Hotel Hook Up

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The First Time

We get to know each other online, at least to the extent to which online friends can. You and I are self-described straight men looking for an adventure and we’ve shared a few pictures, so all indications are that both of us are who we say we are. We’re both about the same age, mid 40’s, single.

After our online discussions we decide to meet in a hotel because neither of us wants to risk revealing anything about our true identity, and the mere thought of meeting someone under these circumstances is unsettling to both of us. We are new to this and your nervousness makes me less nervous. If you were more experienced I think I’d be terrified and the converse, I would imagine, holds equally true. Knowing that we’re both about to share our first male experience colors the situation with a sense of camaraderie, a taboo kinship.

At the hotel lobby we make our awkward introductions. We nervously discuss how both of us will get to the room and I suggest that I’ll go up first, unlock the room, and then you’ll go another way and knock at the door. It’s comical to think that anyone would care, that anyone would watch or think twice about two men in such a corporate hotel going to the same room. It happens all the time on business, but we’re not here for business and we are involuntary radiating that we very much don’t belong here today. We are here for sex, two straight men that met online and decided to get together for a foray into the forbidden. I look around the lobby at the girl behind the counter, the valet, and the restaurant staff. I swear they know what I am up to! I am nervous to the brink of sickness. I’ve gone this far. Only a few more steps to the elevator and then to the room. I can still back out, but I choose to continue with this crazy, mixed-up interlude.

It is obvious that neither of us is in any way physically attracted to the other and this only adds to the growing anxiety. As we talk, both of us clearly are deciding, moment by moment, if this is worth doing, if the risks outweigh the benefits. Ironically, the candor in our online messages comes flashing before my eyes as we quietly and discreetly discuss meeting at the room. I don’t mention “getting a mouthful of hard cock” in our brief introduction and you say nothing of “sliding your hard tool into my mouth until it hits the back of my throat” in our first conversation. Yes, how brazen we were in our anonymity and how timid we are right now, looking up, looking down, looking over our shoulders. Brazen, indeed.

Suddenly I realise that, at the very least, someone out there knows my face and the pretense under which I was invited to a hotel. There are communications that, in no uncertain terms, spell out my desire to share oral delights with another man, and if it were traced back to me, I’d be absolutely defenseless to deny it. In my messages I describe how I’d love to get naked and get a nice warm cock in my mouth when mine is in yours. Our conversations are filled with your desires also, that a 69 with another man is a long time fantasy of yours and that after your divorce a few years ago this desire has only become more and more intense. I understand completely and although I have a strong desire to try it, I’ve never done it. I’ve never even seen or touched another man in a sexual way, and you haven’t either, and this makes both of us very excited and open to sharing our secret desires, which we did quite freely while we clicked away on keyboard and camera. Our discussion concluded that we are fairly certain that some mutual masturbation and 69 is as far as either of us is willing to go, but secretly I know if the circumstances were right I’d be willing to go much further. Depending on how comfortable it felt, if the timing were just right, yes, I could see myself going much, much further, deeper into this forbidden fantasy.

My heart is racing as I take the elevator. It’s one thing to write messages to someone and quite another to rent a hotel room for male on male sex. My hands were positively shaking as I handed the clerk my credit card. “My credit card!”, I panic secretly. Why am I so afraid? I fear I’m being surveilled and that I’m becoming fodder for some cheesy reality show:

“Welcome to Caught on Video! I’m your host, Brian Blume. Tonight we follow two men who claim they are straight, but our hidden cameras tell a different story, don’t they Samantha.”

“Brian, these two men look like your average businessmen heading to their hotel room to finish working on some spreadsheets. But what we found instead was both of them spreading their legs and filling their mouths on the sheets!”

“Whoa Samantha! You get any of this on video?”

“You bet Brian! These two get an A+ in Amateur Cocksucking 101. Once they got going there was no stopping them and the cameras don’t lie. They were loving every minute of it and so was I, Brian! Nothing gets me hotter than watching two studs licking lollipops! Makes me wanna make myself a Sammy samwich! Why didn’t they invite me?!

