Hotel: Renovation

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Strolling through the back streets of Bangkok and looking at the women – prostitutes or not – leaves me with a need and on fire.

I see an older woman on a single crutch with a single leg. Of course, older is relative. She seems pretty, but the morning hides much. The dress is short and the lone leg nice, the other hidden somewhere, maybe it ends near her hip. I’d like that. I watch for a moment before I move towards her then I notice a man begin speaking to her. I watch a while longer hoping he might leave then see her kissing him and he fondling often. His hand drags the dress up to her waist. The stump ‘is’ short, her hips sweet. I continue my search.

Some girls call to me. I could have one of just about any age, but alas, I have some morals. Sadly, I think about how for some they are too old. One rubs my thigh and begs me in a whisper for things I can’t think of doing. I push her away and tell her to go home. I know the parents sold her into prostitution long before now. I feel sorry for her.

I stagger a little and bump against the door of the bar as I walk inside. Shutters and windows are all open and the five ceiling fans spin slowly. Eight in the morning and it is an oven.

“Hey handsome,” an Asian, probably over thirty, with large implants bursting out of the dress, whispers in a hoarse smokers voice. “What some nookie?” Before I can answer, she’s working on my zipper. “Good hand job, five.”

I look at her face just to make sure she looks like a woman. She passes a quick visual inspection and her hand stroking my cock makes me forget to feel between her legs to see if she might be a guy.

I slap a ten on the counter and soon I groan in pleasure. She wipes the come away with a wet bar towel. I hope it was clean.

“You got a name?” she asks. “I’m Nom.” Her lips don’t give me a chance to reply as they cover my mouth and her tongue searches for my throat. I assume she’s trying to earn the other half of the ten. She forces my hand over a harden breast with a nipple pressing though thin fabric. A moment later, she’s rubbing my hand inside her blouse.

“Good tits, implants not old.” She sucks my tongue from my mouth into hers for a while then begins shoving my hand south. “Better pussy that you’ve had for a long time.” The next kiss is shorter. “Fifteen more and you won’t forget me.”

“Right here, or you have a place?” I teasingly quiz.

She gives me a quick snicker and pulls my hand as if to lead me somewhere. I follow, hoping I will live through whatever is about to happen.

The room has only a black curtain for a door and a small mattress on the floor. I blink and her dress is already falling on the floor and she soon lays naked with her legs spread wide in my direction.

Her body is short, slim, and inviting. Her face is like so many other woman I’ve seen on the streets the last two days, maybe more lovely as I consider her for awhile while unfastening my belt and pushing my trousers down along my legs. My erection remains even after the quick hand job.

“Fuck my cunt,” she begs. “I like American men with big cocks.”

She’s very wet as I slip inside. It feels wonderful even with the condom she magically applied.

“Good, isn’t it?” she asks. A foot rises and falls against my back then begins encouraging my body to ride her harder. It takes no encouragement for me and soon I come. “We could do it again … free,” she says.

“Maybe I’ll come back later,” I say as I stand and begin redressing. “Oh, my name is Jake.”

She remains on the mattress and fingers her pussy. “Nice to meet you. I’m in the bar mornings if you want more.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

“Jake, honey,” she begins. “I’ve got some hot little girls if you want.”

“Not into children … only adults.” I sigh.

“Oh-h,” she whispers, almost sad. She smiles for a moment. “I’ve got one girl missing a leg. Are you into amputees? She’s ‘legal’.”

My erection returns quickly as I process what I’ve just heard. “One leg?” I ask to confirm what she said.

She stands and redresses, which doesn’t take long since she only had on a dress. A few buttons remain unfastened just in case the breasts weren’t exposed enough. She moves closer and sucks my lips for a while then takes a step back before rubbing a hand over my chest.

“Yeah. Crazy girl, but she has a great body and is beautiful.”

“Why crazy?” I ask.

“Because she wanted the leg off.”

“Really? Is she a hooker?”

“No, Jake … not a virgin though. She’s renting a room from a friend, but will be leaving tomorrow.

“Are they’re others?”

“Yeah. A doctor at a the hospital helps people like her.” Her hand playfully gropes my crotch. “Jake. You hard rock,” she says in a mock Oriental accent as from an old movie. She laughs. “Do you really like amputee women?”

“A lot. I was hoping to find some this trip.”

“For you, I’d cut my leg off.” She laughs.

“If you do that, we’d have to fuck all the time.”

