Hotel Room Nights Ch. 04

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Ava Addams

A lot is happening right now and it has made this story a bit difficult to write. I must say it’s tough writing erotic stories when the general atmosphere nowadays is literally anything else but. The chapters develop from just rough ideas which I expand on when I’m in the mood. This chapter is about just spending time with someone you like, being in that bubble for a moment. I’ll put writing this story aside for a moment until my mind is up and running. Thanks. See you guys soon.


“This place is really nice.”

“I know,” I reply. We’re at the rooftop jacuzzi again. Only the lower half of his legs are in the water and his elbows are on the ground, the rough contact buffered by his robe. I can’t help but look at the large mound at the front of his briefs. I look away from the scene completely, because I know my eyes are automatically attracted the same spot.

“We’re always alone here,” he says. He seems more relaxed than usual. It’s late, obviously we’re going to be alone.

“It’s almost midnight,” I remind him. He also seems to be a bit out of it, like his mind is altered somehow. He nods slowly. I haven’t spent the whole day with him so it’s possible he could have been out drinking or getting high.

“Are you drunk?” I ask him. He slowly turns his gaze to me.

“No,” he answers, eyes narrow, “I’m just tired.”

I can get why he’s tired. I decide to listen, wanting to hear more. At this point I realize I don’t really know much about him, so if he’s going to talk, I’m going to listen.

“Tired of feeling like the world is ending,” he says, looking me in the eyes. I struggle to maintain eye contact. My else are really fighting to look at the bulge in his underwear.

“Tired of uhhh,” he drags out the sound, tired of even thinking of the right words to describe his feelings.

“Everything?” I ask. He nods.

“Yes, that’s the right word,” he says smiling at me.

He exhales then closes his eyes, moving his feet back and forth in the water. I finally take this as the opportunity to look at his delicious package. The form is a huge round shape at the front of his red briefs. I figure red is his favorite color and give myself a few points. I subtract a few points for not being able to stop ogling him. My eyes ride up his body to his face. His eyes are open and there’s a hint of a smile on his lips. Caught again.

“Is this what you’ve always been doing since we came here?” he asks. I already know the answer is yes but I try to think. I noticed that he’s hot the moment I opened the door for him that very first night, and I took him in for the rest of the night, and all those other nights. I only shrug.

“It’s okay,” he says, “it’s nice to be seen.”

At least he doesn’t think I’m a perv.

I see a hint of his wildness in his eyes, but he closes them before I can confirm if it’s really there.

Then he lifts one of his hands and moves it to his crotch, lightly touching it then putting his whole hand over it. I can only observe, having already been rendered speechless.

His put his hand into his briefs then adjusts his cock, opting to let it lay sideways. It’s hard to keep my eyes off the outline of the cut mushroom head, but I do only for a second, to see his eyes still closed and a smile on his lips. He knows what he’s doing to me.

“How old are you?” I ask. I decide that since I know we’re not fucking right here, it’s best to just change the subject.

“Twenty-five,” he says. I didn’t expect him to be younger or older, it’s just perfect. I guess I hadn’t really concerned myself with his age.

“Where did you even get a house?” I ask, hoping that talking about his house wouldn’t upset him. He doesn’t say anything for a moment and I almost think it did upset him.

“Well,” he says, then pauses, “my grandmother left it for me.”

I nod.

“I didn’t even know her that well to be honest, it was completely random.”

His eyes are open now and his voice is waking up. The life is finally returning to his body.

“Gave it a complete upgrade and made it my own place,” he finishes with a genuine smile on his lips.

“Where’d you get the money for that?” I ask. He smiles as he retrieves his phone from his robe. The bright light of the screen lights up his face as he clicks, already distracted. I hope this won’t be the rest of our night.

“She left me a couple thousand bucks,” he says mindlessly, “and I can’t complain about my salary.”

His smile is wide as he finishes. A job which gives a distressed employee paid leave obviously cares enough to pay well.

I try to catch the reflection of his screen on his snow white teeth, which even struggle to outshine every other feature in his face.

He lifts his body up so that he’s sitting upright and hands the phone to me, his eyes failing to unattach themselves from the screen as the phone changes hands. He tells me to scroll right.

On the screen is a photo of him with a big house in the background. It looks like a suburban mansion, with black and white walls and kağıthane escort a lawn. Everything on it looks expensive, even the window pane. I wonder how much he pays whoever does the landscaping on the house. It doesn’t look cheap. I already feel insignificant.

