Hotel Massage

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Cockhead Tease

I have to share what happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I am still amazed. First a little background. I am in sales and twice a year I go to Seattle (I am from the East Coast) and work the territory. I have been doing this for several years and believe it or not since I stay in the same luxury hotel every time, the staff remembers me. It helps that I am considerate and tip well, I suppose.

Anyway, the last several trips I have brought my girl friend and we have spent a day or two sightseeing. For the last trip her schedule conflicted and she could not come. We have been seeing each other for a couple of years, both of us divorced from one previous marriage and we get along very well. I would not say it is an exclusive relationship but we rarely do go out with others. Our sex life is good although probably in a bit of a rut, as long time lovers often do.

So the last trip my flight was delayed, all the new regulations and fewer flights, well if you travel you know what I am talking about and my flight sat on the runway for a couple of hours as a mechanical problem was fixed. Add that to the almost six hour flight and my body was exhausted by the time we landed, which was late at night as well.

When I got to the hotel after finally retrieving my bags from a later flight (oh did I forget to mention my bags did not make the same flight!) the lobby was deserted and when I walked in I remembered the desk clerk from last trip. His name was Dave and he was always very helpful. He got me all checked in and he had saved me a very nice room overlooking the water with an incredible view.

We chatted and he asked why I was alone, he remembered my girlfriend from previous trips. When I explained her conflict, he said that was a shame. And I replied that it really was because I was in desperate need of a great massage. My back was killing me. And I felt miserable.

He looked around a little sheepishly and then said in a low voice that he had a good friend who was an excellent masseuse. Kidding, I said “And his name is Igor, right?” Dave answered, “Actually her name is Elizabeth”. I was not sure about this and questioned him more.

He said that he was sure I would have no complaints and if I did, he offered to reimburse me the cost of the massage. I thought he was kidding, but no he was serious.

He told me that Elizabeth had taken a number of years at massage school and was earning a good living with many repeat customers. He said, that the only reason he even mentioned it was because she was in the hotel right now giving another guest a massage and they had been talking just a little while ago.

I finally agreed (I think it was my back talking) and Dave said he would send her up later. I got up to the room and unpacked. Quite a bit of time went by and I figured that perhaps it was just as well that she had not come, as I was not really too sure about this.

A few moments later there was a knock at the door and I looked out to see a woman, so I opened the door and I was a little taken aback. Thinking back on that moment I am not sure what I was expecting but this was not it.

Elizabeth asked if I still wanted a massage and apologized for the lateness of the hour. I asked her into the room. As she walked in, she told me that she usually did not give massages this late at night, however, Dave had told her of my experience with the flight and he told her what a great customer and person I was.

I assured her that indeed I still wanted the massage (although my mind was thinking – what am I doing!) Let me explain. You probably are thinking that into my room walked a young blonde bombshell with a 38-24-36 figure and dressed only in a miniskirt with her tits hanging out of an open blouse. Perhaps that was what I had imagined as any red-blooded male might.

Not at all! Elizabeth was almost as old as me; she did have long dark hair and was quite plump. There was nothing sexy about her. Okay maybe her boobs were sexy as they were rather large but the rest of her did not bring the word sexy to mind.

She stepped into the living room and looked back at me – perhaps wondering what I was thinking. Perhaps I was wondering what I was thinking. At least if she had been a blonde bombshell I would have jumped at the chance.

“I charge $100 and we go as long as you need to be massaged”, she spoke. She set her bag down, – yes, it was then I noticed for the first time this large duffel bag she was carrying. “And if you want to tip me” she added, ” I would not turn it down. So, are you ready? Or not?”

Oh what the heck I thought, my back was sore, what could it hurt and anyway Dave pretty much guaranteed my enjoyment. “Sure” I replied, “My back is quite sore”.

“We’ll fix that and more”, she said. “Now while I get the room ready, you go take a long hot shower and come back here in ten minutes.”

I can do that, I thought and off I went. As I stood under the hot water, I heard her say at the door, “Lather up really well Gaziantep Anal Escort and get very clean”. Weird, I thought to myself; well let’s see how this goes.