I shove my hand under her dress and feel the sloppy wet swamp. She presses her pussy around my fingers as they rub karabük escort though her slit.

“Honey-y,” she teases and kisses me deeply.

We continue masturbating each other though the next few minutes as we trade tongues often. Eventually we tire and break apart. “Call her,” I suggest, and then peck at her lips a few times.

“What, don’t see yourself with a one legged hooker? I’d do it for you. I’d even stop hooking.” She laughs. I know what that means.

“I might want someone that I could show friends.” I groan.

“Aren’t I pretty?”

“Hell yeah-h.” I reply. “The tits are a bit big for my taste though.”

“Sorry, Jake.”

She pushes buttons on the phone and I hear a voice but am unable to understand. I listen to Nom ask her if she would like to meet an American interested in amputees. She closes the phone up.

“Nope. She’s got a husband back home.”

“Shit,” I groan and turn to walk into the hallway leading into the bar.

She follows and rests a hand on the small of my back as we near the stools. The stools scrape over the concrete floor as we reposition them and then sit facing each other. I rub my hand along her thigh a few times and look at her beautiful face.

“If this was a stump,” I say.

“Jake, it’s something I think about some. I know two other Thai women who’ve done it.”


“Yeah. One did the whole leg; the other still has a short stump. They’re lot younger than me.”

“Introduce me. I might make an age exception.” I laugh.

“It wouldn’t work. They are both lesbians.” She snickers. “How much smaller would my tits have to be for you?” She laughs. “They’re only double D’s.”

I look and think about how that on a five-foot woman of about hundred pounds wet, they seem huge.

“I kind of like them smaller like most Thai women. This doc that does amputations … I didn’t know it was done on healthy limbs.”

“Sure-e!” she says in a matter of fact tone as if I’m being silly even asking. Mostly sex operations.”

“Does he…?

“It’s a woman.”

“Oh-h my-y,” I drawl. My hand is still on her thigh.

“Do you want to meet her? Maybe she knows someone you’d be happier with than me. I understand, Jake. Really, I do. Someday I’ll find a man that wants me with one leg ‘and’ big boobs.” She opens her phone and dials.

The doctor’s office is in a different building than the hospital and I settle into the chair next to her desk. She’s European and attractive. A wedding ring graces her finger and though I know she is not the woman for me, I sense some disappointment.

“Leslie,” I begin. She had asked me to call her by her first name. “Nom thought maybe you might be able to introduce….”

She cuts me off. “To some women who wanted to be amputees?” She smiles. “Real women or transgendered?”

“Ah, real,” I sheepishly say as my fingers drum nervously on the desk a few times. My hand falls back in my lap as I look at her blue eyes.

“Just checking, you know.” She makes a small chuckle. “I have both.”

“Gender change ‘and’ an amputation? What, a twofer special?” I snicker as I think to myself, ‘super size that? Yes, please’.

She ignores my attempted humor and tells me about the kinds of people she performs amputations on and why she began doing so. She pauses, sips some water, and adjusts herself in the chair. I can tell she doesn’t want to spend much time with me, I assume she’d rather be cutting on someone. I give her face a quick glance and I relax.

“I get a few women from overseas. A few locals too … some parents think it will help their girls find a rich man.” She chuckles. “Are you a rich man?”

“No ma’am, not really. I travel here on business, maybe once a year. I love the look of Thai women.”

“The sex trade is big business … lots of children.”

“I like them older.”

“How old? Maybe old enough to relate to you and not just have sex.” She laughs. “A rare man, I think.” She rubs her chin in thought for a moment. “I have a few locals that are asking for amputations ‘and’ want to meet a man from overseas. Will you be here for long?”

“It could be.” I hand her a business card. “That’s my cell phone. I’m staying at the Manor House Hotel.”

“Yes, nice establishment. Give me a day … maybe less. I’ll call.”

Just as I walk out of her office, she says, “How about a missing arm?”

I look back and think for a moment. “Maybe, though I prefer a single missing leg.”

“An arm and a leg?”

“That could be okay, but still, a single missing leg would be the ideal for me.”

I walk along the sidewalk in front of the hospital paying attention to everyone. All seem to have a full set of limbs. The women, mostly native, are stunningly beautiful and most have wedding rings on their fingers. A few give me a huge smile anyway and I let a fantasy drift though my mind of them in bed with me.