He looks different in the photo. He looks happy. I’ve seen him enjoying a few things but I’ve never seen him this happy. I hope I’ll know him long enough to make him so joyful again. Or even happier.

“The pool is nice huh?” he asks, already knowing the answer. I realize I haven’t seen more than one photo.

“Hold on a second,” I tell him, beginning to scroll. There’s more photos of him just enjoying and showing off his pad. There’s some of him and Steven, I won’t ask. They look happy. They were a hot couple. I feel bad for thinking that I’d probably be up to fucking Steven if I didn’t know Danny.

“Steven’s pretty hot,” I say. He smiles.

“Yep,” he says. I imagine admiring the looks of your ex with someone who’s trying to replace him is not what Danny had in mind, but he doesn’t mind.

“Wow,” I say without realizing. The photo shows Danny and Steven shirtless at his pool. They look like two perfect specimens. I guess they were too perfect to make it work. He sighs, not a sad sigh, but his tired sigh. I guess he’s heard it all before.

I realize I’ve seen all the photos of his house and now I’m just going through his gallery. There’s more pictures of him and Steven, out at some fancy looking restaurants, kissing in the night, dancing in expensive suits, sleeping in bed. I should feel discouraged, but I don’t. Maybe if someone like Steven can’t make it work with him, someone like me can. After all, I’ve been working hard all my life.

His movements distract me for a second, but we both stay silent as he moves his whole body into the pool, leaving everything from the chest up above of the water. My eyes turn back to his phone, and I try to ignore that I’m now the phone zombie. I feel like I’m looking for something but I don’t know what.

“You looking for something?” he asks, reading my mind. I stutter, “uhhh no.”

I hand the phone over to him with the screen showing a photo of him inside a pool, imitating how he’s looking now. He smiles when he sees the photo, then starts scrolling again. He shoots me another naughty look as he scrolls, but I don’t know what he’s thinking. He hands me the phone again. I try to dry my hand in the air as I take the phone back.

I’m not prepared for what I see on the screen. It’s him and Steven, completely naked, and hard. I almost choke on my own spit when I see it. They seem to be just leisurely lying on a sofa. The camera is in Steven’s hand and his other arm is under Danny’s body with his hand gripping Danny’s cock. It looks like a piece of modern art. Danny is the little spoon in the photo and his hand is on Steven’s biceps while the other is at his penis, grabbing his balls. Their legs are wrapped around each other. I can’t tell whose cock is bigger.

Now I wish we’d met at a time when this was possible. Of course it’s possible now, but could I ever beat this? I move my finger across the screen, scrolling to see more. The next one looks similar to the first one, then the next one, but I notice their face get closer to each other with every photo, until the distance is closed and their lips are locked together. It’s a fucking beautiful photo, and I wish that was me. I start to think maybe I can’t compete. I look at Danny and see his eyes closed again, and I think I should at least try. He’s worth it.

“It’s fucking hot,” I say, about my view of him.

“I know,” he smiles weakly. We’re not on the same page.

“I feel like a loser for letting him slip away,” he says. I can’t listening to him crying about his ex anymore, so, like in my dream, I move through the water to him and put my lips to his. I rub my body on his, letting him feel how hard he makes me. After a moment he finally reciprocates. I love the drug that is the taste of his lips. This time I’m the one who pulls away, going back to my original position, a few feet from him. He smiles at me, like he’s surprised I can get off him. I’m surprised too.

“Mark,” he says. I don’t know where he’s going, so I just listen.

“The way you looked at me and Mark,” he says, the pauses. He loves speaking like this, making my mind race to see if I’ll get it right.

“I could see by the way you looked at us,” he says, “that you haven’t seen much color in your life.”

Silence forms. He lets me think.

“Well,” I finally say, then shrug. It’s true. He leaves me to think until I can say something.

“I grew up on a farm in a small town, I mean…”

I can only shrug. He doesn’t say anything, still waiting me to say something.

“It wasn’t very colorful,” I say, deciding that this would be all I would say. He shrugs too, then starts laughing.

“How do you like the color here?” he says a second later, after calming down.

I shrug, “it’s okay.”

I’m lying, it’s better than maslak escort anything I’d ever imagined. I think this is all Danny’s doing though, I don’t think anybody else’s tour of the city includes a trip to a gay underground sex club.

