thought and smiled as she rubbed her legs tightly together…

They practically ran to the elevator after that. Jack hit the button to the floor and turned around, grabbed her hands and held them above her head as he leaned in close. “God you look good tonight, I can’t wait to fuck you, to make you feel exhausted, to make you feel safe but dangerous.” Their lips nearly touched as he said this, and April leaned in for a kiss, but Jack had other plans. He smiled as one hand held her arms above her head. His other hand drifted down to stroke her cheek, down her neck, sliding down across her chest, pausing only to tease those ever-hardening nipples. She could barely contain her excitement. She squirmed but couldn’t wait for what was going to happen next. He smiled a devilish grin as his hands continue to stroke her body. He could feel her, how hot she was getting. With the sudden movement his hand moved below the hem of her short dress and his hand slid along the smooth skin of her thigh and upwards, exposing her… his hand began rubbing her smooth pussy over her lingerie and April could feel how wet she was getting. She thought of how much she wanted him, how much she wanted that cock of his to be deep inside her…she closed her eyes Bayan Escort and felt her body quiver in excitement. The door of the elevator opened to their floor but neither of them moved for a moment, she wanted more, and he held her firmly, right where he wanted her…

As Jack fumbled with the door key April wrapped her arms around him from behind, her hands exploring his chest and his ever-hardening cock beneath those suit pants… “I can’t wait to have that cock in my mouth, feeling the tip of your cock deep in my mouth… would you like that honey?” She said with a laugh. The door opened and without a word Jack spun around, grabbed her around the waist and pulled her into a tight embrace, quickly pulling her into the swanky room. April was fit and light, he lifted her into the room and against the wall.

Their mouths locked and hands swiftly began exploring their bodies, the heat from their bodies and what they wanted filled the room. With one hand holding her face Jack looked at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen “show me what’s under that dress” he demanded.

Jack sank into the leather chair by the bed as April stood in front of him. She teased Jack as she rubbed her hands over her body. Slowly, revealing a little bit more each time until she let her tight dress drop to the floor. The only thing she was wearing was a small lace thong. She danced a little in front of him, her hands cupping her perfect breasts, squeezing her nipples, as she noticed the bulge in his pants grow larger. She dropped to her knees and looked up at him, “take that cock out” she demanded. He undid his belt and took off his shirt as she pulled down his dress pants revealing his hard cock. She smiled as she licked it from the base of his shaft to the tip which already had a small bead of precum which she lapped up… Jack moaned as April began sucking his cock. God she was good at this… he didn’t think he could get any harder, any larger, but April knows how to suck cock. She looked up at him as he gripped the arms of the chair her lips moving up and down his shaft, he could see her struggling to take all of it. “God that feels so good”, he moaned. His hands gripped the sides of her face, she knew how good he was feeling, he could barely contain himself. “Fuck you are amazing” he groaned, and she smiled as she stroked Escort his cock, the other hand playing with his balls.

He couldn’t help it anymore. Her blue eyes, her blonde wavy hair, those perky breast with those hard nipples, tight body, it was all incredible and he couldn’t last any longer. He stood up, mouth on hers as he pushed her back to the bed. He was insatiable and he grabbed her thong and pulled it down, revealing her already wet pussy. April gasped in anticipation.

Jack paused above her as he looked at her, fuck me she was incredible… he grabbed her hands and held them down as he rubbed his cock against the outside of her pussy, her wetness gleaning, he wanted to lick it clean, but he wanted to be inside her more… in almost slow motion he pushed the tip of his cock into her pussy and it seemed to wrap itself around him as they both groaned together. Jack began to thrust faster as he watched her tits bounce with each thrust.

As their two bodies met writhing together, April responded with one hand playing with her nipples while her other hand reached down to his cock. She flicked her hard clit as he thrust into her and it drove her crazy, her back arching in anticipation.

She could feel the pressure building and she knew she was going to cum… “more baby, fuck me please!”

Rolling over neither of them was going to last much longer, an hour had gone by and it felt like minutes… he slid his hard cock inside her and she seemed to be even tighter, hotter… he could feel April’s heat and it was hard not to cum. He began pounding her as they moaned. April pushed Jack back and she mounted his cock, forcing him to groan. The sight alone of her perfect breasts, her arching back nearly made him cum…

The sweat glistening off their sexy bodies was making it even hotter. Jack arched his back as April rode him. She was stunning as sweat ran down between her breasts, her breasts bouncing. “ohhhhhh fuuuccck” April cried as her body tensed and finally released, at that moment Jacks cock released its load inside of her. Hot loads of cum shot deep inside her and April pulled him even deeper as he came, “fuck that feels so good!!” Jack moaned.

They collapsed beside each other; bodies intertwined… sweaty and exhausted… they kissed and Jack pushed her hair behind her ears. “Fuck you are lucky to be with a guy like me,” Jack said with a smile as they laughed.

April slapped her ass as she headed to the bathroom… “coming for a shower?” April said as she smiled at Jack. He could already feel his cock growing as he smiled.

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