An older European man with a shaggy mustache in jeans and sleeveless t-shirt and a young Asian woman in white cotton slacks and a bright red blouse, walk towards me. karaman escort He’s missing most of an arm and she holds his remaining hand. It is impossible to tell what happened to the arm; maybe he went to Leslie. I continue to watch. As they pass first, he smiles, and then she does. I look back and notice she has a slight limp, perhaps a prosthetic leg I tell myself, and then continue my walk.

The taxi lets me out in front of the hotel and I pause trying to decide if I should walk a few blocks to the bar where I met Nom. I already feel as if I could use another quick orgasm and some good kissing. She was good for that. I take a few steps in that direction. A young woman catches my attention and offers me affection, which I reject. I turn back and go inside the hotel alone.

The phone begins ringing just as the room door closes behind me. “Jake, it’s Leslie. I think I might have found someone. Would twenty-six be too young?” I hear a soft snicker.

“Hardly. I’m only thirty-three.” I laugh.

“I’d forgotten about Malee … her father and mother were local. They died last year. Malee had her left leg off near the hip. She’s short, slender, and ‘very’ pretty. She teaches school.”

“How about social life?”

“Fiance dumped her because of the amputation. She’s anxious to have someone in her life.”


“She sounded horny, if you ask me.” She snickers.


“Yeah, for sure. She even gets my blood boiling. So if you’d like to meet her, I could have her call you.”

“Perfect. When?”

“Oh, the next half hour.”

I hang up and images of the woman with one crutch and one leg flood my mind. The smoldering fire rages as I pace the room wondering what Leslie is lining up for me and what will happen. ‘Horny’, she had actually said. “My god-d,” I drawled aloud, still pacing, but not as quickly.

The phone is ringing as I step from the shower and I almost slip on the wet bathroom floor in a hurried attempt to answer. “Hello?” I nearly scream as I recover my balance, naked and draining water on the carpet. I had enough presence of mind to drag a towel off the rack and it dangles from my hand.

“Jake?” the female voice asks. “Did I catch you at a bad time?”

“No. Just getting out of the shower and almost killed myself.” I laugh.

“Yeah, I’ve done that a few times since I had my leg off.”

“You much be Malee.”

“Yup, the one and only. Leslie had some nice things to say about you. We should meet.”

I swab the thick white towel over my body and around my raging erection as I listen to her sensual voice. ‘Meet, hell-l yeah-h,’ I yell to myself and pump my fist.

“Listen Jake, I have a few things to do, but maybe we can meet in an hour. Your hotel is not far from where I’m going.”

“Perfect. I just hope I can wait that long.” I chuckle.

“Well with that enthusiasm, you sound like the perfect man for me. I’ll change into a shorter skirt. How’s that sound?”

I mumble something and consider it is just as well that she probably didn’t understand. “Wow,” I finally manage to say. “Give me a jingle when you get here.”

“Uh-huh, How about if I just give you a hard-on.” She laughs and hangs up before I can say anything else. A few spontaneous streams of come land on my foot then thigh as I hang the phone up. “Shit,” I groan then stumble back into the bathroom to shower again.

I’m dressed in khaki trousers and a white short-sleeved shirt long before the phone rings. A trail has formed in the carpet from my anxiously pacing back and forth. I grab the phone and take a deep breath before speaking, then a second, before saying anything. I listen to her voice for a moment then I suggest she come up to the room and she agrees.

There is a knock on the door and I jerk it open before her knuckles rap a second time. “Oh my-y god-d,” I drawl as I take in the beautiful woman with black hair and no makeup standing before me. She needs none. She’s a little over five-feet tall. Slim, with breasts that provide shape to her chest hidden by a loose fitting black sleeveless blouse. The white pleated skirt dangles just past her rounded hips, yet show none of her stump. The nicely shaped leg ends with a black high-heal shoe, something I find sexy on women with one leg.

“Come in, please,” I beg.

“Jake, baby-y,” she coos as she stretches to reach my lips.

I bend and we finally kiss. I move to stand back up and she continues the kiss, letting it deepen, tempting me to just lift her higher. Her hand rubs across my chest, the fingers slipping between the buttons of my shirt.

“Leslie said something about handsome, she was so-o right … a real understatement. Probably was a waste to wear my panties.” She snickers then moves gracefully into the middle of the room.

“I guess we were both misled.” I chuckle. “There’s hardly an adequate way to describe how beautiful you truly are.”

“Thank you Jake. You’re sweet to say that.”

We stand in silence, just looking at each other for a long moment. She pulls her lower lip kars escort suggestively between her teeth and holds it there for a second.

“How long have you been interested in amputees?” she asks finally.