When I walked out- the living room had been completely changed. The furniture had been moved to the outside walls and a blanket with a sheet was spread out on the floor. She had a small boom box with some soft classical music playing as background. There were candles lit without any overhead lights so the room was nicely dim and incense was burning and the room smelled incredible. She was wearing a gown and looked quite relaxed waiting for me.

She pointed to the sheet, “Take off your robe and lay on your stomach”. I hesitated at the thought of being naked in front of her, and she looked at me realizing my thoughts, answered, “I can take care of your body’s needs better when I can work directly on your skin”.

Okay I thought and I lay down. She laid her hands on my back, motionless. Okay I thought – my idea of massages involved moving one’s hands. And still she was motionless.

This seemed to go on. She lifted one hand and took a bottle of warm oil, which she must have warmed when I was in the shower, and let a few drops fall on my back. The feeling of warmth permeated my entire back. And still she did not move her other hand. Then she repeated and more drops fell on me, yet in a different spot. This was repeated several times until my entire back had been covered in the warm oil.

She then moved her hand slowly rubbing in the oil and spreading it all over my back. For a second her hands were gone and then both were stroking me hard, working the muscles and suddenly I realized just how good this felt.

It was then she moved from my side and sat on my back. And it was at that moment I realized that what I was feeling on my back was not cotton, was not wool or any other clothing but her naked skin. She was crouched on me with her butt on mine and her legs on either side of my body touching the entire length and she was pushing from her heels into her arms and into her hands onto my back.

This went on for some time as she was moving her bottom on mine as she was pushing her palms into my back. I did not know whether to feel aroused as my ass was feeling all sorts of tingling sensations from her body.

Then she lifted off of me, and I was very sad and she worked my legs. Up and down both legs. More oil was poured onto me. Her hands felt magical as if they were dancing along my body.

My next shock came as her hands grazed my balls. As she worked the tops of my thighs quickly her hands came in contact with my balls and her fingernails lightly grazed them as her hands shifted to the other leg. Back and forth her hands went. Back and forth her fingernails went and each time ever so softly my balls were caressed. Then her hands moved to my ass and she pressed hard circling and rubbing me. More oil was poured onto me. The oil dripped down my ass crack and slid all over me

I had lost track of time. It could have been five minutes. It could have been two hours. I really was in heaven. My body was in that fine space between sexual arousal and sensual pleasure. Every time she took me to the sexual side of the line, she withdrew and took me back to the sensual experience.

After my ass had been rubbed for some time, her hands again dipped at the tops of my thighs and again my balls were teased ever so lightly. Again this went on forever it seemed.

At some point I realized she had stopped rubbing me. More oil was poured over me, over my back, over my ass, over my legs. There was a brief pause and then she lay on top of me, her body draped over mine. I could feel her enormous breasts sliding in the oil as she slid herself over me with little movements. I felt her body sliding over mine. I was going nuts with desire. She was taking me into the land of sexual tension far away from a standard massage. Her tits were rubbing my ass, my legs. She turned around so her bottom was over my shoulders and her tits were pressed into my ass and her face – oh her face – her tongue was licking me, licking the tops of my legs making circles on that part of my skin where my balls attach – that sensitive spot which was screaming to me in pleasure.

And still she had not touched my penis; she had not done anything really overtly sexual with me, yet.

I cannot say how long she licked me. What I know is at one point she stopped rolled off me and asked me if I was enjoying myself.

I just moaned loudly as a response – words did not come. I lay there in total ecstasy. If the massage had ended then, I would have been fulfilled.

She told me to roll over. As I did I saw her nudity for the first time and realized her enormous breasts were quite beautiful. Her nipples were huge – I don’t think I have ever seen nipples that large and big – oh man they were just begging to be sucked. And the rest of her tits were not just large but full and round and did I mention very large?