“Well, Samantha, you better take izmir escort a look at the door.” {a childishly mock-handwritten sign hangs on the door ‘No girlz allowd’. Samantha frowns and looks at the camera as a “wock wock wock” trombone plays.}

{canned audience laughter}

I can hardly believe it’s happening. As I get off the elevator I deliberately walk right past the room. “I can’t do this”, I tell myself. “No way can I do this.” But a few seconds later I hear a beep and a click and I look down to see my feet crossing the threshold of the door. The very corporate hotel room, naturally, is nothing special and looks exactly like ones I’ve visited hundreds of times on business. I fear that the very anonymity of it will burn an indelible image into my mind, that every time I travel in the future I’ll think of long brown blinds in front of the floor to ceiling window by the door. Every time I see a room laid out like this I’ll remember being here, right here, and remember what I’m thinking: get out now.

But I don’t.

I put the security key on the desk and walk into the bathroom. “What if I have come on my face?” I ask myself. “What if I actually suck this guy’s cock and he comes on my face? I’ll have to clean myself up in here.” I arrange a few washcloths and open up a fresh bar of soap to prepare for…whatever it is I am preparing for. I am again amazed at my actions, and as I look in the mirror I see someone I don’t know.

There is a knock at the door. Is it housekeeping? Is it engineering? No, it’s a special knock, three times, one time, two times, a combination reminiscent of adolescent tree house security. As I open the door I don’t even look at you and I’m pretty sure you don’t look at me, but enter in silence.

After a few seconds, I blurt out, “Let’s get naked before I decide not to do this”.

We both very slowly and neatly, by force of hotel habit, begin to take off our clothes as if we’re winding down a day of out-of-town meetings. It is beyond bizarre. I stack my clothes on one side of the TV console, just like I always do, and apparently you typically put yours on the desk. A minute later we’re both in our boxers, stopping just short of full disclosure.

You make the first real move of the night slipping out of your boxers and I turn and do the same. Neither of us is paying particular attention to the other until the underwear meet up with their friends on the console and desk. I am breathing so hard my mouth is slightly open. As I look at your naked body I consider this a milestone and simultaneously consider leaving at this moment. I think to myself, “I got to see another guy totally naked. That’s something, isn’t it? So…good night!”

We both glance down and stare at the reason we are here. It is obvious that the situation is exciting to both of us. Precome is leaking out of my cock and yours is throbbing.

“Are you ready to get started?”, you ask.

“Yeah. I’m ready”, I say with a bit of a laugh.

Lube and…I can hardly believe it…rubbers…are in the pocket of my pants. I fish out the lube and drizzle some on my rod. I hand the bottle to you and you do the same and in a few seconds we’re pumping away, the slick, fleshy sounds filling the air. I sit down on the edge of the sofa and you sit on the edge of the bed, facing me. My balls are swinging over the edge of the bed as I continue to get harder and harder. Your cock is a little longer and thinner than mine but very hard and I see that thick veins run its length at the front side. As you pump it up and down the skin gathers then slips through your hand, making your round sack of balls drop down with every stroke. I am enjoying watching this and I am also enjoying masturbating in front of you. Precome is drooling out of both of us.

In our online conversations we agreed that things would have a sequence. We agreed to jack off together for a while then 69. I am looking at your penis and I actually want it in my mouth. I want to feel it and I want to run my fingers over your balls while I suck your long cock.

I stand up and get the rubbers out of my pocket and hand one to you. We agreed to do this for a few reasons. For one, it’s safer. Plus, in a Bill Clinton-esque sort of way, it would not exactly be cocksucking: the only thing that would go into our mouths is a condom, not a penis. Wow, rationalization works quickly and well in a pinch, I realize.

“Let’s put on the rubbers”, I suggest.

I hand you a packet and I slip mine over my hard tool. You unroll the latex which barely covers your long dick.

We lie down on the bed side by side in a 69 position. Both of us are in good physical shape so there’s no immediate physical turn-off aside from what I assume to be a mutual and general aversion to cock our entire lives up to this moment. The condoms are very thin and almost transparent and I can see the outline of your bluish purple knob straining against the latex. You look at my cock but don’t touch and neither do I touch yours for alsancak escort a while. Your dick is throbbing slightly and so is mine as we both anticipate that first contact.