“Have a seat,” I suggest as I point at the loveseat in the small sitting area of the room. “Can I get you something to drink?” I move towards the mini-bar.

“Whiskey, if you have any,” she replies as she sits with a small flourish of her skirt leaving even more of her leg exposed. A patch of white fabric caresses between her thighs and a hint of stump peaks out. She stretches the lone leg out, rolling the foot about a few times.

I hand her the glass and hold mine as I sit next to her. “Forever,” I finally answer her question about my interest in amputees. “A woman down the street when I was young had one leg. Eventually, she was my first lover.”

“Ever know anyone like me, someone that ‘wanted’ to be an amputee?”

I watch her sip the drink and mentally undress her. I sip a little. “No, no I haven’t. I understand Leslie does that kind of surgery.”

“Yes and more often than I would have thought … and for all kinds of reasons. I wanted it for myself. Cost me a near-marriage. He had offered to take care of me after my parents died. He was good to me and I trusted him. I told him one night after a particularly great fuck about my plans for my leg and he vanished in a few hours.”

“I wouldn’t do that.”

“Fuck or leave?” She teasingly asks.

I gulp the rest of my drink, almost choking in the process. “Leave.” I smile then take her half empty glass and put it on the table next to mine.

“Heavens, are you about to take advantage of a poor cripple?” She says with a huge smile.

“I hope.” I lean closer and cover her mouth with mine then feel her tongue push between my lips. My hand feels a naked breast hiding just beneath the blouse, the nipple quickly hardening. Before I have a chance to feel under her skirt or anywhere, she’s pulling at my belt buckle and unzipping my pants.

“Do you know how long it’s been?” She groans into my mouth. Her hand is quickly inside my boxers with fingers wrapping around my shaft. “Good size.”

My hand finally slides under the near non-existent skirt and finds her stump to be only a few inches long, just a small mound of flesh next to thong panties. I fondle for a moment.

“Great stump,” I say without removing my lips from hers.

I quickly kiss down her chest as I push the blouse upward. Nipples still call to me and I answer with them each. I feel the soft mounds as I suckle here and there to sounds of deep breaths. I leave them begging as I continue my journey along wonderful skin.

The skirt provides no resistance as it gives way to all below. My lips roam over the fabric of the thong for a while as I enjoy her fragrance and my hand fondles the stump so near. Together, our fingers rip at the waistband of the thong and feel it pull past my mouth and part way down her thigh.

“Will you kiss my pussy?” she quizzes just as I drag my tongue though her wet slit the first time. “Oh Jake-e,” she moans as her leg stretches to the side giving me more room to devour her. “No guy has wanted to do that to me.”

“Fools,” I mumble into her opening while my hands cup her hips and feel their warmth. Her crotch wiggles and moves over my face as my lips pry her clit from its hood and pull the bud between them. A finger pushes between lips into wet darkness. A second quickly joins. Fingertips find great places to touch and rub.

“Baby-y,” she roars.

I roll her bud between my lips tightly gripping it as my fingers tend to other begging places they already have found. My mouth moves around my fingers nibbling folds of skin swelling with excitement.

“Oh-h yeah-h … oh-h yeah-h,” she joyously moans. “You’re a winner … suck me-e.” She begins pulling at the blouse and soon it joins the other garments on the floor.

My knees sore from the carpet, I stand and pull at her hand. She hops besides me, breasts swaying with each, until we fall beside each other on the bed with mouths locked in mortal combat with tongues lashing at each other.

She rolls atop me, teasingly toying her slit against my cock, her nipples graze mine. Her eyes pierce my soul as she watches me, waiting for me to beg her to take me all the way.

Her slit eats the head for a moment. “Nice, isn’t it?” she quizzes, knowing the answer without need for a reply. My tongue swipes my lip hoping to moisten the dryness away. I gasp a few times as she releases the bite and take another. She could do this for the rest of the day, or my life. I feel the way her hips lightly touch my thighs as she rocks up and back, never taking much of me inside her.

She pins my hands to the bed next to my head so I can’t touch. I want her nipples as they scream into my face, swaying close but never enough to grab with my lips. My tongue swats at one and misses. She snickers enjoying the tease.

Just as I think I can’t take anymore, just as I almost come, her slit pulls away. I find her on her back and me on top, her lone foot rising then falling against my lower back. It pulls me inside. The wetness surrounds all that wants to be there. I struggle not to race. Her voice coos something and I understand she is struggling too, but wishes to take her time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32