He sees through my lie and smiles at me, before he starts laughing again.

“I’m an equal opportunity fucker,” he says. I try to think.

“Out loud,” he says, knowing I’ve already begun to count all the people I know he’s fucked since I’ve known him.


First and foremost.

He nods.

“The bouncer,” I say. He nods.

“Henry,” I add.

“The big bear in the bathroom,” I say.

“The hunk Steven,” I say. He only nods.

“And Tanner,” I say finally.

“And that’s it. You’re right.”

He nods again, this time proudly.

“Dick is dick,” he says. We laugh at the sentiment.

“Now the rainbow flag makes sense,” I say. His body shakes as he laughs, but he shakes his head when he’s done. He looks like he has thoughts on the topic, but he also doesn’t look like he’s in the mood for debate. I wouldn’t disagree with anything he says though, he looks smart.

“You’re good with names,” he says. I am, a rather unusual trait. I only shrug, letting the compliment/statement be the beginning of a warm silence.

I close my eyes like he does, deciding to experience the sensation of the hot water on my body. It’s so calming, even in the current crazy atmosphere of the world.

I hope it’s not my turn in the hot seat.

“How old are you?” he asks. I guess it is.

“Thirty two,” I answer. He smiles before the number even registers.

“That’s Tanner’s age,” he says. I laugh too.

“Your least favorite ex,” I say. He only laughs and doesn’t deny it. I knew it.

“How old were you when you got the farm?” he asks. My mind goes back to the moment I inherited the farm. I smile before I answer, already knowing where this is going.

“Twenty four,” I say. He smiles too.

“Where did you even get a house?” he mocks.

“My daddy lived and died on the farm,” I say, “then he gave it to me when he passed. My mama didn’t mind, she left it to me when she got married to Mr Cooper.”

He looks confused for a second, the look on his face clearly saying I’m probably crazy, then the smile returns.

“You don’t know him,” I clarify. He laughs, “well obviously.”

His laugh is rare, and in my mind I promise him that it will become less rare with time.

He looks at me with curious eyes, but motionless lips. I can tell there’s a lot he wants to say, but he’s holding back. I don’t push him too, his usual curiosity usually leaves me riled up.

“Do you know who the father of your ex wife’s child is?”

“No,” I answer. Why is he bringing this up again? I left as soon as the divorce was finalized and only got updates when she decided to call and tell me. It shouldn’t bother me, but in the back of my mind there are questions.

“Probably your best friend,” he says. Probably. It really was probably him, in my mind it couldn’t have been anyone else. I ignore this topic. It won’t get us anywhere.

“Or your brother,” he adds.

“Whatever,” I say. If it was anyone else saying this I wouldn’t be here right now. But a few minutes ago I was the one asking the questions, so I’ll let him take it where he wants to. Besides, I’m still hard as a rock right now and I can’t get out of the water without him noticing.

“Come here,” he says, gesturing with his finger. I try to pretend I’m upset with him, staying still and trying my hardest to have an upset look on my face. My face fails, but my body somehow succeeds in resisting the magnetic force pulling me to him.

“Come on,” he almost whines. He opens his arms to receive me, and the magnetic force multiplies by a thousand, eventually breaking me and pushing all the pieces right into his body.

He wraps his arms around my waist, and again it feels like it’s just us two in the world.

“Kiss me,” he says. I don’t know if he’s giving me the reins, if it’s an order or a request, but I slowly push my face into his. At the slightest contact of our lips my body explodes, like I’m experiencing everything for the first time. This is a drug I’ll never get enough of.

His hands around my waist pull me in closer and mine wrap even tighter around his neck. Even no distance is too much distance between us. In an instant the kiss moves from sensual to hungry and horny. His hands move from my waist to my ass, his fingers creeping into the waistband and pushing it down. I try to remember that we’re outside but my mind forgets that minor detail.

His fingers grind aggressively on my ass, pushing the waistband further down until I’m sure it’s below the round of my ass. I get that this also means my cock is now out, but I’m too lost in the moment to care. I grind into him, letting my cock get sandwiched between our bodies and letting his body hair tease me. I let one of my hand get into the water to swim to his underwear, where I pull etiler escort the waistband down and grab his cock. He moans into my mouth as he devours me.