I think I was staring at her tits (okay I admit it – I love breasts), when she moved closer and offered me a breast. I reached out with one hand and slowly felt all around her soft firm flesh. I reached out with the other hand and together both hands did not cover her one breast. I squeezed her breast and then lightly stroked her nipple. Again I squeezed her breast and again stroked her huge nipple. I don’t think in all my years I have ever made love to a woman with the size of Elizabeth’s breasts and her nipples. All of a sudden I couldn’t get enough and I pushed her onto her back and thrust my face, and head in between her tits and held onto them with my hands and squeezed them on either side of my face. Her hands pulled my head further into her tit flesh and we lay there – the two of us holding her breasts to my face. I moved slightly and stuck out my tongue tracing her nipple and then began to suck, to bite and to fondle her. She just pulled me tighter into her. Her breasts were obviously major pleasure centers for her.

Elizabeth arched her back to push those enormous breasts into me, and I realized her hands had let go of my head. One was traveling down my body a heat-seeking missile aimed at my rock hard penis. The other I could not tell at first as my hands and head were fairly busy, but I sensed that hand was aimed at her own pleasure center. Her one hand meanwhile was stroking my tip, fingernails sending all kinds of signals to my brain. I was biting and sucking those nipples, which miraculously seemed to get bigger the more I sucked on them. And longer and fatter and soon her entire body was arching up throbbing with pleasure. One of my hands descended down her stomach and found her hand with several fingers jammed into her pussy.

I tore myself away from those massive tits and slid down her body until I found what I was looking for and with my hands scooping up her plentiful ass; I separated her legs and dove into that sweet pussy. I kissed her fingers, which had not left her pussy and slid over them to her clitoris which was as hard as my dick and sticking way out talking to me and telling me to come and get it. How could I resist? My tongue lashed out and upon the first touch Elizabeth’s entire body convulsed in a spasm of pure pleasure and she drew in her breath sharply. I did not stop there and continued my assault flicking my tongue over her skin, puling her entire being into my face. She was crying in pleasure, desperate for more. As I thought she might have had enough, I began to pull away, only to hear” No, don’t you dare, don’t stop, don’t you dare stop, keep it commmmmmminnnnnnnng” as her breath drew in again.

I kept licking her and her fingers were flying in and out of her pussy. Her juices were coating her hand and her entire bottom. My saliva was mixing with her pussy juice to make a delicious cocktail.

All I could think was to give her back the pleasure she had given me and I licked harder. My hands holding her ass up in the air to give me a better angle to lick were now coated in our juice and as my fingers were grabbing and squeezing her ample flesh, one of my fingers soaked with oil and saliva and her own juice slid into her ass. I hadn’t meant to go there – but when I entered her tightness and slid past the muscle she let out a long low guttural moan indicating her approval. I began to slide my finger in and out and then pushed in a second finger and then my other hand joined in rubbing her entire bottom.

As I looked to see her face, I realized her other hand was twisting and lifting one of her breasts and she had her nipple to her mouth sucking and biting and licking herself.

About now my tongue was getting tired, yet every time I began to pull away she shook all over and cried for me not to leave her.

And then she began to thrash and wail, her entire body welling up with from her head to her toes, and she went completely stiff and then completely limp. She stopped moving. At first I thought she had fainted, instead she was laying there in complete enjoyment of all her senses.

I sat back to look at her, her body was flushed and her breasts rose and fell with her breath.

Imagine my surprise, when I noticed that Dave was standing only a few feet away from Elizabeth with his zipper open and jacking himself. He was also hard as a rock and lust was dripping from him, literally.

Elizabeth saw him then too, and rolled over onto her hands and knees as he approached her and fed her his cock, which she gulped into her mouth swallowing him all the way into her throat.

Her ass was waving at me. And what an ass she had, yes it was big, but so big and firm and bouncing – it was irresistible. My dick also was rock hard – it had been hard this whole time waiting patiently its turn. And now its turn had come. I grabbed her ass cheeks and tilted her pelvis up slightly and sunk my hardness into her pussy. She was so wet I hit her bottom on the first thrust. Soon Dave and I had a rhythm going, he thrust into her mouth, which pushed her back onto my cock, and then I thrust into her, which pushed her mouth deeper on his dick. Back and forth we went. He was pulling on her tits and using them for leverage.