You smell clean and I’m sure I do also because I showered right before I left. We have a bit of a Mexican standoff for what seems like hours but it’s really only a few seconds and at the same time we reach out and begin to touch. It’s a first time for both of us and we’re no good at it at all. Both of us sort of wince and dislike what the other is doing. You grip my cock too hard and I pull yours back too far. But after a few seconds we start to relax a little and calm down and it’s not that bad. Not like with a girl, but not that bad. We both concentrate on stroking balls lightly which is simple and hard to mess up, so that’s a plus. I take the dive and the head of your cock slides into my mouth, or rather, a blob of latex slides into my mouth and the head of your cock is inside the blob. It’s warm and spongy and really feels odd and not nearly as exciting as I thought it would. The taste of the rubber lubricant is awful. I had anticipated that as soon as a penis made it into my mouth I’d see stars or instantly come or something and that’s not at all the way it worked. It was more like a dental exam than an erotic foray. It felt like two fingers in a latex glove in my mouth. It was a huge disappointment that it wasn’t more erotic. So, with a lack of stellar gratification behind me, I began to slide my hand over the base of your dick and move my head slightly to allow your cock to slip over my tongue. My mouth is moving over your slender penis and the shape is becoming more evident which is a little more exciting. It’s long and thin and very hard, and as I begin to apply more suction the latex clings tightly to the skin.

Instinctively you lurch your hips forward and your cockhead surges and bulges into my mouth all the way to the back of my throat. Not wanting to gag, I say “Don’t fuck my mouth. Just let me suck it, OK? And it’s your turn, too.”

I can hardly believe the words coming out of my mouth or even more incredibly what was just in it. You consider allowing my condomed cock to slip past your lips and you wince at the thought of it.

I am starting to take more of you into my mouth and it still feels really fucking weird, but I do it because I want to experience it. You are still very tentative and I have some advice for you, so I let your dick slip out of my mouth and begin to share this thought.

“You know what, dude?”, I say, with your cock in my hand. “This may be the first and only time you do this. I admit it’s a little weird. OK, it’s a lot weird. But if you let yourself enjoy it, I mean really just relax and let yourself be this guy that does this thing…I mean, why shouldn’t you? Let’s face it: you’ve already had your cock in some guy’s mouth, which is not exactly masculine. If you’re going to make a memory, especially if this is the only one, make it worth having. I’m going to suck you until you come in that rubber. And when I’m finished I won’t have any come in my mouth but I’ll have a crazy memory to go with it. So, relax and let yourself have some fun. You may never be this way again. Remember something: doing this doesn’t make you anything you don’t want to be. We’ll walk out of this room the same as we entered. We’ll have an experience behind us, but how much that changes us…well that’s up to us, isn’t it?

You nod as you consider my advice and apparently it hits home because your mouth slides over me engulfing me almost to the base, and you massage my nuts perfectly. My mouth returns to your tool and now both of us have a mouthful. This feels better and feels much less strange if that’s possible or understandable. My eyes are closed now and as you buck slightly it’s no longer unwelcome. An occasional jab into my throat feels sort of good and I am enjoying the attention you’re paying to my hard rod. You become less inhibited and it makes giving and receiving head more relaxing and enjoyable. Your lips smack closed over the tip of my dick and both of us become more comfortable with the situation, licking and running lips over rubbered tools. It’s fun. It feels good. It’s weird and strange but fun. Knowing that I may never do it again, I am motivated to get the most from the experience and my inhibitions fall away. I stroke your cock, lick the shaft, squeeze the head with my lips, and run the tips of my fingers over your thick, hairy balls. If I am never to do this again, I want a full catalog of activity that I can refer back to. I am extremely excited and I want to be able to re-live this bizarre and unusual encounter over and over again once it has ended.

Unconsciously we begin to mimic each others actions and my climax is getting close. I glance down and your eyes are closed and yours is not far away either. We empty our mouths long enough to agree to try to come at the same time because we both know our tolerance and desire for this is going to shoot right into buca escort the condoms; I know with absolute certainty that seconds after orgasm I am not going to want to continue this, so timing is critical.