Somewhere in our noise I hear a foreign sound, someone, a male, clearing his throat. I open my eyes and I immediately get pulled back into our moment when I see his beautiful face, eyes closed as he kisses me. I moan into him.

I hear the foreign noise again, this time calling his name. This time we both ignore it, but it only calls his name louder. I pull my lips away from his and call his name too. He opens his brown eyes like he’s waking up. He looks around, then groans.

“Agh,” he says. Our bodies are still glued together and only our faces are a few inches apart. His hands are still on my ass and I feel them moving back to my waist.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he whines. I look to where his eyes are looking, and a familiar looking detective becomes the focus of our attention.

“I just came to say hi,” he says.

“Really Tanner? Coming all the way over here to say hi after ten at night?”

He’s obviously not impressed, but I can still feel his cock still hard against mine.

“How the hell did you even find me?” he asks. Tanner sighs, he obviously didn’t think he’d have to explain himself when he decided to come here.

“Steven told me,” he says. Danny doesn’t look convinced, “Steven doesn’t know I’m staying here.”

“I found out okay? I’m here now.”

“But I didn’t ask you to come here. I’m kind of in the middle of something in case you hadn’t noticed,” he says, turning his eyes to me for a moment. Tanner turns his attention to me. He looks different. Maybe our softcore porn scene got him all riled up. I can start to see the side of him that Danny is most familiar with, or maybe it’s only because I now know it exists. I feel weird to be in this position, being looked at like a piece of meat.

Tanner sighs then turns his attention back to Danny. A bit condescending, but Danny’s got his arms wrapped around me so I don’t mind. I feel Danny start to shrink in the water, and we can’t have that. I attack him with my lips, long enough to get him hard again, he smiles at me when I pull away, then he closes the distance again. Tanner is far away from our minds again, until he decides to open his damn mouth again.

“I’ll quit if that’s what you want me to do,” he says. Danny immediately pulls away. I open my eyes to see his wide open, mild shock in his face. He shakes his head, then uses his hands to get his junk back into his underwear. He put his hands on my shoulders after getting back to his initial seated position, with only his feet in the water. His boner is right in front of my face, and it take all of me not to remove his underwear and dive into it. I turn to Tanner, and his eyes are darting around, trying not to look at the delicious package. I turn around and push my body into Danny’s, and he holds me there by the shoulders.

“I don’t want you to do anything,” he says, “I don’t have any expectations of you.”

Tanner sighs again.

“You still have to put food on the table, don’t you have like, a family?”

Again Tanner sighs. A desperate sigh. I turn my head to see him nodding.

“But I love you.”


“Seeing you last week just sent the feelings flooding back. I’m sorry if it’s so out of the blue.”

My eyes are wide, and I turn my surprised face away when he looks at me.

“It’s not out of the blue, you already told me all that two years ago,” Danny says. He seems indifferent to the sentiments. It almost takes me by surprise how cold he is being, but I suppose it must have taken him by surprise when he discovered that someone he was seeing for half a year was engaged to a woman.

“Isn’t there a rule against trying to pursue someone you’re investigating?” Danny asks. It seems genuine but I know he’s just being sarcastic.

“I want to help you,” Tanner says.

“That shouldn’t depend on whether or not I accept your advances Tanner,” Danny snaps. I can feel his hands stiffening on my shoulders.

“That’s not what I was going to say,” Tanner quickly fires back, “I can help you, then quit right after.”

Danny scoffs and I can feel him rolling his eyes without even looking.

“Why is your marriage always the last thing on your mind?” he asks, offended on the wife’s behalf. Tanner finally doesn’t know what to say.

“There’s a billion reasons why this won’t work out but one of them is because I don’t want to be in a love triangle with you and your wife,” Danny says. Tanner looks like he’s being broken down by each word, and is left with wet glassy eyes. He sighs desperately again.

“I love you Danny.”

“I have value Tanner,” Danny says, not skipping a beat, “and sneaking around behind your wife’s back is beneath my value.”

That should be enough to get the point across.

“Do you think me and you can do what I was doing with him before you arrived?”

Tanner sniffs and runs his hand over his face. He’s been completely weakened. Given the timeline of their relationship and how long ago they broke up, I can tell why Danny is so over it. But a huge part of me feels so sorry for him, he’s feeling what I would be feeling right now if I hadn’t been dumped by my wife. Suffocating.

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