I was harder then I can ever remember and was so turned on I was longer and thicker, too. Then I noticed her ass. It was winking at me. Now I am not usually an ass man, and rarely have I ever fucked a woman in her ass but if there was ever a time and a place it was tonight. I slid out on one of Dave’s thrusts and went against her little wet rosebud. And pushed. She was so wet and I was so hard, I slipped past the muscle and plopped inside her. She screamed. As much as she could with a hard cock in her mouth. I really could not tell if it was in pain or pleasure. And I have to admit part of me did not care. She was so tight and the pressure on my dick felt so damn good. I have never felt a pussy like that. I began to thrust hard against her big butt and remembering something I read once or maybe saw in a porn flick, reached around and grabbed her clit and began rubbing. Her clit was still hard and as I rubbed, I was pounding her ass and squeezing her cheek with my other hand. Dave was pulling on her tits and shoving his dick down her throat.

Elizabeth was moaning and groaning and making all kinds of sounds letting Dave and myself know to keep going – that everything we were doing was right and she was completely lost in lust and enjoyment.

I am not sure what happened next. All I know is my sperm just came racing out of me exploding inside her and as I did Elizabeth must have begun convulsing in pleasure after feeling my seed hitting her insides, which must have taken Dave over the edge as he pulled out and sprayed her face and tits with maybe a gallon – I mean he just kept shooting these big white globs of sperm all over her. She was groaning and her entire body was shaking. As I pulled out my sperm was dripping down her ass. She was quite a sight with sperm all over her, her nakedness, her tits hanging to the floor and she looked so damn sexy! Much better than any blond bombshell at that moment.

We all collapsed on the floor. And after a long silence, we began laughing. Actually Dave was laughing, then Elizabeth and I finally joined in – Dave looked at me and explained that when he saw Elizabeth earlier before I had arrived, she had complained about not making love in months, and her work just being so stressful, mostly massaging very elderly men and women. She told him she was just so horny she would jump the first good-looking man who came anywhere near her. Dave had a thing for her for some time being a tit man himself, but never got to act on it, as well as being somewhat of a voyeur and figured if he got us together then he could sneak into my room with the pass-key on his break and just see what was happening, and maybe get lucky. He told Elizabeth that I was looking for a sexual massage and set us both up! He had assured her she would have a wonderful time.

We all began laughing again and Elizabeth looked me in the eye and said, “I’m not done yet with either of you” as she reached for my soft cock and wrapped her lips around me sucking me into her mouth. She offered Dave one of her massive tits and he sucked on her nipple hard.

Even though I am usually only good for once every couple of hours, I felt the blood racing to my cock and her lips were working magic again as my dick was hardening. It was Dave’s turn to look at her bouncing ass and he wasted no time, by sliding under her and holding her cunt lips apart and forced his tongue inside her which elicited more moans of approval from Elizabeth.

Soon we were very busy once more with an Elizabeth sandwich. Dave pulled out and pushed his rock hard cock into her pussy as we now had swapped ends. After an eternity, Elizabeth pulled off of us and pushed me onto my back and mounted my cock. She then leaned forward mashing her breasts over me and looked back at Dave and told him to fill her up. Dave spit on his dick and eased his cock head into her ass and together we were filling her bottom completely. Since I had already come a huge quantity I was staying hard and Dave as the young buck was feeding his hard cock into her ass and we were really giving her all we could. She was making all kinds of noises and I was sure the neighbors would call us and tell us to quiet down. But you know, I didn’t care – let them call – I was having too much fun. My dick was getting a workout like it hadn’t felt in years and this ample babe was taking all we had and loving every second.

The three of us played for a very long time that night. Dave called in sick and Elizabeth spent the entire night as a sandwich between us. She really made up for lost time. I got very little work done the next day. And of course the three of us are planning a get-together on my next trip.

Last week, after returning I almost got into big trouble when I gave my girlfriend a massage as I used some of Elizabeth’s tricks on her. I think she knew I must have learned them that weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32