Each of us uses the intensity of moans to judge the level of excitement and our estimates are near perfect. A final push lodges your tool halfway down my throat, a warm member stuck in my neck. It feels incredibly weird and I am breathing through my nose as I feel your penis pulse and twitch. This pushes me over the edge and I feel the ridge of my head slip past your lips a few times as I begin to unload in the confines of the rubber. Two screams are muffled by two cocks. It’s insane. As your dick withdraws out of my throat and into my mouth it feels slightly different due to the semen that now is now trapped within it, coating your cock. The condom now slips and slides against your penis. It feels weird and now that I have come I want it out of my mouth…immediately.

Instantly the ridiculousness of the situation settles in. We separate in silence and I practically run into the bathroom snap off the rubber and step into the shower to wash my pubic area as if I was just sprayed with a cocktail of sulfuric acid and lice. I’m freaking out. I can hear the water running in the sink as you undoubtedly are doing the same.

After I shower I wait long enough for you to get dressed but when I get out you have a towel wrapped around you and you quickly walk past me into the bathroom. You shower, no doubt with similar disinfecting intensity, and when you get out I’m fully clothed. I go back into the bathroom to avoid looking at you while you get dressed. I’ve seen more cock than I want to tonight. Way more.

“Let’s just…let’s just forget this ever happened, OK?”, I say. “This is the weirdest fucking thing I have ever done.”

“Agreed. Forget it and move on”, you say. “That was crazy.”

“I’d never do that again”, I said. “I have it out of my system.”

“Absolutely”, you agree.

You hand me half the money for the hotel room and we exit the hotel room in opposite directions. I don’t want to see your car and you don’t want to see mine. I don’t want to look at the hotel. I don’t want to look in the mirror.

As I drive home I taste condom lube on my lips and I go nuts. I stop in a convenience store for a pack of gum, some drinks, snacks…anything to get that taste out of my mouth. Snapple and pretzels works.

The rest of the way home I think about what I did and how it felt. With a few more minutes between the experience and now I have to admit that I sort of enjoyed it and once you overcame the repulsion of cocksucking you weren’t that bad at giving head. I mean, after all, both of us were good enough at it to make the other guy come, so how bad could we have been? It wasn’t that bad I guess.

But at this moment I am certain I would never do this again.


The Second Time

The nervousness is equal parts anxiety and anticipation. We’ve texted each other about the location so I’m in the room when you arrive, but fully clothed. It’s a different hotel this time, smaller, cheaper. Paying cash at this hotel arouses no suspicion at all, at least not when compared to our first hookup place.

You walk into the room and we make some cordial greetings. You lean against the wall opposite the bed where I’m sitting. “So what exactly are we doing this time?” you ask.

“I guess more of the same. I think I’m ready to go a little further. I’m not sure how much further, though. I guess I’m nervous and mainly afraid of diseases.”

“You don’t have to worry about that from me”, you say decisively. “I was married for 17 years and unfortunately this is the only action other than her I had since I was 23! No offense!”

We both laughed out loud. “None taken”, I reply.

I add, “I had a few girls in the past few years but I’ve been tested for other reasons so I’m clean.”

“I like the idea of being safe”, you say.

“Yeah, it’s just that…like for sucking…it would be cool I think to feel it in my mouth. Sucking on rubber is not very exciting.”

“Well, I don’t know how many more times we are going to do this. I mean, the last time was…different and I liked it, but it’s not like I want to do this all the time. And it’s not like I want to do this instead of fucking girls.”

“I hear that. Just been a dry spell for me lately and I’m guessing for you too or we wouldn’t be here to suck each others cocks.”

“Good point. If I had a decent girl I would not be here right now.”

“But that is not the case, so here we are.”

“Here we are.”

Both of us dispassionately undress and crown ourselves with latex. This time I lie down on the bed and spread my legs wide. You move above me and your taut shaft glides over my cheek and into my mouth. I love the feeling. And I love the sudden warm grasp on my cock as your mouth closes over it. I put as much of your tool into my mouth as I can, struggling against the back of my throat. I nearly gag in this position because it’s almost a straight shot into my throat, which is totally different than the first time we 69’d. It takes nearly no effort on my part to be orally impaled by your thin hard cock. You are also putting more of my penis into your mouth than you did last time. We’re improving.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32